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Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by olefrog


Pachamama Tours turned up for us right on time. 8am  - which at least was a more civilised start than some of the other trips we've taken. Again we were a real mix of nationalities on the tour. Our guide was Vincente and he spoke Spanish, Aymara and ...

Sucre Of Sunshine, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre Of Sunshine

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson

... would fit my feet. It took ages but I did eventually fins some....apparently a size 9 or 10 at home is huge in Bolivia! A plus to all the searching though was plenty of conversations in Spanish....helping mine improve a little bit. Had a couple of beers ...

The wild west, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The wild west

A travel blog entry by sophieolive

... underwear to get us by until we were in somewhere that sold clothes other than size XS for kids, and then size XXXXL. Bolivia is not the place for clothes shopping! Our main reasons for coming to Tupiza was to do a horse back ride around the ...

La plus haute grande ville du monde, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La plus haute grande ville du monde

A travel blog entry by baptistevericel


Cette etape nous reserve encore de nouvelles surprise. Nous sommes arrives a La Paz il y a 2 jours, qui est une des plus grandes villes de Bolivie qui se situe a 3700m d altitude environ. Bien qu elle ne presente pas de grands interets en soi, son ...

'La Ciudad Blanca de Las Americas', Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

'La Ciudad Blanca de Las Americas'

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... be white washed every year to maintain its name 'the white city of the Americas.’ We grabbed some food; Saltena’s are Bolivia’s version of Empanada’s or pies, on the sweeter side but still tasty, obviously we had more burgers and ...

La Paz....FINALLY!!!, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz....FINALLY!!!

A travel blog entry by thedays

We took a cab from the airport to Hotel Turismo, in the center of stuff for La Paz. Ash will meet us here tomorrow. YEAH!!! Right now, we´re just relaxing and getting used to the thin air above 12,000 feet...its beautiful and sunny, and the city ...

Crazy Crazy La Paz....., La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Crazy Crazy La Paz.....

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... skidding and performing burn outs! I think at one stage Brad even brown eyed the Americans! We went with a company called Adrenaline Bolivia, which we booked through Bacoo Hostel, they had good bikes for a good price. The best thing about the ride is you ...

The Island of Sun, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

The Island of Sun

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... the plan worked and they never thought to look under a 3 year's seat or under a fat ladies dress. Oh we will miss you Bolivia!!!   Alas we finally reached our destination of Cusco, Peru at 5am in the morning....Thank God.  Jules and Josh’s ...

A blog from La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

A blog from La Paz

A travel blog entry by comfortsontour


... hard for so little. We gave him some money even tho we didn't get our shoes cleaned which he seemed pleased with. Sucre, and Bolivia in general, has quite a few stray dogs. Not as bad as we have seen in other countries however. But unlike other places, ...

Virée dans la Zona Sur, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Virée dans la Zona Sur

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


Nous partons vers la mi-journée pour la partie riche de La Paz, dans la Zona Sur dans le quartier de San Miguel. Plus qu'un quartier, la Zona Sur est une ville a part. Il faut pour y arriver emprunter une voie rapide qui descend près de 400 de ...

Mysterious signs in rock, Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog

Mysterious signs in rock

A travel blog entry by mlc


... in concrete, and I don't know why. It is not as if the locals seem to be more concrete crazy than other places in Bolivia. My favourite is a little  house not far from the hostel with a simple sign announcing the sale of bread and eggs and cheese, ...

Saddlin' up in Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Saddlin' up in Tupiza

A travel blog entry by arnykim


The area surrounding Tupiza, in southern Bolivia, could come straight out of the American Southwest -- brightly colored rocky hillsides, jagged formations, and strange looking badlands in all directions. It's also where Butch Cassidy and the ...

La Paz: Round 1, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz: Round 1

A travel blog entry by our_oyster


We were so excited to arrive in La Paz after a short bus ride from Copacabana. We aren't staying too long in the city for now because we're feeling antsy to get into the jungle but we'll be back to really get a feel of what this city has to offer in a ...

La Paz- Stomach Bug and witches markets!!, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz- Stomach Bug and witches markets!!

A travel blog entry by sharor


... cycle down the worlds most dangerous road but it may have been a blessing in disguise as a) it was very expensive-especially for Bolivia and b) there are many deaths there each year on the road-2 months ago a tourist died when cycling the road so maybe ...

Another stop on the bumpy road  to Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Another stop on the bumpy road to Uyuni

A travel blog entry by ayoubir


... was the worst day of driving, maybe because the altitude was starting to take effect or maybe because of the bumpy roads of Bolivia roads seemed to last forever.  Luke our driver kept reminding us that all the pain was because the Uyuni Salt Flats ...

Valentine´s day in Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Valentine´s day in Sucre

A travel blog entry by benjamine



Quad Biking Lunar Valley, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Quad Biking Lunar Valley

A travel blog entry by lpringle


Today we spent most of the morning all lounging around in the hostel trying to sleep and drawing funny pictures in Fred's birthday card before finally making it out at 2pm, partly helped by the fact we had to change hostel rooms, to go to Lunar Valley. ...

Bolivija oj bolivija, La paz, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivija oj bolivija

A travel blog entry by janez-maja


Pa smo v drugi drzavi. Pot naju je iz mesta Cusco zanesla preko obmejnega mesteca Copacabana, ki lezi neposredno ob jezeru Titicaca na visini 3800m. Jezero je zares ogromno (210 x 90 km) in ima mnogo otockov. En dan sva z majo tako izkoristila in se ...

(sat: 28/09/02) departed puno peru and ..., Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

(sat: 28/09/02) departed puno peru and ...

A travel blog entry by paddington

(Sat: 28/09/02). Departed Puno, Peru and headed South towards Bolivia. Passed evidence of road blocks set up by the locals to disrupt (and stone) passing traffic on the day of the general strike. Nice. Got to sit up front of the truck with Aussie driver ...

Dynamite and the mines!, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Dynamite and the mines!

A travel blog entry by westy23


Following 12 hours on the coldest night bus in the world we finally arrived in Potosi ready to visit the famous silver mines. After wondering the chilly streets aimlessly for an hour looking for anything open, we finally found a ...

Where the Air is Rare, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Where the Air is Rare

A travel blog entry by elmoshark


... . We were used to being offered a choice of fully reclining chairs, semi reclining chairs, part reclining chairs or standard. In Bolivia we were offered standing or a wheel arch. We opted for the wheel arch and were hastily shepherded onto the bus by ...

Lake Titikaka, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lake Titikaka

A travel blog entry by filly

Arrival at Lake ...

Potosi a small mining villiage, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Potosi a small mining villiage

A travel blog entry by jaceanddave


Okay, left Sucre and its chololate, and have arrived in potosi wit its silver. Much better. Potosi is also the highest citie in the world, nice little villiage, but a little cold. We booked our mining trip also with one English guy called Nick, ...

Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by bamberd


... after 2 nights. It was pleasant enough though and we even got to watch the Hatton fight. This was our last stop in Bolivia and we´ve enjoyed it. Not because it´s been comfortable really but it´s been interesting to say the least. With our final ...

First Class to Uyuni. From one hole to another, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

First Class to Uyuni. From one hole to another

A travel blog entry by willandliz

Well we are finally out of Tupiza! Liz is all recovered and we made our escape in very classy fashion, via a first class train, arriving in Uyuni at midnight last night. The first class wasn´t all caviar and Dom P, but it was heated, with full recliners ...

In the middle of nowhere!, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

In the middle of nowhere!

A travel blog entry by ciaradoonerush

Soon to ...

Bolivia, Potosi, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia, Potosi

A travel blog entry by ninaholidays


Tue 23.9.08: Bolivia, Potosi: PERSONAL: Upon arriving in Potosi, didn't waste any time as always wanted to go into a mine! First stop was a visit to the Miners' Market to buy gifts for them (like coca leaves, cigarettes or dynamite). We walk and ...

The Evils Of Sandflies, Beni River, Bolivia travel blog

The Evils Of Sandflies

A travel blog entry by rush


Day 2 of our boat ride saw us at a beautiful 3 teared waterfall with crystal clear water running into the murky Beni river so, a good excuse for a wash. After sorting that out I tried a spot of fishing and got completely ransacked by Sand flies. ...

Day 15!, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Day 15!

A travel blog entry by decry


... and alot of tunage and resting. We reached the border around midday signed out of Peru walked through the border gate onto Bolivia. Interesting times. The bus picked us up on the otherside and we drove onto Copacabana which is a coastal type town on the ...

Cochabamba - la paz, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Cochabamba - la paz

A travel blog entry by fsorbie


Basterds, we arrived at 4:30 already!! They said 5:30. Had to sit around waiting, but it was already busy and buzzy, read a bit in lonely planet, studied some conjugaisons and looked for a ticket to la paz. They also have free wifi here which is pretty ...

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