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What an amazing day!, Kicukiro, Rwanda travel blog

What an amazing day!

A travel blog entry by rwandaschoolaid


... after moving speaches by the team, who did themselves proud.  Afterwards we headed for a western treat at the Kigali buisiness centre. The bourbon cafe provided welcome paninis and a mango smoothy or two. We then headed home for a couple ...

Welcome to the first world, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Welcome to the first world

A travel blog entry by helman


... the hotel and hey, they just took us in the police car to the hotel!! Nice, friendly, reliable and secure shuttle service :) Kigali itself is a very nice and developed city, you also see a bunch of white guys on the street there and the supermarkets ...

From Nairobi, Kenya to Musanze, Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda, Rwanda travel blog

From Nairobi, Kenya to Musanze, Rwanda

A travel blog entry by lindalequesne


... of history and ambiance.   We caught a taxi to take us back to the airport at 11:00 for our 2:00 flight to Kigali, Rwanda.  Jackson was our driver, and the ride cost 1600 shillings (about $18.60).  We were told to leave early ...

tears turned into butterflies, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

tears turned into butterflies

A travel blog entry by mjhedges


... how are you?  I am nmeza...fine.  The past couple days have been filled with all sorts of amazing experiences.  Rwanda is beautiful.  We left Kigali for the first time this weekend and drove south through the rolling hills.  Even though we are right ... to a nation that turned the page, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog to a nation that turned the page

A travel blog entry by ashling

... . Only an AWESOME café that serves my new favourite, Zucchini bread, on the terrace of the first ever shopping centre of Rwanda, built in 2004. We were in Kigali only 3 hours but I heard 3 separate people say “after all, this is a new country. ...

Football match, KCC Construction Site, Rwanda travel blog

Football match

A travel blog entry by harriel


Yesterday my company - boosted by a lady from the German ambassy who plays in the Rwandean national soccer team and some Chinese - played soccer versus the team of BCEG. We won 2:1, but the chinese team had substitutes and we had to play all the time. ...

Genocide museum & Hotel Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Genocide museum & Hotel Rwanda

A travel blog entry by helen_joe


... but were about half an hour making it through both sides. Eventually we were in Rwanda. Once in Rwanda the roads were smooth and we progressed quickly to Kigali even though we were curving our way around hills. Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills, it ...

Day 2 - Kigali - Genocide museum, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Day 2 - Kigali - Genocide museum

A travel blog entry by fry81


... was also amazing and so serene. The productivity of these villages who have crops all the way to the top of the mountains was just amazing. Today we crossed the border from Rwanda into Uganda and spent the night at Rafikis guest house in ...

The refreshing ambiance at  the guest house , Kigali , Rwanda travel blog

The refreshing ambiance at the guest house

A travel blog entry by akageratt

Enjoy real comfort at this really nice and refreshing guest house, located in the heart of kigali city - just 10 min. drive from the Airport. - Free wireless internet - breakfast - resident chef - 24 hr transport - 24 hr service - ...

Fund raising event, Kicukiro, Rwanda travel blog

Fund raising event

A travel blog entry by rwandaschoolaid


On Saturday morning the Rwanda School Aid fundraising engine was hard at work serving teas and coffees to the good people of North Berwick and we managed to raise some more valuable cash towards our project. Thank you for supporting us. ...

Gorilla Trekking, Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog

Gorilla Trekking

A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Due to some very fortunate circumstances, I was able to go gorilla trekking today. Although I am volunteering with MGVP, the only time I will see the mountain gorillas is like anyone a tourist. To trek the mountain gorillas you need to buy a ...

Africa, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by chapdeluc


... me catapulte les sens au firmament. Tout de toi me reviens ŕ l'esprit. Mes pas se pressent afin de retourner errer dans Kigali. Les couleurs qui irisent ton quotidien, les regards de tes enfants assoiffés d'émerveillement, et la beauté de tes femmes ...

Gitarama, Gitarama, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


The two days I spent with the Azizi were the most insightful. I truly got a hands-on experience and learned how their day to day life is. Most of it involved hard work, such as making banana juice, farming, weaving, and cooking. I loved it. Here is a ...

TIA the Hard Way, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

TIA the Hard Way

A travel blog entry by casey.stockton1


... to play and be a part of a team.  Some TIA moments since the last post: -Breaking News - While watching the Rwanda national news, a report on how it is now required of all bartenders to check ID’s of patrons to prevent underage drinking was ...

wreszcie mam internet, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

wreszcie mam internet

A travel blog entry by arekpanek

... . Kenia-Uganda ponad 3h. Zdjec samego przejscia nie mam bo strach robic, ale jak z filmow o najczarniejszej Afryce. Uganda-Rwanda dosc szybko okolo 1 h, ale z propozycja potrzymania Kalasza. Lezal pani wojskowej na stole i nie miala miejsca na wpisywanie ...

KIGALI, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by rajmaha

1 ...

To Kigali and Back, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

To Kigali and Back

A travel blog entry by gypsygirlri

... my room! Thanks to Dad and Peggy for all the great stuff I asked for – kitchen supplies, office supplies, toiletries, etc.! Going to Kigali is such a double-edged sword for me. On the one hand, I just love it there. Let’s face it, I’m ...

Well I Won't Do This Again, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Well I Won't Do This Again

A travel blog entry by lisarturner

Friday morning saw us up at 5:00 a.m. in order to get our stuff organized for leaving the Step Town and getting to Amahoro stadium. The night before we had spent two hours in a government office getting credentials to go to the 20th Anniversary ...

The land of a thousand hills, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The land of a thousand hills

A travel blog entry by lola_hd


Even just walking around Kigali, you can understand why Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills...this city is sprawled out across several large hills and the valley in between. From many points you can far across the hazy city and even beyond, to ...

Memorial, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by natashamichaud

... were able to speak freely to Natasha about their experiences. A french girl that Natasha met said that never happened with her as in Rwanda, french are not good people. Back in 1932, so not long ago at all, the Belgians and colonolialized. If a person ...

Ruanda – der Vorzeigestaat Ostafrikas, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Ruanda – der Vorzeigestaat Ostafrikas

A travel blog entry by


... -Tour Uganda – Ruanda – Tansania für mich noch schöner und persönlicher gemacht hat! Unsere Tour ging von Uganda nach Ruanda und weiter nach Tansania. In Ruanda: Musanze (Norden) - Kigali (Hauptstadt) - Huye/Butare (Süden) - Kigali.) ...

Football is a Universal language, sadly it seems t, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Football is a Universal language, sadly it seems t

A travel blog entry by niallinrtown

A different setting for this blog, I am perched on a child's stool in the largest classroom in the school. I am however not surrounded by little ones as it is Rwandan Independence Day and as such they have a day off, as I am yet to have a day on this ...

Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by judigalea


So this Monday started off a little calmer…but the theme was still the same…another plane crash! This time it was in Rwanda….the accident was last Thursday. The plane had taken off…but the gears got stuck. So they turned around and ...

First Day at Kingdom education centre, Kicukiro, Rwanda travel blog

First Day at Kingdom education centre

A travel blog entry by rwandaschoolaid


Hi everyone at home had first day at KEC it was good to finally see the playground. Before work began we were able to meet some of the pupils and join in on their break time. We marked out the playground with chalk and were able to do some ...

My life as a Volunteer in Rwanda, Kivumu, Rwanda travel blog

My life as a Volunteer in Rwanda

A travel blog entry by homeworkfilms


... searching for the device. Fortunately there was a good Samaritan who had it waiting for me. I soon jumped onto a plane heading for Kigali, Rwanda. 19 hours after taking off from Calgary I arrived in Kigali at about 8 PM local time Monday night. The first ...

Just Waiting For Our Flight, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Just Waiting For Our Flight

A travel blog entry by carlton

What we thought was a 9A flight turned out to be an afternoon in the airport....oh well, it ...

Home, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by aportay


... get me wrong, I miss my close friends and family very much...but I have to admit that I feel very much at home here in Kigali. I have friends, a job, some sort of a routine :), and when I think about having to leave it makes me really sad. I dread having ...

The Magnitude of Human Capacity, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The Magnitude of Human Capacity

A travel blog entry by deniseang


Or, why I'm here part 2. It has been quite a week. Spent today at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi, the largest museum of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. I worked at the Holocaust museum in LA, and was a genocide studies focused person, but I knew ...

Gorillas, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by deano-webby


... a trip strongly! Gorillas in the Mist, Deano and Webby styles. The drive to get to the gorillas was about 2 hours from Kigali with a driver who didn't speaka da Engrish. That made things a little challenging but nonetheless he was a good driver so ...

Transit Time, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Transit Time

A travel blog entry by jvbmeow

... was given a bit of grief with my visa. They insisted that I hadn't applied, yet I had an email from immigration services of Rwanda with a tracking number and confirmation of my approved visa. After a little hassle, they let me in to the country with no ...

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