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Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by globetrotterch

... per quel poco tempo che ci ho passato andava piů che bene! Tante belle moto da tutta la regione (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala e Messico), e la sera una festa in spiaggia con concerto live. Domenica, dopo un po' ...

Day 16, 17: Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Day 16, 17: Leon

A travel blog entry by sstrauch

Mel and i spent the last 2 days in Leon, Nicaragua. Leon is a traditionally liberal city with statues and memorials to the Sandanista revolution all over town. (And graffitied in the main square is ¨Genocidal Bush: Death to the Imperial Invader¨... ...

Bye bye Casa Feliz, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Bye bye Casa Feliz

A travel blog entry by heidsontour


I guess it was going to be difficult for the next place to live up to where we had just come from but we really were`nt pushed on this place.  It was OK though.  The first day we did a horse-back tour along the "beach" and went up to visit the ...

LEAVING THE UK FOR NICARAGUA, Matiguas, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidseaton


... cut the country from north to south some still active, others, dormant monsters dominating the landscape for miles around.  Nicaragua also boasts the second largest lake in Latin America - Lake Managua being some 100 miles long and 80 miles wide. ...

Une ile-volcans, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Une ile-volcans

A travel blog entry by poledd


... qu'aux bull sharks qui peuplent ces eaux douces. C'est en effet une caracteristique assez extraordinaire du lac nicaragua: il heberge des requins taureaux (requins de mer pelagiques de 2-3 metres potentiellement dangeureux pour l'homme). Malheureusement ...

Managua (Nicaragua), Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Managua (Nicaragua)

A travel blog entry by wgielen


... en ondertussen kun je niet verder reizen. In het hostel kwam ik een Nederlandse (Wieteke) tegen die stage loopt in Nicaragua vanuit de landbouwuniversiteit te Wageningen. Wieteke kon de stad goed en heeft mij de volgende dag een rondleiding gegeven ...

Fun in Managua, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Fun in Managua

A travel blog entry by ebmargit


... some history below: It was a Lutheran ordination, and from what I've figured out, IELNIC (Iglesia Evangelica Luterana de Nicaragua) has split off from the Lutheran synod recognized by the ELCA because of political issues. Here's the short version of ...

Dreamcatcher Eco-Surf House, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Dreamcatcher Eco-Surf House

A travel blog entry by steveandjenna


The last 2 weeks have been spent staying at The Dreamcatcher Surfhouse. Whilst there has been a fair bit of construction going on, we've had a really good relaxing time and are loving not having to pack and repack our bags for the first time in almost 8 ...

Treehouse Jungle Hostel, Nicaragua, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Treehouse Jungle Hostel, Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by teamsharry


... Juan del Sur after loving this little Nica town. And it wasn't long before we learnt that travelling on chicken buses in Nicaragua is an experience in itself����. We boarded one bus headed for Rivas and then halfway through the ...

Lovely Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Lovely Leon

A travel blog entry by wavegirl77

Back in the heat, we relunctantly left the beach to in search of better waves.  Now we are in Leon, a hot hot hot city!  There are supposedly protests here from the disputed election results, but so far we we have just experienced peaceful, ...

Riding that magic yoga mat in the sky!, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Riding that magic yoga mat in the sky!

A travel blog entry by silvergirl10


... 're looking forward to hitting the road again to backpack on February 1st we leave El Camino Del Sol to visit a few more places in Nicaragua before heading north to El Salvador.  On March 2nd we fly from San Pedro Sula, Honduras back to the US.  ...

Day 4 already, Masaya, Nicaragua travel blog

Day 4 already

A travel blog entry by uvmchacocente


About a month ago I started to think seriously about what this trip would be like and how best to get ready. I knew that learning the language would open up so many more opportunities and so I got serious and started the Spanish for "Dummies" cd while ...

Playaas, selvas tropicales, fincas, El Castillo, Nicaragua travel blog

Playaas, selvas tropicales, fincas

A travel blog entry by deirdreandbrock


... included swimming in some volcanic springs that gush out 700 gallons of fresh spring water every minute and swimming in the huge Lago Nicaragua.  We wanted to hike up to the top of Volcan Maderas, but due to the stomach virus we were fighting off we ...

Nicaragua - Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicaragua - Granada

A travel blog entry by saanddk


Hola Charlotte here: As described, our trip through Honduras and into Nicaragua wasn´t exactly easy going. For a week or so it seemed that we were going in the direction of increasing entropy and most days were hot, sweaty, dusty and generally hard ...

Nicaragua - Corn Islands, Corn Islands, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicaragua - Corn Islands

A travel blog entry by saanddk


... sure whether that was intentional, or a result of the inability to pressurise the cabin!) so we had an amazing view of Lake Nicaragua, the lush jungle and ultimately the Carribean Sea, as we flew towards the islands. The Corn Islands are two islands ...

Nicaragua - Isla De Ometepe, Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicaragua - Isla De Ometepe

A travel blog entry by saanddk


... mainland. This time we left Managua, heading straight past Granada to a town called San Jorge on the banks of Lake Nicaragua. We would then catch a ferry (or "lancha", more like a privately owned large fisherman´s boat) across to the geographically ...

Private Island for a Day, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Private Island for a Day

A travel blog entry by aliciatravels


Granada is built on the shore of lake Nicaragua, a massive body of water that covers 7% of the country's landmass. A series of tiny islands (islettas) dot the water close to Granada, an apparent after effect of a nearby volcanic explosion thousands of ...

We hiked an active volcano!, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

We hiked an active volcano!

A travel blog entry by los2gringos

We were picked up this morning at 5:30 AM and headed over to the base of Telica volcano. We were on a 4x4, tall truck, needed becau the rocks on the road were enormous. We started to hike just before 7:00 AM and hiked through thin volcanic sand/ash and ...

Back to the west coast- San Juan Del Sur, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Back to the west coast- San Juan Del Sur

A travel blog entry by thomasgillam


We are on the SW coast of Nicaragua. It is hot and humid. We stayed here for 5 days and enjoyed each and every one of them. Nice beach resort with some upscale restaurants up the hill from the beach. The better places have better food. It was fun to have ...

Surfs up in Jiquilillo, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Surfs up in Jiquilillo

A travel blog entry by hastie_gringo


Cerro Negro A volcano just outside Leon and scene of a horrendous mtn bike crash in 2002 while Eric "the red baron" Barone was attempting to set a world mtn bike speed record. 11 years later, and probably after a lengthy recovery he managed to break the ...

Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by beneches


... shuttle bus to Managua where we quickly changed to one going to Leon. This was possibly the most comfortably journey I have had in Nicaragua. It cost us C$51 (just over U$2) and it was air conditioned. We checked into the Hostel and went to explore the ...

Myndir frŕ Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Myndir frŕ Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by aventura


Myndir hčdan og thadan frŕ ...

in the land of active volcanoes -Central Nicaragua, Masaya, Nicaragua travel blog

in the land of active volcanoes -Central Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... laguny Masaya, kterou tu, tak jako i spoustu dalších lagun a jezer v celé Nikaragui, vytvořila sopečná aktivita. Nicaragua je země, která má vůbec nejvíce aktivních sopek z celé Střední Ameriky.Když jsme ráno ...

Walkin' 'Round, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Walkin' 'Round

A travel blog entry by jelli

There's something in my shoe. It must be a rock, it's kind of sharp. I wiggle my toes and walk slightly gimpy so that I can find it a position in which it can rest without bothering me. It moves about at every step. So, I step at a strange pace and in a ...

Lazybones in Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Lazybones in Leon

A travel blog entry by marmaladejenn


... to the main beach after the tour, it was crawling with people, drinking and having a good time. Apparently, Christmas Day in Nicaragua is like Spring Break in the U.S.  I love Nicaragua. Oh yeah, I also visited the Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian, which ...

Wander around Granada and off to Ometepe Island, Moyogalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Wander around Granada and off to Ometepe Island

A travel blog entry by mini_v


Despite the late night, woke up at 7am grrrr (4hrs of sleep is not good!). Didn't want to wake up Myriam so slipped out and had an early brekkie using the internet at the hotel restaurant. Then a quick walking tour of Granada - the market which was so ...

Back from the northern mountains, Masaya, Nicaragua travel blog

Back from the northern mountains

A travel blog entry by sstrauch

Hey, a quick message that mel and i have emerged from the nothern mountains of nicaragua. After Tisey, we spent 2 nights in Esteli, 5 nights at the Finca Esperanza Verde, a night in Matagalpa and tonight in Masaya, then tomorrow it´s home to ...

Big Waves., San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Big Waves.

A travel blog entry by astralcars


Today was a very good day. It stared off not so good: we were going to go surfing again today, but had to make a deposit for our trip to Playa La Flor tomorrow. I don´t remember if I mentioned it, but we are going to Refugio de Vida Silvestre La Flor ...

Wij vs. vulkaan Momotombo (1260m), Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Wij vs. vulkaan Momotombo (1260m)

A travel blog entry by jotoon

... ze zelfs stoofvlees met friet! Sevens vertrekken we op een spannende 2-daagse trektocht naar de top van de moeilijkste vulkaan van Nicaragua!! Zweet, bloed en tranen zal het ons kosten maar het uitzicht zal magnifiek zijn! We houden jullie op de hoogte ...

Dec 31, 2012, Poneloya, Nicaragua travel blog

Dec 31, 2012

A travel blog entry by jakobahman


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