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Gold, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by middletonfamily


... cave rock, more beautiful than wave rock and then to Burra rock and the dam on the rock for a refreshing swim.   We left Kalgoorlie in the afternoon after Jack and Bec had been out prospecting for gold and I with the girls had finished a number of ...

Baby it's warm outside, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Baby it's warm outside

A travel blog entry by biggmik


Inspired by the recent heatwave that's hit Kalgoorlie, here's my adaptation of  Ray Charles' "Baby It's cold outside". On my way home from work at 5pm, it was 41 degrees c in the shade (nearly fifty in the sun). overnight temps of 28. it's TOO ...

7.24pm - Wagons Roll, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

7.24pm - Wagons Roll

A travel blog entry by suzloua


... was interesting enough, but not really worth the $24 I paid for it. That’s why I’ve decided not to do the Kalgoorlie one this evening – trundling around on a bus in the dark is hardly seeing the sights anyway. Still, I got some nice ...

Christmas in Kal, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Christmas in Kal

A travel blog entry by biggmik


It's been a while since i've added to this dear travelogue and that's mostly because since i got back into Kal, i've done pretty much bugger all. Don't go looking for work 2 weeks before christmas, because it ain't happening. So, purse strings were ...

More drama in Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

More drama in Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by cop12


... Trades Assistant called Brian. Now Brian had worked in the industry for many years across the country on many sites and had been in Kalgoorlie for the past three years. You could say that he was my Mr. Miyagi or my Obi-Wan Kenobi. He'd started teaching ...

Junailua, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by matkaajamaks


... km. Myöskään asutusta ei radan varrella ihan hirveästi ollut: Ainoa isompi kaupunki matkan varrella oli kaivoskaupunki Kalgoorlie, johon tultiin puoli yhdentoista aikaan illalla, ja paikka oli pelottavan kuollut. Juna pysähtyi siellä reilun tunnin, ...

The Adventures of KalBoy, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Adventures of KalBoy

A travel blog entry by cop12


... Probably 30 pubs and 3 brothels is a good start. I haven't been slack in updating this infernal blog. Since arriving in Kalgoorlie it's been full-on. I really haven't had time to scratch myself in the last few weeks. The first week was spent ...

Der Goldrausch hat uns, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia travel blog

Der Goldrausch hat uns

A travel blog entry by nadja-silu


... die Nullarbor Wüste wären wir sehr gespannt gewesen, doch so haben wir immerhin die Möglichkeit, die Goldgräberstadt Kalgoorlie-Boulder etwas auszukundschaften. Wir nutzen die Gelegenheit und schauen uns noch einmal das Super Pit an. Wie erwartet ist ...

Another two bite the dust!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Another two bite the dust!

A travel blog entry by cop12


Two more of my team members have been shown the door at BHP but for different reasons. John (Boilermaker) and Paul (Boilermaker) were given their marching orders while I was on my days off recently. John registered a positive alcohol reading before ...

Road tip, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Road tip

A travel blog entry by cats_adventure

... a mining town where the ratio is seven men to one woman. I thought the Perthlings like to donate money but these people from Kalgoorlie are the most generous by far. With there nearest beach 400k's away they were quite happy to give donations up for Surf ...

A tribute to Gordon Wass - Brisbane City Council, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

A tribute to Gordon Wass - Brisbane City Council

A travel blog entry by cop12


... not long before I left in May. As soon as he saw me Gordon remarked: "Hey mate. You won't need a jacket in Kalgoorlie mate." The temperature on nightshift at BHP was usually in single figures. I always wore four layers of clothing and had the heater ...

Thars gold in tham thar hills, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Thars gold in tham thar hills

A travel blog entry by alasdairnicola


... 40 degree heat, smashing open rocks and finding smaller rocks inside we decided we'd had enough and should head for the proper goldfield. Kalgoorlie is home to the Super Pit. Not a superhero who can dig holes fast but an open caste gold mine about 80km ...

DAY 37 - NORSEMAN TO KALGOORLIE-BOULDER - SUPERPIT, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kangarog


... PARK, NORSEMAN (the most incredible shower of my life so far!) 2. MIDDLETON BEACH, ALBANY 3. PORONGURUP RANGE 4. DISCOVERY HOLIDAY PARK, KALGOORLIE-BOULDER (wide blast area and skin tingingly good, like a massage, sublime!) 5. PEACEFUL BAY     ...

The Indian Pacific, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Indian Pacific

A travel blog entry by sahs

... ; I didn't see much other than the train station because I was afraid of missing it leaving, and being stranded for three days in Kalgoorlie.  The most amazing thing though was that I had been on the train for eleven and a half hours and I was ...

Fahrt nach Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Autralia travel blog

Fahrt nach Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by wahl


Von Esperance ging es heute über Norseman nach Kalgoorlie. Dort angekommen sagte uns die Dame vom Campingplatz, daß die Super Pit abends wenn die Sonne untergeht besonders toll aussieht, also haben Patricia und Mia sich kurz im Pool ...

Mit dem Indian Pacific durch Australiens Weite, Kalgoorlie, Autralia travel blog

Mit dem Indian Pacific durch Australiens Weite

A travel blog entry by erikunterwegs


... aus dem dicht bewaldeten Bushland immer stärker die für Australien typische rote Erde. Gegen 22 Uhr halten wir in Kalgoorlie, einer Goldgräberstadt knapp 700km von Perth entfernt, an. In einer Whistle-Stop-Tour haben Zugreisende die ...

Kalgoorlie, the end of the road...trip, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie, the end of the road...trip

A travel blog entry by gilesandnikki


... .  After a quick 2 night stay in Perth and a day trip to Freemantle we headed out on the train to Kalgoorlie. Now Kalgoorlie is something of unique settlement, an old mining town which is now dominated by the 'superpit' and enormous hole in the ...

Great Tour with Gold Rush Tours, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia travel blog

Great Tour with Gold Rush Tours

A travel blog entry by lroff


... turning camel trains and even caravans.]   The tour I went on was a great introduction to the city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, exploring the magnificent architecture of the 1890's along the cities' main streets, and learning of the region's fascinating ...

Gold Town!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold Town!

A travel blog entry by agi_and_rudi


... water to the city’s residents. In general water is potable in Australia but this tap water is really disgusting. The streets of Kalgoorlie are wide and empty so there are no traffic jams as there are maximum five cars at a time on one street. Well ...

Gold City, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold City

A travel blog entry by steve-adrienne


... town. The information centre in Menzies was very helpful and we have come away from there with lots of info on the tours around Kalgoorlie - so we are planning which ones we might do. The super pit which was begun by Alan Bond - but not finished by him - ...

Red, soil, hot, hot, hot, on the road to gold, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Red, soil, hot, hot, hot, on the road to gold

A travel blog entry by lroff


Today we headed out early as this was a driving day to Kalgoorlie. Following a large white water pipeline, we drove on through places like Grass Patch and Salmon Gums until we came to the mining community of Norseman.  This community, known as ...

Fresh fruit and veg!!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Fresh fruit and veg!!

A travel blog entry by dentons


... lunch-time, set up and did some much needed grocery shopping. Stretch completed the 17th & 18th hole of golf at the Kalgoorlie Golf Club (what a magnificent course, not a year old yet, owned by the council, have spent $20 million so far and about to ...

Indian Pacific to Adelaide, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Indian Pacific to Adelaide

A travel blog entry by lroff


... and it continues to draw me back to it.  For the balance of today we will be backtracking over territory I covered to Kalgoorlie.  We took a wide swing North and followed the Swan and Avon River Valleys back to Northam and got glimpses of river ...

Made it to Western Australia, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Made it to Western Australia

A travel blog entry by ronkayaroundoz


... in cages plus play areas for kids. A lot of families were picnicking and relaxing in the shade.  Kalgoorlie gets its water from Manduring Weir near Perth. The pipeline that delivers the water was finished in 1903 and is ...

I Feel the Earth Move...., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

I Feel the Earth Move....

A travel blog entry by samaraclifford


... a 3 or something on the rumbling ground scale, nothing serious, however with the amount of old and uncharted shaft goldmines under Kalgoorlie it did worry me somewhat that it is in an earthquake prone area. anything of a decent size and the place will ...

Indoor Swimming and Good Hair Days, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Indoor Swimming and Good Hair Days

A travel blog entry by samaraclifford

... the whole time I lived here I never noticed how chlorinated the tap water is. As soon as I got to my brother's house in Kalgoorlie I really needed a shower so I turned the taps on and got ready to jump right in. As the water heated up the familar smell of ...

Kalgoorlie Miner update., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie Miner update.

A travel blog entry by cop12


Hi Guys! One of the TA's (Steve) was feeling hungry the other night and decided to eat some KFC that he found in a pie warmer oven.  Now, anyone would have left it alone thinking it belonged to someone else. Steve was told by a workmate that it ...

Kalgoorlie - big and rich mining town, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie - big and rich mining town

A travel blog entry by eremita


... remote towns by a long water pipe. The project was commissioned in 1896 and was completed in 1903. The pipeline finishes in Kalgoorlie at Mount Charlotte Reservoir. Interestingly, it takes one to two weeks for the water to come from Perth to Kalgoorlie. ...

It's all over folks!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

It's all over folks!

A travel blog entry by cop12


I've finally finished my stint at BHP. I applied for an early release as this job will run for another two weeks and I just didn't have the time. The longer I stayed there, the more harm I did my chances of a longer term role up North West WA. I've ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie WA, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimandelle


Moved on to Kalgoorlie today and it got pretty hot 36 degrees. Typical mining town, saw a blast at the Super Pit. The pictures cannot capture just how huge this hole is. The off shoots of the mining industry are tremendous, the industrial areas just seem ...

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