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Roatan...Paradise coming from a Canadian winter..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan...Paradise coming from a Canadian winter...

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess

So for one final family getaway, my family embraked to the Honduran island of ...

Birthday beer, burgers n books, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Birthday beer, burgers n books

A travel blog entry by nancybain


Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fun day doing a number of things. The photos tell the story...A week today we will be checking in for our return flight. Not sure what might be newsworthy in that time so this may be the last entry. It is very hot ...

Getting to Roatan Parts 1 and 2, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Getting to Roatan Parts 1 and 2

A travel blog entry by twinkfran


... problem with the second flight because of the political problems so we will be put up in a hotel on the mainland of Honduras and flown to Roatan in the morning.  This seems reasonable so we board the  flight.  We check all the US papers ...

The longest travel day EVERRRR...., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The longest travel day EVERRRR....

A travel blog entry by grapestomper

... talking to a couple friendly guys - Elijah from Oregon and Rajesh from New York. The four of us ended up splitting a taxi to Roatan's West End for $15, and then parted ways. The ferry ride itself was an awful repeat of the highspeed catamaran from hell in ...

Packing and Going Home, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Packing and Going Home

A travel blog entry by pawelek


Located on its own 23 acre island, The Fantasy Island Dive Resort and Marina was our home base, and ideal for the die-hard diver, but as we found upon check-in there are some glitches in its armor. Most of the rooms need some serious Extreme Make-overs, ...

Roaming the Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roaming the Island

A travel blog entry by pawelek


... Bojangles. It is also where you find the island's International Airport, and the Cruise Ship Pier which is getting a total redo. Roatan's new cruise ship pier facility should be finished by February 2008, with the expectation of at least one cruise ship a ...

Last post, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Last post

A travel blog entry by jaxandjon


Well, this is our last day on the island of Utila - we are being treated to a couple of nights in a lovely house right on the water at the other end of town but sadly Jonnie has now come down with the bug I had or food poisoning, we're not sure which. We ...

Beautiful Island, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Beautiful Island

A travel blog entry by svmallipudi

... hours later were in Utila. A steamy and muggy laid back island. We spent the rest of the day reading by the poolside and munching on local food. That evening we had some of the best pizza ever! Who would have though good pizza could be found in ...

Reef news, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Reef news

A travel blog entry by nancybain


... surgery in late May..did I want to teach 2 nights a week for those last 4 weeks?Perfect! Get my head back into it slowly, before summer! So a glimpse of life beyond Roatan and April 29th. Hope your Easter weekend was good..wherever you ...

the slower season, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

the slower season

A travel blog entry by nancybain


Guess it's been a while since I logged in here. The day we came back from the Arboretum I was so excited about that morning of trees, blooms, fruits and the knowledge of the tour guide that I did my first Trip Advisor entry but forgot about the blog.So I ...

Paradise + Insect bites = Fun!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Paradise + Insect bites = Fun!

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... swim alongside a sea turtle for a bit!) While I shall leave this entry short and sweet (as the photos will speak for themselves), Roatan has a lot to offer every traveller (even the lazy ones who want nothing more than to tan all day): there is plenty of ...

ROATAN (HONDURAS), Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Bon aujourd'hui notre première visite au Honduras. Après la routine du déjeuner et autre, on n'est sur le quai en moins de deux. On s'est fait estamper le passeport! Confusion à propos de la destination et des guides, on fini par choisir de se rendre ...

Roatan--paradise!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by abudebbie


March 12 Roatan, Honduras is a beautiful island paradise and was our favorite day of the cruise! We arrived at their lovely pier under threatening skies, but the predicted poor weather never materialized. We had an activity scheduled for 11am, so we ...

Oct 18, 2013, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Oct 18, 2013

A travel blog entry by shezza_says


Roatan, Isla De Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by kfrison


Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Early up to watch the ship come into port.  Quite a sight to watch them back into a small channel and dock the boat.  Got Steven up around 7 to get a little breakfast before being able to get off the ship at around ...

David 'n' Annik's unforgettable trip to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

David 'n' Annik's unforgettable trip to Roatan

A travel blog entry by dna.trips


... quite as much ;) Monday was another rainy day.  Our plans for a perfect sunny b-day got rainned out but Rainny Roatan beats Chilly Canton everyday! :)  it finally stopped raining around dinner time so we cabbed it to West End and tried "Tongs" ...

Week Two, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Week Two

A travel blog entry by sian_and_jim


So we have finally settled into life as volunteers in Honduras. We are working with a group of dedicated people that are attempting to improve the environment of Utila and increase awareness of the island's environmental issues. This has had us out on ...

Hondurus, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelniewiada


We have FINALLY arrived to the Caribbean island of Roatan in Hondurus and I cannot believe we are already in our third country! Time is FLYING by! In order to get to the island, we had to take a ferry (which was huge!!!) for 1 1/2 hours and one of our ...

Still workin' on my tan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Still workin' on my tan

A travel blog entry by travelinfool

... will be heading out one last time this afternoon and then be done with the trip. We ended up buying airline tickets to fly from Roatan to San Pedro Sula. They cost about the same amount as we would have spent traveling, and we'll get to SAP in about ...

Hondurian Paradise, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Hondurian Paradise

A travel blog entry by rainman2468


... to Copan Ruinas. This involved a ferry and two buses so a long days travel. We were glad we made the effort to get out to the islands. Had a wicked time and experienced some once in a lifetime things. Cheers off to see some more ruins. ...

Show me your slits!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Show me your slits!

A travel blog entry by ellieberg


Roatan is a wonderful place!  It is part of the country Honduras that lies just north of the mainland.  I got the opportunity to visit this amazing place through a Tropical Marine Ecology trip through the U!  So our group of 12 students and ...

Under the Sea, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Under the Sea

A travel blog entry by jj3101


... pool that overlooked the ocean. Unfortunately two days was nowhere near enough time here but we had to say goodbye as the group was flying back to the mainland the next day. I wonder if Virgin Australia might start doing direct flights to Honduras??? ...

Loving the water!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Loving the water!

A travel blog entry by d-n


One of our favorite things about Roatan is the water. Our daily routine consist of sleeping in (Dennis loves his sleep. I'm always to bed after him and wake up before him), we make some breaky, go for a swim or snorkel around the reef, walk around the ...

Roatan and Utila, Roatan and Utila, Honduras travel blog

Roatan and Utila

A travel blog entry by charlottelaura

... touch you 'orrible lot - the emails are drying up a bit! Lots of Love and kisses C x Hello lads, Well I am STILL on Roatan and havent managed to do more than the 2 dives I managed on day 2 - clearly too much booze abuse. However the good ...

Day 3 - Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day 3 - Roatan

A travel blog entry by txladyjan


First stop, first excursion. Wonderful day on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Short van ride from the Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal to Las Palmas and Dixon Cove. Boarded a small boat and toured the cove. Saw red mangroves and two shipwrecks, Tulung ...

Bonne fête Roseline!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bonne fête Roseline!

A travel blog entry by ccaillou

Bonne fête Roseline! À 7:30, Caillou se lève et va voir sur la plage le gars avec le bateau d'hier. Il doit lui dire le prix pour aller au centre des dauphins. En même temps, Caillou en profite pour commander un déjeuner spécial pour Roseline... ...

Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregellis72


We arrived on Roatan today, and for the bay islands, we're staying at nicer places.  This will be the "vacation" part of the trip.  The internet connection on the islands are soooooooo slow.  I can't believe I'm paying for this.  I'm ...

A great island to dive (or not, in my case...), Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A great island to dive (or not, in my case...)

A travel blog entry by yanayz


The plan was simple: a 4 day diving course in a perfect location. The location was great (even though sleeping the BananaRama had rather basic hospitality), but located at the West End beach, you can't really ask more from a Caribbean hot spot. The water ...

2ième journée de plongée, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

2ième journée de plongée

A travel blog entry by clode_dsuro


2ième journée de plongée qui nous a réconciliée avec Roatan Nous avons fait une plongée profonde à plus de 115 pieds en pénétrant dans un long corridor.  Après une petite hésitation, je m'y suis aventuré avec confiance et j'en suis ...

Roatan and Diving!, West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan and Diving!

A travel blog entry by shamey0508


... was a fairly upscale boat which premiered the movie Batman Begins - a nice way to keep your mind off the constant rocking. West End, Roatan is no more than a strip of beach with a small town built up on it. And by "town" I mean the largest collection ...

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