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In memory of the infamous Steve Irwin, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog

In memory of the infamous Steve Irwin

A travel blog entry by amandaseims


... managed Chicatica by Abba and Imagine by the beatles in Spanish which at least I knew and I remember some song called Viva Me Patria Bolivia which was really cool. In the morning we got up at a stupid time to go off in the boat and see the sunrise ...

Mars away from anything seen before, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Mars away from anything seen before

A travel blog entry by matt-lewis


... a tour to start the next day, for three days and two nights. The salt flats, Salar de Uyuni, are what I most associate with Bolivia.  I had no idea what to expect from the rest of the tour though, apart from the prospect of seeing flamingos. ...

Bus Delays and Adventures, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Bus Delays and Adventures

A travel blog entry by

... old, rickety affair. Our backpacks had to go on the roof and the seating was extremely cramped. After all the stories I had heard about Bolivia, this was the type of bus I had been imagining! Someone even loaded a home office desk unit on to the roof! I ...

The Wild West of Tupiza, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The Wild West of Tupiza

A travel blog entry by

This morning my plan was to have a little lie in after such a long day yesterday but as my room is above the breakfast room I found that it got very loud and I was awake early. I had breakfast with Chris who is a really lovely guy (he's a 61 year old ...

Jungle Fever, Rurrenbaque, Bolivia travel blog

Jungle Fever

A travel blog entry by sarahcolvin


ok ...

Up to higher grounds!, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Up to higher grounds!

A travel blog entry by usupandaway


Fortunately we had our flight out or Rurre back to La Paz with Tam, not with Amazonas. Was the sardine box on the way there already shaken through turbulent skies so did we not expect it to be better. The winds - as you go up from 250 to 4000 metres ...

Dinosaur hunting, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Dinosaur hunting

A travel blog entry by sarahandaimee


Our bus to Sucre didn´t like hills and at times we didn´t think we´d make it bus after bus kept overtaking us!!  After a 6 hour journey via a toilet stop behind some cacti (being very careful!) we arrived in Potosi only to find out that ...

2 eme jour de treck, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

2 eme jour de treck

A travel blog entry by germilie


Après une nuit agitée, nous nous levons tous les deux malades. Heureusement, on a pris la salle de bain privée... La bouteille d'eau non hermétique achetée la veille a eu raison de nous, enfin c'est ce que nous pensons.. Petit bol de mate de coca au ...

Sky diving on mountain bikes, Potosí, Bolivia travel blog

Sky diving on mountain bikes

A travel blog entry by trig


... the 17th and 18th century by silver and was for a time the biggest supplier of silver in the world. The Spanish naturally abused Bolivia for this resource and now the city is a shadow of its former self altough the mine continues to yield minerals. We ...

Copacabana and Isla Del Sol, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Copacabana and Isla Del Sol

A travel blog entry by laurenmckowen


... from reality, def the best decision I have ever made in my live was to travel to South Ameirca, must say just loving Bolivia, a lot less touristy and just a very beuatiful country, vast in difference of vegetation and climate, one mintue you are hot and ...

Three days on a Bus - Fun Times!!!!!!, Villazon, Bolivia travel blog

Three days on a Bus - Fun Times!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by jothomas


... border at around 1pm. It took forever to get through immigration, we had to get our stamp out of Argentina and then into Bolivia. We hopped back on the bus and waited to cross the border...we were waiting for ages so decided to walk over the border ...

Welcome to Bolivia! Lake Titicaca+Isla Del Sol, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Welcome to Bolivia! Lake Titicaca+Isla Del Sol

A travel blog entry by neilsarge


Ater a couple more days in Cuzco we said goodbye to the many good friends we had made there (and arranged to meet a few later in our ...

The Bolivian Altiplano, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

The Bolivian Altiplano

A travel blog entry by ac123

If there is a bus ride I do not want to do again, it is the one from La Paz to Uyuni. If the road (if it can be called a road, more like a collection of rocks) wasn't bad enough, the freezing temperatures and a seat adjacent to the toilet ensured an ...

White Buildings and White Salt Flats, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

White Buildings and White Salt Flats

A travel blog entry by bilinga


... green rolling hills of Samaipata and nine hours drive through the dusty cactus forests, we arrived in Sucre, the judicial capital of Bolivia and a town steeped in history. From our beautiful homestay on the hill in the suburb of Recoleta we had ...

Adventures in the Amazon, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog

Adventures in the Amazon

A travel blog entry by kirstycurls


To say we had a hairy start would be an understatement.  The plane was delayed by a couple of hours due to the runway in Rurrenabaque being a mud strip so the plane can´t land if it rains, with it being the rainy season we were very sceptical ...

Road to Bolivia, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Road to Bolivia

A travel blog entry by ac123


... take something away from the charm of this place. We didn't stick around for long and before nightfall we had crossed into Bolivia. The border town of Copacabana has a fairly relaxed, family atmosphere. There is a very Bohemian feel. However, there isn't ...

Sweaty in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia travel blog

Sweaty in Santa Cruz

A travel blog entry by nick.furmston

... We arrived soon after midday, a bum-numbing 17 hours after we left. Since then we have been enjoying the "richest city in Bolivia" and not doing much. It´s not a tourist destination, in fact the water park (the only attraction we fancied) has shut ...

La Paz? Outra chance....., La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz? Outra chance.....

A travel blog entry by carolgaudio


Bom, depois de 2 dias não mto bons, resolvi dar outra chance a La Paz. Falei com aquele casal boliviano (Karyn e Roberto) que conheci em Machu Picchu e eles me convidaram pra ir almoçar no apartamente deles! Muito fofos!!! Eles moram no 23° andar e ...

tuesday blues, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

tuesday blues

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie


tangled up in blue today, its been quite a slack day. college was hard hard hard in the morning and im beginning to feel really tired with it again. its quite a bind because dont gte much chance to do much else in the day, and do my homework....oh stop ...

The Silver Mines, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

The Silver Mines

A travel blog entry by filly


We came to Potosi to do a silver mine tour. We hadn´t heard great things of the towns aesthetics but it was actually a pretty little city. Aswell as being famous for its silver mine it also the highest city in the world at 4,000 m above see ...

Island of the Sun (and biting cold wind), Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

Island of the Sun (and biting cold wind)

A travel blog entry by pavandsim


... and wasn`t sure whether I would be able to get out of the country. I was to learn that everybody has a price in Bolivia. Across the border - bingo!! The sun was beating down on the dusty land as we skirted along the dazzling azure shores of Lake Titicaca ...

Sasha and Tessa Doolittle, Villa Tunari, Bolivia travel blog

Sasha and Tessa Doolittle

A travel blog entry by drab_seastars


Inti Wara Yassi (meaning "Sun Moon Stars" in Quechua) is an organization which was founded by a man named Juan Carlos who had been working with orphans in La Paz, taking the kids out of the big city and teaching them about the environment on rural ...

A Gentile Bike Ride In The Countryside, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

A Gentile Bike Ride In The Countryside

A travel blog entry by peterandgillian


P's Report After Machu Pichu we were to make our way leisurely down to Bolivia & La Paz via Lake Titicaca for a few days - unfortunately due to no fault of my own the place we stayed had no ATMs, and thus we had to make a much earlier departure with ...

Siesta, Fiesta and Protesta!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Siesta, Fiesta and Protesta!

A travel blog entry by darrylandnicola


... her poise and command of the horse, I was very impressed. Aching after the horse riding, the following day we sadly left Bolivia after three colossal fun packed weeks, what an amazing place. Next up is Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, to see the mammoth ...

Rundfahrt durch die Stiftung, Zoo und Operationen, El Alto, Bolivia travel blog

Rundfahrt durch die Stiftung, Zoo und Operationen

A travel blog entry by a-m-in-bolivien


Hola! Heute schreibt die Anna mal alleine, denn der Michi muss das Bett hueten, aber dazu spaeter. Gestern wurden Michi und ich von der Arbeit entfuehrt und zwar von der Direktorin der Fundacion Señora Melba hoechstpersoenlich mitsamt Personalchef und ...

Tiquipaya Wasi, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Tiquipaya Wasi

A travel blog entry by niclark1221


... additional and even bigger garden, and as of this week have built 6 square foot gardens with the help of an amazing group from Bolivia Sustanible. Its hard work, my back totally hurts some days, the boys drive me crazy sometimes, and I have a farmer tan ...

We´re not in Argentina anymore!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

We´re not in Argentina anymore!

A travel blog entry by garyjampot


... the hotel and got some serious kip then headed out for a wander into town. It is quite a big place, the secondary capital of Bolivia and was quite a trek to the centre, all downhill thankfully. One thing we did notice is the large amount of beggars on the ...

Going deeper underground, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Going deeper underground

A travel blog entry by dave-mcgowan


Hola one and all, So our first real city stop in Bolivia was in the worlds highest city no less at some 4000+ meters. An altitude you can really feel when lugging a rucsack up a hill and trying to avoid water balloons at the same time. Unfortunately there ...

Some salt with that?, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

Some salt with that?

A travel blog entry by garyjampot


... and were very friendly, plus they had cable TV! The hostel had an attached tour operator and the tour of South West Bolivia, including the famous salt flats at Salar De Uyuni, sounded really good and after they told us an English speaking couple had ...

oh my god im in boliva!!!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

oh my god im in boliva!!!

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie


hey everyone, bbq was so much fun last night. ive got some great photos. I got a tiniy weenie bit drunk...what i didnt realise was that the altitude gets you pissed quicker. oops...hicup...very tipsy. i was in bed for midnight like but my head this ...

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