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Nicaragua 3, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicaragua 3

A travel blog entry by sarahbrad


... 1.5kms out to sea right where we were staying and 6.2 on the scale! We next went to Isla Ometepe in the centre of Lake Nicaragua a huge lake 177km long that looks more like the sea! (The largest in Central America & 10th in the world). Rather than wait ...

Starting a project, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Starting a project

A travel blog entry by chris.wauman


... our media doesn't find important enough. And so we wrote an article about the celebration of the B-day of Hugo Chavez in Nicaragua (see here) and 2 articles about the Nicaragua canal. We were the first (and only) Belgian media that took over an ...

Not more Pandillas..., Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Not more Pandillas...

A travel blog entry by simontann

... guy as he was, I didn't really think it was a great idea to travel 4 hours into the middle of Nicaragua, to go into the wilderness with 13 toothless simpletons brandishing shot guns and riffles... the film Deliverance springs to mind!!! You ...

2 Volcano´s Or A Wonky Pool Table?, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

2 Volcano´s Or A Wonky Pool Table?

A travel blog entry by doove


... Utila again (Leon is the next town on the mostly idiot trail with most people skipping over some of the awesome things Northern Nicaragua has to offer). I spoke with a few Belgian people that had been staying there for a few days, during the time ...

Strung up and Potty for Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Strung up and Potty for Granada

A travel blog entry by sainty1

Ah the colonial gem of niguragua (Stop reading the guide book paul).  Is a nice colonial town with a lovely square and paved tourist area.  After a quick wonder round to see what is happening we decide that tele pizza is a good option for ...

Floundering in the surf, Jiquilillo, Nicaragua travel blog

Floundering in the surf

A travel blog entry by lisaviro1981

Jiquilillo is barely even a village, more a collection of tin roofed shacks held together with plastic bags and rusty boats lying on the beach. It`s beautiful and completely undeveloped, apart from a token 2 or 3 places to stay along the beach and a few ...

Mighty Nature, Rivas, Nicaragua travel blog

Mighty Nature

A travel blog entry by champa


The Volcan park proved to very interesting to see. Unfortunately, we had got there quite late and found that the visitor centre was already closed.  They were, however, willing to sell us tickets to view the volcano and would allow us to visit the ...

Lake, River, Rain, Boca Sabalos, Nicaragua travel blog

Lake, River, Rain

A travel blog entry by chris.wauman


Granada is the departure location for our discovery of south Nicaragua. And it was worth visiting! Only the third city in Central America I find worth visiting (next to Campeche, Mexico, and no. 1 Havana, Cuba), and not for some Maya ruins or nature ...

First contact with Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

First contact with Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by sebchant


... confortable hôtel Europeo. Managua ne présentant pas grand intérêt, nous avons décidé de visiter Granada et Lago de Nicaragua samedi avant d'aller rejoindre le bateau a la marina Puesta del Sol sur la cote ouest du Nicaragua. Granada est une ...

Another day on the buses, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Another day on the buses

A travel blog entry by chris74

After three long road trips I decided to splash out and get the 1st class Tica bus to the border.  These buses have comfy seats, air conditioning and even DVDs!  This is like heaven after a few days on a chicken bus. Eight hours later ...

Ometepe Island Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua travel blog

Ometepe Island Volcano

A travel blog entry by salsita

Opetepe is an island formed by twin volcanoes raising out of a lake.  Conception and Maderas lava flowed to create an isthmus between the two creating an island who's name is between 2 hills. We arrived by ferry that looked more like a type of ...

BREF [BRAVE] ELEPHANT by EDIE, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by prieststrip


Lunes 14 Junio Joseline and Lesta came round in the morning to help us for are maths.I was a bit mean to Joseline so I sed sorry. After lunch we went to the kids school and we went to watch some football matchis. I played in the park and fell off but was ...

Mi cumpleaños!!, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Mi cumpleaños!!

A travel blog entry by aoifenim


Had an absolutely gorgeous day for me burfday (David, my bro, thank you so much for bootiful card!)...we´ve been in Nicaragua since Sunday, spent a couple of days in Granada, which is really nice. I much preferred it to Antigua. Did a really cool volcano ...

Gal Pals in Rivas !, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Gal Pals in Rivas !

A travel blog entry by deedledee


The original plan this morning was to hop on the 9:30 chicken bus to Rivas, however Eunice volunteered to drive, so........the chicken bus will have to wait. We all met in front of BWD's at 9:00 am, then headed off to Rivas (about 15 minutes north) It's ...

Pacific coast, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Pacific coast

A travel blog entry by annarapp


After a ten hour journey from Costa Rica, we arrived at the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, in the colourful little town San Juan del Sur. Nicaragua I like a lot so far, not as touristique as Costa Rica, much cheaper, nice people, basic and natural somehow. ...

NICARAGUA part1, Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

NICARAGUA part1, Leon

A travel blog entry by mattock


... roads were being blocked on a massive scale, but we managesd to get to our first stop ok the picturesque colonial town of Leon. Nicaragua is so hot that you sweat just from sneazing!  I couldnt believe it when the cheap hostel i chose had a ...

Through the Nicaragua roads, Somoto, Nicaragua travel blog

Through the Nicaragua roads

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Ronald Reagan--Asshole, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Ronald Reagan--Asshole

A travel blog entry by 12thousand500


... in Central America, and has also evidently expanded public education, and is pretty popular at the moment.  Nevertheless,  Nicaragua remains the second poorest country in the Americas after Haiti.  But I won't belabor the impact of ...

Getting Better in Surfing at Maderas Beach, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Getting Better in Surfing at Maderas Beach

A travel blog entry by pavel.jares

Zdravim vsechny priznivce cestovani :) Dnes jsem stravil dalsi nadherny den na plazi Maderas. Tentokrat jsme si s Magnusem (klucina z Norska) a par kotatama vypujcili surf a pekne si zasurfovali. Uz delam pokroky a dokazu se udrzet na prkne. ;) Velka ...

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by mtrm


Sorry, Czech translation only for now, EN will come later San Juan del Sur je místo pro milovníky moře, dlouhé krásné písčité pláže na samotném jihu Nikaragui nabízí super relax anebo i aktivní vyžití, zejména surfing, ...

Working as a volunteer in a community center, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Working as a volunteer in a community center

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


This morning I woke up at 6:00, as I didn't do much on my study last night.. I was tired.. weird.. So I had to catch up this morning before class..After that I did my morning things.. And went to my school around 7:55.. I had my lesson till approx ...

Back to Managua again, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Back to Managua again

A travel blog entry by blowstein


Hello everyone, Tracy here. After the relaxing sun an fun of San Juan Del Sur we headed back to Managua again for me to catch a flight to San Francisco, CA for two weeks to visit with my grandmother. Eric stayed behind, and we decided it would be best ...

Exploring Nicaraguan Island Life, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Exploring Nicaraguan Island Life

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


... seem to have come through them 100%. We then caught the ferry across to the fairytale Isla de Ometepe in the massive Lago Nicaragua. The island was one of the strangest places we visited and has so much potential with the twin volcanoes rising out of ...

Full Moon Volcano Hike, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Full Moon Volcano Hike

A travel blog entry by bmlequer

So the four of us: Nur, Adam, Lien and I signed up for the fool moon hike up Volcan Tenika.  They started by feeding us an amazing cheese pasta, you know, like the one's mom's used to make, and we were off at 10:30 pm.  So by flashlight we ...

Boat trip in the mangrove of Isla Juan Venado, Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve , Nicaragua travel blog

Boat trip in the mangrove of Isla Juan Venado

A travel blog entry by hilde


... and the coast grows a mangrove forest. Juan Venado is 22km long and forms one of the important protected areas in Nicaragua. It is part of the country's national park system and is well-known as a vital coastal wetland region. At a local ...

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the Sun, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the Sun

A travel blog entry by candcsmith


... Nicaragua´s history when we get home. Especially to check out names like Samosa, Sandino, William Walker and the U.S. involvement with Nicaragua.  Christmas dinner was pre-booked  all of us had a lot of fun. We shared adventures and ...

Hangin' at the Beach with the Folks, Pochomil, Nicaragua travel blog

Hangin' at the Beach with the Folks

A travel blog entry by garrettgetschow


After a two-hour cab ride, and a few unsuccessful attempts to find a hotel room, we ended up booking in VistaMar resort right on the water with an amazing view of the Pacific. We passed the two days and two nights enjoying fresh seafood, beautiful ...

The ride from hell, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

The ride from hell

A travel blog entry by smyth

... have to be problematic. And then a similar experience, although not as frantic as we crossed into Honduras. Getting to Managua,Nicaragua was great, but after what we had heard about the city we wanted out...of course the bus stations are always in ...

Pedicabs, Rivas, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by limehybrid


... to the border of Nicaragua. After that it took about the same amount of time to get our passports stamped, walk a kilometer between Nicaragua and Costa Rica (what thats called I don´t know) and get our passports stamped agian and get another cab. We are ...

Nicarague here we come!, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

Nicarague here we come!

A travel blog entry by jotoon


Hoi hoi! Vandaag hebben we het meer toeristische Costa Rica achter ons gelaten. Na een vermoeiende busreis waarin we, geperst tussen locals als sardinen in een blik 3 uur hebben rechtgestaan, zijn we aangekomen in een gezellig strand stadje geliefd ...

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