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Peru 30th, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Peru 30th

A travel blog entry by adammian


gtf ...

Cuchichua, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by throughmyeyes

... the guinea pigs would feed at our feet. Bit manky to say the least but the guninea pigs were kinda cute. They are a delicacy of Peru - only eaten on special occassions. We ate for the want of a better word a soup for dinner - probably more like a stew - ...

Sacred Valley Bike Tour, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Sacred Valley Bike Tour

A travel blog entry by canadiansmiley

... in the area. I really enjoyed the bike ride. At the end we ended up in the town of Urumbamba and we caught the bus back to Cuzco. We got off just before town so we can ride our bikes downhill to the city. The ride is just amazing and what makes it ...

Cusco and surounding areas, Cusco (a.k.a. Cuzco), Peru travel blog

Cusco and surounding areas

A travel blog entry by thetank


Excellent city! This is where I stayed for two weeks, living with a family and studying Spanish. It was truly ...

The Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

The Sacred Valley

A travel blog entry by cons


For my second weekend in Peru, we decided to go to Cuzco for the annual June 24th festival Inti Raymi, which is the Inca Festival of the Sun and only the biggest gathering in Peru.  Only problem was getting there on the night double decker bus.  ...

Puno to Cuzco by Andean Explorer, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Puno to Cuzco by Andean Explorer

A travel blog entry by xuanargi


... of a mother and her child, both with beautiful smiles, which I consider to be extremely generous by Peruvian standard. I arrived in Cuzco after nightfall and was picked up by a driver sent by Tore Dorrada, my wonderful hotel which I could not wait to ...

Cuzco is awesome, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Cuzco is awesome

A travel blog entry by chriswooley

... Ayacucho in one day. The scenery was awesome. Mountains, houses, fields, terraces (like for farming). Definitely the postcard heart of Peru. Cuzco is a very pretty city. The main Plaza de Armas is gorgeous, especially lit up at night. It looks like ...

Cuzco -Best spot in south america, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Cuzco -Best spot in south america

A travel blog entry by cathaloreilly96


Our time in Cusco has finally come to an end .....well for now, depending on whether i return some day , no doubt i will. Im going to miss Cusco, i have made some really nice friends in the short time I have been here(2weeks) but something tells me ...

Two months, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Two months

A travel blog entry by tarae.griffin


... were still going on so an alternate route was used (dirt roads), boo, and usually 10-12 hours instead of 9 hours. Cuzco is the center of tourism for Peru because Machu Picchu (one of seven wonders of the world) is there. It is situated in a ...

Peru2006, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by katherine


... April. I thought I have better get in early. Lots of people have missed out because they left the booking to late. In Cuzco I have been staying with a family. They speak only Spanish which has been great for my Spanish. I head to Urbumba next ...

Cuzco, Cuzco, le nombril du Monde !, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by vincentico


... devalen en cascades, seuleument rompu par les tours de la Cathedrale et de la Compañia. Il fait bon vivre a Cuzco : Climat sain, beaute du paysage, grande richesse architecturales et archeologique, artisanat, atmosphere relax, bons ptits restos et vie ...

Fly til Cusco og Cusco by, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Fly til Cusco og Cusco by

A travel blog entry by anne-og-victor


... , som i øvrigt kostede det samme som i Danmark... uhørt når man er vant til at betale 40 kr for 3 retter mad i resten af Peru! :D Vi fløj med et fly magen til det vi fløj med fra Arequipa, Vi fik en lille snack på den kun 1 time lange flytur. Da vi ...

Merry Christmas Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Merry Christmas Cuzco

A travel blog entry by zoe13


My bad luck when flying returned on Christmas day when leaving Lima for Cuzco. After being awake for a large part of the night with the constant bang bang bang of the Christmas Eve fireworks our alarm went off far too early so that we could have breakfast ...

peruanische Gerichte, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

peruanische Gerichte

A travel blog entry by sandra1010


... . Es war eine lustige Runde, auch wenn dass Essen nicht wirklich mein Fall war, so haben wir von Javier viel über Cuzco erfahren. Er studiert Tourismus in der Universität von Cuzco mit Englisch. Aber sein Englisch war ungefähr so wie mein Spanisch, ...

Day 78 - 80:

Day 78 - 80: "Sexy Woman" of the Inca

A travel blog entry by badman-kirsty


... -board who serves food and drinks, a game of Bingo to keep us entertained… this is better than flying – except the roads in Peru aren't quite as smooth so a good night's sleep is hard to come by. Arriving in Cusco at about 6am, we catch a ...

first week at the inkas capital, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

first week at the inkas capital

A travel blog entry by avi_einat


לקוסקו הגענו לפני שבוע, ומסתבר שהגענו לעיר ...

MAP, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by tannoreth


Today I managed to get up a bit earlier than usual (even though I love having two pillows). I went to visit the Pre-Columbian Art Museum which was recommended in the guide book. It was very well laid out and organised with explanations in Spanish, ...

The first week!, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

The first week!

A travel blog entry by elinazimmerman


... comprised of Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Americans, Germans, Colombians, Israelis and Argentinians. We've been having some fun exploring Cuzco's night life :) Yesterday a couple of my new friends and I traveled about an hour on a local bus through the Sacred ...

machu pichu, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

machu pichu

A travel blog entry by yemanjaforever


admiren la magia de esas piedras que dejaron los incas a 3800 metros de altura y admiren las poses de la ...

Mighty mighty Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Mighty mighty Machu Picchu

A travel blog entry by mrlinoleum


... condor, en Vilcabamba – de laatste Inca-schuilplaats – de vorm heeft van een lama. Toen de Spanjaarden hier in Cuzco aankwamen vernielden zij het merendeel van de originele gebouwen en gebruikten al deze stenen om hun eigen stad op te bouwen. ...

La Florida, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

La Florida

A travel blog entry by sandra1010


Wie bereits erwähnt, ist Cuzco als Touristenstadt gerade im Stadtzentrum ganz anders als in den Vororten. Im Stadtzentrum sieht man die prunkvollen Kirchen (übrigens soll es in Cuzco 512 geben), die Kolonialhäuser, die kleinen Inka Gassen. Allerdings ...

Eye on Peru: Spotlight on Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Eye on Peru: Spotlight on Cuzco

A travel blog entry by marciarie


This past weekend, I went traveling to Cuzco. I slept only two hours after going out to bid a few volunteers farewell (they were only staying 2 weeks in the program). I had a little itme to pack, sleep for 2 hours, and be up again at 3am to be taken to ...

Partying in Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Partying in Cuzco

A travel blog entry by aoifemckelvey


... is a beautiful town infested with tourists. I thought I was definitely dead after the WORST flight ever from Lima to Cuzco. But we survived to tell the tale on Friday, so what better way to celebrate still being alive ...

Peruanischen Flair in Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Peruanischen Flair in Cuzco

A travel blog entry by fabia

... in Pisac, aber das stellte sich als sehr stressige Variante heraus und so zogen wir es vor einen relaxten netten Tag in Cuzco zu verbringen. Wir waren in kleinen Geschaeften, haben Andenken gekauft, genossen das Flair auf den Plazas und sind durch die ...

Aug 13, 2010, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Aug 13, 2010

A travel blog entry by berparry


Birthday pig and cake, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Birthday pig and cake

A travel blog entry by nlakelly


Today I turned the ripe old age of 26. I woke up in a quarry to a delicious breaky of eggy bread and a beautiful sunrise. Despite today being a full drive day, Sammi and Colin had beautifully decorated the truck. I must say a big thanks as blowing ...

Exploring Cuzco, Cuzco , Peru travel blog

Exploring Cuzco

A travel blog entry by rsandnm

... a short space of time but enough for us to get a sense of Cuzco's place in Inka/Peruvian history . Both Nick and Rosie enjoyed Cuzco when on their respective travels and we can see why - plenty of life , a nice square with fine colonial architecture - ...

vroem, vroem!, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

vroem, vroem!

A travel blog entry by zoemelanie


Ons vroem, vroem avontuur begon op deze dag. We stonden net op tijd te wachten aan de winkel om 8u op onze brommer zoals afgesproken, maar in peruviaanse tijd is dat blijbaar pas om 8u45. Kheb me dan eens goed kwaad gemaakt en een vergoeding geeist. Ze ...

Steine - der Nabel der Welt, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Steine - der Nabel der Welt

A travel blog entry by casa-azul


... noch. Zurück in Cuzco quartieren wir uns wieder auf dem Hühnercamping ein, zusammen mit 3 schweizer Wohnmobilisten-Paaren. In Cuzco kaufen wir Souvenirs und besichtigen Kirchen (besonders amüsant: "Fusion-Kitchen" beim Bild vom letzten Abendmahl in der ...

Back to Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Back to Cuzco

A travel blog entry by jgeiger


After Machupicchu, we went back to Cuzco. The first day we got back, there was a parade which took up all of the main square. It was a right of passage for the young boys of Cuzco. They all had to dress up in traditional clothes and play specific roles ...

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