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Moving on..., Vienna, Austria travel blog

Moving on...

A travel blog entry by travellerette


... out brick walls around the statues so the people could not see thier own statues and virtues!! One trivial fact- Austria had the first woman power!!.   Vienna is a nice, friendly city, most people speak English, so if you get lost they are willing ...

OHHHHH VIENNNAAAAA, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisab14

Wow what a great day. I got up early and took the coach into town, stopping at Schonbrunn that was this massive palace. It was awesome! It had the most beautiful courtyard I had scene, and it stretched a few km long. We hiked to the top of it and got ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by vixia

Vienna is pass through city. Maybe we are doing a little excursion in this ...

Vienna day 2, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna day 2

A travel blog entry by smac


... money in preparation for Prague, then headed to meet the group. We went to a Schnaps Distillery to see how they make the beverage Austria is famous for, and of course sample it. The owner was a hilarious old man, who really made the experience all the ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaredwall


After a lazy morning and one missed train ride, Jon and I got out of Bratislava a little late. Consequently, we also arrived in Vienna a little later than we expected. We had about four hours and we had to make a choice: to try and see some museums in ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by tubtooj


... Tons of tourists, but we walked a little way of the main paths and found some reallz spectacular areas. Really phenomenal. And now Vienna after a 12 hour train ride. Something about Vienna is really attractive to me. I havenät enjoyed some of the bigger ...

Abflug Wien, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Abflug Wien

A travel blog entry by andreaverena

Ab ins Flugzeug und erst mal auf nach Hongkong! ...

>tfw NO, Vienna, Austria travel blog

>tfw NO

A travel blog entry by cellcellzlife

>tfw KAT hasn't been here for days >tfw you're trying to listen to your Kollegah and then some dumbasses come in and play that fucking "teenagers scare the living shit out of me" bullshit and you're like JESUS I DON'T GIVE 2 SHITS stop fucking ...

Trip to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Trip to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by stefank


... . Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain Inspired by Mark Twain I'm throwing off my bowlines and leaving Vienna this Saturday, 31. January, over the great ocean to fly to ...

Schoenbrunn Palace and the Bermuda Triangle, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Schoenbrunn Palace and the Bermuda Triangle

A travel blog entry by aparna92

... no urge to play charades with you over a table at a cafe or restaurant tomorrow. So i lied. Terrible i know. I said we were leaving Vienna at 8am, and that we had to get back to the hostel asap. After that Barb and I decided we'd had about enough ...

New Zealand, a Viennese musical icon!!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

New Zealand, a Viennese musical icon!!

A travel blog entry by eddyakko


... played the Festival theme with great aplomb and much ceremony.    Tears were shed as new friends and old departed Vienna for all points.  Just home from the meal and medal presentation at the Royal Palce. I'm gonna remember all this for ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by vinoraja


... place to get picked up from. I jumped on the bus and off to Budapest I go….7 dollars…another BARGAIN!!! Vienna has definitely got to be my favourite destination so far. Lovely town, beautiful women, and the amazing cafes and ...

A Cinderella Story, Vienna, Austria travel blog

A Cinderella Story

A travel blog entry by whitea


... of this palace, but we are in Vienna-every building is like this. The excitement seems to disappear on the residents of Vienna. Once we arrived, we shuffled up the grand staircase into a foyer outside the ballroom. The ceremony already started but we ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jedhuggett


We were only in Vianna for a short period. When out into the country side for a group dinner witch was nice. Was very diffeernt wnd a bit of a laugh. The next morning before leaving a couple of us checked out a realy cool muesem( t had a full size moving ...

Viena, Viena, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuvk


The capital of ...

Der Kuss, Symphony, Beer and the Vienna Woods, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Der Kuss, Symphony, Beer and the Vienna Woods

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


... an early dinner back at a good Italian restaurant we had discovered followed by a concert in the beautiful Wiener Staatsoper, Vienna State Opera. We enjoyed the Vienna Mozart Orchestra performing a number of Mozart selections with the Blue Danube Waltz ...

Vienna is HOT, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna is HOT

A travel blog entry by redhive

... Krakow today. It was harder than I expected, I thought there would be problems to get tickets from Poland to Lithuania, but none in Austria. Well they`ve sent me from one office to another and finally in the afternoon I got through with my elbows and got ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomngaynor


... and after hearing of the mummified heads they decided to tag along. Now this is the point where you need to understand Austria's weird relationship with death... In short they are obsessed with it, you can even buy pension plans to ensure that you have ...

Amsterdam update, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Amsterdam update

A travel blog entry by richardandkate


Hi all, Time for a proper update! I'll start where I left off in... Amsterdam! Too many countries, we're losing track. So, it was tour day in Amsterdam. We were amazingly almost on time (only 5min late) for our 9:15am departure from the city centre. We ...

CONTIKI - VIENNA, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevencranston

... home. Bed at 6-7am, up to 8am for a day of heavy sight seeing. Scotty didn't make it out of bed, ha:) DAY 36 - VIENNA Understandably today I was very hungover with a decent headache. Throughout the day, I did the usual and drank water the entire day, ...

Last cruzy day in Wien, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Last cruzy day in Wien

A travel blog entry by jess85

Today is sadly my last day in Wien and oh what a nice relaxing day I had! First I went to the Naschmarkt, which is this HUGE fresh food market with all types off stuffed olives, nuts, fruits, chilies, cheeses and fish they cook straight up for you in ...

Another short stay, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Another short stay

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


An overnight train from Zurich dropped me in Vienna, Austria.  After leaving my bags at the hostel I spent the afternoon walking around the city.  It definitely has that old imperial capital kind of feel...with the palaces, big buildings and ...

Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna, Austria

A travel blog entry by michael_bromby


... as the pretzel, oft favoured by such modern day heroes as our great leader of the free world. The basements of Vienna's buildings were once open and interconnected allowing you to cross large areas of the subteranean network. After a great meal washed ...

Hello everyone, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Hello everyone

A travel blog entry by bskray

Just saying Hi! Nothing big today, actually checked into swanky Radisson Palace down here near Mozart's statue to get cool and relax a little before heading to Prague.Made reservations there tonight at a hotel with air conditioning. It has helped my ...

Sweet symphony, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sweet symphony

A travel blog entry by rora_8

... in Prague for the game said a few fights broke out in the city square, I was glad I didn't stay. During the day Vienna is busy with people, tourists and Viennens, but at night the city comes alive with beautifully lit buildings, street cafes, dancing ...

Tour 5271 / 0820  Day 21, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Tour 5271 / 0820 Day 21

A travel blog entry by warwicksoption


... to the hotel early. We did have lunch in Vienna and were caught up in the crowds who were out for the Pope. Apparently, Austria is about 99% Catholic and it seemed so in the streets. Neither Jackie or i were really impressed with Vienna at  this ...

This means nothing to meeee......, Vienna, Austria travel blog

This means nothing to meeee......

A travel blog entry by chrisab14

So after leaving the Slovak Republic (its official name) we entered Austria. We entered on the East where it is very flat, so not much to see. To entertain ourselves we sang Sound of Music and this 80s pop song called Vienna (where the title of this ...

Day 1 in Vienna, Vienna 19 April, Austria travel blog

Day 1 in Vienna

A travel blog entry by shawnandchris


... and take it from there. We ended up walking throughout the city centre and the Belevedere Palace and Museum quarter. Just walking though Vienna was fantastic and we also found the Naschmarkt which was huge. There was the usual tourist crap but heaps of of ...

Hotdogs in Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Hotdogs in Vienna

A travel blog entry by dawieboy


Arriving at the main train station was quite different to Bratislava - it looks like Vienna (Austria) prides itself on being spotless, not a speck of dirt anywhere.   There is so much to see in Vienna -  we only had two days so had to leave ...

Sacher Torte and Vermeer, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sacher Torte and Vermeer

A travel blog entry by mjs81

Hello to all... We have had a fantastic day in Vienna...we started to morning off buying Opera tickets for €40 for La Boheme (i know that spelling is right...) in great we are very excited for that this evening... We spent a few ...

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