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Uvita, Uvita, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


Small village on the main road but Tucan Hotel set back.  Pricey considering only 2 showers/toilets shared between up to 4 people in treehouse, 4 in hammocks, multiple others camping plus 12 people in dorms when fully occupied - ...

Feliz Navidad Amigos!, Quepos, Costa Rica travel blog

Feliz Navidad Amigos!

A travel blog entry by andycrisp

... by Columbus as he saw "more gold here in a day than a year in Spain".  The gold, however, failed to materialise and Costa Rica was largely ignored by Spain for many years - this turned out to be a blessing as the European exploitation was kept to a ...

Paradise Falls, Montezuma, Costa Rica travel blog

Paradise Falls

A travel blog entry by panf007

This is a top pick!

... we had to leave and catch the bus. Dissapointed, we left our hotel unwillingly. This means all of our pictures from Guatemala to Costa Rica were lost forever. In a weird kinda of way, it made me remember the places and faces even more; without the ...

Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica travel blog

Manuel Antonio

A travel blog entry by amz8op


Well, here I am at the beach. I am at Manuel Antonio, a national preserve. It is on the central Pacific coast and is beautiful, although a bit touristy and expensive. The guidebooks gaurantee a monkey sighting, and sure enough on our way back from ...

Old friend, New town, new beach !!!!!, Playa Pita, Costa Rica travel blog

Old friend, New town, new beach !!!!!

A travel blog entry by therican


... and 2 phone callls and the new plan was in place. Playa Pita is 80 miles west of San Jose along the central Pacific region of Costa Rica. Lets begin with Playa Pita ~ Small beach locate near the mouth of the Nicoya Bay.The coolest thing about it is a ...

In the big city, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog

In the big city

A travel blog entry by joshuared


... getting around outside of it is much easier. On my walk I found the Grand Theatre and saw that there is a concert tonight of Costa Rican classical music. There are some euros here who are interested too and we will go together and see what they have up ...

Tortuguero-  Sea Turtle Watching, Tortuguero, Costa Rica travel blog

Tortuguero- Sea Turtle Watching

A travel blog entry by cmedancing


... to hear this after passing through Mexico to Nicaragua.   Mom had noted she wanted to see the Sea Turtles while she was in Costa Rica and it just happens to be the time when the turtles were arriving on the beaches for their seasonal laying of the ...

Surf, Beach and Coconuts, Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

Surf, Beach and Coconuts

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


Tamarindo certainly has a different atmosphere about it compared to the other parts of Costa Rica that we visited. A real surfers town it's busier and more commercialised, with a lot more of a 'Western' feel. Still a stunning beach, just a few more people ...

Racoons, iguanas and surfing, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica travel blog

Racoons, iguanas and surfing

A travel blog entry by giedre-sha


Good morning paradise! We start the day in the beautiful national park of Manuel Antonio. We have a nice stroll through the park and on to the stunning beach where we spot a group of friends getting robbed by racoons. They ...

The Milk Bottel, Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

The Milk Bottel

A travel blog entry by d-rocka


Okay so the place the surfer guy took me to was not called brown cow but Milk Bottel Hostel and has a serious cow theme. This hostel is great 8$ a night and packed with tones of great people. Asaf my roommate I met for the first time yesturday, ...

Lidt om hvad jeg laver for tiden., Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

Lidt om hvad jeg laver for tiden.

A travel blog entry by tanjahvid


Hej alle lidt nydt fra mig. Her går det stadig godt, jeg er ved at have lært skolen og byen at kende, og ikke mindst de andre studerende. Vi er gået i gang med undervisningen, så jeg skal lige vænne mig til at lave noget igen! ;) Klasserne er ...

Home at last... at least for a little while!, Samara, Costa Rica travel blog

Home at last... at least for a little while!

A travel blog entry by c4corey


... get together and play soccer on the beach and you have to do to fit in is just let'm know that you know the unofficial Costa Rica phrase, Pura Vida (Pure Life). The school I'm studying at is awesome too. The teachers are great, the walk is only five ...

Volcan Arenal and Hotsprings, La Fortuna, Costa Rica travel blog

Volcan Arenal and Hotsprings

A travel blog entry by rlarose


Booked a tour that took us to La Fortuna to checkout a active Volcano and to soak in a hot spring.  Volcano was disappointing since there was very little activity and the hot-springs was nice but just a big resort type ...

Bus to Jaco, Jaco, Costa Rica travel blog

Bus to Jaco

A travel blog entry by danfrerich

Took the bus up to Jaco. Will stay here tonight and then a 1hr water taxi to ...

We live our lives forward ....., Dominical, Costa Rica travel blog

We live our lives forward .....

A travel blog entry by karigraven


... WE DID. It was  my horse and me with my long locks flowing (just kidding)  galloping through the jungle in COSTA RICA. I was overcome with appreciation for MY LIVING LARGE LIFE.  We all got back together at the hacienda. Enjoyed a ...

Nieuw huis nieuwe dag., Grecia, Costa Rica travel blog

Nieuw huis nieuwe dag.

A travel blog entry by geoff_vh

Tadzio en ik werden wakker en hoorden de schoonmaaksters al. We hebben lekker een ontbijtje gemaakt en hadden geen gasten dus konden onze dag rustig beginnen. Toen belde flor om te zeggen dat ik een koffer moest pakken voor drie dagen want ik ging weer ...

Costa Rican Capital, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog

Costa Rican Capital

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey


... Theater, walking down the central shopping area (Central Ave). I think the highlight for us was the National Theater of Costa Rica (Spanish: Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica). Construction began in 1891, and it opened to the public on ...

our last voyage through Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica travel blog

our last voyage through Costa Rica

A travel blog entry by jennyh64

... off. Mike preferred to stay dry, so he watched our stuff while another extremely large lizard happened to come and sit near him. In Costa Rica the days usually are half sunny then half rainy, so we got back to our dungeon, packed up, then relocated to ...

Embraced by the Rain Forest, San Ramon, Costa Rica travel blog

Embraced by the Rain Forest

A travel blog entry by bob_and_lana


... favorite of rice and beans. Our afternoon was spent traveling to our new lodge, the Bosques de Chachagua, in San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Along the way we stopped at a local grocery store to purchase items we will need tomorrow for a group cooking ...

Final update, San Ramón, Costa Rica travel blog

Final update

A travel blog entry by amz8op


Well, I guess this will be my final update as I head home on Sunday afternoon so that I can start classes bright and early Monday morning. I have officially finished with my work in the Habitát office, at least for the time being. Everything went really ...

A week of travelling, Tortugueras, Costa Rica travel blog

A week of travelling

A travel blog entry by brigidg


... , and we walked around the town for a while. The neighbourhood is poor and known as being one of the more violent parts of Costa Rica. Our taxi driver actually came pretty close to ditching us on the side of the road when he realized where we were ...

to visit David, Heredia, Costa Rica travel blog

to visit David

A travel blog entry by ctkoeppel


a ...

Adios San jose!, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog

Adios San jose!

A travel blog entry by out_of_here


Buenas people! More rain for our last ever night at Gaudy's! Have moved into the 8 bed dorm now aswell. Tonight will be for repacking and getting to know all the other volunteers who turned up today :) Also last night for a month on a real mattress, its ...

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Monteverde, Costa Rica travel blog

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

A travel blog entry by worldfamous


For the final leg of the trip, we made another daunting journey through the dirt roads of Cosa Rica in a five hour drive to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.  Well worth the travel, the hiking was breath-taking, with mists hanging low through the ...

Dia 11. Bahia Drake - Isla del Caño, Drake Bay, Costa Rica travel blog

Dia 11. Bahia Drake - Isla del Caño

A travel blog entry by maprudencio

*** PLANING *** Dia completo de Buceo en la Isla del Caño. Hacer 2 o 3 inmersiones según veamos. Precio 2 Inmersiones = 130$ Precio 3 Inmersiones = 180$ Se contrata en el PirataCove Precio 2 Inmersiones ...

Land of Gallo Pinto, Merida, Nicaragua travel blog

Land of Gallo Pinto

A travel blog entry by jpineda84


... post since we left Costa Rica. As you might know it is much more difficult to find a computer with internet connection in Nicaragua than Costa Rica. Once we make out way to the cities we will have access to internet cafes. For now we have to depend on ...

Surf´s (Really Not) Up!, Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica travel blog

Surf´s (Really Not) Up!

A travel blog entry by delandems

Had a bit of a disaster today. The weather was still bad but we only had one day to go surfing so we decided to go anyway. We´d been in the sea about half an hour when a nasty wave knocked me off my board. You´re meant to protect yourself with your ...

In cooler climates for a few days, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica travel blog

In cooler climates for a few days

A travel blog entry by byebyesnow


... gardens; this one had zip-lining as well. Something we have no desire to do:-) There are so many hummingbirds in Costa Rica - at least a dozen kinds, from extremely tiny to quite large as hummingbirds go. We haven't gone through a butterfly garden yet ...

Apr 01, 2014, Monte Verde, Costa Rica travel blog

Apr 01, 2014

A travel blog entry by loelai


First week..., San Ignacio De Acosta, Costa Rica travel blog

First week...

A travel blog entry by rortez


... ’s newest program, in its first year. The week was spent in various orientation classes. We talked about ourselves, learned about Costa Rica, learned about Peace Corps, and discussed our projects. It was a jam-packed week, and we went every day ...

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