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some pics up..., Florianopolis, Brazil travel blog

some pics up...

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


well John posted some pics on another site...  here´s the link It´s not the best as I can´t write anything with it, but at least you can see a few pics until we figure something else ...

All things Brazilian, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

All things Brazilian

A travel blog entry by sjaya


...  I was actually worried that my body would be unable to digest everything when I went to bed. 4.  Caipirinha.  This is Brazil's national drink, and made from cachaca ( a sugar-cane derived alcohol..kind of like rum), lime, and sugar. ...

Man its hot in Manaus, Manaus, Brazil travel blog

Man its hot in Manaus

A travel blog entry by orlao0


... quieter than normal, great success for us, we had 2 guides all to ourselves - Tarik and Oussie. Tarik is from Northern Brazil and Oussie is a native of the Amazon but he had no English so Tarik was our translator and guide. Some of the animals ...

Salvador - Africa and Brazil in one pot, Salvador, Brazil travel blog

Salvador - Africa and Brazil in one pot

A travel blog entry by nikieandjames


After a couple of days on Morro we returned to the main city of Salvador. This city is pretty amazing. It is Brazil and Africa all in one go. There is a huge black population, dating back to the days African slaves were bought over by the Portugese when ...

Family, Pig and Christmas Eve at the Ranch, Conceição das Alagoas, Brazil travel blog

Family, Pig and Christmas Eve at the Ranch

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


Conceição das Alagoas is a Brazilian municipality located in the west of the state of Minas Gerais. Its population as of 2007 was estimated to be 20,426 people living in a total area of 1,348 km².  The name of the town is in homage to the Virgin ...

Saio Brasil com a fronteira muito legal e bonita, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil travel blog

Saio Brasil com a fronteira muito legal e bonita

A travel blog entry by vickicooper


... in Foz Do Iguaçu which is the nearest Brazilian town to the falls and went to the supermarket to purchase a budget lunch.  In Brazil they rarely let you pack your own bags, and despite having bought hardly anything the bagging-boy (without me noticing) ...

Transpantaneira, Cuiaba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by upriver


Cuiaba airport is new and almost ready to go for when the city plays host to one of the pool groups in the 2014 Football World Cup. What's still lacking is accommodation information for budget travelers. There was an information desk and a ...

Salvador - Sonne, Musik und Karneval, Salvador, Brazil travel blog

Salvador - Sonne, Musik und Karneval

A travel blog entry by alezg

Nach Mitternacht (d.h. bereits am Montag, 28.1.08) flog ich mit TAM von Natal aus nach SALVADOR, wo ich um ca. 02:30 ankam. (Solche Nachtfluege sind in Brasilien uebrigens gang und gaebe und auch stark ausgebucht.) Salvador ist die drittgroesste Stadt ...

Sao Tome das Letras, I Feel the Energy, Brazil travel blog

Sao Tome das Letras

A travel blog entry by will.traveller

... have to buy the entire fare to Sao Paulo even though I am only going between 2 legs in the middle. I had guessed this before. In Brazil, you pay the fare of the 2 end points. Major cities are no problem. Small cities tend to be more expensive and much ...

Surf City and Falafel Town, Itacare, Brazil travel blog

Surf City and Falafel Town

A travel blog entry by kerenk1019


... unless you go with a special transfer. So we took a transfer from Morro to Itacare, a town south of Salvador, our last beach in Brazil. The transfer was first by ferry and then in a van with 8 other Israelis, it was a terrible ride... The roads aren't ...

11 - 14 maart : Jeriiiiicooaaacoaraaaaaa ...., Jericoacoara, Brazil travel blog

11 - 14 maart : Jeriiiiicooaaacoaraaaaaa ....

A travel blog entry by anneldavy


Vandaag trekken we naar een uitzonderlijke plaats. Ze stond normaal niet op de planning, maar Jan Willems is hier blijkbaar een tijdje blijven plakken en aangezien we de wijze raad van wijze reizigers nogal eens durven opvolgen .... Jeriiiii it will be. ...

Árvore de Natal 2015, Ouro Preto, Brazil travel blog

Árvore de Natal 2015

A travel blog entry by oreydc


When things look and feel nutty, put up a tree! After our walk, we decided to break out the Christmas kit and see what we could do... the HQ is a bit tight, so the normal tree had to forgo the bottom third... its a warm gray, drippy day (it looks like ...

Lost in the middle of the Atlantic, Macapa, Brazil travel blog

Lost in the middle of the Atlantic

A travel blog entry by meredithvoss


Feb. 1st Another day at sea! Spent much of my day today outside in the sunshine.  It is soooo HOTT outside because we are just above the equator…still haven’t gotten sunburnt though, 100 proof sunscreen does the job! I love watching the ...

A city in celebration, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

A city in celebration

A travel blog entry by htwist

... , Paris, Madrid, Pac Man, London, New York, Toronto, Florida and so on and on and at the top a wonderful memorial flag of Brazil. Other times I went by myself to the beaches, with clean waves, full with a sea of parasols every day that from the sea front ...

Never ending bus rides, Belem, Brazil travel blog

Never ending bus rides

A travel blog entry by globetrippin


... missing our plane in Rio because our passports were locked into a safe where we had no access, we flew to Belem in northern Brazil. We arrived in the middle of the night but the humidity and heat were still oppressing. We found a shitty hotel with geckos ...

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Sao Paulo

A travel blog entry by orlao0

... were a little nervous at the Brazilian border as we were told the previous day that we didn´t need to get an exit stamp from Brazil after we entered to see the Brazilian side of the falls. However, we thought that we should have gotten an exit stamp as ...

Beach Time, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Beach Time

A travel blog entry by orlao0

Woke up to the best breakfast so far at the hostel in Sao Paulo, lots of fruit and even chocolate cake...amazing, we are definitely on holidays. The bus journey from Sao Paulo to Paraty was 6 hours,but the scenery of the Costa Verde along the way ...

São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, Salvador, Brazil travel blog

São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos

A travel blog entry by olivierdbck


Hoi, Het luie leven aan de Braziliaanse stranden is zalig en went heel snel maar jammer genoeg tikt de tijd en komt het einde stillaan in zicht. Tijd dus om die rugzak op te rapen en van lokatie te veranderen. Een relatief goedkope vlucht bracht me in ...

Rio de Janerio, 8 days in, Brazil travel blog

Rio de Janerio

A travel blog entry by peteanddee


... while so it was local fare for lunch and a few beers in the sun before the formalities and a short trip to Cordoba in Brazil. Thankfully the authorities let Pete in this time. After we entered Brazil we got hassled non-stop for hours with touts offering ...

Rio: buses, football and sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Rio: buses, football and sugarloaf

A travel blog entry by dave-mcgowan


OK, so I´m waiting for skype to download so should have a bit more time to write something now, though the computer is currently enjoying having a lag time of about 5 minutes, making coherence an issue. Yesterday we went to a forest near rio, the ...

Sao Paulo - City sightseeing, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Sao Paulo - City sightseeing

A travel blog entry by eboydee


Sightseeing around Sao Paulo.... The old part of the city is centered around Praca de Sé. Patio do Colégio is where it all began..... from there the city just kept growing. You can see the difference between the architecture in the old part of the ...

The beach is calling!!!, Rio de janeiro, Brazil travel blog

The beach is calling!!!

A travel blog entry by irishblontravel


We made our way up from Foz do Igacu to Sao Paolo first for a couple of days. Visited the city and met some friends of Michelles who treated us to a lovely dinner! After day two we felt that we had seen enough and needed to get to the beach. Back on the ...

Amo Salvador, Salvador, Brazil travel blog

Amo Salvador

A travel blog entry by vickicooper


... big backpack.  Unfortunately the one on the bus which I decided to take was not one of the friendliest people I have met in Brazil, and even though I was speaking to him in Portuguese he did not seem to want to help me... maybe he didn't appreciate ...

Manaus - Der Amazonas-Traum wird wahr!, Manaus, Brazil travel blog

Manaus - Der Amazonas-Traum wird wahr!

A travel blog entry by alezg

Es war Montag Morgen, der 11. Februar, und somit der Geburtstag meiner Mom. Meine Kollegin Claudiene hatte offeriert, mich zum Flughafen zu fahren. Das war mir zwar nicht ganz recht, aber was soll man machen, wenn jemand insistiert...  ...

The beautiful and quiet island of Ilha do Mel, Ilha do Mel, Brazil travel blog

The beautiful and quiet island of Ilha do Mel

A travel blog entry by gypsylifestyle


We took a 1 hour bus ride from the town of Morettes, where we got off the train, to the town of Paranagua. There we waited at a waterfront sidewalk bar and had a few beers until the next boat came at 4:30.The boat ride to Ilha do Mel was 2 hours. We ...

Ilha Grande # 1, Ilha Grande, Brazil travel blog

Ilha Grande # 1

A travel blog entry by steveandjenna


We arrived on Ihle Grande and found our booked accom, Studio Green Hostel, a very very small hostel that has with one shared room and one of the gnarliest spiral staircases ever. The guys that work here (the owner and a cook) are nice enough though and ...

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Sao Paulo

A travel blog entry by karrina


... What country are we in?? Where are we?? I panicked. But the flight attendent advised us it was just a short stop over in Campo Grande, Brazil, and we would soon be on our way to Bolivia. I felt slightly silly for my very public freak out!! Ha ...

Pantenal Sunrise & Exploration, Pantenal, Brazil travel blog

Pantenal Sunrise & Exploration

A travel blog entry by ritawritatravel


When you don't have internet and you get up for sunrise at a time recommended by the locals - mesmerizing. It was still dark out when I woke at 5am, the suggested time for a sunrise by the locals. Without internet, I had no way of confirming this and ...

Visiting more mining and chocolate towns, Sao Joao del Rei, Brazil travel blog

Visiting more mining and chocolate towns

A travel blog entry by benyclaire


So we only had a very short walk to the bus station in Ouro Preto the following morning, however it was to be a very nerve wrecking one. Both our bibles warned that this road was not to be walked along after dark. While we had known we would be walking ...

Dona Vera's back!, Belo Horizonte, Brazil travel blog

Dona Vera's back!

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

I had a bit of a sleep in today because I deserved it. Doing nothing during the day can get pretty tiring at times. Dona Vera got back from a 2 week holiday to Ouro Preto today so I went to go and see her and the family. It was really good to catch up ...

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