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day five, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

day five

A travel blog entry by lady_d


Painted a classroom PINK today. After our project was finished, we went to a Mustard Seed meeting. Every 5 years they gather to go over accomplishments and goals. It is amazing how much the organization has grown since its beginning. They now have ...

Arrival, Mandeville, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by simoneastwell

... us lose our place in the que for take off, but eventually we managed to get up in the air and were on our way to Jamaica. I was met at Montego Bay Airport by a guy named Bevin whose job it was to drive me to the family I'm staying with in Mandeville ...

Sudden Urge to watch Cool Runnings, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Sudden Urge to watch Cool Runnings

A travel blog entry by beckyprincess


Had another long day yesterday, but we were ready to take on our last adventure before the return home. Today we did a triple tour, which included a canopy tour, zipline adventure, and bobsled ride. The sloooow ride into the rain forest was quite ...

Monday 25th., Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

Monday 25th.

A travel blog entry by gregstjohn


... to the street and a DJ with the biggest, loudest speakers playing everything from the early sixties right through to today's latest. I love how Jamaica can turn any music into reggae and own it; Country and Western, Pop, to R&B. The place is said to ...

Bob Marley Museum, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

Bob Marley Museum

A travel blog entry by milipatel


On my fifth day in the Caribbean, I visited the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. The museum is situated on the site of the legendary musician's home, which he purchased in 1975. This house, featuring 19th-century architecture, was Marley's home ...

Surviving the John F. Kennedy Aiport!!, Jamaica, United States travel blog

Surviving the John F. Kennedy Aiport!!

A travel blog entry by jspalmere

I arrived at the JFK airport at around 1:30 pm a very nervous college student thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong. It didn't take long for me to spot all the Quinnipiac University students who were going to also be studying abroad ...

Falmouth and Dunn's River Falls, Falmouth, Jamaica travel blog

Falmouth and Dunn's River Falls

A travel blog entry by bruinz


Today's port of call in Jamaica is Falmouth, a quaint port town located on the north shore of the island. After breakfast we loaded up lightly for perhaps our more adventurous excursion: a tour of the island coast and hike up famous Dunn's River Falls. ...

Island vibe for my birthday, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Island vibe for my birthday

A travel blog entry by butterflyglobal


I was born and raised in Jamaica but this was my first time to Negril! It was absolutely amazing. Negril is definitely for lovers. The first unavoidable thing was the 7 miles of pristine beaches that seemed to go on forever sporting its several shades of ...

Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by jenk


Jamaica is beautiful and warm! I hope you're all doing well back in the midwest. I just wanted to share a few pictures from my trip so far. And ladies, if you ever want to feel like you're the most beautiful woman on earth, this is the place to ...

"Did you see what GOD just did to us, man?"

A travel blog entry by bobbie7781

I can't believe the news that's coming out of America! Somehow I knew that once I left you guys in charge it would all go to Hell! First you re-elect Bush! Then you let Hurricane Katrina destroy a WHOLE CITY! Then there was a plane that almost ...

I love Negril, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

I love Negril

A travel blog entry by bobbie7781


Another wonderful weekend. Friday night was spent at Nate and then Jess' house. We watched "The Jerk" at Nate's, then went back to Jess' to spend the night. Saturday we had a wardens meeting at the Beach (wardens meetings are basically safety ...

Montego Bay, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Montego Bay

A travel blog entry by diegoargentina


. ...

Hello Jamaica Mon, No Problem, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Hello Jamaica Mon, No Problem

A travel blog entry by justjan


An early morning rise for this port of call. We were swimming with the dolphins and walking up the river falls. Can't wait...the heads were just a little bit fuzzy, but not bad - good to coast. Started off with room service once again. Love the fruit ...

j, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by km1325

j ...

Jamaica, Falmouth, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by nls721

Great day in Falmouth. Woke up and had breakfast in the MDR. Mike had an omelette and I had banana pancakes. Went on an excursion to climb Dunn's River Falls, so much neater then we imagined. The water felt great, you got soaked! After the falls we ...

Move In Day & Bible Camp, Mandeville, Jamaica travel blog

Move In Day & Bible Camp

A travel blog entry by moiracaseys

My friends & I are officially all moved in to our apartment at Mt. St. Joseph. We live above a school in a fairly spacious apartment. We have a kitchen & dining room, a living room/tv room, a spirituality room (where we reflect on our service ...

Possibilties Realized, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

Possibilties Realized

A travel blog entry by teamclaudia


... issues affecting the community and have us all work to improve the condition. I had invited the environmental agencies in Jamaica to send a representative to come and speak on environmental issues specific to my community. The goal was to educate an ...

Day 6, Ocho rios, Jamaica travel blog

Day 6

A travel blog entry by jamaicamenutts

Well today we got up and went to lunch.  We over slept breakfast.  Then we went swimming and ate dinner one at the Beach Club Grill.  Then we went to Island Village Shopping Trip.  I got a blue diamond ring for $395.  Then we ...

Jammin Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

Jammin Jamaica

A travel blog entry by raymond.regine


... hoping to get one here" I say. "Oh, ok. Good luck then". Ah the joys of unplanned traveling.  We're renting a car in Jamaica, partly because it's the best way to see a country no? But mostly because flying into Kingston wasn't the best idea in terms ...

Yoga, Tennis, and the Beach, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Yoga, Tennis, and the Beach

A travel blog entry by dragon762


We awake to the sounds of the surf and the chatter of the beach workers arranging the lounge chairs and raking the sand before the guests get to the beach. Our room service coffee and fruit arrive, and we plan the day. We want to try the breakfast at ...

Port of Call for the big cruise ship, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Port of Call for the big cruise ship

A travel blog entry by gratien


Ocho is an interesting city, divided by a straight line, on one side (from the center to the port), relatively safe area day and night, upscale boutique, restaurants and on the other side, the chaos and not so safe area. There are a few hundreds meters ...

Einen Tag in den

Einen Tag in den "Enchanted Gardens"

A travel blog entry by unterwegs...


Für uns Freiwillige ist nicht jeder reguläre Arbeitstag ein Tag der Arbeit... Manchmal machen wir auch eine Ausflug... zu einer typischen Touristenatraktion... in einer typischen Touristenstadt... (Mandeville ist gar nicht touristisch... liegt eben ...

fun in the sun, Jamaica, Jamaica travel blog

fun in the sun

A travel blog entry by bandc821

me and my sister are taking a trip to Jamaica for the first time we are going to fly there using southwest! ...

Our wedding, Whitehouse, Jamaica travel blog

Our wedding

A travel blog entry by madilyn09

Our beautiful ...

Margaritaville.... Blue Diamonds.... and Running, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Margaritaville.... Blue Diamonds.... and Running

A travel blog entry by kitcatsz


Ok, so it's no secret that Jamaica is not my favorite port.  Usually we skip it and stay on the boat or go to Margaritaville. Brian and Michelle had an excursion to Dunns Falls.  Pass.  So Ray, Bev, Mike, and I (sounding familiar?) decided ...

Rebekka ist weg!!, Mandeville, Jamaica travel blog

Rebekka ist weg!!

A travel blog entry by unterwegs...


Eine wirklich einsame Zeit ist für mich angebrochen... denn Rebekka ist vergangenen Freitag nach nur 3 Wochen wieder nach Hause geflogen... und leider ist James kurz zuvor ausgezogen... Zuerst dachte ich ja: Zimmer teilen - mit einer Fremden... na ...

First Impressions, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

First Impressions

A travel blog entry by crashdot

(to be revised later) Several plane flights, one dead cell phone, and a long car ride later, we are in Ochi. First thing I noticed is that the heat and humidity is not as oppressive as SE Asia, Central America, or even Hawaii. Warm, but not so much I ...

Why is Jamaica so damn cold?, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Why is Jamaica so damn cold?

A travel blog entry by soxmwc44


The old television commercial, to the tune of John Lennon's "Happy Christmas - War is Over," said "COME BACK TO JAMAICA...," so we did! Our day was scheduled to begin with an open jeep tour of Ocho Rios.  While waiting to board the jeep at the pier, ...

jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by corey.jeal


... , if you get those looks. i had organise to couch surf with a jamaican girl in kingston. so i had to catch about 3 busses out there. jamaica has such an african feel i love it. i couldn`t believe how much i reminded me of parts of africa.   i met my ...

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous at GeeJam Jamaica, Port Antonio, Jamaica travel blog

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous at GeeJam Jamaica

A travel blog entry by ultimateislands


... You conquered me!" The road to GeeJam is an unmarked, unpaved adventure through the deeply shrouded hills of Port Antonio, Jamaica. As we climbed the long and winding road we passed lovely private homes surrounded by beautiful grounds which were pinned ...

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