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Transit Time, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Transit Time

A travel blog entry by jvbmeow

... was given a bit of grief with my visa. They insisted that I hadn't applied, yet I had an email from immigration services of Rwanda with a tracking number and confirmation of my approved visa. After a little hassle, they let me in to the country with no ...

Lessons for the Future, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Lessons for the Future

A travel blog entry by jvbmeow


... and had breakfast and showered at a very casual pace. I left the hostel around 10 am and hopped on a motorbike to get to the Kigali Memorial Centre. It only cost about a dollar for the ride and the driver was very nice. The memorial began with a tour ...

A Whole New World..., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A Whole New World...

A travel blog entry by _priscilla12


... to kill time before boarding our second flight to Entebbe, Uganda. We then made our way to "the land of a thousand hills" Kigali, Rwanda. It's been interesting to say the least. Uwitonze Paulin (a former friend of Isaura and Casey) was kind enough ...

Arrival in Ruanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Arrival in Ruanda

A travel blog entry by faralley


... to import plastic bags in Ruanda. FANTASTIC. A simple action to avoid litter. I love this country already. Arrival in the dark at Kigali Ruanda. Early out the plane in order to expedite and make sure my host did not have to wait too long. Small hick up. ...

Newspapers, Lake Kiva, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by annsadventures


... will be filed against the station who has yet to make a statement. The French played a disturbingly negative role in Rwanda's genocide. I also learned the Central African Republic elected a woman, Catherine Samba-Panza, as its interim president (her ...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A travel blog entry by aportay

Well, yesterday I had quite an experience: For the tailor shop we needed to buy some mirrors so that when costumers come to be fitted they can see exactly whats going on. So, Alex (Andy's right hand man) and I went in to town to get some. After riding ...

Never thought I would DJ in Africa, Kivumu, Rwanda travel blog

Never thought I would DJ in Africa

A travel blog entry by homeworkfilms


... a project to wire the school for audio. Think a very basic PA system for the school. On Wednesday I went out with Ivica, to Kigali, in search of components for this audio system. The basic design is an input device in the main office connected to a mixer ...

We find the source of the Nile, Kilgali, Rwanda travel blog

We find the source of the Nile

A travel blog entry by chrisandjanet

... and in some cases actual video footage of the slaughter..  It was a powerful documentation of what happened in Rwanda as over 1 million souls were brutally murdered in orchestrated mob violence.  Significantly however there was no explanation as ...

Settling into Nyamata, Nyamata, Rwanda travel blog

Settling into Nyamata

A travel blog entry by margaretfielder

... afternoon Julie and I played Frisbee, and then I went to an event in the center of town being held by MTN, Rwanda’s largest communications company. A large truck was being used as a stage, music was blasting, and there were animal impersonation, ...

Training, Frustration, Tea 2, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Training, Frustration, Tea 2

A travel blog entry by sps5032


Currently lounging under an umbrella poolside at the Manor hotel with an espresso. Today (Wednesday) is a national holiday (Hero's Day) so we have the day off from training the research assistants, which began on Monday. I am training 5 RAs for the ...

First Day in Rwanda, Rwanda, Rwanda travel blog

First Day in Rwanda

A travel blog entry by lilcaseymarie11

... whole line...which was nice but i kinda felt bad... then we walked through the area known as "No man's land" between uganda and rwanda...neither country owns the land. so anyway that was neat. and then we crossed the rwanda border and had to go through ...

Rwanda: A Dark Past But A Bright Future..., Rwanda, Rwanda travel blog

Rwanda: A Dark Past But A Bright Future...

A travel blog entry by lilcaseymarie11

... had tears in my eyes a few times... so a quick overview of what happened in the 1950s Belgium came and started ruling rwanda. prior to this time, rwandans had their classification as being tutsis or hutus but noone cared who was who. they lived together, ...

qwer, Rwanda, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by gebruigernes


Hash Runs and the

Hash Runs and the "Real" Africa

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... of our Hash t-shirts, are you on?).  The trail was simply awesome.  We started in probably the richest neighborhood of Kigali, where all the embassy people live, and we went out to a rural valley.  Up and down steep slopes in fields of ...

DAY TRIP KIGALI, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by rajmaha


Proper rubber dinghy English teacher., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Proper rubber dinghy English teacher.

A travel blog entry by niallinrtown

... of our one-upmanship which has become a major part in our days.    We are slowly but surely discovering the city of Kigali amazing spots like Shokola and the Hotel mille de Collines no longer elude us. I am writing this on the balcony of cafe ...

A fish called Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A fish called Rwanda

A travel blog entry by emandjack


... be a breeze but it turned into probably the biggest debacle of the trip. When we were crossing, our guide Anna, told us that Rwanda had banned plastic bags outright and if you had one in your possession you could be fined. As we lived out of plastic bags ...

Update, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by aportay


... going to introduce a program to elementary and middle school students in the States that will allow every teacher in Rwanda to receive a K-Light. I think that this has an amazing potential since it compliments the pre-existing curriculum requirements for ...

Kigali vs Nyamata, Nyamata, Rwanda travel blog

Kigali vs Nyamata

A travel blog entry by margaretfielder


... its own dramatic movie, yet they are nothing but warm, confident, open, and optimistic.  Furthermore, I spent the day in Kigali today, visiting the Akilah campus and exploring the city a bit, and it only reaffirmed my love for this wonderful village ...

Honeymoon, hills and a magical experience, Parc National des Volcans (inc Kigali), Rwanda travel blog

Honeymoon, hills and a magical experience

A travel blog entry by steveandmelly


... brings everything to a standstill) so it's been interesting to say the least... Oh and if anyone's seen Hotel Rwanda, we're staying at THAT hotel while in Kigali, the Milles Collines. Beer Watch: It's seems to come down to a simple choice: Primus or ...

Pole pole..., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Pole pole...

A travel blog entry by dentalvagabond


... sneak peak of the top above the mountains. The funniest part: the Australian guy I met in Kenya was boarding my plane! Stopping in Kigali we had some time to catch up since he is going to Entebbe as well. The connection flight is somewhat delayed but it ...

An evening with Fred , Kicukiro, Rwanda travel blog

An evening with Fred

A travel blog entry by rwandaschoolaid


Today we met with Fred Buyinza in his community of Gasabo, we were welocomed by the local community leaders and enjoyed Rwandan dance. Allan was adorned in African Dress along with Lara and Kari. Pictures to follow. All the team were fantastic and ...

Proven Hangover Cure, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Proven Hangover Cure

A travel blog entry by gypsygirlri

... my fingers crossed! Tonight is dinner with a bunch of fellow volunteers at our favorite (and the best) Indian restaurant in Kigali, then maybe drinks afterward. Tonight there will be no dancing 'til morning....unless I decide to do that and go straight ...

Brussels airport, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Brussels airport

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

SN 465 my plane to Kigali Rwanda Sent via BlackBerry by ...

Parlez-vous franšais?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Parlez-vous franšais?

A travel blog entry by aportay

This week Trayce, Sam, and I started French lessons. There is a woman named Elizabeth that we found through some friends. She comes two or three times a week for 90minutes. Sam is really shy and sits in for some of the lesson, but not all. Trayce is ...

Guess what?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Guess what?

A travel blog entry by aaronandjanelle

We're here!  (But our luggage isn't, and the hotel we're supposed to be staying at gave some of our rooms away, so we're all moving to a different hotel . . . no surprise, again.) Running over to the next hotel, but more soon! ...

Cyangugu, Cyangugu, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by scoubi

Really small town with nothing special. please don't take the ride from here to kibuye even if lonely planet says it's the best journey in rwanda, for me it was the ...

The Rwandan Accent, Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog

The Rwandan Accent

A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Had a couple of really great laughs this week thanks to some misinterpreted comments from one of my Rwandan friends. The first occurred a few days ago when we were having lunch at the beach. He commented to myself and another gal "Nice bitch". She ...

2nd site party, KCC Construction Site, Rwanda travel blog

2nd site party

A travel blog entry by harriel

This time the site party was more moderate. Also customers employees have been invited. They left the brandies beside and everybody was a little bit pissed instead of loosing their minds. Was fun. ...

Thousand hills and an amputated soul, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Thousand hills and an amputated soul

A travel blog entry by chawi


... 8230; we decided we wanted to leave to Tanzania. The next day we were lucky enough to arrange our plane tickets from Kigali to Kilimanjaro via Rwanda airs. The flight was very good, and we even shared the plane with 2 football teams, one of them coached ...

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