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Victoria - Capital of British Columbia, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria - Capital of British Columbia

A travel blog entry by christine.stone


... the Fraser River to the Pacific, where we cross the Strait of Georgia by ferry, cruising through the Gulf Islands to beautiful Vancouver Island.  We then drive on to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and have a orientation tour of the ...

"Welcome Back Home" !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... attendants, we were on our way to Canadian Customs & Immigration.   Entering the International Terminal at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is an experience that's always made me proud of being ...

Hasta luego Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Hasta luego Vancouver

A travel blog entry by tonydd


... to write...its strange because I'm staring at a screen alone in a computer lab. That's computers for you though... Anyway, leaving Vancouver was pretty hard this time. It was weird how quickly my trip to Chile just creeped up on me, especially since I ...

Tofino, Tofino, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jta


... think I am going to the town further south (Ucluelet) to follow another rainforest trail. It looks like I'll be heading back to Vancouver on monday, as I really need to find some work. As much as I would like to stay in Tofino, rented accommodation is ...

Ry and T's Wedding, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Ry and T's Wedding

A travel blog entry by ppatterson13


... most romantic weddings EVER as my friends Ryan and Tarryn shared a beautiful day with their loved ones. A quick shopping trip back in Vancouver enabled me to wear some respectable clothes (i think they were?) for the wedding as all I had on me were ...

Shopping, drinking.... this is travelling!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Shopping, drinking.... this is travelling!

A travel blog entry by vagrant_reality


Shopping Karen met this British lady named Tracey when she was staying in a different dorm room to me. Tracey is an interesting character... and that's about as much as I can say about her... Oh, but she does have good intentions and for that reason ...

To Tofino, Tofino, Canada travel blog

To Tofino

A travel blog entry by jms79


... 1 took us into Nanaimo. Nanaimo sprawls up and down a hilly terrain between the harbour and Mount Benson, and is Vancouver Island's second largest city. We stopped and ate our lunch overlooking the harbour. After lunch we wondered through Nanaimo and ...

Bowing down to the Hound, Campbell River, Canada travel blog

Bowing down to the Hound

A travel blog entry by vagrant_reality


... to another traveller they meet along the way. In our many conversations I learnt of how, even though when we met she was moving to Canada from Alaska because Canada is much more courteous and suited her way better, she was thinking she will actually move ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by barbo

A day of travel from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Anchorage to Vancouver - took all ...

Victoria's (Best Kept) Secret, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria's (Best Kept) Secret

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


Many people may have come to know Victoria B.C. as a beautiful city to live in after retirement.  It is all that and more.  What some people may not know is the city of Victoria is also a very artistic town with a lot of culture and good ...

Two wheels, headed east. That's all the planning!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Two wheels, headed east. That's all the planning!

A travel blog entry by bill212


Ok, so there was a *little* more planning by me. I had to get my motorcycle crated snd shipped out west in time for my arrival by West Jet flight XXX  on /july 26th. Day 1 I had a great flight. Sometimes 5hours seems like an eternity, but sometimes ...

North to Port Hardy, Port Hardy, Canada travel blog

North to Port Hardy

A travel blog entry by jms79


We left Tofino at around 9am and filled up with Gas on Highway 4. Halfway between Port Alberni and the Junction with Highway 19 is the MacMillan Provincial Park otherwise know as Cathedral Grove. A 500 metre trial leads from the car park through 200-800 ...

Orcas, Bald Eagles, Seals, & Black Bears, Campbell River, Canada travel blog

Orcas, Bald Eagles, Seals, & Black Bears

A travel blog entry by msting


... not a 2008 model) and proceeded to drive north along the Oceanview Route (Hwy 19A) that winds along the eastern shore of Vancouver Island.  The drive is about 2.5 hours - not including stops - but I can't confirm because I stopped :-)  As ...

Home, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by island_girl

I'm home.   Arriving on Bowen only to find the power out, i've unpacked my bags, wrapped the gifts i've bought people, and now am having the time to think about everything that's happened. It's a strange experiance, returning home to find that ...

Granville Island & Lynn Canyon, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Granville Island & Lynn Canyon

A travel blog entry by jta


... the best roast lamb I have ever had. The food was good value too. Today we went to explore Lynn Canyon over by North Vancouver. The park was very beautiful with some impressive waterfalls. You could also scramble down to the river to sit by the crystal ...

Welcome to Ryan & Jen's Blog, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Welcome to Ryan & Jen's Blog

A travel blog entry by rjcole

Hello everyone! We are leaving for Thailand on Thursday, January 6th at 11:30am and we are so excited! We have a long journey to get there (14 hours to Hong Kong then another 2.5 to Bangkok)...but it will be well worth it! We will meet Ryan's Dad, Wayne, ...

Port Renfrew, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Port Renfrew

A travel blog entry by nycos


s ...

honker of a kong, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

honker of a kong

A travel blog entry by jorden

Hey guys - howsa everyone doing? This is my second enmasse email - the first from Asia. I want to thank everyone who wrote, there are just too many of you to reply individually at this juncture. Katie and I landed in Hong Kong about 5 days ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by philo


... the city and to do a bit of travelling. Off we go to Shuswap Lake, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper and Calgary. Giddy up. Vancouver was also memorable for the amazing weather, its cool man made lake/swimming pool in Stanley Park , the hummungous glass sky ...

North to Alaska, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

North to Alaska

A travel blog entry by neenie60


Got up and met with Will and Margaret and went to Rosie's an Irish Pub for breakie, absolutely yummy. Went back to hotel to finish packing and wait for Limo to pick 5 of us up to take to the Ship. Limo was early and we got to the docks about noon, ...

Our Chefs are Ready!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Our Chefs are Ready!

A travel blog entry by jmoon

... PW Chef Crew have their tickets and hoodies and are ready to get on a plane and head to Europe! Our trip will take us from Vancouver to Paris, Florence and Rome. Along the way we hope to enjoy a unique trip that focuses on food and eating. We can't wait ...

Prologue, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by comeasyouare


It's time for a new adventure! After years of exploring the Americas, I am ready to try something new and step over into Asia. My mother, Sandy, and I will be traveling to a few Asian countries but primarily staying in Taiwan for majority of our two ...

And I'm off..., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

And I'm off...

A travel blog entry by philsed


Depart for ...

Vancouver Island, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Island

A travel blog entry by bobstacytrips


Well, we made it over to Vancouver Island.  The ferry ride was uneventful.  It was cloudy and cool that day.  We drove to our condo in Parksville.  It was pretty nice, right on the ocean.  We drove north that afternoon and ...

Leaving Vancouver to beat Alaska, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Leaving Vancouver to beat Alaska

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... ;eský překlad dole EN: After 14 days of our first part of travel, when we did nice circle heading first east from Vancouver to Okanagan valley and then over US land to Vancouver Island, we came back to Vancouver and Langley. First to pick up some of ...

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, Canada travel blog

Butchart Gardens

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


... than 1 million people come to see these gardens. In 2004 on the one hundredth anniversary of the gardens, it became a National Historic Site of Canada. Enjoy the gardens. P. S.  Jane Horn - I needed you with me to identify all these beautiful plants ...

onto the island, Sidney, Canada travel blog

onto the island

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


the crossing to Vancouver island was about 1 hour 45 mins, and quite pleasant, they had a Naturalist on the boat talking about British columbia , and the history of the early settlers and the lighthouse men that came to this area and built the early ...

great place, nice view, Tofino, Canada travel blog

great place, nice view

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


Two and a half hour drive and we we're in Tofino on the west coast of the island. We got a place in the Duffin cove resort, our room has a great view out to sea, so we have been wildlife watching. So far we have seen a group of 4 sea otters, a bald eagle ...

Great Expectations (aka Bleak House), Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Great Expectations (aka Bleak House)

A travel blog entry by davem8991


In the morning went for a quick hike in Manning Park again before setting off for Vancouver (drove straight there without a break). We dropped the car off a day early without problems or penalties and the lugged our bags about 10 blocks up to the ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by thomas.en.hanne


... inwoners zijn Aziatisch, met een groot aanbod aan lekker en goedkoop eten tot gevolg!   Vandaag bezochten we het Vancouver Museum of Antropology. Ze hebben een grote verzameling aan objecten van de native Americans. We lazen er ook gruwelijke ...

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