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David 'n' Annik's unforgettable trip to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

David 'n' Annik's unforgettable trip to Roatan

A travel blog entry by dna.trips


... quite as much ;) Monday was another rainy day.  Our plans for a perfect sunny b-day got rainned out but Rainny Roatan beats Chilly Canton everyday! :)  it finally stopped raining around dinner time so we cabbed it to West End and tried "Tongs" ...

Week Two, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Week Two

A travel blog entry by sian_and_jim


So we have finally settled into life as volunteers in Honduras. We are working with a group of dedicated people that are attempting to improve the environment of Utila and increase awareness of the island's environmental issues. This has had us out on ...

Hondurus, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelniewiada


We have FINALLY arrived to the Caribbean island of Roatan in Hondurus and I cannot believe we are already in our third country! Time is FLYING by! In order to get to the island, we had to take a ferry (which was huge!!!) for 1 1/2 hours and one of our ...

Still workin' on my tan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Still workin' on my tan

A travel blog entry by travelinfool

... will be heading out one last time this afternoon and then be done with the trip. We ended up buying airline tickets to fly from Roatan to San Pedro Sula. They cost about the same amount as we would have spent traveling, and we'll get to SAP in about ...

Hondurian Paradise, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Hondurian Paradise

A travel blog entry by rainman2468


... to Copan Ruinas. This involved a ferry and two buses so a long days travel. We were glad we made the effort to get out to the islands. Had a wicked time and experienced some once in a lifetime things. Cheers off to see some more ruins. ...

Show me your slits!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Show me your slits!

A travel blog entry by ellieberg


Roatan is a wonderful place!  It is part of the country Honduras that lies just north of the mainland.  I got the opportunity to visit this amazing place through a Tropical Marine Ecology trip through the U!  So our group of 12 students and ...

Under the Sea, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Under the Sea

A travel blog entry by jj3101


... pool that overlooked the ocean. Unfortunately two days was nowhere near enough time here but we had to say goodbye as the group was flying back to the mainland the next day. I wonder if Virgin Australia might start doing direct flights to Honduras??? ...

Loving the water!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Loving the water!

A travel blog entry by d-n


One of our favorite things about Roatan is the water. Our daily routine consist of sleeping in (Dennis loves his sleep. I'm always to bed after him and wake up before him), we make some breaky, go for a swim or snorkel around the reef, walk around the ...

Roatan and Utila, Roatan and Utila, Honduras travel blog

Roatan and Utila

A travel blog entry by charlottelaura

... touch you 'orrible lot - the emails are drying up a bit! Lots of Love and kisses C x Hello lads, Well I am STILL on Roatan and havent managed to do more than the 2 dives I managed on day 2 - clearly too much booze abuse. However the good ...

Day 3 - Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day 3 - Roatan

A travel blog entry by txladyjan


First stop, first excursion. Wonderful day on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Short van ride from the Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal to Las Palmas and Dixon Cove. Boarded a small boat and toured the cove. Saw red mangroves and two shipwrecks, Tulung ...

Bonne fête Roseline!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bonne fête Roseline!

A travel blog entry by ccaillou

Bonne fête Roseline! À 7:30, Caillou se lève et va voir sur la plage le gars avec le bateau d'hier. Il doit lui dire le prix pour aller au centre des dauphins. En même temps, Caillou en profite pour commander un déjeuner spécial pour Roseline... ...

Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregellis72


We arrived on Roatan today, and for the bay islands, we're staying at nicer places.  This will be the "vacation" part of the trip.  The internet connection on the islands are soooooooo slow.  I can't believe I'm paying for this.  I'm ...

A great island to dive (or not, in my case...), Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A great island to dive (or not, in my case...)

A travel blog entry by yanayz


The plan was simple: a 4 day diving course in a perfect location. The location was great (even though sleeping the BananaRama had rather basic hospitality), but located at the West End beach, you can't really ask more from a Caribbean hot spot. The water ...

2ième journée de plongée, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

2ième journée de plongée

A travel blog entry by clode_dsuro


2ième journée de plongée qui nous a réconciliée avec Roatan Nous avons fait une plongée profonde à plus de 115 pieds en pénétrant dans un long corridor.  Après une petite hésitation, je m'y suis aventuré avec confiance et j'en suis ...

Roatan and Diving!, West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan and Diving!

A travel blog entry by shamey0508


... was a fairly upscale boat which premiered the movie Batman Begins - a nice way to keep your mind off the constant rocking. West End, Roatan is no more than a strip of beach with a small town built up on it. And by "town" I mean the largest collection ...

West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

West End

A travel blog entry by ahartry


Today we drove out to the West End of the island. I led, and Ann followed. The road as far as Coxen Hole was fairly good, but, from there on out, it was full of potholes. However, all traffic went slowly, so it wasn't too bad. As far as West End, the ...

Voyage de plongée avec plongeurs certifiés, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Voyage de plongée avec plongeurs certifiés

A travel blog entry by clode_dsuro


Nous sommes arrivés en temps sous un beau ciel bleu et plein de soleil. Le seul petit inconvénient, c'est que lors du transport, la valise de Daniel a été brisée et il a été chanceux que tout son linge et son baggage ne soit étendu sur le ...

Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandi38


Today we were on the wonderful island of Roatan Honduras. We took a tour to a Cameo factory. No, we did not buy one. We also were able to watchwatch dancers from the area and they were quite impressive!we had dinner with our new friends and had many ...

Peace at last., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Peace at last.

A travel blog entry by queenietord


Hi folks. Now in Honduras on an island in the Caribbean Sea. We flew here yesterday in a little 18 seater plane. The transfer day the day before was even longer than planned. Border crossing was good and only took one hour but then when we were driving ...

Arriving in Roatan, Coxen Hole, Honduras travel blog

Arriving in Roatan

A travel blog entry by kramerdude


It was a smooth flight into Roatan, the only hiccup being that the United and Delta flights were disembarking their passengers on the only two available stands on the tarmac so we were forced to wait until one of the flights loaded up and departed. ...

Lets try a little Zipping and a Party ..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Lets try a little Zipping and a Party ...

A travel blog entry by sham.murphy

... the neutral buoyancy fairy who had everyone doubled over with her poetic summary of our adventure together.  Not sure what happened her Fairy wings though.  What a way to end our first and probably last Oceandivers trip to Fantasy Island ...

Turtles‘ Crossing, West End, Honduras travel blog

Turtles‘ Crossing

A travel blog entry by haeschendoktor


Meine Rühreier werden immer besser: heute morgen hat Tobi neben einer neuen Packung Brot und Eiern auch Margarine aufgetrieben, so dass heute die Rühreier noch besser waren als gestern, nämlich nicht in die Pfanne geklebt und wieder rausgekratzt. Dazu ...

Ruiner, strand og konkyliesuppe, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Ruiner, strand og konkyliesuppe

A travel blog entry by lillianbjo


Copan og Roatan var stedene vi besøkte i Honduras. Copan er et lite sted som er kjent for sine ruiner etter maya-folket som jeg dro så på. Guiden vi hadde var kjempeflink og gjorde så det ble gøy å se på gamle steiner. Mye av ruinene handlet om 18 ...

This is the life, Is Roatan, Honduras travel blog

This is the life

A travel blog entry by jenlee

Next port we actually docked and could walk off, which was a nice change. My tour this time was on the Catamaran with snorkling on the reef. I guess I expected to actually go sailing, not motoring so I was somewhat disappointed, but the snorkling made ...

A Day on the Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A Day on the Island

A travel blog entry by danharriet


... Bay.As we looked out of our window to capture a brief glempse as to what the day would hold for us on Roatan just off the coast of Honduras, we saw summer blue skies and from the dress of the people already on shore, we could see that the rain from the ...

Bunch of non-diving photos, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bunch of non-diving photos

A travel blog entry by nahury1

photos ...

My First Night on Roatan, a.k.a.The Frog, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

My First Night on Roatan, a.k.a.The Frog

A travel blog entry by gennyca

My First Night on the Island of Roatan My concerns are confirmed as we pull up in front of the hotel in West End. My apartment is spacious, but exactly what I thought would be wrong for me is and something I hadn't considered. There is not enough ...

Is this beach for real??, West Bay, Honduras travel blog

Is this beach for real??

A travel blog entry by susieandisidro


Today was out first full day in Roatán.  With a fully stocked fridge in our condo I decided to make my favorite breakfast throughout the week.  It's surprising how much you can improvise with just a couple key ingredients and some ...

Day 57: Utila Finally!!, Flowers Bay, Honduras travel blog

Day 57: Utila Finally!!

A travel blog entry by holliem


... back to the Dive Shop. It was so hot here, it is amazing that I am not that far away from the mountains in Honduras but the temperature is drastically different. We spent the next 3 hours watching 3 DVD's and answering questions. Fun fun! Some of the ...

I Found What I Came Here For!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

I Found What I Came Here For!

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... June 3rd. I want you to know that all your generous donations went to deserving and needy children in both Guatemala and Honduras.  Central America and the peoples are different beyond anything you can imagine, and well worth knowing. I believe I ...

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