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Trip to Umm Said, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Trip to Umm Said

A travel blog entry by naseem

The next day I went out to visit Umm-Said, a costal industrial area of Qatar. I was looking forward for this part as since my childhood I used to fantasize about this area. My father worked in Qatar Steel Company Limited (Qasco) since I was ...

Goodbye Durbs by the sea, hello Doha Creche..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Goodbye Durbs by the sea, hello Doha Creche...

A travel blog entry by r.m.heslop


... ! J ) Early start on Wednesday to Joburg International, with only time for a quick zarm in the departures lounge before boarding Qatar Airways to Doha. A quick detour the departure gate via a FIFA SWC2010 merchandise retailer, where we acquired the only ...

Another busy weekend, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Another busy weekend

A travel blog entry by tpuckett


This will be a short one. Can't remember when the last time I had a real sleep over was, but now it is re-set to two days ago. Our friends, the Wilson's, are leaving Doha soon, and they wanted us to come over, hang out, play games, stay up late, and not ...

What time is it?, Doha, Qatar travel blog

What time is it?

A travel blog entry by ivanandchris

Tired ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by bevanddavid


Arrived at 6.30am and were able to access our room early so we had a couple of hours sleep before going on a tour of Doha on the hop on hop off bus. It was 40deg and humid so we stayed on the bus for the full circuit then had a walk around the old ...

Next stop Singapore, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Next stop Singapore

A travel blog entry by norins

Just a few hours spent at Doha airport and the only reason we were here was because it was the cheapest route down under. All looking forward to seeing friends in Singapore. Qatar Airways in general were ...

Girls picking up men playing football indoor..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Girls picking up men playing football indoor...

A travel blog entry by wolfsea


It was a late evening on the tarmac. A warm wind blew in from the west, the Airbus 330 descended silently. The pilots relaxed slightly, moved the stick a half degree to the left, adjusted the flaps and eased the plane down. Thump, thump, a small pause, ...

PIT STOP, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by ouryearinafrica


After 6.5 hours we are in Dohu, The flight seemed to take forever! I'm not sure why.  Maybe knowing there’s another 12.5 hour flight ahead of us doesn’t help!  Ollie did very well.  It’s 11:30 South African time and ...

Quick visit !, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Quick visit !

A travel blog entry by deepeshk

It was really very long journey from flight to the airport. Then we had to literally race with fellow travellers to quicky get through security check and board the flight on time. Later we realized that flight wont take off unless and untill all the ...

Home by 9:00 am, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Home by 9:00 am

A travel blog entry by tpuckett


Pip is so happy to see us. Julie is off to pick up the boys. They spent the night at the Wilson's where we were supposed to make a halloween party. Julie said it was a great fantastic trip but the worst Halloween ever. We know how she likes her ...

May 12, 2014, Doha, Qatar travel blog

May 12, 2014

A travel blog entry by stevehumphreys


40 minutes in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

40 minutes in Doha

A travel blog entry by gvnkelly

... the longest that I have ever had anywhere so I was beginning to think that we were unlikely to make the connecting flight but the Qatar Airways staff fast tracked us through and we just made it and hoped the cases had as well. Three and a half hours ...

Arrive Doha for change to london, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Arrive Doha for change to london

A travel blog entry by danemarx

Just a few hours wait for my plane to London. One of the marvellous advantages of flying cheap is the wait at interchange! :-) It was interesting see dozens of men in robes sleeping wherever there was space. Even bumped into a very happy, smiling ...

Marhaba, from the State of Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Marhaba, from the State of Qatar

A travel blog entry by whereisjohn


... . I heard 10000 Nepalese are coming to Qatar every day for work. Every cabbie we had was from somewhere other than Qatar.  I said Qatari's don't have to work. That comment probably needs some explanation. Because of the oil and gas natural resources, ...

Where in the world is...Carmen, Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Where in the world is...Carmen

A travel blog entry by lisamnickerson


Hi, I'm Carmen, a New Zealander currently working in the boiling heat of Qatar as a lecturer.Things have been interesting and hectic riding out the waves of the Arab spring as it affects the different cultures here individually & the Government's ...

4hrs Stop over Doha,Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

4hrs Stop over Doha,Qatar

A travel blog entry by dyne

Doha airport stop ...

Transit day: Cairo-Doha-Bangkok, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Transit day: Cairo-Doha-Bangkok

A travel blog entry by katyandjames


... this trip - 3.5 hours to Doha then 9 hours to Bangkok. We were very excited about it though, because we're flying Qatar Air - proper planes!! Personal T.V. set!! Movies!! Reclining seat!! Food!! Ryanair could learn a thing or two. Our flight to Doha went ...

First Stop: Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

First Stop: Doha

A travel blog entry by zera79

07.04.2012, 6.33 Uhr Ortszeit, 25 °C Hallöchen! Den Nachmittag verbrachten wir heute bei Mias Mama und Gerhardt. Wir wurden lecker bekocht mit Grüner Soße, Schnitzel, Spargel, Sauce Hollandaise und Kartoffeln. Yummi war das LECKER! Um 19 Uhr ging es ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by woolly

. ...

Mar 27, 2013, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Mar 27, 2013

A travel blog entry by syandkate


Travel life, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Travel life

A travel blog entry by korukoru

olaaaahuuuyaaa ...

Day 24: Doha - Bangkok, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 24: Doha - Bangkok

A travel blog entry by ccarew

After saying goodbye to my dad, I spent two hours in Doha airport shopping and looking around, waiting to board my plane. My seat on the plane was on the left side of the middle isle, towards the back, so I was happy with the position. I was sat next ...

Flyin back, Doha, Katar travel blog

Flyin back

A travel blog entry by missftown

Doha ...

Random Places in Doha, Doha Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Random Places in Doha

A travel blog entry by maryfaith


... in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is also the economic centre of the country. Doha also serves as the seat of government of Qatar, which is ruled by Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa AL Thani. The city of Doha also held the 2006 Asian Games, which was the ...

One day layover in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

One day layover in Doha

A travel blog entry by tiffanykdansie


... . The museum is itself a work of art by the world renowned architect I.M. Pei, who was commissioned by the government of Qatar to design this building. He is rather famous for those of you that don't happen follow modern architecture and architects :). ...

My first Camel sighting!, Al Khor, Qatar travel blog

My first Camel sighting!

A travel blog entry by globe.trotter


Today we drove to Doha to run a couple errands. On the way home i found myself staring at the sunset. They are so beautiful here. Something i did happen to notice on last night's sunset is that the sun never actually hits the horizon. You know how when ...

Homeward Bound..... Almost, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Homeward Bound..... Almost

A travel blog entry by mn-kolkata


Hello!! Just a quick note.  We are on our way back home.  Rohan and Nikhil are excited to be heading home and to share about their adventure with Mukesh.  We missed our flight connection in Doha so we stayed over one night and are on the ...

sekarang gw tinggal di..., Qatar, Qatar travel blog

sekarang gw tinggal di...

A travel blog entry by kinanthi

yes!, gw tinggal gak jauh2 di belakang al muntaza plaza hotel. bukan di hotelnya ...

Terbang menuju Doha - Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Terbang menuju Doha - Qatar

A travel blog entry by cyberdee

Beres ngajar di Dubai, saya terbang menuju Qatar keesokan paginya... Saya bersama Malcolm berangkat menggunakan Qatar Airways menuju Doha - Ibukota negara ...

Da var det slutt, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Da var det slutt

A travel blog entry by nnifgad


Den siste dagen i Bangkok gikk med til besøk hos skredderen og en tur innom det store Siam shoppingsenteret. Vi dro fra hotellet i Bangkok i tuk-tuk kl. Til Doha og videre til Oslo. Og alle var enige om at det hadde vært en fin ...

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