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The Silver Mines, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

The Silver Mines

A travel blog entry by filly


We came to Potosi to do a silver mine tour. We hadn´t heard great things of the towns aesthetics but it was actually a pretty little city. Aswell as being famous for its silver mine it also the highest city in the world at 4,000 m above see ...

Island of the Sun (and biting cold wind), Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

Island of the Sun (and biting cold wind)

A travel blog entry by pavandsim


... and wasn`t sure whether I would be able to get out of the country. I was to learn that everybody has a price in Bolivia. Across the border - bingo!! The sun was beating down on the dusty land as we skirted along the dazzling azure shores of Lake Titicaca ...

Sasha and Tessa Doolittle, Villa Tunari, Bolivia travel blog

Sasha and Tessa Doolittle

A travel blog entry by drab_seastars


Inti Wara Yassi (meaning "Sun Moon Stars" in Quechua) is an organization which was founded by a man named Juan Carlos who had been working with orphans in La Paz, taking the kids out of the big city and teaching them about the environment on rural ...

A Gentile Bike Ride In The Countryside, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

A Gentile Bike Ride In The Countryside

A travel blog entry by peterandgillian


P's Report After Machu Pichu we were to make our way leisurely down to Bolivia & La Paz via Lake Titicaca for a few days - unfortunately due to no fault of my own the place we stayed had no ATMs, and thus we had to make a much earlier departure with ...

Siesta, Fiesta and Protesta!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Siesta, Fiesta and Protesta!

A travel blog entry by darrylandnicola


... her poise and command of the horse, I was very impressed. Aching after the horse riding, the following day we sadly left Bolivia after three colossal fun packed weeks, what an amazing place. Next up is Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, to see the mammoth ...

Rundfahrt durch die Stiftung, Zoo und Operationen, El Alto, Bolivia travel blog

Rundfahrt durch die Stiftung, Zoo und Operationen

A travel blog entry by a-m-in-bolivien


Hola! Heute schreibt die Anna mal alleine, denn der Michi muss das Bett hueten, aber dazu spaeter. Gestern wurden Michi und ich von der Arbeit entfuehrt und zwar von der Direktorin der Fundacion Señora Melba hoechstpersoenlich mitsamt Personalchef und ...

Tiquipaya Wasi, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Tiquipaya Wasi

A travel blog entry by niclark1221


... additional and even bigger garden, and as of this week have built 6 square foot gardens with the help of an amazing group from Bolivia Sustanible. Its hard work, my back totally hurts some days, the boys drive me crazy sometimes, and I have a farmer tan ...

We´re not in Argentina anymore!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

We´re not in Argentina anymore!

A travel blog entry by garyjampot


... the hotel and got some serious kip then headed out for a wander into town. It is quite a big place, the secondary capital of Bolivia and was quite a trek to the centre, all downhill thankfully. One thing we did notice is the large amount of beggars on the ...

Going deeper underground, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Going deeper underground

A travel blog entry by dave-mcgowan


Hola one and all, So our first real city stop in Bolivia was in the worlds highest city no less at some 4000+ meters. An altitude you can really feel when lugging a rucsack up a hill and trying to avoid water balloons at the same time. Unfortunately there ...

Some salt with that?, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Some salt with that?

A travel blog entry by garyjampot


... and were very friendly, plus they had cable TV! The hostel had an attached tour operator and the tour of South West Bolivia, including the famous salt flats at Salar De Uyuni, sounded really good and after they told us an English speaking couple had ...

oh my god im in boliva!!!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

oh my god im in boliva!!!

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie


hey everyone, bbq was so much fun last night. ive got some great photos. I got a tiniy weenie bit drunk...what i didnt realise was that the altitude gets you pissed quicker. oops...hicup...very tipsy. i was in bed for midnight like but my head this ...

The Most Dangerous Road, Part 02: Survival., Coroico, Bolivia travel blog

The Most Dangerous Road, Part 02: Survival.

A travel blog entry by astralcars


I did it! I survived the world´s most dangerous road! I think so far, it was the best part of our trip. The scenery was amazing and it was really nice to be doing something outdoorsy and physical. I need to do more hands on activities on this trip. I ...

Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... very simple way of life. But where the people in mountain do not live simple way of life? However I think that despite the Bolivia is cathegorized as a poor country, it is still richer than any asian country, except those mot developed like Japan, Korea ...

Potosi Couplets, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Potosi Couplets

A travel blog entry by nellems


Potosi is a town mostly known for it’s mining  Four hours from Sucre, it takes by driving   Once the wealthiest city in the colonial times  The Spanish took their silver, direct from the mines   We had an early dinner upon ...

Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by olefrog


Pachamama Tours turned up for us right on time. 8am  - which at least was a more civilised start than some of the other trips we've taken. Again we were a real mix of nationalities on the tour. Our guide was Vincente and he spoke Spanish, Aymara and ...

Sucre Of Sunshine, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre Of Sunshine

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson

... would fit my feet. It took ages but I did eventually fins some....apparently a size 9 or 10 at home is huge in Bolivia! A plus to all the searching though was plenty of conversations in Spanish....helping mine improve a little bit. Had a couple of beers ...

The wild west, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The wild west

A travel blog entry by sophieolive

... underwear to get us by until we were in somewhere that sold clothes other than size XS for kids, and then size XXXXL. Bolivia is not the place for clothes shopping! Our main reasons for coming to Tupiza was to do a horse back ride around the ...

La plus haute grande ville du monde, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La plus haute grande ville du monde

A travel blog entry by baptistevericel


Cette etape nous reserve encore de nouvelles surprise. Nous sommes arrives a La Paz il y a 2 jours, qui est une des plus grandes villes de Bolivie qui se situe a 3700m d altitude environ. Bien qu elle ne presente pas de grands interets en soi, son ...

'La Ciudad Blanca de Las Americas', Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

'La Ciudad Blanca de Las Americas'

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... be white washed every year to maintain its name 'the white city of the Americas.’ We grabbed some food; Saltena’s are Bolivia’s version of Empanada’s or pies, on the sweeter side but still tasty, obviously we had more burgers and ...

La Paz....FINALLY!!!, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz....FINALLY!!!

A travel blog entry by thedays

We took a cab from the airport to Hotel Turismo, in the center of stuff for La Paz. Ash will meet us here tomorrow. YEAH!!! Right now, we´re just relaxing and getting used to the thin air above 12,000 feet...its beautiful and sunny, and the city ...

Crazy Crazy La Paz....., La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Crazy Crazy La Paz.....

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... skidding and performing burn outs! I think at one stage Brad even brown eyed the Americans! We went with a company called Adrenaline Bolivia, which we booked through Bacoo Hostel, they had good bikes for a good price. The best thing about the ride is you ...

The Island of Sun, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

The Island of Sun

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... the plan worked and they never thought to look under a 3 year's seat or under a fat ladies dress. Oh we will miss you Bolivia!!!   Alas we finally reached our destination of Cusco, Peru at 5am in the morning....Thank God.  Jules and Josh’s ...

A blog from La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

A blog from La Paz

A travel blog entry by comfortsontour


... hard for so little. We gave him some money even tho we didn't get our shoes cleaned which he seemed pleased with. Sucre, and Bolivia in general, has quite a few stray dogs. Not as bad as we have seen in other countries however. But unlike other places, ...

Virée dans la Zona Sur, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Virée dans la Zona Sur

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


Nous partons vers la mi-journée pour la partie riche de La Paz, dans la Zona Sur dans le quartier de San Miguel. Plus qu'un quartier, la Zona Sur est une ville a part. Il faut pour y arriver emprunter une voie rapide qui descend près de 400 de ...

Mysterious signs in rock, Samaipata, Bolivia travel blog

Mysterious signs in rock

A travel blog entry by mlc


... in concrete, and I don't know why. It is not as if the locals seem to be more concrete crazy than other places in Bolivia. My favourite is a little  house not far from the hostel with a simple sign announcing the sale of bread and eggs and cheese, ...

Saddlin' up in Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Saddlin' up in Tupiza

A travel blog entry by arnykim


The area surrounding Tupiza, in southern Bolivia, could come straight out of the American Southwest -- brightly colored rocky hillsides, jagged formations, and strange looking badlands in all directions. It's also where Butch Cassidy and the ...

La Paz: Round 1, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz: Round 1

A travel blog entry by our_oyster


We were so excited to arrive in La Paz after a short bus ride from Copacabana. We aren't staying too long in the city for now because we're feeling antsy to get into the jungle but we'll be back to really get a feel of what this city has to offer in a ...

Another stop on the bumpy road  to Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Another stop on the bumpy road to Uyuni

A travel blog entry by ayoubir


... was the worst day of driving, maybe because the altitude was starting to take effect or maybe because of the bumpy roads of Bolivia roads seemed to last forever.  Luke our driver kept reminding us that all the pain was because the Uyuni Salt Flats ...

Valentine´s day in Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Valentine´s day in Sucre

A travel blog entry by benjamine



Quad Biking Lunar Valley, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Quad Biking Lunar Valley

A travel blog entry by lpringle


Today we spent most of the morning all lounging around in the hostel trying to sleep and drawing funny pictures in Fred's birthday card before finally making it out at 2pm, partly helped by the fact we had to change hostel rooms, to go to Lunar Valley. ...

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