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Timmy Goes Home, Toijala, Finland travel blog

Timmy Goes Home

A travel blog entry by d9570-gse2009


Timmy (a small rodent-like animal) has been travelling with the GSE team from District 9570. Timmy, originally from the Rotary Club of Emerald Sunrise, travels with members of the club on holiday, and raises money for polio eradication projects. Timmy ...

We travel to Helsinki, Mariehamn,  travel blog

We travel to Helsinki

A travel blog entry by durieux


... We clean the house and open all windows to remove the smell of the fried salmon, then pack our gear and leave for the boat to Finland.  The subway brings us to the harbor, where a giant ferry and a huge crowd of passengers waits. After the usual ...

What is it with the cobblestones?, Helsingfors, Finland travel blog

What is it with the cobblestones?

A travel blog entry by vogette


Today we set off on foot to explore Helsinki. First mission: good coffee. Fortunately, this was not a difficult task, and Robert's Coffee at Central Station fit the bill well. Caffeinated, we were able to face the city, and headed for Senate Square. This ...

Turku, Turku, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by austega


... doing a bit. (Entry to this museum was also included in our Turku card.) This was probably an excellent museum, about Finland's maritime history. We read with interest the charts with English translations at the entrance to each of the rooms, but only ...

The long trip home, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

The long trip home

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


Big sleep in this morning before going out for last minute gift shopping for Rob and Caleb, the 2 birthday boys. The snow had melted a lot and the streets and footpaths were full of dirty snowy mush. Everything very quiet on a cold Saturday morning. ...

610 km. 27 celsius. Perfect day :), Simo, Finland travel blog

610 km. 27 celsius. Perfect day :)

A travel blog entry by peterkier


Great gravel roads in Finland. Did a lot - did even more tarmak. We have now left The Gulf of Bothnia and are heading towards true north. It is SO warm here - had 27 Celsius at 1500. We were on the bikes for 12 hours and now camping in the outback. The ...

university life is hyvä (good), Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

university life is hyvä (good)

A travel blog entry by moonrise


terve! i have now finished my first full week of my master's programme, and although it got off to a slow start (i only had 5 hours of lectures, 2 classes, all week!) the workload is rapidly piling up! there are a lot of really interesting classes ...

From Rauma to Naantali to Turku, Turku, Finland travel blog

From Rauma to Naantali to Turku

A travel blog entry by austega


... is one of the few hotels we've been where both the men's & women's saunas are currently working. And I wouldn't want to leave Finland without having a sauna, so I'd like to plan that for tomorrow night. There's a pool here too - and those would be a nice ...

This is supposed to be a couple of days of rest., Turku, Finland travel blog

This is supposed to be a couple of days of rest.

A travel blog entry by philjg


... to buy a sandwich or roll! And the prices, eeeek! The Big Mac index comes in at AUD10 - that's right, a Big Mac in Finland is 5.95 Euros which is just over TEN australian dollars. And everything else is priced in proportion. Our B&B in Turku is a ...

arrived and all is well, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

arrived and all is well

A travel blog entry by moonrise


well, i have been here for over a week now, and am finally starting my travelogue... after a 40 hour journey, i arrived in rovaniemi, by train from helsinki, at 8am last wednesday. i was awake for most of the train trip (thus began a week of ...

Not so Enthused Second Time Around, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Not so Enthused Second Time Around

A travel blog entry by cadkinsca

Covered on ...

at last, I've seen inside a Bowman 45!, Houtskar Island, Finland travel blog

at last, I've seen inside a Bowman 45!

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... Houtskär or Houtskari, depending upon whether you're Swedish or a Finn. It was just outside the Ålands and therefore part of Finland proper, necessitating a change of courtesy flag to Finland, which I did en route. This was probably one of the best ...

Finally the day has arrived - Lapland!!!, Muonio, Finland travel blog

Finally the day has arrived - Lapland!!!

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


We woke up early on Sunday morning full of excitement and happiness (penny's drafting). Today we fly to Lapland, after just over a year in the planning. Destination Kittila airport and then a bus to Hotelli Jeris and our cottage for the next 7 days. The ...

Pohjanmaa-Tornio-Luulaja, Vöyri-Maksamaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sinilintu


Matka meni hyvin ilman sen ihmeempiä tapahtumia, mitä nyt Tampereen seudulla sateli vettä jonkun verrankin. Perillekin pääsimme suoraan ilman enempiä sekoiluja, vaikken ole koskaan itse sinne ajanutkaan. Kummieni mökki oli listalla jo ...

Kotimatka och motvind, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Kotimatka och motvind

A travel blog entry by reisevolk

Ett kort sista inlägg, hemresan från Bangkok började bra, när hotellet som blott kostade 100kr/natt visade sig vara riktigt bra och dessutom hade de gratis transfer till flygplatsen. Väl på plats släpade de morgontrötta herrskapet med ...

Not a lot to report day, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

Not a lot to report day

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10

It was a breezy, drizzly, cool grotty sort of day. Not really a day to set off to see the wonders of the islands, so we decided to stay put. Not a lot to report, we cleaned the boat in the morning, went to look for the damaged power boat (unsuccessfully) ...

christmas in lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

christmas in lapland

A travel blog entry by moonrise


so, rovaniemi just gets better in the winter! what else could you expect from santa's hometown. lots happened in december, including a cookie decorating party that i organized at my flat, a trip to the santa claus village (8km in snow by crappy bike) ...

Transit day, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Transit day

A travel blog entry by tikibird


Heathrow was a mess and it took ovr an hour of queueing to get checked in.  I was afraid we would miss our flight, but we barely made it-no time to shop though.  Finnair to Helsinki was OK.  Not much to do in a 2 hour layover at Helsinki ...

Lapland home of Santa, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Lapland home of Santa

A travel blog entry by sd0744


Rovaniemi is located at the confluence of two large rivers, the most important transport routes at the time, Rovaniemi began to adopt the role of the "gateway to Lapland. The exploitation of Lapland's natural resources in the 1800s boosted Rovaniemi's ...

NEGATIVE 28 DEGREES CELSIUS, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jbish95


Waking up at 5am was the beginning of what turned out being a lot harder day than I expected. I made the boat after a long walk carrying a lot of food. The boat was similar to the New Zealand inter islander however I don't think you would dark to step ...

Forts, The Olympics and a Luxury Ferry, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Forts, The Olympics and a Luxury Ferry

A travel blog entry by dhrycun


                     The student buffet was much easier to find than I original thought, only it wasnt really a student buffet. It was only 5 euros, so ...

Hameenlinna to Tampere, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Hameenlinna to Tampere

A travel blog entry by austega


... well after our other exposures to Finnish history. We went first into a special exhibition called "the Finlandisation of Finland". Apparently "Finlandisation" was a term - proposed by Germany I think - referring to the way Finland appeased Russia & ...

JKL vesisade, Jyväskylä, Finland travel blog

JKL vesisade

A travel blog entry by karkailija


UGH! Täältä  syvältä syöveristä alkaa tutkimusmatka afrikan mustaan sydämmeen, kannibaalien ja villipetojen maahan. (Ei siis Ahvenanmaalle, vaan Namibiaan) Luovun periaatteestani avautua nettiin mihinkään ...

No Room at the Inn, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

No Room at the Inn

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


We had a peaceful night and we were off sailing again by 10:00, destination Mariehamn but this time the Western harbour, where the ferry terminal is situated. It was another breezy, cloud/sun sort of day and again we had to intersperse the use of the ...

And then there were two, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

And then there were two

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


The weather suited the occasion, it was drizzly and miserable, Still, we had things to do, including 5 loads of washing, so there was no idling about, everyone was up and the 3 machines we'd booked were busy by 08:00. Our plan for the last morning was ...

The Freezer!, Tampere, Finland travel blog

The Freezer!

A travel blog entry by daviddooner


We arrived in Tampere, Finland after travelling since 8pm the following night and sleeping in Shannon airport. When we got off the plane it was so cold I thought i left my legs behind me because after 2mins i couldn't feel them anymore!! Due to a lack of ...

Helsinki n'all ...., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki n'all ....

A travel blog entry by bcurtin


... shops close for weekend at 18.00! Helsinki bloody freezing this evening and lots of police around the city centre. Due to Finland having EU presidency a big convention in town. Around 21.00 police seal off a whole junction near main railway station to ...

Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by eurotrip

And it comes to an end... More info and pictures to come! ...

Arrived!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jollyskiem

Nearly 48 hours after I left home on Sunday afternoon, we have finally arrived in Helsinki. The second flight had the potential to be very arduous - 12 1/2 hours stuck in the middle seat of the middle aisle and not being able to move one iota - but I ...

From Russia with love..., Turku, Finland travel blog

From Russia with love...

A travel blog entry by vogette


... la crate restaurant- food much better!!! Once we were back on the road, we headed toward Turku. This city was once the capital of Finland, and due to its strategic position was a major medieval city. We could not book into our hotel until 4pm, so we went ...

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