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Sicherheit in der UBahn, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Sicherheit in der UBahn

A travel blog entry by chiisairisu


... wenigen Tagen auch ordentlich auf die Nerven, aber wenn man bedenkt, das täglich ca. 30 Millionen Menschen mit den Bahnen in Tokyo fahren, kann man das schon verstehen, dass auf Sicherheit großen Wert gelegt wird. Außerdem sind die Angestellten in den ...

Een van de laatste dagen in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Een van de laatste dagen in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jorrr


... Yasukuni Shrine. (Voor meer informatie over bezichtigingen, plaatsnamen of andere namen verwijs ik jullie nogmaals graag naar www. japan-guide .com (er staan spaties in omdat ik geen weblinks mag plaatsen, maar het moet gewoon aan elkaar ...

A loooong Day 1, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

A loooong Day 1

A travel blog entry by jennystravels12

... dash and panic at T5 to out gate before it closed (buying pub chips almost made us miss our flight!) we were on our way to Japan. The flight was tiring and unrestful - it seems even with the best leg room spot in cattle class I still can't sleep on the ...

TOKYO, JAPAN 3_15 /  3_16, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

TOKYO, JAPAN 3_15 / 3_16

A travel blog entry by jjndotr


... 502 • Density6,000/km2 (16,000/sq mi) • Metro35,682,460 TokyoCapital of Japan Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers and anime shops to cherry ...

Totally Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Totally Tokyo

A travel blog entry by rush

Need pics from german girls ask casey Karaoke ...

Rainy Day Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Rainy Day Tokyo

A travel blog entry by travellish


... from one to the other but that requires map reading skills and clearly marked streets. The first is questionable for me but Tokyo is definitely missing the latter. I stick out like a sore thumb traveling around the city on Friday: Me: gritty ...

first couple of days, Tokyo,Japan, Japan travel blog

first couple of days

A travel blog entry by shiden


... to see mayu's parents. i woke up at about 11am and slowly got ready. i was being so lazy. Monday the 16th in japan is a public holiday so there were people everywhere. Once I got to Tsunashima Station I couldn't exactly remember how to get to Mayu's ...

Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by siattju

1st day : Tokyo 2nd day : Disneyland 3rd day : Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park 4th day : Hakone's hot springs 5th day : ...

Weekend Trains, Disneyland and Caramel Popcorn, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Weekend Trains, Disneyland and Caramel Popcorn

A travel blog entry by natoh

... she could find me. Tall and ranga blonde is much easier to pick out. Compared to the courtesy of the people around Tokyo and Kyoto, Disneyland was crazy. It was like kamakaze, everyone for themselves, extreme. I did an experiment where i stopped leaping ...

My first day in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

My first day in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by calliroi


So I've arrived in Tokyo! My first day has been interesting- "Find the flusher" has been a favorite game of mine to play in the toilets I've visited since yesterday. So there are two types of toilets here- my hotel, for example, has stalls with both ...

Tour de Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tour de Japan

A travel blog entry by mikeandnat


... Kobe beef, some say the best in the world, and I spent an hour or so relaxing and washing in the buff at a serene Onsen. Japan was getting more beautiful by the day, however so was the amount if time we were spending driving on a cramped bus, and the ...

Mushi Mushi!!!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Mushi Mushi!!!

A travel blog entry by d_muzzo

... REALLY BIG*!!! And weird. And comic strips.   Mum, dad, you can start reading here again...   Overall, I rate Japan an A+, and will definitely be going there again for the food/boarding/electronics/beer/people/culture/pretty parks/zen of the ...

Mexican dinner, Higashirinkan, Japan travel blog

Mexican dinner

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


July 13, 2006 Thursday Well, Karina and I organized a dinner for Frances. We went to this mexican restaurant that is owned by a military person so there are always many foreigners there and some of the staff can speak English...which is always ...

Tokyo!!! Huge culture good way!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo!!! Huge culture good way!

A travel blog entry by bobmckenzie


addio monti, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

addio monti

A travel blog entry by cavallette

... insolita perche' arrivata nell'ostello ho avuto la gradita sorpresa di trovare un messaggio di Giacomo (il sanmarinese), anche lui a Tokyo per qualche giorno, con cui sono uscita a cena a strafogarci di sushi per andare poi a fare il giro turistico ...

Dag 15, Ueno Zoo en alweer een event?!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Dag 15, Ueno Zoo en alweer een event?!

A travel blog entry by turkoois1990


... ook een streetview te kijken op Google.. De concertzalen zitten vaak gewoon in of vlak bij winkels. De winkels zijn in Tokyo ook heel anders. Elke verdieping heeft.vaak een winkel en vaak zijn de huizen gebouwd met 4 of 5 verdiepingen. Het wordt ...

Plane Change 2, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Plane Change 2

A travel blog entry by b-h-ontour

We arrived in Tokyo (Narita) after a long but uneventful flight.  Having brought sleeping pills, we'd intended to snooze through the flight across the Pacific, but there were too many good? Movies to watch.  We watched Tower Heist ...

An apple a day, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

An apple a day

A travel blog entry by ozzy2006


... energy last night from nowhere, went back to the infamous Ginza Dell Station in the subway and researched the location of Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. We jumped on the tube and sat down to eat before we knew it, Muse and the Chilis blasting out whilst sipping a ...

Visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and a stint in Indo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and a stint in Indo

A travel blog entry by johonna_g

... for our walls. Hoping to pick those up along the way in our travels. Since my last entry, we've darted to Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and I took a quick sojourn back to the US. Maya is engaged (yippeeee!) and I thankfully was able to make it back ...

TOKYO: TUES/WED (3/17 & 3/18), Tokyo, Japan travel blog

TOKYO: TUES/WED (3/17 & 3/18)

A travel blog entry by jjndotr


Lost in Tokyo No More, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Lost in Tokyo No More

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier


... at all, by meeting me, he thinks they are very wise people. After being on your own in a massive city like Tokyo, without really talking to anyone, someone saying that really makes you feel less alone. The dinner ended and I couldnt believe it. ...

Last day of the trip, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Last day of the trip

A travel blog entry by raypowell

... pill, but this guy still kept me awake. When we finally got Beijing we only had about 12 hours before our flight to Tokyo departed. So, I took a rickshaw to McDonalds for beakfast and went to the giant knock-off mall to do some shopping. We boarded ...

Birthday boy, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Birthday boy

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... and have dinner served to us.Mr. Narita gave us the option of Japanese, French or Chinese dinner set. Being in Japan, I naturally picked Japanese. The dinner is so beautiful consists of many small dishes and beautifully designed. The tasty is light yet ...

Holy cow!!  I mean...  Soigoi!!!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Holy cow!! I mean... Soigoi!!!

A travel blog entry by brandonibologna

... and the extra space business class provides. I`ll never fly more then 4 hours and not go business or 1st class again. I arrived in Tokyo and immediately made my first mistake.  I got on the wrong train. I got to where I needed but spent 10 bucks I ...

Help!  I'm stuck!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Help! I'm stuck!

A travel blog entry by fxdacat


Today we say sayonara to Osaka and head back to Tokyo for our last full day in Japan.  We had to buy the Shinkansen tickets since our JR passes have expired.  It's about $150 one way but we got to go on the Nozomi train which is the fastest line ...

All you can cat, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

All you can cat

A travel blog entry by harveyholiday


Okay so we are in Tokyo Japan. So far we Have managed to decipher the local subway system and how to order a burger quite successfully. But I am jumping ahead of myself, i will start at our arrival. We arrived into Nerita Airport after a somewhat ...

Japanese youth culture, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Japanese youth culture

A travel blog entry by asn75


Today I visited the area around Shibuya including the nearby Yoyogi Park. Shibuya is the place for young people to go shopping, eating, and having a good time. Yoyogi Park is very popular with everybody; you see young people, old people and families. But ...

Tokyo Disney Sea, Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Disney Sea, Imperial Palace

A travel blog entry by wanderingblonde

This is a top pick!

... was breathtaking, not because it was particularly beautiful but because it proved once and for all what a sprawling concrete jungle Tokyo is.  The buildings stretched away as far as I could see, periodically interrupted by parks like the one housing ...

Across the East China Sea, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Across the East China Sea

A travel blog entry by meganmargureite

... tempura.  It was great.  We sat on the floor (my legs got a little tired) and had wonderful conversation about Japan and traveling.  After dinner we walked down to the Sumida river and walked around for a bit.  The evening was exactly ...

Arriving in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Arriving in Japan

A travel blog entry by asn75


Arrived in Japan, tired and worn out and everything's weird. My bags before I left home. . . . . . Just look at the men's room the toilets barely reach my ankles. . . . . . Disappointed by the train, not exactly a ...

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