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does 2 days in a country count?, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

does 2 days in a country count?

A travel blog entry by boomergirl

... And this city (kinda shit hole actually) really just feels like another barrio of BA.  So can I actually say Ive been to Uruguay? I suppose I can, but with the caveat that I really didnt "do" Uruguay.  Oh well.  Its a stamp! So, ...

Cabo Polonio, Cabo Polonio, Uruguay travel blog

Cabo Polonio

A travel blog entry by stubo


Cabo Polonio must be one of the best beach places around at the moment! We had little hastle in getting here, bus 5 hours instead of 4 and then hopped onto a 4x4 thingy to take us to the beach village. Cabo Polonio has no roads, no cars, no ...

Foggy Day, Cabo Polonio, Uruguay travel blog

Foggy Day

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


The plan of the day was to go for a long walk in the huge dunes north of Cabo Polonio, possibly with the option of walking all the way back to Valisas (8km in straight line, but in the sand and over dunes). And I had set my alarm clock to go and see the ...

Detox, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by 0234303


Having a couple of nights in. Preparing for the mayhem that is Buenos Aires. Wandered around the town a bit. Took few ...

Adiós América del Sur, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Adiós América del Sur

A travel blog entry by teamham


... she slept in a lair of bed bugs, who then colonised her backpack for the next three days. Knowing nothing whatsoever about Uruguay, we expected little from the country. Our brick sized guidebook on South America, which we’d been lugging around the ...

Ghost Town, Salto, Uruguay travel blog

Ghost Town

A travel blog entry by jessi330


Our bus came at 5:30 so we had some time to kill. So we decided to go visit the cemetery. When we asked the info desk which bus to take, he acted confused that we wanted to visit the cemetery. Yes, we did in fact.  It was very hot. It was an amazing ...

Small Town Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Small Town Uruguay

A travel blog entry by phileden


Uruguay is so close to Buenos Aires that it would've been daft to not have paid it a visit while we were in this part of the world, so we did. Not many destinations stood out when researching where to go in the country, and in the end we decided to ...

Palacio Legislativo Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Palacio Legislativo Montevideo

A travel blog entry by johnmyers2


Palacio Legislativo Through the auspices of our landlords we were put in touch with a guide from the National Legislative building. We were indeed fortunate in that not only did Mabel speak fluent English but she was also a delightful companion to ...

Week 2, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Week 2

A travel blog entry by lelblair

... of our boat scheduled for 9:45.  I got into a terrible mess because I left the document that proved that I entered Uruguay legally at the apartment; the fact that my passport was properly stamped wasn´t enough.  We received our boat boarding ...

Uruguayske paseracke mestecko, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguayske paseracke mestecko

A travel blog entry by koutinka


Toz jsem prejela buquebusem do Uruguaye... lod byla docela nuda, jediny co je zajima je rychlost, ani to nemelo palubu. Lustila jsem sudoku kterou jsem tu prvne prejezdy busama se bude hodit.   Vypada to, ze paseraci se nemeli ...

At sea, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

At sea

A travel blog entry by ahartry

Seas fairly flat -- though strong winds. Swells confused and choppy. Slept past 08.45h, decided not to rush it, so up to buffet. Kids played Pictionary with Aaron and won! Wrote journal, then up to Horizon Lounge for Trivia. I teamed with K&K and ...

Uruguay Pics, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguay Pics

A travel blog entry by karsenault


Basically, Uruguay was the only other beach time I had other than burning the first three layers of my skin way back in Peru. The beach in Colonia del Sacramento is actually a river - the widest one in the world. It has a tide! Bizzare. I couldn't really ...

The Hotel Klee, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

The Hotel Klee

A travel blog entry by gazwilliams


... on his face. The Bife de Chorizo(sirloin steak)filled his plate and was about half an inch thick. He regretted the bread. Anyway, Uruguay is pretty much just an extra stamp in your passport. We arrived after the 8 hour Coche Cama ride through the night ...

Leaving the beaches behind, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Leaving the beaches behind

A travel blog entry by weaselsontour


After catching a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay´s capital city. As far as capitals go, I think this has got to be as chilled as they get. After checking in, we went for a wonder through the streets (nothing much ...

Montevideo, Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Montevideo, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by friendtheworld


We only spent one day in this country but maximized our time by taking a tour by both bus & a very cool refurbished steam train. Among the places visited were the coast & beaches, the parliament building & Legislative Palace, the embassies ...

Fun times had by all....., Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Fun times had by all.....

A travel blog entry by pattyv


... on the 14th and met some friends I am staying with. Montevideo is a very tranquil city, home to nearly half the population of Uruguay (total 3.5 million). Sunday I we sipped matè on La Rambla and I met Martin and German`s family. On Monday I explored la ...

Cruzando el charco, Young, Uruguay travel blog

Cruzando el charco

A travel blog entry by denisita

... crisscrossed by uncountable waterways. We enter the province of Entre Rios, across luscious fields, looking for a way to cross the Uruguay River into that tiny country. The first bridge has been barricaded for over three years by the townspeople on the ...

Village with style, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Village with style

A travel blog entry by claudiaroger


From Montevideo it was just a two hours bus ride to the small town of Colonia del Sacramento. Here we checked into a lovely hostel and then went out for a relaxed stroll through the old part of town, which is listed as a UNSECO World Heritage. The ...

Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by ahartry


Up in time for breakfast in dining room. Made another kids' trail for K&K and Aaron. Did a warm, long promenade. Lunch outside for the first time in ages. Watched approach to Montevideo. Flat city, many skyscrapers stretched over large area. ...

Thermal Tranquility, Salto, Uruguay travel blog

Thermal Tranquility

A travel blog entry by jmwaters


Tiago: We arrived in the outskirts Concordia on the Argentinian border with Uruguay, and struck a deal with a remis driver to take us all the way to the bus terminal in Salto just accross the border. From there we headed on to the nearby Termas del Dayman ...

Wipeout!, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by joegodfrey99


... wakes me up to offer me something to keep me awake? Can someone explain this to me? The bus rolled into Motevideo, Uruguay around 4:45AM. I got off and wandered into the terminal to find the money-change office closed. Despite knowing that I´d be ...

Chill on the beach with the rest of Uruguay!, Punta del Diablo, Uruguay travel blog

Chill on the beach with the rest of Uruguay!

A travel blog entry by samandtom


So arriving a bit behind the others Tom and I rocked up in Punto Diablo, no place to stay, no phone connection and no T, Hugo or Helena. It's peak season, local holidays and a bank holiday weekend - every hostel we emailed was full and every local had ...

The Uruguayan Coast - Part Dos, Punta del Diablo, Uruguay travel blog

The Uruguayan Coast - Part Dos

A travel blog entry by benkripke


... the day, I showed that iguana who's boss (see video attached). 5. Return to Buenos Aires Before I went back to Uruguay, I confirmed a Workaway opportunity in San Martin de Los Andes in northern Patagonia. For this opportunity, I will be a volunteer ...

Nice Squares...yup, and thats about it, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Nice Squares...yup, and thats about it

A travel blog entry by stokenmait


We spent 1 day and 1 night (Hotel Ideal - yes it was pretty ideal indeed) in Montevideo, we had a good time but it wasn't really what we had expected. There wasn't really all that much to see here. A lot of the old buildings hadn't been looked after ...

Goodbye Uruguay, hello Argentina ! , Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Goodbye Uruguay, hello Argentina !

A travel blog entry by willb

... more wandering around the town and craft shops and markets til it was time to head back to the port. Not a bad place to have to spend another afternoon though!  I think we'll remember Uruguay for Colonia, definitely the nicest city we've visited ...

Sol de la ciudad, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Sol de la ciudad

A travel blog entry by marcorusti


. ...

Punta Del Este, Punta del Este, Uruguay travel blog

Punta Del Este

A travel blog entry by emily26


... . There was no problem and we both got to stay there. Marcelo and Marta are the owners. Marta is Polish and Marcelo is from Uruguay. They were both so lovely and welcoming. They said they were doing an asado and if we went to buy some meat then we should ...

Montevideo - Beef town!, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Montevideo - Beef town!

A travel blog entry by candcthai


... which are grilled until crisp on the outside - absolutely delicious but a bit like pate de fois, very rich! We like Uruguay as a country.  It is the most stable and, according to various international agencies, the least corrupt country in South ...

Arthur driving passengers crazy :-), Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Arthur driving passengers crazy :-)

A travel blog entry by ina01nl


On every deck there are signs showing the way to leaving the ship. Of course Arthur could not help but to change things around a bit.....steering people the wrong way... bad boy...baaaaaaad boy... ...

Week 1, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Week 1

A travel blog entry by lelblair

... Gustavo with her. It is a lovely hotel, with exceptional baños. After checking out the Teatro Solis, the main theater of Uruguay and the oldest, with the first performance in 1856. Some parts of it are being renovated, and tours are offered daily. Just ...

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