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Ubud: No Cheating...and Obnoxious Hippies, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud: No Cheating...and Obnoxious Hippies

A travel blog entry by djbenharvey


Days two and three of the fasting were terrible, I won't lie. I still had enough energy to walk around and check my e-mail, but there was no way I could put two thoughts together to do an entry here. I had aches all over my body during one night, but ...

Semanyak: Valentine's Day at the Legian, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

Semanyak: Valentine's Day at the Legian

A travel blog entry by djbenharvey


So I take it back - St. Martins Lane in London is no longer my favorite hotel in the world - The Legian in Seminyak, Bali, is my new favorite hotel. Jesus H. Christ this place is ridiculous. It was a little disconcerting at first, I must say - my ...

Berastagi: A tourist town, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Berastagi: A tourist town

A travel blog entry by ardhan

Berastagi, a tourist town, is another lovely town located in Karo highlands. The town is known for its plantations and various kinds of flowers, vegetables and fruit, most famous which is Marquisa passion fruit. It's 66 km southwest of Medan and is 4.594 ...

Bali or Bust!, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Bali or Bust!

A travel blog entry by back2basics


Bali or Bust! The only thing to fear about traveling to Bali is fear itself. Bali is so full of colourfull cultural riches and people. You cant help to smile asa smile awaits you around every corner. Ya, so there are some amazing things to see and do. ...

Lovina...and all its glory..., Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

Lovina...and all its glory...

A travel blog entry by vicky_jade


I have to say, after hearing glowing reports from locals that I can now assume must have had some kind of vested interest...we were seriously let down with Lovina.  We arrived mid afternoon after a couple of stops along the way - one unscheduled ...

New Grand Baby for me!, Jimbaran, Indonesia travel blog

New Grand Baby for me!

A travel blog entry by peterconnor


Hi Everyone Just wanted to share my good news in that daughter Steph and James are expecting my fourth grandchild late in September. A sibling for Sweet Little Maisie Moo and another cousin for Sammy and Bubby Thomas! Yeay. Oh and by the way, we are just ...

Lap of Luxury, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

Lap of Luxury

A travel blog entry by kmescal


Best birthday ever! Last night we went to hands down the the coolest restaurant I have ever been town. Ku de ta is a trendy club/restaurant that had me totally geeking out on how incredible it is. It's huge and outdoors on the beach. They have a few ...

Mount Bromo: der wunderschöne Vulkan, Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

Mount Bromo: der wunderschöne Vulkan

A travel blog entry by annchristintour


Hay, am nächsten Morgen ging es dann mal etwas später los, nämlich erst um 8.30. Wir genossen ein leckeres Frühstück in unserer Unterkunft und wurden dann abgeholt. Wir sind mit einem Minivan dann zum Vulkan gefahren bzw. in das Dorf, dass dort ...

Back in Bali, Candi Desa, Indonesia travel blog

Back in Bali

A travel blog entry by nas.latif

It was nice to be back on this island. I found the Balinese much nicer people to deal with. The people on Lombok seemed forever trying to get as much money out of you as they could. The Balinese were not so bad. On arrival at the ferry terminal I was to ...

A hillside homestay in the misty mountains..., Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

A hillside homestay in the misty mountains...

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


Well, after a morning wait in the sunshine whereby Dayne and I discussed where we were going next and how excited he was for seeing Vietnam and also the Killing Fields in Cambodia, we arrived safe and sound in 'the middle of nowhere' that's Ubud in case ...

ceking rice teraces in tegallang, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

ceking rice teraces in tegallang

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


On our day tour, we also went to the largest rice terraces for a photo op. Linda was hounded by many children selling photos, she finally caved in (saving the children, one by one), but why not in ...

Folkeslag, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jhump28


By Mette NB!! Der er ingen billeder i oejeblikket, da internet paa Bali er laaaaaangsomt og flere steder ikke-eksisterende.   Der findes en joke om de fire lande i Sydøstasien, der fortæller lidt om kulturen i de forskellige ...

Culture Capital of Indo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Culture Capital of Indo

A travel blog entry by fergalokeeffe


After a short stop in Jakarta my time in Indonesia started out proper in Yogyakarta (aka Jogja). This was the ancient capital and also a stronghold during the many times of turmoil during the 20th century and so is an important city for Indonesians. ...

More indonesian food at Borneo '8', Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

More indonesian food at Borneo '8'

A travel blog entry by jaqz_and_dave

The day started with us being woken by a knock at the door a little before 7am. This turned out to be our breakfast, which was a cold snack delivered to the room each morning as the hotel had no restaurant.  Jacqui promptly nodded off again, ...

Laha - An overnight stay, Laha, Indonesia travel blog

Laha - An overnight stay

A travel blog entry by brodieandalana


After coming back from the Banda Islands we had to stay another night on Ambon Island. We decided to stay with our 'no show' friend Michael who was supposed to meet us at the airport when we first arrived in Ambon. Michael has a homestay at his Aunty's ...

Makassar - Soup was the highlight!, Makassar, Indonesia travel blog

Makassar - Soup was the highlight!

A travel blog entry by brodieandalana


... . No idea what's in the stock part, but it was absolutely sensational and probably the nicest dish we had in the whole of Indonesia.   We went to this no thrills soup restaurant (if thats what you would call it) called Coto Nusantara, the place was ...

Tana Toraja - people of the uplands, Tana Toraja, Indonesia travel blog

Tana Toraja - people of the uplands

A travel blog entry by brodieandalana


Wow… where to start. This place is a living documentary, something you would see on TV in a faraway place. The cultural and religious beliefs of this place to us seem pretty crazy. Their lives revolve around death and their days are spent earning ...

Rempang Island, Riau Island, Indonesia., Rempang Island, Indonesia travel blog

Rempang Island, Riau Island, Indonesia.

A travel blog entry by venoth


This is the next island after Batam. On the way back, stopped over at this island for its famous Kelong Seafood Restaurants to have lunch. Kelong are restaurants built on stilts as an extension into the sea. Seafood here is cheap and fresh. ...

Batam Island, Riau Island, Indonesia., Batam Island, Indonesia travel blog

Batam Island, Riau Island, Indonesia.

A travel blog entry by venoth


As the final stop, headed back to Batam and took some good photographs of the Barelang Bridge, The next day, went shopping at Nagoya Hill and then back home. ...

Mentawai Island, Mentawai Island, Indonesia travel blog

Mentawai Island

A travel blog entry by ardhan

Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, 150 km and takes 9 hours trip from Padang, West Sumatra-Mentawai glowing with all the nature spirits and make it an extraordinary escaping spot from a hectic life. Mentawai is the natural habitat for 16 endemic ...

Summary, Bali, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kaupo_og_renate


Our adventure is finished for this time. It is difficult to put down to writing all the smells, tastes, sights, experiences and feelings. We travelled the Golden Triangle in India, from south to north in Thailand, we had a great 6000 km long roadtrip in ...

changing the Pace from Jakarta to Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

changing the Pace from Jakarta to Bali

A travel blog entry by graceonthego


... to Bali departs. This is the time printed on our tickets for boarding. 5 minutes to load all the passengers on the plane? Yeah. Indonesia has another definition for "on time". I have learned "in a bit" or "I'm on my way" can mean anywhere between 20 ...

Medan, Medan, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


Bukit Lawangista tulimme bussilla takaisin Medaniin, jossa hyppasimme ensimmaiseen 64-numeroiseen bemoon. Jaimme pois kaupungin toisella laidalla heti, kun naimme KFC:n kyltin. Kana&riisi-aterian jalkeen otimme taksin Asean International ...

Next Stop Lovina and the Dolphins, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

Next Stop Lovina and the Dolphins

A travel blog entry by rhodes0t


... was no one there so we told the driver we wanted to see more people.  He took us to a local bar for tourists from Indonesia.  We walked in and were the only 5 bules in the joint.  We looked at each other and though ...

Dalej w strone Togean Islands, Poso, Indonesia travel blog

Dalej w strone Togean Islands

A travel blog entry by camer


... czekalo na ten sam autobus, wiec zaraz sie ze wszystkimi zapoznalismy i poczit-czatowalismy troche po angielsku, troche w bahasa indonesia. Ok godz 9tej ruszylismy w droge bedac przekonani, ze uda nam sie dotrzec do Ampany, miejscowosci, z ktorej promem ...

notes on Bali, Candidasa, Indonesia travel blog

notes on Bali

A travel blog entry by 2009balitrip


We set out Friday morning to snorkel at the site of the USS Liberty which sits 50 metes offshore in north-east bali.  We found the area and saw lots of divers but are not sure if we saw the ship. If we saw the ship then it was covered with  a ...

The Gili's.. No more dogs, no more honking!, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

The Gili's.. No more dogs, no more honking!

A travel blog entry by jasandjes


    We got our tickets at a little stand on the right side of the street if your facing the harbor, just before Dona Cafe in Padang Bai. Excitement! We can get the hell out of here! We had read that you can hop on the public ferry or "slow ...

Exploring The Legend Of Kemaro Island, Palembang, Indonesia travel blog

Exploring The Legend Of Kemaro Island

A travel blog entry by venoth


... huge pagoda which has been constructed recently. It is another attraction here as there are not many such pagodas in Indonesia, unlike Malaysia where religious freedom is better exercised. Not until recent years with the last President, Indonesia did not ...

The Graves, Tana Toraja, Indonesia travel blog

The Graves

A travel blog entry by rachmatusadiah

... of airlines that fly to Sulawesi is very limited and only the most inexpensive Citilink airline which is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. On 2003, the ticket shape more likely an ID Card and the potential passengers should order the ticket through travel ...

Bali island, Bali island, Indonesia travel blog

Bali island

A travel blog entry by ardhan

... the quieter and moderately slower paced islands. Like many islands, Bali has developed a world of its own. It not only captures what is special about Indonesia but also has a uniqueness of its own. ...

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