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Ende, Ende, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Ende ...

Moni, Moni, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Moni ...

Maumere, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Maumere ...

Hunting Komodo Dragons By Camera, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Hunting Komodo Dragons By Camera

A travel blog entry by dreamchasers


Three days after taking off on our boat adventure, we arrived at the Komodo National Park, and began our mission of " Hunting Komodo Dragons by Camera".  We would eventually visit both of their island habitats - Komodo Island and Rinca Island, on ...

Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesien travel blog

Komodo Island

A travel blog entry by weflyaway


Nach einigen Tagen auf dem Boot, haben wir nun wieder festen Boden unter den Füssen. Im Komodo Nationalpark haben wir einige interessante Sachen ...

Wackybubak, Sumba, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


I'm losing track of days here, especially without the internet. The biggest loss is not being able to check the swell forecast, facebook, and the Mets. Oh, and to see if anyone has commented on my blog. :) According to my computer, today is Friday. I ...

Day 1 Kertosono - Surabaya - Kuala Lumpur, Kertosono, Indonesia travel blog

Day 1 Kertosono - Surabaya - Kuala Lumpur

A travel blog entry by edo.halim

Kertosono - Surabaya - Kuala Lumpur. Monday, 8 October 2012. Today I begin my journey to South Korea. I can not tell you much, because this whole day, I will be flying with AirAsia. We should carry a neck pillow. So we can use that to reduce fatigue and ...

Flower Island, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Flower Island

A travel blog entry by moniandjason


... on the beach. We stayed at a diving resort owned by a German Catholic priest (yes, they seem to have different rules her in Indonesia). With its calm water, it was hard to imagine that a large Tsunami had hit this coast in Maumere a few decades ago. ...

RHEVIN YG GENIUS, KEBUMEN, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rhevin



A brief and rather uneventful return, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

A brief and rather uneventful return

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


It was another gruelling thirteen hour journey back to Labuan Bajo and it was around 8pm before we arrived. We tried to get into a different hotel but it was about a three day walk up a steep hill, so we gave in and went back to the mozzie pit ...

Islas de Rinca y Komodo, Labuanbajo,  Indonesia travel blog

Islas de Rinca y Komodo

A travel blog entry by mariaythomas


Viaje de dos días en un pequeño barco de madera por las islas de Rinca y Komodo. Pasajeros: un australiano achicharrado, una rusa aficionada a la cerveza. Tripulación: el capitán y dos marineros. Día 1: Rinca, donde vimos ...

Time to see the dragons, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Time to see the dragons

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


Although named after Komodo island, we went to see the Komodo Dragons on the nearby island of Rinca (pronounced Rin-cha). Both islands have similar dragon populations but on Rinca you are more likely to see them, there is more varied wildlife and it is ...

Aloha from the Aloha Hotel, Waikabubak, Sumba, Indonesia travel blog

Aloha from the Aloha Hotel

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


I'm in the dirtiest Internet cafe I've ever seen, in one of the ugliest towns I've ever seen. But it's down the block from my hotel (the Hotel Aloha) and the Mets are in second place, six games over .500 so all is well. I'm going to try to download as ...

Vroeg op, Oost-Nusa Tenggara, Indonesië travel blog

Vroeg op

A travel blog entry by lien_huysmans

Om 3u30 uit ons bedje gesprongen om de kelimutu vulkaan te beklimmen om zonsopgang te zien. En rara, in gietende regen in het donker, maar mét zaklamp, naar boven. Zichtbaarheid op de top noppes, spijtig maar helaas. Dan maar een dagje 'bussen' naar ...

Robinson eiland, Oost-Nusa Tenggara, Indonesië travel blog

Robinson eiland

A travel blog entry by lien_huysmans


Bootje gehuurd om via een eiland met daarop 'vliegende honden' terecht te komen op een onbewoond eilandje. 's middags bbq op 'the beach' :) en voor de rest níks gedaan! Het meest productiefste was nog schelpjes zoeken in de branding ;) O ja, ...

Takaisin kaupunkiin, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Takaisin kaupunkiin

A travel blog entry by jais

Takaisin Labuanbajoon pariksi päiväksi. Kadulla törmäsin sattumalta tuttuun jonka kanssa matkustin pari viikkoa aiemmin Javalla ja Balilla. Illalla mentiin paikalliseen ravintolaan illalliselle. ...

Berangkat dari Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Berangkat dari Kupang

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Berangkat dari rumah ke Bandara Eltari. Setengah jam dengan ...

seraya, seraya island, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by renzo59


The land borders between Indonesia and Timor-Leste, Atambua, Indonesia travel blog

The land borders between Indonesia and Timor-Leste

A travel blog entry by massri

Atambua is a small town close to the land border in the East Sector, between the Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) and the Timor-Leste ...

Nov 10, 2012, Ponorogo, Indonesia travel blog

Nov 10, 2012

A travel blog entry by hjulmann


Going to School!, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Going to School!

A travel blog entry by jasonandgaryn


We woke up at about 5:30am and got ready to head to the market with Jenny. We met her outside and the bemo was there ready to take us. Just like every ride in Flores, this one was also slow and windy. When the bemo stopped about 25 minutes later, Jenny ...

Ugh, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by burty

17th and 18th September - Labuan Bajo to Lombok A monster journey starts today, we're catching the first ferry at 7am which will take us accross to the first island, then we get a bus to the other side of that island, then another ferry and a final ...

Rinca Island- Don't wear red...too late..., West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Rinca Island- Don't wear red...too late...

A travel blog entry by kennethq


After reading up on Rinca Island last night, the one thing a few people stated was not to wear red as it may attract the Komodo Dragons towards you. Apparently there are a lot more Komodo's on Rinca than the actual Komodo Island and it was only a two ...

Flores and Komodo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Flores and Komodo

A travel blog entry by sylvaarjen


Coming to Flores was like travelling back in time. Bali has developed after years of tourism but this is not the case for Flores. We image Flores to be like Bali 30 years ago when mass tourisme didn't find it's way there yet.They are building a new ...

Las faldas del Kelimutu, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Las faldas del Kelimutu

A travel blog entry by leandroop


Dormimos plácidamente a los pies del volcán Kelimatu, recuperando fuerzas para el día siguiente. El hostal estaba justo pasado el cruce de la carretera principal con el desvío al Parque Nacional. Un lugar apañado. Por la noche hace bastante frío a ...

Last day in Borneo, Tanjung Harapan, Indonesia travel blog

Last day in Borneo

A travel blog entry by josep7778


Tonight we have been able to sleep like babies. One more excellent breakfast and return to Camp Leakey, to take last photos of Princess, Percy, Tom and all the others. Sign in the visitors book, and get on board to go down the river, enjoying nature and ...

Bima - > Labuanbajo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Bima - > Labuanbajo

A travel blog entry by travelove

Do Bima docieramy o 4:00 rano i by zaoszczedzic czas musimy za wszelka cene dostac sie do portu w Sape. 9h prom do Labuanbajo odplywa tylko raz dziennie o 8:00. Placimy 20000 Rp/os., choc podobno 10000 powinno ich zadowolic. W porcie podchodzi do nas ...

Drachen und Fische, Pulau Bidadari (Komodo Nationalpark), Indonesia travel blog

Drachen und Fische

A travel blog entry by flureskaya


Von Bali aus flogen wir nochmals eine Zeitzone ostwärts und landeten in Labuanbajo auf der indonesischen Insel Flores. Als weitere Religionsvariante Indonesiens sind hier 85% der Menschen katholisch. Wir blieben nicht auf der Hauptinsel sondern ...

Pantai Nusa, Nusa, Indonesia travel blog

Pantai Nusa

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Pantai ...

Berjuang, Atambua, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by akhir_p

aku menjadi Asisten Site Manager buat Menara Seluler ikut PT. MENARA META ...

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