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Fallin' into Japanese life, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Fallin' into Japanese life

A travel blog entry by meaghanmcc


... too) took over and we had to eat crepes... there are SO many creperie shops in the teen-oriented areas of tokyo. They are cheap too($3-5). I ordered peanut butter, chocolate, and ice cream on mine. I have to say even though it ...

Just like honey..., Tokio, Japan travel blog

Just like honey...

A travel blog entry by ihf


Just Like Honey Listen to the girl As she takes on half the world Moving up and so alive In her honey dripping beehive Beehive It's good, so good, it's so good So good Walking back to you Is the hardest thing that I can do That I can do ...

Tokyo tower et Première nuit couchsurfing.., Chūō-ku, Japon travel blog

Tokyo tower et Première nuit couchsurfing..

A travel blog entry by flowsenin


... le fait que je vais peut-être me perdre en chemin, ce n'est pas simple! Me voilà parti pour une visite de la Tokyo Tower, vous voyez sûrement ce que c'est, une sorte de grande sœur de notre bonne vielle Tour Eiffel. Ligne Ōedo ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by domandkatey


... and bizarre outfits, while others boast huge skyscrapers, gaming areas, or are filled with neon lights, clubs and insane traffic. Tokyo also has gorgeous city parks, the most popular of which is Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens. For a small fee you can ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sbowling99


Today is May 15th, 2008!!! Hooray!!! We're coming back in 2 days!:) Aren't you Happi??? Anyway, we went to Asasaka and someone (hint: it's a boy) got lost! Haha!!! There was a 100 yen shop there and we bought many stuff. Next time I say we ...

Tsukigi, Ginza and Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tsukigi, Ginza and Yasukuni Shrine

A travel blog entry by schwinkle


... and read the perspective of the museum with respect to Japan's war history (many of the exhibits have explanations in English). Japan's ancient war history is interesting but things really pick up when you get to the mid-1800's and Japan's modernization ...

We're in Japan!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

We're in Japan!

A travel blog entry by hlgunst


... suitcases arrived with us. We quickly found the airport limousine bus, which takes you directly from the airport to a number of hotels in Tokyo, including ours, the Park Hyatt. The bus ride into the city took about two hours, and we hit some traffic. By ...

Tokyo - a very busy weekend, Shinjuku, Japan travel blog

Tokyo - a very busy weekend

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


After a 24 hour journey including 3 planes and 2 stops in China we found ourselves in Japan. Our first stop was Tokyo where we met up with Michael, Liam's friend from school, who was kind enough to offer us a free place to stay for the weekend. We ...

Stress Reliever, Shibuya, Japan travel blog

Stress Reliever

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


October 15,05 Today Yamato Nishi had a open school for Junior High Students that are interested in coming to Yamato Nishi next year. So, Matt and I had to do a mock lesson with Hironuma for the students that were interested in the English at the ...

Kabuki! Sensoji! Tokyo Tower! Oh my!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Kabuki! Sensoji! Tokyo Tower! Oh my!

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier


... them afterward. Like I said, pretty awesome. This morning I got lost for an hour in the cruel and unforgiving labyrinth of Tokyo station. Its like the size of a suburb, and the lines just keep on going lower and lower. Subway under Subway. Layer ...

Wohnen in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Wohnen in Japan

A travel blog entry by different9

... die die Leute animieren sollen sich mehr der Fremdsprache zu widmen. Das ist mir komplett neu, in dem ansonst so englischscheuen Japan. Jetzt verstehe ich auch, warum ich hier so willkommen bin. Mein Vorteil: Ich spreche englisch. Eine Bewohnerin erzählt ...

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum, Odaiba, Japan travel blog

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum

A travel blog entry by misocutlet


... minutes, but it seemed enough to excite visitors.    The hostel where I stayed that night was supposed to be Khaosan Tokyo Annex in Asakusa. Unfortunately, I was moved from the hostel to the next hostel "Smile". At the reception of Annex, I was ...

Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Disney Sea

A travel blog entry by jamesinjapan


We went to Disney Sea for the first ...

Third time on Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Third time on Disneyland

A travel blog entry by jamesinjapan


We went for the third time to ...

Première journée à Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan travel blog

Première journée à Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jfortin


Une première journée complète à Tokyo. Très belle température malgré une chaleur accablante, je m'en doutais un peu. Bouteilles d'eau en stock étaient nécessaires pour survivre. Une journée qui a commencé vers 7h30 am avec un sommeil de la ...

Tokyo og farvel til mor, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo og farvel til mor

A travel blog entry by ninjajette


... en flink ung herre der arbejdede der hjalp os dog og klarede det for os :) Derefter var det ud af vagten og afsted til Tokyo station og sende mor afsted med et express tog til Narita lufthavn hvor hun heldigvis nåede sit fly selvom det viste sig at ...

Embarking on my working holiday Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Embarking on my working holiday Japan

A travel blog entry by sweetmochigirl

... to sum up my appreciation for the people, the country, the culture and especially for my experience..: Arigatou Nippon - Thank You Japan A country so far from home Where the language was difficult to learn A culture so interesting and new to me I ...

Tokyo - day 11, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo - day 11

A travel blog entry by cbrnomads


... rooftop and has open-air views. We went up to the Sky Deck and were able to take in the incredible views over Tokyo. There is currently an exhibition by Architects, Foster and Partnerships, of major projects completed all over the world. These include an ...

My new home: Minamirinkan Station, Yamato  City, Japan travel blog

My new home: Minamirinkan Station

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


Aug 3,05 Today, all of the new JETS left the lovely KEIO Hotel to go to their own cities. One of the English teachers from Yamato-NIshi, Hongo-san, came to meet me. He has two sons, both are under 10 years old. He likes to travel. It took about an ...

Happy birthday Son !!!, Chiyoda-ku, Japan travel blog

Happy birthday Son !!!

A travel blog entry by kriscruz72


... day off. I think I'm gonna do a tourist sightseeing Tour with a hop on hop off bus, more conveniënt and faster... In Tokyo station there is a "ramen street" with only ramen restaurants, did one that looked great, with a long cue, was About one hour ...

Leaving Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Leaving Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jovanni

... per un aereo che parte domani per Bangkok. Purtroppo l`offerta e` solo per domani, quindi non c` altra soluzione che dire a Tokyo arrivederci sperando di poter tornare un giorno meglio equipaggiati per scoprirla. Ecco, domani mattina alle sette si parte, ...

Toki-Ohh, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by gone2asia


... aus, es scheint die Sonne und das Gewitter ist aus den Vorhersagen verschwunden. Ich stelle wieder einmal fest, dass in Japan der Wetterbericht eine Halbwertszeit von zwei Mahlzeiten hat. Nehme ich meinen Siebzig Zentimeter Schirm nun mit, oder nicht? ...

Arrivée à Tôkyô., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Arrivée à Tôkyô.

A travel blog entry by alan_tdm1


... horaire pour moi il est 3h du mat, c’est l’heure de manger une bricole au coin de la rue avant de faire un gros dodo. Demain je vais au Musée Ghibli à Mitaka dans la banlieue de Tokyo. La prochaine aventure sera de prendre le métro à ...

tomiya, Tomiya, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by hanamizukidojo


this is walk through village next door to me... the family here is feeding me very was well:)  Will's mama stopped by to welcome me here and brought me a huge container of sashimi. It was almost too pretty to eat....but I did..heehee I also shared ...

Tokyo Update, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Update

A travel blog entry by schwate


... auch fast fuer sich (mit Ausnahme der Tourgruppen, die ziehen ihr Programm durch). Im Yasukina-Jinja Schrein zeigt Japan sein haessliches nationalistisches Gesicht. Hier werden 2.5 Millionen Goetter aufbewahrt, alle Japaner die seit 1865 in Kriegen ...

Tokyo, Kamakura, and Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo, Kamakura, and Yokohama

A travel blog entry by jasonandjanell


... of gaijin (foreigners) with the same guide book that we have. After lunch was a quick trip to the Ginza area, Tokyo's equivalent to Times Square, sort of. It's basically a big shopping area with lots of highrise shopping centers and more Starbucks ...

Only in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Only in Japan

A travel blog entry by schwate


... noch was in der Ausgangsstadt zu besichtigen.... Und das was ich besichtigt habe ist wohl auch nur in Japan zu sehen (resp. nur in Tokyo). Ich bin nach Harajuku gefahren, ueber 30min fuer diese Strecke... Shinkansen fahren macht mehr Spass als local ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by orlao0


... was a pity so we wouldn't miss our train by to the hostel. Easter Sunday We spent today sightseeing in Toyko: the capital of Japan with a population of 12million people - its a busy spot to say the least. First on our list was the Sony Center, this ...

colazione da Tiffany, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

colazione da Tiffany

A travel blog entry by cavallette


Non ho particolare fortuna con sti computers... avevo gia' scritto un bel po' e improvvisamente... si e' svampato! maledetto stupido oggetto... Dicevamo. sveglia alle 4:45 (in pieno giorno fra l'altro, chissa' a che ora sorge il sole), colazione con ...

I Am Favorite the Sugar!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

I Am Favorite the Sugar!

A travel blog entry by cpaul


... rice balls, japanese plums and pickles, more meat on sticks, and cherries, on a park behind the giant Budha. largest outdoor budha in Japan and he/she is cast of bronze. It was magnificent. We also saw the hydrangeas that are famous in that area, and ...

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