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The Spotless Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

The Spotless Singapore

A travel blog entry by katieb


... the bottomless glasses of wine. There's a tight community of expats here - it seems like a great place to live. Singapore is a well-scrubbed, benevolent monarchy where they have elections for a one-party parliament. It's one of the wealthiest ...

Le Laval de l'Asie du Sud-Est, Singapour, Singapore travel blog

Le Laval de l'Asie du Sud-Est

A travel blog entry by tiwi


Bon je dois l'admettre, le voyage tire Ó sa fin et aprŔs tous les endroits que j'ai vu c'est difficile d'ŕtre encore impressionnÚ. Peut-ŕtre Útait-ce la vie hyper artificielle, les prix exorbitants (comparativement au reste du SE de l'Asie) ou la ...

Coolest airport ever, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Coolest airport ever

A travel blog entry by laurawainer

I am in transit to Bali but have a stop in the airport the world talks about -so I changed my flight to get in on the gossip (who me? in on gossip?......and everyone is right! this place is crazy- mostly everything is open 24 hours movie ...

Out and about...SINGAPORE!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Out and about...SINGAPORE!

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


We've got our F1 tickets for September, visited Chinatown, Little India, Arab area, popped by Ft Canning to peep in on the Lady Gaga show (her largest audiance for a solo gig), checked out the Haw Par Villa, the Botanic Gardens, ran into Gene ...

Singapore Sling, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Sling

A travel blog entry by dalhousie


... in Little India as it didn't look at all savoury.  Smelt savoury though!  There are five million people in Singapore. One million of them are migrant workers needed to keep the economy going.  In Little India most of those migrant workers ...

Singapore Sling ..., Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Sling ...

A travel blog entry by corrilesa


It's terribly sterile, everyone is unfailingly polite, it's super-clean and ordered with military style but you know Singapore still has a certain quirky style all of it's own that makes a few days in it very appealing, in fact the best way to describe it ...

Singapur - so sauber und organisiert, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapur - so sauber und organisiert

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


Am 8. Oktober ging es wieder weiter und zwar nach SŘdostasien. Nach 16 Stunden Flug und einem Stop in Doha bin ich in Singapu gelandet. Wegen meiner Erfahrung in SŘdamerika war ich darauf eingestellt lange nach dem Busshuttle zu suchen. Aber hier in ...

The land with NO bubble gums, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

The land with NO bubble gums

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... thought to be impossible. Because of this, the land was called "Singapura" which means Lion City in Sangscrit. The government of Singapore wanted to create a mascot for tourism therefor in 1970's, the Merlion was made. It is part Lion and part fish with ...

Politically incorrect kids, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Politically incorrect kids

A travel blog entry by richardskids


... say something over here. We had a slightly mad taxi driver coming back from night safari who kept telling me people in Singapore don't drive fast enough, while tailgating everyone and weeping in and out of traffic. He then started asking about football ...

Dasedag ved poolen og afrejsedag mod Cairns, Austr, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Dasedag ved poolen og afrejsedag mod Cairns, Austr

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Af Dorthe Dagen var afsat til afslapning ved poolen, inden vi skulle tjekke ud fra hotellet kl. 16.00. Vi sov igen lŠnge og efter morgenmaden gik vi til poolen. B°rnene n°d at have god tid til at snorkle, bade og sv°mme, som de er blevet ret gode ...

Learning Chinese the EZ way!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Learning Chinese the EZ way!

A travel blog entry by hayleya18


So here's the part where I shamelessly plug a wonderful website that I am very happy I found and even happier that someone bothered to put it all together.  I wanted to learn how ...

In transit, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

In transit

A travel blog entry by mccoyryan


... later in the trip. They looked amazing from the air - I hope they are half as good when actually on the ground! At Singapore airport i jumped on the  metro. Singapore is just a world apart from what i have been experiencing the last few weeks. It is ...

Two Funerals and A Wedding, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Two Funerals and A Wedding

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


In early 2015, I travelled to Wales for the funeral of a dear friend's father. It was a meeting of friends - me from Singapore, MC from California, SA from Sweden.    S whose dad had passed away was an only child - MC, she and I met in Singapore ...

going west to the east, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

going west to the east

A travel blog entry by gonroamin

27 Oct 2010 Wednesday The end of our Assie adventure and it has been great, we really didn't know what to expect but i think any expectations that we had have been completely surpassed. The people we have met have been really great and we have learned a ...

Wildlife and cities, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Wildlife and cities

A travel blog entry by bernie-s

... climbed over Oonagh's back and jumped onto the floor. It was really exciting, and now I want a pet macaque. We arrived in Singapore at 1 o'clock in the morning, and from the airport we managed to book accommodation and a bus straight to our hostel. ...

Across Ukraine...westbound through Eastern Europe, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Across Ukraine...westbound through Eastern Europe

A travel blog entry by drpaultravel

... to catch a flight to Singapore (yes, halfway around the world and considerably warmer!) Now...what can I say about Singapore? Clean Orderly Incredibly modern! Tropical too! Blissful nights here! And...I am staying with a childhood friend--my ...

SIngapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by mikelbt


...  Merlion. Half lion and half fish, the story of the Merlion is one of legend and myth and stands as a symbol fro Singapore. After Sentosa, we toured around a night market, I was fed some local delicacies and went out for drinks at Clark Quay, a ...

running away, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

running away

A travel blog entry by benpope


... to singapore and then to laos than to fly direct from cambodia to laos! we did believe it and its only now that were in singapore that we realised it wasn't true. obviously it was all sarahs fault and she's still paying for her mistake. after only a ...

Sightseeing in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Sightseeing in Singapore

A travel blog entry by ben-and-sharon


Today we were traditional tourists and rode the open-top sightseeing bus tour. That evening we met Laura again and went on the Singapore Flyer, just like the London Eye except that it is a few meters taller! After this we headed to Clarke Quay for some ...

Sights of Sentosa Island, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Sights of Sentosa Island

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... do that) - Dolphin Lagoon and show - Water shows - many beaches and restaurants and resorts.  The Merlion (Symbol of Singapore)  Half Mermaid/Merman - Half Lion is represented here in a huge exhibit that you can actually go inside of and ride ...

Such a tidy town, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Such a tidy town

A travel blog entry by kevsharon


... glass bathroom , roll top bath, kev was in heaven , and fortunately a blind for those moments when you want to be alone ,, Singapore prides itself on being clean and tidy , its not supposed to have any rough areas , so I dont know where people live ...

Munkeh says

Munkeh says "Relax"

A travel blog entry by leahandsteven


... on after we had been to the Esplanade). This building was in the process of being built the last time we went to singapore with the famille Broadley, so it was great to finally see it completed. A very spectacular structure. After a lot of ...

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys... and more monkeys!, Singapore, part 2, Singapore travel blog

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys... and more monkeys!

A travel blog entry by jundan


We had 1 more day and night in Singapore before we were due to fly to Hong Kong so we decided to spend most of it seeing the zoo and night safari as we'd been told how great they are. We arrived early and checked into a hostel in the 'little india' area. ...

Starten på Asia, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Starten på Asia

A travel blog entry by helguth


... ; Tusenfryd.  Vi var ikke helt i målgruppen (var mest for barnefamilier) men alt var pent og velorganisert som resten av Singapore.  Vi skulle ta kveldsfly fra Singapore kl. 2220 så dro tilbake til hotellet, der tok vi oss et bad i ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by andyandsue


Sinagpore - hot and sweaty. We had tropical storms with torrential rain everynight, which meant we could not get a full night's sleep. The Hotel (Madras) was nothing to write home about either (the pictures on the internet look better than in real ...

Ressaca, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by moor.travels


Ressaca S. f. Mal-estar causado por uma bebedeira.  NŃo afeta somente o corpo, afeta a carteira (ou o que havia nela), afeta a mente e parece afetar atÚ o tempo - tanto o sol quanto a chuva ficaram com preguiša de aparecer. Para ajudar... ...

Singapore Sling, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Sling

A travel blog entry by markandrebecca


... courtyards which are so beautiful and atmospheric. Then we headed for the Bar and Billiard Room for a G&T and a Mohito - rather than a Singapore Sling - and listened to a jazz band. We then took a ride on a Bum Boat down the Singapore River and ...

Singapore is actually Sonic the Hedgehog land!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore is actually Sonic the Hedgehog land!

A travel blog entry by reuben_brown


... India where we polished off some tasty Indian food followed up by a visit to a local Hindu temple. Tired and slightly dehydrated (Singapore is just one degree above the equator) we went back to the condo and crashed out on the sofas while the Nocks went ...

It Was The Best Of Zoo's It Was The Worst Of Zoo's, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

It Was The Best Of Zoo's It Was The Worst Of Zoo's

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... is the trendy place to be I'm told. This is more like it, here they have made use of the riverfront. Basically everywhere in Singapore feels like a spec concept diagram that looks great in 3D but then falls on it's ass and has tramps living there within 2 ...

singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans


Mi soi fermat a singapore dome al timp di bevi une bire al aeropuart, dopo subit partence par ...

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