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Copenhagen to Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Copenhagen to Helsinki

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


... us it was only light and didn't last long. Still, it was quite exciting. No doubt we will look back after our time in Finland and laugh at the excitement that a bit of snow could bring. We ticked off a few final tourist spots - the Little Mermaid statue, ...

Tampere - from David, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Tampere - from David

A travel blog entry by austega

... in finding a suitable place to eat tonight just a little too stressful - and more stressful than it needed to be. Overall Finland is proving very pleasant. We are impressed with the way things are run and the friendly attitude of the people we have ...

Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by mnasega


Next we visited Helsinki in Finland. ...

Winter wonderland!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Winter wonderland!

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


... ; Paul's playground) and had a play, made out first snowman and had another snowball fight. Visited the National Museum of Finland and learnt about the history of this beautiful country. Tom enjoyed the weaponry and Penny admired the costumes. Mum found ...

Helsinki in detail, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki in detail

A travel blog entry by eobrie16

The boat arrives in the morning to the port in Helsinki . I have  finally arrived in Finland ! This is quite exciting as it I'd something  I have always dreamed of doing. Of course the first course of action  was to store our bags at ...

Lazy day, Jyvaskyla, Finland travel blog

Lazy day

A travel blog entry by jcastellan

Another boring drive day. I slept and watched Austin Powers- The spy who shagged me. We were suppose to have a closing ceremony tonight, but none of us could be bothered, so instead we played Who Wants to be a Millionaire using George's book. The weather ...

QUICK!! Run to the airport!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

QUICK!! Run to the airport!

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck


Check out the pics of coming into Helsinki! It was beautiful coming back in through all the small islands…and pretty much all of them are inhabited.  Some of the Finns on the ship with me said that in the winter months, the sea will freeze up ...

Fascinating city and history, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Fascinating city and history

A travel blog entry by lroff


... But there was a huge presentation (a tattoo) of marching bands happening in the Senate Square-four military marching bands (from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria) that were providing a taste of the Hamina Tattoo on their way there. As we arrived ...

I heart Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

I heart Helsinki

A travel blog entry by bethandanthony


... the moment we arrived. It has this amazing modern vibe about it and there is something so orderly about it. Whoever said the food in Finland is bad does not know what they are talking about. Only thing I can say against it is that it's not the cheapest ...

Tärkeä päätös tehty!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Tärkeä päätös tehty!

A travel blog entry by olesja

Olemme viimein valinneet kumman allianssin kanssa me lennämme Star Alliancen vai One Worldin. Täpärä voittaja oli One World, eli se mihin Finnair kuuluu. Aivan ensimmäinen reitti, jonka kävimme Ebookersin toimistolla suunnittelemassa, oli tehty ...

Transiting in Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Transiting in Finland

A travel blog entry by clgs


Well, the title says just about all there is to say!  View of Finland from the plane is attached.  ...

"Helsinki International Airport"

A travel blog entry by ilari


110111  Helsinki-Vantaa. Finland. Yksi yö vietettiin Helsingissä ja aamulla ruvettiin miettimään että mitäköhän sitä sitten pitäisi taas pakata mukaan (Koneen lähtööhän oli vielä runsaat kolme tuntia aikaa..). Lopulta mukaan lähti ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jollyskiem


... our last few moments in this gorgeous place. This morning, we headed off early and caught the ferry across the Gulf back to Finland. The trip only took 2 hours but was long enough as we have done a lot of sitting between planes, trains and buses ...

Northern Finland, Pyhä, Finland travel blog

Northern Finland

A travel blog entry by moonrise


Went on an overnight school trip to Pyhätunturi National Park. Stayed in very cute cabins with their own sauna, but we took advantage of the big sauna by the lake. it was an incredible first finnish sauna experience, and a great way to celebrate fall ...

Vacancy at hostel, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Vacancy at hostel

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Phoned Stadion Hostel and they had a vacancy for next few days so I reserved it. Checked out of Helka Hotel, but left my main back pack there, taking only my day pack with essentials. Walked several kilometes to hostel. Clean, comfortable dorm with nine ...

Land of the free !!!!!!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Land of the free !!!!!!

A travel blog entry by mjozwell


... asked me to open the bigger backpack but he soon realised we were only carrying clothes and not smuggling cheap cigarettes into Finland. After the Russian immigration we traveled about 15 minutes across no mans land to the first town in Finland where we ...

helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonrise


spent 2 days in helsinki on my way home to edmonton for christmas. stayed at the olympic stadium hostel, from the summer olympics in 1954 - it was cold, but nice. mostly wandered around the downtown, did some christmas shopping in the outdoor market, saw ...

Good bye London, hello Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Good bye London, hello Finland

A travel blog entry by ryans_escapade


Won't be too much of a blog tonight, we are here in Helsinki but only for the night, we head out early tomorrow morning for Kajaani (pronounced Kayaani). It has been snowing in Helsinki so there are white cars, white bushes and white footpaths ...

Back in the land of golden rax and pear cider!, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Back in the land of golden rax and pear cider!

A travel blog entry by horizonbound

... the afternoon in the blazing sunshine. It was beautiful, the nice woodland on the ridge, and then a clear blue lake on either side. Finland is covered in lakes, and the ones by Tampere are pretty big. The ridge juts out into the middle of two of them, ...

Church in the Rock and the National Museum, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Church in the Rock and the National Museum

A travel blog entry by lroff


... to Finland. Around the same time, unrest was associated with the emergence of distinct cultural regions (Aland Islands, Southwest Finland, Hame or Tavistia and Eastern Finland). With the conversion of the Finnish territories to Christianity, the highest ...

Part 6 - Scandinavia and the World Cup Final, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Part 6 - Scandinavia and the World Cup Final

A travel blog entry by gemway


... markets, then the major shopping centre Kamppi and had a bit of a shopping spree buying a few beautiful glass wares made in Finland. More bike riding this afternoon where we found a spot to fill up with water (we have been having wonderful hot showers ...

Tervehdys maailmalta!, Sipoo, Finland travel blog

Tervehdys maailmalta!

A travel blog entry by pentti_kotiaho

Terveisiä maailmalta!   Istun mukavassa nojatuolissa ja katselen maailman kauneinta maisemaa; Villanellan kotirantaa. Vesi kimaltelee auringonpaisteessa, lokit kirkuvat ja joutsenet soutavat pitkin tyyntä vedenpintaa. Sampo on koulussa, ...

Flying Visit, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Flying Visit

A travel blog entry by dconlisk

... sat in sweltering heat each time the train stopped, or were allowed out to wander on the tracks and take some air, here in Finland we were very well informed and looked after at all times. Welcome to Europe! Because of the delay though we only had time ...

Helsinki, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by vandersluis

Het is nu 15:18 lokale tijd en we zijn zojuist geland op het vliegveld van Helsinki. We kunnen nu wederom oefenen met wachten want om vijf uur vertrekt onze vlucht naar Bangkok. De vlucht tot zover probleemloos verlopen, rustig weer en zelfs op deze ...

Chillin' with Santa, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Chillin' with Santa

A travel blog entry by rhys_raelene


... a hot chocolate and hot blackcurrant beside a fire – just wonderful. Rhys then finally admitted he wanted to buy a knife handmade here in Finland. By this time the next bus had arrived and we were on our way back to the hotel, as the bus was turning ...

A touch of Scandinavia, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A touch of Scandinavia

A travel blog entry by liznjohntravels


Adding another country to our list, we have taken the 2 hour ferry across the Baltic to Helsinki. A large, busy city with a strong social culture. Eating out is popular here, despite this being an expensive country...our latte's are twice the usual price ...

Finland!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by eobrie16


... colorful and ornate. I thought this was very interesting as well, as it really shows about the different cultures that have influenced finland over the years. The third church was the rock church -- probably the most finnish of all. This is a church that ...

Back to Blighty, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Back to Blighty

A travel blog entry by fullcycle


Sadly our time in Finland has run out, we are flying out tonight from Tampere (35€ Ryanair) It's a 2 hour train journey from Helsinki. Going the other way you can get a bus to Tampere for 6€ or Helsinki for 25€ Can't believe we are off to ...

Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by bingmalyn



More rax, more cider..., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

More rax, more cider...

A travel blog entry by horizonbound

... I'm staying at, and I'm going to meet a couple of them in Tallinn tomorrow aswell, which is extra nice! It feels strange, leaving Finland after such a short space of time. I can't put my finger on what it is that I like about Finland, but there's ...

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