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Lost in Transition or Wedgy to the Edgy, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Lost in Transition or Wedgy to the Edgy

A travel blog entry by jrsherman81054


... to visit there some day if you haven't already.    What a fantastic experience was Tokyo.  I looked at my bucket list for Japan and all items are crossed off with the exception of one last item - of course, what else ...

Let the Summer Adventure Begin!  First stop, Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Let the Summer Adventure Begin! First stop, Japan

A travel blog entry by cyndyh


Finally our big trip back to Canada has begun. First stop was Tokyo, Japan where we spent 4 days exploring the city and surrounding area.  We had a great flight over and after arriving we arranged to have our extra luggage stored at the airport ...

Hectic days in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Hectic days in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by asn75


... some better planning of how to spend my days, would have gone a long way to see a lot more of Tokyo. For me after almost 4 weeks in Japan, I was more concerned about sucking every ounce of experience from my travel, than actually seeing the sights. On ...

Woah, a foreigner, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Woah, a foreigner

A travel blog entry by scurvydom


... in. On the way to the hotel I saw an awesome signpost: Look! He`s wearing a hat! After that, we rushed to Akihabara, Tokyo`s oh so geeky electronics and anime district, for I promised a friend I`d meet him at a shop there. We were late (and if ...

Narita, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by gildo


12 hours later, here I am in Tokyo and waiting to board the flight to Hong Kong.  What a mess that flight from Milwaukee to LAX was, if the plane landed on time, 9:40 AM, I would have had more than enough time to rest up a bit before hopping on a ...

Yo we're in Tokyo!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Yo we're in Tokyo!

A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan


... was delayed 30 minutes because of the bad weather. It was truly miserable outside. So glad to be leaving Sapporo. When we landed in Tokyo we hopped right onto a train and went to the station that was the closest to our hostel. 45 minutes later and we were ...

Pictures!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by cpaul


... that is part of the reason it is so quiet all the time. It's nice. Tonight we went to Akusa in the north side of Tokyo and we saw the largest temple in Tokyo and rows and rows and rows of vendors. Great souvenir shopping. We also had sushi on the ...

Lost in Translation, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Lost in Translation

A travel blog entry by oliehuntersmart


... , so Hiromi had time to spend an evening with us. It was our opportunity to ask her some of the burning questions we had about Japan and it's culture as well as use her as a sounding board for our planned route through the country. We met in lovely ...

Tokyo Mayhem, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Mayhem

A travel blog entry by missokeeffe


... over their shoulders to mop their brow, I think I will have to do the same haha. After our stay in Osaka we returned to Tokyo and visited Roppongi, where we took part in the age old Japanese tradition of Kara oke; it was hilarious. You are given your own ...

Last few weeks in South America, onto Oz and Asia, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Last few weeks in South America, onto Oz and Asia

A travel blog entry by crizzley


... their presence for two and half weeks), been to Melbourne three times, holidayed in Malaysia and Singapore and as I write this I`m sitting in Japan. Oh and I`ve done a whole 6 months of work as well. It aint all fun and games oh no. So yes Oz ...

We have arrived!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

We have arrived!

A travel blog entry by katehoran


... pills are for...and at least we didn't lose our bags. Our little hotel is in the hip Ikebukuro district of western Tokyo. The city is everything I imagined it would be...a constant blur of flashing lights and traffic sounds. Feels like New York City ...

Night in roppongi/ Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Night in roppongi/ Mount Fuji

A travel blog entry by snowpimp


... we were very tired after our night out but still had to get up early as it was time for us to leave. Got a bus from Tokyo to Fuji which took around 2 hours! Mount Fuji looks huge and we have a good view of it from our hostel which is just ...

Time to play tour guide, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Time to play tour guide

A travel blog entry by xerius


... room. After we caught up for a bit, the group of us headed off for Shinjuku, where we visited the towering Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices and free observatory. Getting predictably lost in the maze of Shinjuku station on the way back, we eventually ...

Weihnachtskarpfen, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by chiisairisu

Der 23. November ist ein Feiertag in Japan: 勤労感謝の日 (kinrô kansha no hi - Tag des Dankes für die Arbeit). Das scheint Sakura House zum Anlass genommen zu haben seine Bewohner nach Weihnachtsrezepten zu fragen, ...

Planes, trains and automobiles., Nakano-ku, Japan travel blog

Planes, trains and automobiles.

A travel blog entry by guy.luong


... about what everyone else got by the time the flight landed at Narita airport 10 hours later. The train network here in Japan is two parts amazing and one part frustrating. Privatisation means you need to buy a separate ticket for every different network ...

Shannon and Wyatt Visit Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Shannon and Wyatt Visit Japan

A travel blog entry by brianneinjapan


... Brianne-in Japan. We had a riot of a week engaging in a wide range of activities. Some of my favorites were: *visiting Japan's world heritage HIMEJI CASTLE, in the snow, and being taught how to eat takoyaki by 2 different random people in a food ...

Hello Japan!, Hachioji, Japan travel blog

Hello Japan!

A travel blog entry by tothemoon


... too busy suffering to hang out with us this week. On Monday, Jodie and I figure we'll just spend a leisurely day shopping in Tokyo.  Ha!  Here I need a vacation from the city and instead I manage to go to an even bigger, more confusing, more ...

Fallin' into Japanese life, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Fallin' into Japanese life

A travel blog entry by meaghanmcc


... too) took over and we had to eat crepes... there are SO many creperie shops in the teen-oriented areas of tokyo. They are cheap too($3-5). I ordered peanut butter, chocolate, and ice cream on mine. I have to say even though it ...

Just like honey..., Tokio, Japan travel blog

Just like honey...

A travel blog entry by ihf


Just Like Honey Listen to the girl As she takes on half the world Moving up and so alive In her honey dripping beehive Beehive It's good, so good, it's so good So good Walking back to you Is the hardest thing that I can do That I can do ...

Tokyo tower et Première nuit couchsurfing.., Chūō-ku, Japon travel blog

Tokyo tower et Première nuit couchsurfing..

A travel blog entry by flowsenin


... le fait que je vais peut-être me perdre en chemin, ce n'est pas simple! Me voilà parti pour une visite de la Tokyo Tower, vous voyez sûrement ce que c'est, une sorte de grande sœur de notre bonne vielle Tour Eiffel. Ligne Ōedo ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by domandkatey


... and bizarre outfits, while others boast huge skyscrapers, gaming areas, or are filled with neon lights, clubs and insane traffic. Tokyo also has gorgeous city parks, the most popular of which is Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens. For a small fee you can ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sbowling99


Today is May 15th, 2008!!! Hooray!!! We're coming back in 2 days!:) Aren't you Happi??? Anyway, we went to Asasaka and someone (hint: it's a boy) got lost! Haha!!! There was a 100 yen shop there and we bought many stuff. Next time I say we ...

Tsukigi, Ginza and Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tsukigi, Ginza and Yasukuni Shrine

A travel blog entry by schwinkle


... and read the perspective of the museum with respect to Japan's war history (many of the exhibits have explanations in English). Japan's ancient war history is interesting but things really pick up when you get to the mid-1800's and Japan's modernization ...

We're in Japan!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

We're in Japan!

A travel blog entry by hlgunst


... suitcases arrived with us. We quickly found the airport limousine bus, which takes you directly from the airport to a number of hotels in Tokyo, including ours, the Park Hyatt. The bus ride into the city took about two hours, and we hit some traffic. By ...

Tokyo - a very busy weekend, Shinjuku, Japan travel blog

Tokyo - a very busy weekend

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


After a 24 hour journey including 3 planes and 2 stops in China we found ourselves in Japan. Our first stop was Tokyo where we met up with Michael, Liam's friend from school, who was kind enough to offer us a free place to stay for the weekend. We ...

Stress Reliever, Shibuya, Japan travel blog

Stress Reliever

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


October 15,05 Today Yamato Nishi had a open school for Junior High Students that are interested in coming to Yamato Nishi next year. So, Matt and I had to do a mock lesson with Hironuma for the students that were interested in the English at the ...

Kabuki! Sensoji! Tokyo Tower! Oh my!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Kabuki! Sensoji! Tokyo Tower! Oh my!

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier


... them afterward. Like I said, pretty awesome. This morning I got lost for an hour in the cruel and unforgiving labyrinth of Tokyo station. Its like the size of a suburb, and the lines just keep on going lower and lower. Subway under Subway. Layer ...

Wohnen in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Wohnen in Japan

A travel blog entry by different9

... die die Leute animieren sollen sich mehr der Fremdsprache zu widmen. Das ist mir komplett neu, in dem ansonst so englischscheuen Japan. Jetzt verstehe ich auch, warum ich hier so willkommen bin. Mein Vorteil: Ich spreche englisch. Eine Bewohnerin erzählt ...

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum, Odaiba, Japan travel blog

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum

A travel blog entry by misocutlet


... minutes, but it seemed enough to excite visitors.    The hostel where I stayed that night was supposed to be Khaosan Tokyo Annex in Asakusa. Unfortunately, I was moved from the hostel to the next hostel "Smile". At the reception of Annex, I was ...

Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Disney Sea

A travel blog entry by jamesinjapan


We went to Disney Sea for the first ...

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