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Camels R Us !, Broome, Australia travel blog

Camels R Us !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... This evenings sunset appeared to be every bit as colorful as yesterdays.  Although we've seen countless sunsets since arriving in Australia, we're always mesmerized at how quickly the sun sinks into the Indian Ocean!  It's one of natures gifts that ...

Troche sie rozczarowalismy, Port Smith, Australia travel blog

Troche sie rozczarowalismy

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


Wszyscy polecali nam Port Smith, wiec postanowilismy ze tam bedzie nasz kolejny postoj. Jechalismy strasznie monotonnymi rowninami, ktore ciagnely sie kilometrami. Potem zjechalismy z drogi asfaltowej i 20km zrobilismy po piachu. Sam kemping jest bardzo ...

This place is magic!, Broome, Australia travel blog

This place is magic!

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


... it is a for a good cause at the moment - the WA government is wanting to put a gas company 50kms North from Broome - which will just ruin this wonderful place. It was stinking hot and we decided to head to the beach - the famous Cable ...

Don’t Zoom in Broome!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Don’t Zoom in Broome!

A travel blog entry by jam10


... some lunch here before making our way up to Cable Beach. Cable Beach is about 4km west of town and is known to be one of Australia’s finest beaches with white sand as far as the eye can see.  We headed down to the beach, went for a bit of a ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynrobinson


... , cute green frogs and blue tongue lizards in the showers. Another attraction of the lodge is the presence of expert Birds Australia volunteers who provide information and tours as well as care for guests. On a tour to the neighbouring privately owned ...

What a day!!, Broome, Australia travel blog

What a day!!

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


... !! I have never wee-ed in so many fast food outlets!! Or showered in so many swimming pools either...yes today we frequented Broome Aqautic Centre for a good old wash before Dayne's interview!! Can you believe it?? Dayne has been offered a job, and I have ...

From the centre to the edge and north east., Broome, Australia travel blog

From the centre to the edge and north east.

A travel blog entry by 2aussiesglobal


... Broome. Although drawn like flies to a steaming cow pat for the last three days we are left wondering what the attraction is! West Australia’s alternative to Byron Bay perhaps! We did have our reasons for being there in the form of the Broome Bird ...

Sticker Shock, Broome, Australia travel blog

Sticker Shock

A travel blog entry by t_humble


... claim to wanting to buy food, if they admit to wanting to buy wine what are the really after, weapons grade plutonium perhaps? And this draws an end to my first week in Australia and I'm at my destination Broome, presumably my home for the next 5 ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandjosaich


... fish and I did definitely not make any jokes about their name. In the evening we went to the now famous Divers Tavern to watch Australia v South Africa in the Tri-Nations. It was a cracking game and I've always been a fan of the Aussies (after England of ...

Verschnaufpause in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Verschnaufpause in Broome

A travel blog entry by melundfelix


... geschrubbt, " Falk" fährt zuverlässig und wir sind etwas kaputt aber zufrieden gestern in der "Stadt" Broome ( 16000 Einwohner) angekommen. Hier verschnaufen wir jetzt erstmal ein wenig, genießen den Luxus des Campingplatzes und schauen ...

Staircase To The Moon, Broome, Australia travel blog

Staircase To The Moon

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


I was most disappointed when I found out exactly what Broome's Staircase To The Moon actually was. It'd been hyped before but no one had said what it involved so we were surprised when we rocked up and were told it was only once a month. Then we found ...

Life in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Life in Broome

A travel blog entry by brookeandnick


... be a good investment. So, we started checking the noticeboards (there is a huge network of backpackers selling cars all over Australia, and Broome is an end destination for many people going up the west coast so there were a bunch to choose from) and ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jen_is_away

... in WA. I mailed from Albany last time. We were after renting a car and driving all around the South West corner of Australia. Went on the obligatory wine-tasting in the Margaret River region. Had some lovely wine and then made friends with a millionaire ...

Leaving Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Leaving Broome

A travel blog entry by rachelhwalsh


... honey-comb milk-shake that she had no intention of drinking, we could avoid the inevitable no longer.  Before we left Broome, we called at Gantheaume Point, where towers of red rocks formed a cliff overlooking the expanse of Cable Beach.  The ...

Sand play, Barn Hill , Australia travel blog

Sand play

A travel blog entry by rooksfamily


... car without the kids for a 5 hour travel day.   Barn Hill is 9km off the main highway around 135km south of Broome.  It is a cattle station that provides rustic style camping.  One of its key differences is the activities it offers – ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeznkez


Broome is remarkable for only one thing and that is Cable Beach, which is first class. Also being on the west coast the sun sets into the sea, and the three days we spent here were highlighted by three tremendous sunsets. Another outstanding thing is the ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrcooke7

... or at some other random venue around the town. The rest of the time was spent trying to figure out how to get out of Broome and with whom. Sadly, Rachel and I said good-bye to our lovely Kimberley group but managed to wrangle my friend Mark into going ...

Cape Leveque, Broome, Australia travel blog

Cape Leveque

A travel blog entry by sherryjayamanne


Left Broome at 8 am for Cape Leveque. No reception again at this point. 220 Kms north of Broome, the area is known as the Dampier Peninsular, rich in history and culture. Along the way we stopped at Sacred Heart Church in Beagle Bay. A very beautiful ...

Stars, camels and the Indian Ocean, Broome, Australia travel blog

Stars, camels and the Indian Ocean

A travel blog entry by atlarge


... .  The bumps were about as big as the desks at school and I nearly fell off my board. Other highlights of our Broome stay included Sun Pictures and the Courthouse Markets.  Alec again writes: At the deckchair cinema we watched "Up".  ...

Priceless Point

Priceless Point "NO GAS" !!!

A travel blog entry by longwaydownunda


Use the photos, your imagination and what you know of Amanda and I to imagine how amazing our 3 nights and 4 days were at this spot. The red dirt and turquoise blue was magnified by our polarized sunnies but the picture tell the tale, this stretch ...

Camels on Cable beach, Broome, Australia travel blog

Camels on Cable beach

A travel blog entry by dettebern


We rode the camels on Cable beach.  The camel that  Matt rode was named Alice because she was from Alice Springs.  The camel that Kate rode was named Bully because he was from ...

Home and Away in WA, Broome, Australia travel blog

Home and Away in WA

A travel blog entry by bugsandmiggs


... acres of wheat when he had already planted over 13000! He cleverly used Aussie and Commonwealth law to break away from Australia and form an independent Province. After years of wrangling with the Aus government he outwitted them again with the ...

Dzisiaj uratowalismy zolwia, Broome, Australia travel blog

Dzisiaj uratowalismy zolwia

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... zna Mariana to wie, ze jak sie na cos uprze to nie ma sily zeby sobie odpuscil. Tak ze wyjezdzalismy do Broome ze sporych rozmiarow Queenfish w naszej lodowce. Historia lubi sie powtarzac i niestety popelnilismy znow ten sam blad- nie wymienilismy butli ...

Great Sandy Desert, Broome, Australia travel blog

Great Sandy Desert

A travel blog entry by sainty1

Drove 600km to the next town. There was nothing but bush. Labelled on the map as the Great Sandy Desert, all we saw was bushes. Why not the Great Bushy Desert? You would not want to break down between these towns. We did see a couple of Wedge Tailed ...

The EasyRider bus tour, Broome, Australia travel blog

The EasyRider bus tour

A travel blog entry by vicky.mcneil


Well we finally made it to Broome, arrived Monday afternoon, what a great time we have had too! We jumped on the bus Saturday 27th at 7.20am & met our drivers, Gregg & Enzo! Gregg was training that's why we had 2! There were 3 girls on the bus who ...

Bye Bye Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Bye Bye Broome

A travel blog entry by melsymo


Today is my last day in Broome after a week here. I haven't really written a lot for the last week as I haven't done a lot! Broome is so small and it's still the 'Wet' season which means it's rained pretty much everyday (no help from the cyclone just of ...

Fires, Air-Con and a Wedding!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Fires, Air-Con and a Wedding!

A travel blog entry by sjw_uk


... Footie (AFL - Australian Football League) - I think I am an Eagles fan - good luck to the Westcoast Eagles! The outskirts of Broome Town is actually on Friew today - a massive bush fire has taken hold - its evening be put on the Broome Airport Website ...

Things That Can Kill You #5, Broome, Australia travel blog

Things That Can Kill You #5

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


There are two kinds of crocs in the north of Australia. Freshwater crocs are harmless to humans, they just mind their own business and live together in peace and harmony. Fucking hippies. It's saltwater crocs we're interested in, they have been known to ...

Coral Bay to Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Coral Bay to Broome

A travel blog entry by jamesandsonia


... distance. Most likely a grey reef shark but tiger sharks are known to live in the area. And they are less friendly. Western Australia has a reputation as being hot and on our journey to Tom Price, we encountered some 'hot' weather. By hot I mean ...

Ab ins Outback!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Ab ins Outback!

A travel blog entry by andrea.adrian


Unser zweiter von insgesamt vier Inlandfluegen haben wir ebenfalls ueberstanden, und sind gut in Broome, 1400 km. nordoestlich von Exmouth angekommen. Die letzten Tage in Exmouth waren ebenfalls actionreich. Da wir noch nicht genug vom Tauchen hatten ...

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