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Wawo Muda y viaje a Moni, Bajawa,  Indonesia travel blog

Wawo Muda y viaje a Moni

A travel blog entry by mariaythomas


En pie a las 5:00 para subir al pequeño volcán Wawo Muda. Luego viaje de 9 horas hasta Moni en nuestro coche con conductor. Por el camino, las procesiones del Domingo de Ramos, un par de volcanes, ríos y arrozales. De cena, barracuda a la ...

The icing on the cake, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

The icing on the cake

A travel blog entry by kazaaam


... is 90% Hindu to Flores which is 80%Catholic. No matter what background they have or what religion they follow, people in Indonesia are the friendliest I’ve ever met. The food, culture, arts are all diverse. The scenery is dazzling with hundreds of ...

10 juillet, 8:16am, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

10 juillet, 8:16am

A travel blog entry by milie

Dans le camion, de Bajawa à Ruteng Hier matin, on a mangé de bonnes petites crêpes aux bananes et fait le tour du marché de Bajawa. Nous avons vu des piments minuscules... ça doit être diaboliquement fort! On achète de l'eau pour la randonnée. ...

Crossing my original Finish Line and Dragons, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Crossing my original Finish Line and Dragons

A travel blog entry by lifeisawesome


With the weather playing all kinds of tricks on my plans through Indonesia, I was absolutely gutted that a) I wasn't going to be able to climb Mount Rinjani or b) get too see the Komodo Dragons.  However I've learnt with my travels that I should ...

Lombok - 29th June, East Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok - 29th June

A travel blog entry by teamtandy


The day starts early, our blinds are open so the sunrise streams through our window, the wind has cooled down and the air conditioner is off as the generator does not kick in until 8am, it is hot. We both confirm it is beautiful and promptly turn over ...

Rinca, Linteh, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by surledep



Ursprüngliche Natur über und unter Wasser, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Ursprüngliche Natur über und unter Wasser

A travel blog entry by eggontour

Zu humaner Zeit (9 Uhr) fuhr der staatlich betriebene Damri-Bus von Senggigi in die Hauptstadt der Insel und dann weiter zum Flughafen. Im Buch stand, dass das etwa eine Stunde dauern würde. Tja, mit dem Zwischenstop wird 1:40 veranschlagt, damit war ...

Endlich gelandet, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Endlich gelandet

A travel blog entry by jann_und_franzi

Nach einer 34 Stunden Bus/Fährfahrt sind wir auf Flores angekommen. Vollkommen K.O und nach Panne und allem drum und dran..endlich geschafft. Morgen geht es dann in den Kommodo National Park und zum ...

sukamade, Sukamade, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by renzo59


5 hours by car on a very rough road from banyuangi nice beach where at night turtles lay eggs Meru betiri national park is really worth ...

Safari park, Batu, Indonesia travel blog

Safari park

A travel blog entry by nickske2


We had our best and closest animal experience we'll never forget. Photoshoot with a baby ourang-outang, so cute! And as people in Asia don't have full beards like mine the little monkey did not want to stop to touch and kiss me ;) After the soft animal ...

Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wastlisabel


Vor der Küste Flores liegen einige nette kleine Inseln, von denen wir ursprünglich eine besuchen wollten. Da sich allerdings die Preise in letzter Zeit zu unseren Ungunsten verändert hatten, beschlossen wir, einfach mal im Hafen ...

Exmouth, Exmouth, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by spam

nice snorkeling ...

Treating Ourselves to the most Luxurious Cruise..., Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Treating Ourselves to the most Luxurious Cruise...

A travel blog entry by eherbert


Tyler, Boo, and I all figured that since we were all the way out in Indonesia, it would be a shame if we did not go and see some Komodo Dragons. Tyler had about a week left with us, and we were looking into various options of getting over to the ...

depasar - labuan bajo, indonesia, Labuan bajo, Indonesia travel blog

depasar - labuan bajo, indonesia

A travel blog entry by googoosh


time: one hour 45 mins hight: 37,000 feet food: bread roll, water and a ...

Från Kupang till Boti på diverse vägar, Soe, Indonesia travel blog

Från Kupang till Boti på diverse vägar

A travel blog entry by stairw2h


Klockan 07:30 serverades vi kaffe och toast till frukost. Dessförrinnan hade vi packat rubb och stubb för att lämna Evergreen Homestay, Mr Aka och förarne mr John dök upp i lite förtid och strax efter sju rullade vi iväg i bilen. Första platsen ...

Maumere Flores, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Maumere Flores

A travel blog entry by droomtoom


Hey, Ben vanochtend van Kuta naar Maumere gevlogen. Met een fokker 27 propeller vliegtuigje. De vlucht duurde dik 2 uur, ben geland op het vliegveldje met 1 start/landingsbaan, een gebouw en een heuze verkeersregeltoren. Nadat ik buiten kwam werd er ...

Lentolippu Balille, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Lentolippu Balille

A travel blog entry by jais

Iltapäivän ainoa tärkeä homma oli hommata jokin keino päästä pois Floresin saarelta. Sain lentolipun seuraavaksi päiväksi josta piti maksaa täysi hinta. Lippu oli hintansa väärti kun vähäkään ajatteli 8 tunnin lautta matkaan Sapeen ja 16 ...

Kembali ke Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Kembali ke Kupang

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Home ...

I'm a billionaire!! (from one perspective), Rua, Indonesia travel blog

I'm a billionaire!! (from one perspective)

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


... to go next, when to go to Bali, when I leave to go back to Hawaii. I’ve just completed my third week here in Indonesia, and my second week at the Sumba Nautil. I check out today. My plan is to head to a small hotel in Waikabubak called the Aloha ...

Menjangan Island Scuba Diving, Menjangan Island, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Menjangan Island Scuba Diving

A travel blog entry by snclark8


... were nearly on the back side now. We were facing a huge white temple on the land. There was another dock a little bit to the east, where the current was taking us. Boats were docked over there. Our boat had been to the west, no longer visible from sight. ...

Komodo and Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo and Rinca Island

A travel blog entry by georgg


... a much bigger one right next to it. Flores Island is by many considered as the up and coming tourist destination in Indonesia, and what we saw of it definitely justifies that expectation. It's a beautiful island with great beaches, beautiful ...

Check out the kid in the Volcom t-shirt, Laboya, Indonesia travel blog

Check out the kid in the Volcom t-shirt

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


I've been surfing twice a day, every day, since I’ve gotten comfortable here in Sumba. The first day, I drove around, scoping spots and checking to see what would be good. I talked to Mr. Ali, who is not a surfer but knows that he makes money from ...

Maandag 10 maart, Zeedag., Java Sea, Indonesia travel blog

Maandag 10 maart, Zeedag.

A travel blog entry by haco_lamot


Na de enerverende dag van gisteren, met de fietstocht, was het vandaag rustig, een zeedag, onderweg naar de familie van Anneke Grönloh, Surabaya. Vanmorgen was de bijeenkomst met de kaptein en het hoofd van het hotel gebeuren. Niet zo'n fijne man, dat ...

Off to Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog

Off to Flores

A travel blog entry by marinaushakova

Used Lion airways to get there. Not cheap but booked only a few days before the trip. Other option was Merpati but older planes. Hotel was very nice. Taxi to the town: 50,000. Ate at Treetop restaurant and smoked shisha at Lounge on the main street. ...

Fabulous Flores, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Fabulous Flores

A travel blog entry by globalwanderers

Touched down at what I think is quite possibly the worst airport I have ever been in. Having said that they realise this as are in the process of building a new one. I laughed when we had to walk through mud and on planks of ...

Puru Kambera, Puru Kambera, Indonesia travel blog

Puru Kambera

A travel blog entry by nudujohn


Pantai pasir putih, gelombang ...

Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo

A travel blog entry by dpcw

Arrived at Komodo Island at 7am. Had breakfast @ 6.30. Saw 3 dragons 2 big & 1 small about 2 years old. Went for a walk at first for an hour where we saw the small 1 which they don't normally see as we were walking pretty fast and not even looking ...

De Komodovaraan, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

De Komodovaraan

A travel blog entry by erikruisch


Deze ochtend moet het er dan van komen. Als je naar het Komodo National Park gaat moet je de komodovaraan zien natuurlijk. Daar zijn twee opties voor op het eiland Komodo zelf of op het eiland Rinca. Veel mensen huren een bootje met heel simpele ...

Llegada a Flores, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Llegada a Flores

A travel blog entry by leandroop


Después de desayunar en la terraza de un hotel venido a menos en Kupang, al borde del mar, recuerdo de tiempos pasados, volamos a Ende. Aquí le alquilamos una moto  a la salida del aeropuerto a un chaval que pasaba por allí y ...

A monsoon at sea, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog

A monsoon at sea

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


... nemo's, dorie's and much more. Now when I go to aquarium stores, I will be able to say I've seen many of those in Indonesia. I stayed out until the tide started coming in, and for every stoke I took towards the boat, the tide pushed me half a stroke ...

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