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Qatar, A Million Light Years From Uganda, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Qatar, A Million Light Years From Uganda

A travel blog entry by jacandpito


... airport justice, or the culture shock we were starting to endure, but if you ever have a stopover choice I'd highly recommend flying via Qatar rather than Dubai. We only had an hour to enjoy it as our plane for Spain was awaiting us. Next stop was ...

Aug 09, 2015, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Aug 09, 2015

A travel blog entry by pauline-g


about  qatar geo and hist, Doha, Qatar travel blog

about qatar geo and hist

A travel blog entry by afeefpk

... and Ras Abaruk, and the discovery there of pottery, flint, flint-scraper tools, and painted ceramic vessels there indicates Qatar’s connection with the Al-Ubaid civilization which flourished in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates during ...

The flight, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The flight

A travel blog entry by joools

... this day. Watched: -The second Hunger Games movie, -American Hustle -Long Walk to Freedom -The Book Thief (some of it) -The Qatar advert to bring everyone back to basic values In summary, Katniss Everdeen had to give up her own freedom to balance the ...

On our travels again!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

On our travels again!

A travel blog entry by simonandamanda


We had scarcely fallen asleep when the alarm went off at 5am.  Horrible!!  We scurried around in a daze doing last minute packing etc and left for the airport just before 6.30am.  The roads were very busy already and the M25 car park lived ...

The Flight Home, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Flight Home

A travel blog entry by

6:30 Awake and get dressed7:00 Another big breakfast at the hotel restaurant7:30 Final packing and check of rooms7:50 Check out and short walk to Airlink bus stop8:05 Airlink bus to Dublin Airport through the Dublin Tunnel (Amy made the 4.5kms with only ...

The Pre - Detox!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Pre - Detox!

A travel blog entry by simb


So today I officially started my pre - detox! It involved cutting out meat, caffeine, alcohol and wheat in preparation for the big detox! Over the next few days I plan to "crowd out" eggs, which are my last animal food left! Crowding out is taking good ...

Umsteigen in Doha, Doha, Katar travel blog

Umsteigen in Doha

A travel blog entry by frasu


Beim Anflug auf Doha ging die Sonne langsam unter. der Flughafen war wie ein Lichtermeer vor uns. Als wir die klimatisierte Gangway runter gingen stieg uns langsam die 49 Grad heiße Luft in die Jeans hoch. Schnell in den auf 17 Grad gekühlten ...

People of the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

People of the Middle East

A travel blog entry by globe.trotter

... even a 0.1 % unemployment rate here. Its like they have more money then they know what to do with. My husband works here in Qatar and has a little different view. He thinks they are more on the demanding side and do have a unofficial caste system, i don't ...

Complete sensory experience, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Complete sensory experience

A travel blog entry by luarzepol


Some pictures, I know you have all seen.  Some descriptions of what I have eaten, I have tried to convey, and boy have I talked about what I feel. From the weather to the sand in my mouth, "feelings" you all get up the Waa zoo. So, before I get ...

Katar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamil17


Katar hat laut Airline Info das hoechste pro Kopf einkommen der Welt! So trafen wir nach ca. 6 Stunden Flug nach netten gespraechen mit meinem Sitznachbarn, einem philippinischen Businessman im naechtlichen Doha an. 40 grad Celsius inbegriffen. Auch der ...

A Whole Cooked Camel for only Riyal 1,500, Doha, Qatar travel blog

A Whole Cooked Camel for only Riyal 1,500

A travel blog entry by janeben

Met Dad & Irene in Doha (after a transit in Dubai). Settled in to Dad's house at Beverley Hills Gardens and went for a quick lunch at The Villagio.  Still had the wing closed after the fire and the crèche accident but otherwise full of ...

Mint Lemonade, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Mint Lemonade

A travel blog entry by janeben

A day spent sightseeing around Doha with Dad & Irene.  First stop a drive around The Corniche and through the city centre. The Corniche is a paved promenade which runs the length of the vast Doha Bay.  Gives a totally relaxing ...

Barzan, Umm Salal Mohammed, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by neelsk


Bazran is an old fort in the town of Umm Salal Mohammed.  One of the main attractions (well, actually the ONLY attraction) of this little town, is Bazran, an old fort.  The architecture is typical arabic as you can see here ...

Feeling Sick, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Feeling Sick

A travel blog entry by luarzepol

We are both sick now. They call it Desert Cough, but I am just having a hard time breathing, talking and swallowing. Dino is about the same as well. We wanted to visit the Islamic museum today, I guess we are going to stay home watch our crappy two ...

Excursions and Excitement, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Excursions and Excitement

A travel blog entry by oneofthefools


... of trees. After a bit of driving around one town and discovering that the old road was blocked by construction (which there is everywhere in Qatar), we found another place to go near the water. It was more of a marsh, not a beach, and the low tide left ...

Drinkies!, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by victoriajayne


... . I don't have to teach PE, Music, French, Arabic (which is good as I don't speak any Arabic!), Islamic Studies or History of Qatar, but I do have to cover citizenship instead of Islamic studies. It's a shame that the children in the Arabic class using my ...

Dumbfounded in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dumbfounded in Doha

A travel blog entry by oneofthefools


... that came out told me that it was for horses. We kept talking for a bit, and he eventually started talking about the Qatar foundation, the funding behind everything. He said that although they have so much money, that the guards are contracted out, and ...

Počasi proti domu, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Počasi proti domu

A travel blog entry by mi3ha


Danes ponoči je ravno v moji sobi potekal MotoGP in to okoli moje glave (beri:komarji), tako sem se okoli 3h zbudil in pričel lomastiti, petnajst sem jih dobil (10:15 piki:jaz). Zjutraj zbašem še zadnje cunje v nahrbtnik, pojem zadnjo ...

São Paulo -> Kathmandu via Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

São Paulo -> Kathmandu via Doha

A travel blog entry by emakyama


A Asia fica longe, muito longe. O itinerário menos penoso é através de Doha, pela Qatar Airways. Ainda assim, tivemos que esperar 9 horas na conexão. Verifiquem antes de sair do Brasil se compensa já esquematizar um hotel para dormir em Doha. Nós ...

Ooh, Shiny!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Ooh, Shiny!

A travel blog entry by lochlanjw

Driving from the airport along the corniche to Doha's diplomatic quarter during the evening, you could be forgiven for thinking you have arrived not just in another country but on another planet. Neon blue buildings glitter in the distant haze, ...

Doha to London, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha to London

A travel blog entry by tomodea

Doha to London - Qatar QR11, Boeing 777-300ER - Seats 2A & 2B ...

The Best Airline in the World? I don't think so!!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Best Airline in the World? I don't think so!!

A travel blog entry by only_in_the_usa

Nothing much to say or remember except it certainly didn't do anything out there to make us feel special. EXCEPT...airport staff at Doha took pity on an old lady with her walking stick and put us on the back of a little cart and took us to our next gate ...

On the road to home, Doha, Qatar travel blog

On the road to home

A travel blog entry by inhovea


A short train ride to the Zurich airport and through security where I once again had my carry-on checked. Last time it was my iPad, this time an ornament I bought in London. All good and we were on our way. Zurich airport is pretty good, lots of shops ...

At Doha airport..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

At Doha airport...

A travel blog entry by sw19mike


.. to change planes. Thousands of people queueing for "transfer screening". But as our bags are checked through to Bangkok we can't miss the next leg .. can ...

Dukhan, Dukhan, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by philip.hamblin


I was up early for my taxi to Heathrow Airport. It was quite exciting as I was going on my first site work trip in Qatar, a country that I had never been to before. I was also quite excited as it was my first trip on an Emirates airbus A380. I'm quite a ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by pabloyvero


V. pues son las cinco de la mañana y hace solazo en Doha!hemos dormido en unas sillas cómodas tipo tumbonas con mantita y todo!Son ocho horas de escala pero en un par de horitas nos vamos para Bangok!el viaje se nos ha pasado volandoooo jajaja noshan ...

Doha - wow!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha - wow!

A travel blog entry by geoffnkaye


... and less hassle, and both of us had a real sense of excitement - were we really going to be travelling for nearly 5 months?. Qatar airlines were great to fly with. The business class was a real treat, and we enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne before ...

No sign of the Doha Camels!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

No sign of the Doha Camels!

A travel blog entry by simonandamanda


After a reasonably comfortable night we enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast in a restaurant which was surprisingly well appointed, very modern and nice. The waiters were also very pleasant and we enjoyed our meal.  With only one day to look ...

We are off!, Doha Qatar, Qatar travel blog

We are off!

A travel blog entry by lowryfamily


... flight so far is the food. In addition to receiving several treats, the lunch meal was really pretty and it was also traditional Qatar food which I have never had before.  They also served Haagen Dazs Ice Cream!   I wasn't looking forward ...

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