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Flight Time At Palembang Airport, Palembang, Indonesia travel blog

Flight Time At Palembang Airport

A travel blog entry by venoth


... reach the airport. The check in procedures were at the utmost efficiency that one can ever expect in Indonesia.  This is mainly because the Palembang Immigration officers were already used to international tourists during the SEA Games ...

Having a disappointing first day in Bali, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Having a disappointing first day in Bali

A travel blog entry by myslowtravel


Dagens turist-helvede-liste - at få en kun halvt gennemstegt banan pandekage (føj) - at alle sælgerne blev ved med at tage fat i vores arme og generelt var vanvittigt nærgående - at komme ned til Kuta Beach og se stranden være FYLDT med skrald - ...

Green Canyon, Pangandaran, Indonesia travel blog

Green Canyon

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

The day didn't start as well as it would progress into. At 8am we weren't entirely sure what was happening as the bloke hadn't returned last night to let us know. No one was around for surfing so we went up for breakfast (chocolate bannana pancakes ...

My World 2.0 (hahah), Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

My World 2.0 (hahah)

A travel blog entry by torrihorness


... in order to be here.  My ordinary day-to-day has been temporarily cancelled as I adopt a new day-to-day here in Indonesia (and even a new "day," considering the 12-hour time difference). I wonder what that’s doing to me. I haven’t thought ...

Lovina, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by emmabennett


So we arrived in Bali after a LONG day. The boat crossing took about 30 minutes and then the car took about 2 hours. We could instantly see that Bali was very different to Java. Bali was filled with other white people and they had actual tarmac roads ...

beach and rain today, Sanur, Indonesia travel blog

beach and rain today

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


really busy on the beach today, looks like all the locals come out to play on a sunday. We had a little while on the beach before it rained, it rained quite hard for about an hour and then it just stopped and the sun came out. We have been here for a ...

Gili Tra La La, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Tra La La

A travel blog entry by gemmakonrad

I am currently in the Gili Islands, which are a series of small islands in Indonesian, just off Lombok, having spent a very nice week in London catching up with friends and family! We are staying on Gili Trawangan (known by locals as Gili Tra La La ...

Ijen volcano and sulphur mining, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Ijen volcano and sulphur mining

A travel blog entry by witek

Local sulphur mining is the hardest job I have seen anywhere around the world. ...

Aussie land, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Aussie land

A travel blog entry by witek

This is like an Aussie colony. Decided to rent a motorbike and go on a trip around the island. ...

Balmy Bali, Denpasur, Indonesia travel blog

Balmy Bali

A travel blog entry by brendapeterd


Well we've both agreed it seems a long time ago we arrived here in Bali in the wee small hours of the morning on Tuesday the 12th of Sept. Got off to a real bad start, took ages to get through immigration, then big hassle with airport porters ...

Bali Beaches, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Bali Beaches

A travel blog entry by bshorts


Apparently Bali is a real cultural hotspot with a rich history of its own unique Hinduism in the midst of an Islamic area, heroic revolution and tragic defeat by colonial powers. I say apparently because we never quite made it that far, getting stuck at ...

Dream it up and make it happen!, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Dream it up and make it happen!

A travel blog entry by hilivin


... we rode in last night on our moped from Jakarta. He said we were very lucky. That is the most dangerous highway in all of Indonesia he said. Three people in two separate accidents died that day we came over. He said the buses don't stop or even slow down ...

Komodo National Park, Komodo Island, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by indoadventure


We sailed all night, and this time the 2 of us moved our matresses up to the front of the boat, where we could enjoy the stars, fresh air and slightly less noise from the engine! We woke up to a beautiful sunrise, had banana pancakes for breakfast and ...

Relax by the pool in Manggis, Manggis, Indonesia travel blog

Relax by the pool in Manggis

A travel blog entry by jasmins_world

We arrived at the lovely Alila Hotel in Manggis after a rainy but luckily not too bumpy boat ride. Once checked in we relaxed by the pool and on our little balcony for a while enjoying the complementary ginger tea and little local snacks. Afterwards I ...

Komodo Part II: Sea, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Part II: Sea

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


Seeing Komodo dragons was very cool, but for us the real wildlife action was underwater. First of all, we had the best divemasters I've ever had in 15 years of diving. It was a young couple who are trying to break into conservation work. She’s an ...

Great island, amazing beaches, dive & tsunami, Iboih, Indonesia travel blog

Great island, amazing beaches, dive & tsunami

A travel blog entry by kamsani


... were back on the motorcycle. This time, we rode all the way up to the northernmost tip of the island (perhaps the northernmost of Indonesia too?) and waited for the sunset. It was beautiful but it was a bit scary going back to Iboih after that because it ...

Soul sistars!!!, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

Soul sistars!!!

A travel blog entry by s.lukaszewicz


Indonesia for me is divided by either a real Indonesia ( culture, no tourists) or a touristic holiday areas (those places does not count for me as a part of a country I am in). I don't think I have to mention which one I prefer! But these days I'm hanging ...

Ternate, Ternate, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


... hotellin ravintolan ruokalistalta parasta mahdollista ruokaa: ternatelaiseen tapaan mautettuja tonnikalapihveja. ENAK! PEMILU INDONESIA eli vaalipaiva 9.4.2009: Voisiko lomaileva poliitikko ja Indonesia-addikti keksia mielenkiintoisempaa ...

Tickets or no tickets?!, Samosir, Indonesia travel blog

Tickets or no tickets?!

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


Booked a flight to Banda Aceh today and leave tomorrow... This really is a dream come true and I absolutely can not wait. Every day that I travel I feel privileged to be able to do and see so many things but the opportunity to experience, and witness ...

Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

Mount Bromo

A travel blog entry by emmabennett


We had another long drive to Mount Bromo. The roads got very bad as we started driving uphill. I had been having a nap and when I woke up there was THICK cloud and visibility was about a metre or two, not only this, we were driving up against the side of ...

prijazni sulawesi, Gorontalo (melati hotel), Indonesia travel blog

prijazni sulawesi

A travel blog entry by repa01

Zivjo! Koncno se oglasava. Od zadnjega oglasanja namrec nisva imela dostopa do neta, marsikje niso imeli elektrike, kaj sele racunalnike. No, kmalu po zadnjem javljanju sva se odpravila na otok Bunaken. Korale so bile res izjemne, medtem ko je ...

Scootering around Bukit Peninsula, Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia travel blog

Scootering around Bukit Peninsula

A travel blog entry by polomuiriu


Well it`s just me left in Bali now, seems like almost everyone else has left and the enw batch hasn`t fully arrived yet. Back in Kuta I was hanging around with Florian from Germany and Barbara from Belgium. I mety both of them on the way to Lovina and ...

Von Singapur nach Bali, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Von Singapur nach Bali

A travel blog entry by travelfishes


Den halben Tag Singapur verbringen wir in diversen Shops rund ums Hotel und auch noch an der Orchard Road. Nachmittags im 16 Uhr gehts dann mit Air Asia ab nach Denpasar. 3 Stunden später ziehen wir am Flughafen ATM die ersten indonesischen Rupiah, da ...

Gili-brat ion, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Gili-brat ion

A travel blog entry by erinallison

... accommodations.  After we were settled in, Pia recommended we head to Chill Out Bar for tasty burgers and ice cold Bintangs, Indonesia's fabulous cheap beer (Bintang means star and as one helpful person pointed out, you will see them if you drink too ...

Day 115: 24 hour notice, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Day 115: 24 hour notice

A travel blog entry by johnnyandamber


It feels like we never slept in Bangkok. We had to be up early to pack and eat before our flight to Jakarta. I got the time of the flight wrong but we still got to the airport in time for check in. I was really too tired to worry about it and I think the ...

Orientation, DC, Jakarta, 1st days in Jogja, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Orientation, DC, Jakarta, 1st days in Jogja

A travel blog entry by benjamindo

Borobudur ...

The beginning of our Flores adventure..., Wodong, Indonesia travel blog

The beginning of our Flores adventure...

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


... somewhere and after 10 minutes a young guy arrived and took us to "his" resort. It's weird how things work here in Indonesia...I like it ;) The resort was nice and quite with the bungalow by the beach, unfortunately the food was terrible, so after only ...

Sinabung and Sibayak - Volcanoes, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Sinabung and Sibayak - Volcanoes

A travel blog entry by missguttridge


Some of the strongest earthquakes and most powerful volcanic eruptions on the planet happen on the island of Sumatra. It can be a very dangerous place to live! Earlier this year a volcano called Mount Sinabung erupted covering villages in ash and killing ...

Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by richyallum


Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moskovskaja


Ubud, das kulturelle Zentrum Balis umgeben von unzaehligen ...

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