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One Door Closes, and Now I'm Obsessed With Doors, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

One Door Closes, and Now I'm Obsessed With Doors

A travel blog entry by stooph


... ? Regardless, I love the road less traveled (excuse the cleche). Last week, my roommate and I took a 9 hour bus ride to Tallinn, Estonia, to visit with our friend from last semester, Laini and her boyfriend. Laini was wonderful, picking us up, paying for ...

A Step Back in Time, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

A Step Back in Time

A travel blog entry by ianandjen


... ; we finally got back to the hotel at 10.30pm.  However, our guide Ethel told us about this great Estonian liquor – Vana Tallinn.  We bought a bottle duty free on the ferry and had a nip or two when we got back to our hotel.  ...

A tale of Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

A tale of Tallinn

A travel blog entry by terredeshommes


... ' des couleurs à ces histoires passées, qui répare et met en valeur son patrimoine dans d'excellents musées. Tallinn, largement épargnée par les destructions successives, transpire l'Histoire par chacune de ses pierres. Je ne me serais jamais ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarah.michelle


I finally made the boat trip across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn. It was a short two hour boat cruise, I planned on doing homework but my computer wouldn't start so it felt longer than two hours as I tried to figure out how to finish projects that were due ...

Oct 16, 2011, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Oct 16, 2011

A travel blog entry by aplusbi


No Kiek in de Kok :(, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

No Kiek in de Kok :(

A travel blog entry by tiggerbird


... locating all the key sights on foot and didn't venture outside of the old town other than to the hotel and supermarket.  Tallinn is probably doable in a day, but if you want to actually see anything properly I would recommend a couple and if you ...

Workshop Days, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Workshop Days

A travel blog entry by rebeccabrent


... . Tiia was clearly nervous--she had invested a lot of money and put her reputation on the line in persuading people from all over Estonia and elsewhere to come, and so she had a heavy stake in making sure there were no glitches. There were none, and so we ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jolotravelling


Our baltic roadtrip started off with picture-perfect Tallinn. What a beautiful town! Narrow streets, well preserved old buildings, the town hall square, the up-hill Toompea,... Walking through the historical center was all I wanted to do, so I spent ...

Fairytale Tallinn-the girls trip, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Fairytale Tallinn-the girls trip

A travel blog entry by rachelsworld


... ) which is run by a group of students who work for tips. The tour took us past Freedom square, designed and built to celebrate Estonia gaining independence in 1991, and up past some of the old towers built into the walls, on to toompea hill, where we saw ...

Return to Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Return to Tallinn

A travel blog entry by tlvice


... Once we made it to the smooth concrete of the pier, she sat on her walker seat and I pushed her to the boarding point. Tallinn, Estonia is definitely one of my favorite cities on the planet. That evening was one of the formal dining nights onboard, so we ...

On the ferry back to Europe, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

On the ferry back to Europe

A travel blog entry by evanvanderploeg


We caught the ferry at 2 o'clock to Tallinn without anything too exciting happening in the morning. We sadly waved good-bye to Helsinki as we had enjoyed our time here but we were looking forward to finding some cheaper prices in Estonia. The ferry across ...

Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn, Estonia

A travel blog entry by tedbryce


... 15am, so we're up at 7ish for brekky. Glen made a couple of sambos for lunch, just in case we got hungry - we didn't. Tallinn was a surprising town. Our tour guide Teet (aka Ted), was also very surprising. He had a PhD in something, but his commentary was ...

Sweet Home, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by redragon


Nii tore oli kodus kaija ja koiki naha sugulasi, tuttavaid ja ex ameeriklasi....aitahh koigile kes aitasid meil teretulnud olla ja abistasid meid Sky-Rose'i synnipaevaga...eriline tanu Nataly Rosenbergile ilma kelleta ei oleks koik voimalik ...

Latvia and Estonia, Talinn, Estonia travel blog

Latvia and Estonia

A travel blog entry by gregjenlong


... Crusades in the beginning of the 13th century when Christianity was forcibly imposed on the local population. Danish rule of Tallinn and Northern Estonia started in 1219. Viru Gate, entrance to the Old Town. One of two remaining towers that were ...

First Impressions, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

First Impressions

A travel blog entry by flyingbat


... a short while and then headed back to the hotel. I wanted to get a good night's sleep because I knew that I'd be doing a lot of walking over the next four days. So my first impressions of Tallinn were very good. I was looking forward to discovering more. ...

start, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Seekord ütlen taksole Magasini tänava poolse aadressi, mis toob kaasa arutelu majanumbrite paneku ja sildiriputamise teemadel kuni lennujaamani ja lõpeb tõdemusega, et mul on isegi hästi läinud. Pärnu mnt 139 on veel hullem. Samal ajal tegelen ...

Tootling around Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tootling around Tallinn

A travel blog entry by nomadjanel


Well the weather has certainly turned it on for us we are having sunny skies galore. Docked very close to the old town so walking in was easy. Had a lovely 2 hour walking tour from a young Estonian lady who studies History at Uni so very knowledgable. ...

Den devatenáctý - Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Den devatenáctý - Tallinn

A travel blog entry by darm


1:00 - Tallinn. Čekáme před lodním terminálem a přemýšlíme co dál, začíná pršet. Jsme unavení, jelikož jsme ani minulou noc při cestě Finskem prakticky nespali a tak by se postel nebo alespoň ...

Cruising towards Tallinn Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Cruising towards Tallinn Estonia

A travel blog entry by darrellt


Go down to breakfast at 9:30am. Ahhh! Brings back memories – those luscious warm waffles smothered with berries & caramel bananas – forgotten about these - too good to pass up. Back in our cabin, we have so many invitations, we have to ...

tukums sucks, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

tukums sucks

A travel blog entry by leedu

... - tuleb rohkem tossu, ja kui keegi peaks küsima, mis see on, siis on tegu Eesti rahvusautoga -the national car of Estonia. Aga kurat, mida kaugemale edasi, seda hullemaks läheb, kuigi sildid majadel on väljaloetavamad kui Läti omad. Nõndaks, ...

sissejuhatus, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Albaania on üks neist vähestest riikidest, mis on pindalalt Eestist väiksemad - 28 tuhat midagi kilomeetrit ruudus. Inimesi on muidugi kuus koma miljonit, aga sigimises paneb enamus rahvaid Eestile pika puuga. Vist ainus riik, mis on mingi aja olnud ...

Homme minek, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Homme minek

A travel blog entry by iiris


Nii. Millest siis alustan? Passi tegin kiirkorras. Kuna meil lennupiletid ostmata, siis oli ikkagi vaja ruttu ära teha, et saaks teised piletid ka ära osta. Piletid kallinevad ju ajaga. ID-kaardi sain igatahes mingi nädalaga.  Pojale rääkisime ...

From Euros to Kroons, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

From Euros to Kroons

A travel blog entry by cyndymerchant


... , we did find an ATM, got cash and found what we hoped was an honest cabbie.  Cabbies in Estonia have a sketchy reputation. Our cab ride to Tallinn was with what must have been the oldest cab driver in Estonia.  We figured he would probably be ...

Fascinating Microcosm, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Fascinating Microcosm

A travel blog entry by nellieva


... this morning.  Instead, we opened our curtains to heavy fog and a steady rain as we slowly approached the port of Tallinn in Estonia.  K and I had been to Tallinn back in 1987, a whopping 29 years ago.  Sigh.  We were there, however, ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachinamerica


Today we visit Tallinn, a town in Estonia. Previous to today the extent of my knowledge on Estonia was that it competed in Eurovision, apart from that I probably wouldn't have know that it existed. The kids didn't want to come and begged to go to kids ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by youngtravel


Tallin was one of our favorite destinations on this trip. It's a small city packed with lots of character and culture.  The inner city (old town) is preserved in original medieval style and enclosed by city walls and towers.   ...

Something different today, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Something different today

A travel blog entry by hughieanddoris


... have it looked at later in Russia,.which would have been more complicated and costly.   First though, we had a guided tour of Tallinn with a woman who had such a dry sense of humour. Her comments about life under the Soviets had us all laughing. We ...

Day 1 in Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Day 1 in Tallinn

A travel blog entry by tomthedoctor


... -judgement from my potential travelling partner involving too much alcohol and a early morning flight refusal lead to my weekend in Tallinn changing very quickly into a tourist trip instead of the planned "boys weekend"! It didn't matter too much though ...

kõik / all, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

kõik / all

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


... client painstakingly orders coffee and sandwich in German and the waitress answers dully in English. Everywhere the same. In airplane to Tallinn is Estonian daily (comics!) and Helen who says hello to everyone who knows her. Clouds in Estonia are very ...

Sunbathing and Fiesta on deck!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Sunbathing and Fiesta on deck!

A travel blog entry by nicolaedwards89


We woke up to find the sun shining, so we all took this opportunity to get our bikinis on and do some sunbathing on deck 9. But it was a bit windy, so we built a screen with another sun lounger, and managed to catch some rays! We all got a bit of colour ...

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