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Day 115: 24 hour notice, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Day 115: 24 hour notice

A travel blog entry by johnnyandamber


It feels like we never slept in Bangkok. We had to be up early to pack and eat before our flight to Jakarta. I got the time of the flight wrong but we still got to the airport in time for check in. I was really too tired to worry about it and I think the ...

Orientation, DC, Jakarta, 1st days in Jogja, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Orientation, DC, Jakarta, 1st days in Jogja

A travel blog entry by benjamindo

Borobudur ...

The beginning of our Flores adventure..., Wodong, Indonesia travel blog

The beginning of our Flores adventure...

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


... somewhere and after 10 minutes a young guy arrived and took us to "his" resort. It's weird how things work here in Indonesia...I like it ;) The resort was nice and quite with the bungalow by the beach, unfortunately the food was terrible, so after only ...

Sinabung and Sibayak - Volcanoes, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Sinabung and Sibayak - Volcanoes

A travel blog entry by missguttridge


Some of the strongest earthquakes and most powerful volcanic eruptions on the planet happen on the island of Sumatra. It can be a very dangerous place to live! Earlier this year a volcano called Mount Sinabung erupted covering villages in ash and killing ...

Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by richyallum


Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moskovskaja


Ubud, das kulturelle Zentrum Balis umgeben von unzaehligen ...

Elephant rides and

Elephant rides and "Ryan's adventure tours"

A travel blog entry by baliaussietrip


On with our adventure, On our to do list for Bali it was agreed by all that we had to ride elephants. Normally we hire a taxi, but over two weeks into the trip i decided it was finally time to drive on the left side of the road! So we rented a van that ...

Day 4, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


Woke a bit earlier this morning there was a dog barking somewhere. Annoys me at home and on holiday, not a pleasant sound. Had our coffee on porch and read the iPad for news and emails etc. By the time daughter woke and we showered and had breakfast, I ...

Ubud Art Galleries, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud Art Galleries

A travel blog entry by bee.sass

On the day after Nyepi, known as Ngembak Geni, social activity picks up again quickly, as families and friends gather to ask forgiveness from one another, and to perform certain religious rituals together. However a number of stores are still closed as ...

Kuta, the ahem, slut of Bali, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta, the ahem, slut of Bali

A travel blog entry by anna_nicola

Arriving dazed and confused at the airport, having only just made the flight after some emergency ticket buying at Singapore airport to ensure we got our Indonesian visas, we got our first taste of Bali: the airport taxi fixed price monopoly rip-off, ...

Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by anna_nicola


Forced to cough up serious dollars for the obligatory "shuttle bus" to Ubud, (tourists are not allowed anywhere near local transport of any kind) we made sure we got full value for money and had the drivers load and carry our bags and drive us ...

Bali, Amed, Bali, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by daniandsara


... was absolutely no need to pretend that we were Canadian... the people were so genuinely nice. Yes, there was a volcanic eruption/ earthquake in Indonesia during our time there, but it was on the island of Java, the next island over, and we had no idea it ...

Uluwatu temple, Uluwatu, Indonesia travel blog

Uluwatu temple

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


Today was a recovery day.  I was hit by a bad head cold and wasp sting (brutal) on my foot.  We hit up "In Salt" for lunch where the Nasi and deep fried whole fish was amazing and inexpensive.  The staff were very cute (I think a ...

Komodo Part I: Land, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Part I: Land

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


The landscape of Flores is stunning. The island is built from volcanoes, some long covered in forest, some still smoking. These dramatic knife-points make it breathtaking but, as Shen phrases it, best traveled by helicopter. The road from Bajawa to ...

Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ian-sue


Interesting and funny day indeed! Very early start (4:30am) to go to Borobudur temple and see the sunrise. Pity it was raining a lot all night long and even though it stopped when we woke up the sky was still very cloudy so we couldn't really see the sun ...

De Eerste Tocht op Java, Bogor, Indonesia travel blog

De Eerste Tocht op Java

A travel blog entry by lapre.travels


... rolt rustig met de auto door de toegangspoort van deze kolossale tuin waar ik hoge verwachtingen van heb. Dit is ten slotte Indonesi'', een exotisch land met een weelde aan bloemen en vruchten met alle kleuren die je je maar bedenken kan. Maar dit is ...

Es lebe die Kaffeefahrt!, Yogyakarta, Indonesien travel blog

Es lebe die Kaffeefahrt!

A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


Right on Time geht es um 08h los - ein 7-Plätziger Suzuki, Amon zwischen/auf unseren Knien. Erstes Ziel - der Borobodum, grösster buddhistischer Tempel weltweit, erreichen wir nach einer guten Stunde. Wir bekommen vom Driver 75 Minuten Zeit ...

The Plateau, Dieng Plateau, Indonesia travel blog

The Plateau

A travel blog entry by davidandamy1

The journey to Dieng Plateau was long and a little stressful but definitely worth it. We took a public bus/coach to Malegang, then swapped buses and headed to Wonosobo, and then took two tiny mini buses up to Dieng. It's a very strange scenario using ...

Live'n Lovina Loca, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

Live'n Lovina Loca

A travel blog entry by jasandjes


    Lovina is a nice quiet place in the North of Bali where the French seem to flock. It is made up of 7 villages, the most touristy one being Kalibukbuk where there is a "town center" i.e. a 3 block radius with 3 mini marts, some ...

Enfrentándonos solitos con Indonesia..., Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Enfrentándonos solitos con Indonesia...

A travel blog entry by clvillar


... ; y vimos que estaba lleno de flores amarillas y naranjas… claro que acá sí que nos empezamos a topar con el Indonesia real… al llegar a la caseta para comprar el ticket de entrada al templo, el tipo nos dice que no es posible entrar ...

Journey's End, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Journey's End

A travel blog entry by cathonaventure


From our idyllic retreat on Gili Meno, we made the sea crossing back to Bali, and then the car journey along crowded roads (the van's brakes metal on metal) to Kuta, the infamous part of Bali near the airport. It was here that bombs went off in 2002 in ...

Welcome to Waka di ume, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Welcome to Waka di ume

A travel blog entry by lilasepang


Though i've had the opportunity to go to Bali several time, I never had a chance to stay long in Ubud.. So I was so excited to finally had a chance to stay there for 3 nights. Lovely! I love Ubud much more than Denpasar, for its nice weather.. rarely to ...

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan, Jogjakarta, Indonesië travel blog

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

A travel blog entry by rolfbuitenkamp


Of wij een traditioneel ballet willen zien met als achtergrond het Prambanan. Natuurlijk willen wij dat. Dus hop hop. Douche, omkleden, want tussen de middag wat souvenirs gehaald, en met de taxi terug richting de Prambanan. Vlak voor de Prambanan slaan ...

Golly Gosh, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Golly Gosh

A travel blog entry by annamum

Golly gosh what a day well well well. At first this was ging to be the day for having a few children round to ur house for doing stuFF. e.g. playing with musical instruments, cardboard boxes, goat skin, candles + matches, magnifying glass, pocket ...

Bali's Redemption, Pulau Menjangan, Indonesia travel blog

Bali's Redemption

A travel blog entry by turnerstravels


Paul's Story A good friend of about 37 years, and true world traveller, Valerie Rioux responded to one of the blogs indicating that I had, "tainted [her] memory of Bali as the most beautiful place on earth" and that she hoped that "the magic of Ubud ...

Return to Kuta, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Return to Kuta

A travel blog entry by sophiam


I'd last been to Bali on a family holiday 15 years ago. It was the last time the four of us went away together and had been an amazing two weeks, really staying with us all for years afterwards. I think that was maybe because Dad managed to bring back ...

Our welcoming arrival in Kuta, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Our welcoming arrival in Kuta

A travel blog entry by lizandgaz


... the sealife centre there was a small foodcourt where we both had some fried rice and satays.  The largest sealife centre in Indonesia turned out to be a little smaller then we expected and after 1 hour we had pretty much exhausted everything to do. ...

Amazing experiences in Bali, Ubud Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Amazing experiences in Bali

A travel blog entry by amazingone


Taksu is the name of the Oasis that I was introduced to by Louise whilst she was in Bali for the week when I first arrived. I was keen to get back into Yoga classes because this is one luxury that I could never afford the time to indulge in. With a month ...

Rinjani - 3 Days Of Hell, Rinjani, Indonesia travel blog

Rinjani - 3 Days Of Hell

A travel blog entry by wispywanderer


So some fool came up with the great idea to hike up a 3.7km high volcano for three days and managed to convince four other people to come along. Oh how we would look back at this fool and curse him for his "GREAT IDEAS". The hiking crew was Marie, along ...

Dec 25, 2014, Makassar, Indonesia travel blog

Dec 25, 2014

A travel blog entry by rachmatusadiah


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