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Visits to genocide memorials, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Visits to genocide memorials

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... moved out to safety, and who became a hero by hiding and saving over 1200 Tutsis. That story is told in the film Hotel Rwanda. I vaguely remember walking through the empty looted hulk of this hotel in 1996 on my first trip to Rwanda. Now it’s been ...

Arrived!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by deano-webby


... nothing really exciting to report besides we have landed safely and have cracked open the first beer of the trip over looking Kigali in Rwanda. Flights number 1 & 2 of the trip were straight forward. So far, we have spent 9 hours flying, 3 hours ...

Bedding down, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Bedding down

A travel blog entry by cazinkigali


I'm now living in my new home, which is nice but the whole thing is going to take some getting used to. We have an awesome garden with a hammock, a banana tree and an avocado tree. So far I have tried tomato fruit, African lunch (basically a plate of ...

Work Work Work, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Work Work Work

A travel blog entry by aportay

... and because of this it looks like I'm not going to be able to actually open K'uppa  before going back to the States. So, I will be absent when my ideas and work are actually showcased to Rwanda. And while this is fine, it is still quite ...

Goodbye England....Hello Rwanda!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Goodbye England....Hello Rwanda!

A travel blog entry by elysiarwandavso


... can all see lots of each other! Kigali is a very calm, beautiful and clean city! I can not get over how clean Rwanda is especially Kigali. It is illegal to drop rubbish on the floor here and people really do follow the rules it's spotless! During the in ...

Arrival, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by carlton

Our flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Kilgali, Rwanda was delayed but no one told us.  We arrived at the airport at 7A for a 9A flight and finally (after being driven from the airport to downtown to a Kenya Airlines office) that our flight was ...

RWANDA- PAPER OR PLASTIC?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


Pictures from Hypertravel: 100 Countries in 2 Years (Backpackers' Guide to the World and the Soul) by Hardie Karges ...

Sunrise in kigali july 22nd, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Sunrise in kigali july 22nd

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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Typical Frustrations, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Typical Frustrations

A travel blog entry by aportay

    The past two weeks have been Genocide Memorial which means that very few shops are open and a lot of people don’t work at all, or only work for half the day. This makes it almost impossible to stay consistently productive which has ...

A Tough Day, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A Tough Day

A travel blog entry by lisarturner


... ;I exchanged $300US for 230,000 rwandan francs. Later we had dinner at the New Cactus restaurant, which is a western style resto in Kigali and didn't make it  back to our hotel until about eleven o'clock.  We were totally exhausted and we had to ...

The first two days, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The first two days

A travel blog entry by aaronandjanelle


... Janelle visited a school for orphaned children who have been living on the street (Champion's School, about an hour out of Kigali), while I videotaped the first property grabbing conference the lawyer team put on for the pastors in and around Kigali. ...

Longue d'aventure a Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Longue d'aventure a Kigali

A travel blog entry by ethansethobrien


... autobus à brise en route et on doit retourner et commencer encore. Maintenant nous sommes sur un autobus en Rwanda. Nous sommes en route pour Kigali. Hier nous sommes aller a la frontière Rusumo Falls et partire Tanzania. Joseph et sa sœur ...

Supervisor Food and Beverage Service, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Supervisor Food and Beverage Service

A travel blog entry by habumugisha

It is the good place for staying and good service ,staff professional, place very cleaned, all standard international. ...


My "Professional" Basketball Debut with UGB!

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

... ability). There is in fact some legit competition in this league with a few of the players being members of the Rwanda National Team. Additionally, many of our games are played at a court in the Kimisagara neighborhood of Kigali, which has become ...

Genocide memorial and some more Kigali, Nyamata (Ntarama), Rwanda travel blog

Genocide memorial and some more Kigali

A travel blog entry by helman


... nbsp;in one piece anymore. One can only imagine how the human bodies must have looked like after the slaughter. The genocide in Rwanda was a planned event because the future victims had been put into a registry months. The day the killing began groups of ...

New Year's Eve, Rwanda-Style, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

New Year's Eve, Rwanda-Style

A travel blog entry by gypsygirlri

... . I greeted some of them with a smile and "Mwaramutse." :) I followed this pretty street until I passed the KIST campus – Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. Here the road turned right and I ran a few more blocks, past the new Kigali Serena ...

Bloom hotel kigali rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Bloom hotel kigali rwanda

A travel blog entry by rajmaha


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Steets of kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Steets of kigali

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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The end of the first week., Kicukiro, Rwanda travel blog

The end of the first week.

A travel blog entry by rwandaschoolaid


... sadest week. The team have gone from the high of travelling to a new continent to the low of visiting the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. The memorial visit brought us all very close and encouraged us to question our own lives. The site is set on a hill ...

Domestic Duties, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Domestic Duties

A travel blog entry by k0e0n0z


I mentioned before, I've been living with two Rwandan roommates and an umucozi, or housekeeper, who fetches water from the pump, cooks, and washes our dishes and clothes.  About two weeks ago our umucozi, Jane, work up early, ate all the bread, ...

Africa with a twist, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Africa with a twist

A travel blog entry by thepedro


Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamie.baum

Today was great! We went to this center for women's empowerment and went on a walking tour of Kigali. There are women in Kigali that started a center where they teach other women how to read, cut hair, sew and speak English. We stopped by a lot of the ...

Rwandan Hills, Kigali, DRC, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Rwandan Hills, Kigali, DRC

A travel blog entry by pepomattic


... . Tired from the long bus ride and all the impressions from that afternoon, we didn’t have enough energy to discover Kigali Saturday night life. Waking up early Sunday morning Jack’s friend arrived just in time so that we could take the three ...

It's just around the next bend....., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

It's just around the next bend.....

A travel blog entry by linda1960


... the bus and we passed those out to the children. I asked if I could photograph the family (something you must do in Rwanda - well anywhere really :) ). We said goodbye and made our way back to the group. Our next stop was to get our passport/photograph ...

The Memorials, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The Memorials

A travel blog entry by ashleynharbin

... my blog just as it can be from any other source. And, by the way, I do strongly recommend reading the history of Rwanda, specifically regarding the original use for the identities Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa. In addition to text containing information, videos of ...

A day in Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A day in Kigali

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... for lunch; we were a bit early, so I told him to drive me up the hill to the Hotel des Mille Collines, Hotel Rwanda as people have started calling it after the film came out. It’s been recently updated and refurbished and is once again the height ...

Gisenyi, Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Joined some of the MGVP group for a road trip to Gisenyi today. It takes about 1 hour by car to reach this city which sits on the border to the Congo. This area is very safe. The town across from Gisenyis is Goma and often tourists would cross over to ...

As sad a place as I have seen, Ntarama, Rwanda travel blog

As sad a place as I have seen

A travel blog entry by jcrane


... us. Ntarama, however, turned out to be one of the most difficult parts of our trip. Turning off the main road back to Kigali, we followed a dusty road through the forest which opened up on the small village of Ntarama. When one sees the size of the ...

Golden Monkey, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Golden Monkey

A travel blog entry by kodiak711

... gathered at the park headquarters and were entertained again. We had an usually large group today as there were students from a school in Rwanda. They all spoke good English and fun to visit with while we walked. It was an easier walk today as we ...

A bit of a surprise, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

A bit of a surprise

A travel blog entry by bdsaly


... or two will see you on your way. However in you are stopped by a policeman in Rwanda, there is no such let out! Kigali, Rwanda’s small capital city is most visitors’ first surprise. It is built on a group of green hills and valleys in the ...

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