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Abene 2, Abéné, Senegal travel blog

Abene 2

A travel blog entry by churisuta


the 31st we borrowed bikes and drove along the beach all the way to Kafountine - the next village famos for traditional music. It almost felt liek 5 friends on a mission. Having arrived there Theresa bought shoes with the brothers and me and the sister ...

Long and dusty road - complete with potholes, Tambacounda, Senegal travel blog

Long and dusty road - complete with potholes

A travel blog entry by sara.pownall


Set off on the 400km journey from Saly to Tambacounda around 9am. The road to Kaolack was reasonable but after that we hit a pot hole ridden road which lasted for the duration.  We ended up taking a parallel track used by the donkey carts which ...

Miracle, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... after waking up at 4:30 AM to come to the airport, after only two hours of sleep.  Eighteen hours later when we landed in Senegal, and he still had that smile on his face!  What's L'il Buddha's secret?  Well, it's quite simple - ...

St. Louis, Université Gaston Berger, Senegal travel blog

St. Louis

A travel blog entry by casanova_f


... ersten Ferien (Tabaski, das Lammfest) und da wollen Christa und ich was unternehmen. Cool wäre entweder eine Tour den Senegal-Fluss entlang oder runter nach Cap Skirring und dann die Küste, mit einem Abstecher in Gambias Hinterland, hoch Richtung ...

Cabanon - petite cote, sud de Mbour, Senegal travel blog

Cabanon - petite cote

A travel blog entry by jrouxel


Le Cabanon, Atlantic Ocean, South of ...

Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

Saint Louis

A travel blog entry by podroznik

Saint Louis to jesdno z wiekszych miast w Senegalu. Stanowi on osrodek administracyjny dla calej prowincji Sant Loui. Zamieszkuje je okolo 200 000 mieszkancow, z jednej strong miasto jest otoczono rzeka, z drugiej wybrzezem oceanu. Dodatkowo niedaleko od ...

Goodbye Morocco / Hello Senegal, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Goodbye Morocco / Hello Senegal

A travel blog entry by arigney87

... hit me at that moment that I was really there. It all started when I noticed this random guy wearing a shirt that said “Senegal” in a bar called Clancy’s in downtown Long Beach on St. Patrick’s Day 8 months before, and decided, ...

Bou el Mogdad – die Kreuzfahrt beginnt, St. Louis, Senegal travel blog

Bou el Mogdad – die Kreuzfahrt beginnt

A travel blog entry by casanova_f

Heut um sieben Uhr hat unser Schiff, die Bou el Mogdad, abgelegt. Die Flusskreuzfahrt hat begonnen. Hinter mir liegen ein paar Tage St. Louis, schlafen im Hotel, weil ich wegen des Taxler-Streiks nicht auf die Uni fahren konnte, dank Papa und Manfred ...

W.A.I.S.T., Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellyrose


... their softball skills, or lack there of, cough cough Peace Corps, during a weekend tourney in Dakar. Expats unite! Peace Corps Senegal is split up according to the region that you live in while volunteers belonging to other countries that make the trip ...

First day at school, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

First day at school

A travel blog entry by rebeccavitkovit


Well today was my first day at school... I went armed with ideas and questions to ask and waited for the directeur to turn up, he was like 40 mins late for school and it turns out he is also a classroom teacher.  So I went along to his lessons ...

Les pirogues, les oiseaux et tout, Sokone, Senegal travel blog

Les pirogues, les oiseaux et tout

A travel blog entry by gabrielle.dumas

Le reste de notre voyage au sine Saloum fut davantage à l'image de la culture sénégalaise... plus ou moins bien organisé, mais quand même des plus jolis et intéressants. Nous avons donc passer deux jours à se promener en pirogues dans les ...

hello, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by goodness

ask me ask me ...

hi, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by annababy22 Hello, My name is anna i saw your profile at ( and i love it i think we can click so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus:( .so that i will tell you more ...

Update #1, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Update #1

A travel blog entry by lori_senegal08

... no.  It should have been as simple as that but it is actually impossible to make collect calls or use foreign calling cards from Senegal.  Finally some nice guy let Sarah use his cell phone to make the call and we were able to get it sorted out. ...

Reaching Senegal, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Reaching Senegal

A travel blog entry by nathanphil

... a business in Senegal. I guess things must not be too bad here... I continue on, exploring the neighborhoods... come across Senegal's "Chinatown", with scores of little shops with a Chinese owner and a Senegalese employees. Most of the Chinese seem to ...

Tabaski, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by casanova_f

Huch, 6. November schon, zwei Wochen lang hab ich nicht mehr geschrieben, dabei ist eigentlich doch eine ganze Menge passiert. In St. Louis bin ich schon ziemlich daheim, am Campus kenne ich mich in der Zwischenzeit gut aus und auch die Stadt habe ich ...

St Louis, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

St Louis

A travel blog entry by jrouxel


Hotel and St Louis ...

Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

Saint Louis

A travel blog entry by isidor

City ...

Apr 10, 2011, Poponguine, Senegal travel blog

Apr 10, 2011

A travel blog entry by nikenkatrien


mon village, Pambal, Senegal travel blog

mon village

A travel blog entry by gabrielle.dumas


Je suis maintenant dans l'accueillant village de Bapate près de Pambal (l’endroit où se trouve mon centre de santé). J’ai une très grande famille et j’ai l’honneur de vous la présenter : Anne-Marie (3 mois), Yvonne (3 ans), ...

arrival, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by churisuta


While exiting the airplane in Dakar Denise (girl studying with me) was told by a senegalese person that in Europe poeple get killed by time. In Africa it's the people that kill the time.   Only after a few days here i can say i totally ...

lazy sunday, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

lazy sunday

A travel blog entry by nroseveare


sun 17/2 I had a super lazy day .... late rise, off for a lovely sunday buffet lunch at a club called the "TERROU-BI" where there is also a tremendous pool. Thoiugh they are having some building work done there at the moment, it is still a lovely ...

TOUBAB IN A BAOBAB, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus


... few days.  Perfect.      This was "teranga" (the Senegalese word for "hospitality").  In incredibly hospitable Senegal, it was rare that I'd even have to buy food for myself.  In Bango, I ate most of my meals with ...

Joal, Joal, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by freddie_senegal


Went to Joal today for a little fishing A 2 hr drive frm Dakar, Joal was once a small fishing village...but now is a touristic centre and has grown over the now holds similar reputation as Saly a very popular town among tourists coming from ...

I have arrived!, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog

I have arrived!

A travel blog entry by rblanchette


There's a certain mystery in the anxiety, excitement, and wonder of traveling. For me this mystery translates into sitting at the airport waiting for your next flight wondering who the person sitting next to you on the plane will be. Everyone has his or ...

Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Goree Island

A travel blog entry by richardlee_sa

Goree Island - ...

Senegal is amazing!!!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Senegal is amazing!!!

A travel blog entry by seyegabriella


School Visit, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

School Visit

A travel blog entry by roadscholarorg


While here in The Gambia we have met many school children who have asked for pens, balls and other school supplies. While we can't help them all, we did stop at at rural school today, where Pegasus passengers throughout the season have pitched in to ...

Die Gesänge der Bruderschaften, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog

Die Gesänge der Bruderschaften

A travel blog entry by casanova_f


... , gefährlich und definitiv zu stark!) zu sein und es lässt mich hoffen, dass die maghrebinische Al-Quaida im Senegal nicht Fuß fassen wird können – ganz im Gegensatz zu den Nachbarstaaten Mauratanien oder Mali, wo gestern in Timbuktu (wo ich ja ...

Hello Everyone!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Hello Everyone!

A travel blog entry by lleitnaker01


God has put me in a unique position and I only have one road to take. I have seeked the knowledge and know too much to turn back now. Although this path can seem challenging it is nonetheless rewarding. Through perseverance in my effort to help people ...

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