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Nine Miles, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica travel blog

Nine Miles

A travel blog entry by petermonals


Titchfield School, Port Antonio, Jamaica travel blog

Titchfield School

A travel blog entry by petermonals


Swimmi'n in the pool, Friendship, Jamaica travel blog

Swimmi'n in the pool

A travel blog entry by gabriella465

It was so fun cool best expirence of my life i loved it ...

Negril-Great Place For Fun&Adventure-Turner's Tour, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Negril-Great Place For Fun&Adventure-Turner's Tour

A travel blog entry by ljwilliams

... .  The drivers were dependable, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them for tours and transportation in Jamaica- or  Must do tours are tours of Kingston and Bob ...

Boston to Toronto, Jamaica Plain, United States travel blog

Boston to Toronto

A travel blog entry by muddywaterwendy

So I haven't bought my ticket to Toronto just yet, but my hotel stay has been booked. I'm 1 ticket away from having everything planned. Can't ...

We be Jammin, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog

We be Jammin

A travel blog entry by badromance


... us at the hot tub, but it ended up just being Jackie, PJ, and a few other guys. Also met a ton of Canadian people, they were all very nice. I told them all that I was moving to Canada! LOOOOOOVED JAMAICA!!!  "Out of many one people" and "One love" ...

Jul 12, 2014, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Jul 12, 2014

A travel blog entry by blondewanderer


Fun and hassles in Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios, Jamaica travel blog

Fun and hassles in Ocho Rios

A travel blog entry by voyager-sue

11/7/05  Ocho Rios   The days are a whir.  So many nice people we met, so much good food we┤ve eaten.  We have the anniversary package, which includes 3 bottles of wine (1 non-alcoholc -- what is that about┐┐!!??) and a canape ...

Just landed... Welcome mat, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

Just landed... Welcome mat

A travel blog entry by gratien


I got a ride from the airport to the upper town. After check in, I ventured in the city and was soon offered some "stuff". Oh well, no thank you. The Bob Marley museum is quite interesting and probably the only notable attraction in Kingston (other than ...

Day 3 Ocho Rios  Jamaica, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica travel blog

Day 3 Ocho Rios Jamaica

A travel blog entry by jennadoucette

... river falls we went to the beautiful beach there for around 40 min , then split off in groups to go to margarita vile. Jamaica was beautiful and exploring it was so much fun. It was also really interesting seeing the life styles of the citizens in ...

Dorothy & John's Vow Renewal Celebration, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Dorothy & John's Vow Renewal Celebration

A travel blog entry by blackbagtravel

Even though Dorothy and John were celebrating their 30th anniversary, we were celebrating our third one and it was awesome. The resort looks exactly like it does on the website and the rooms have full bottles of liquor in them that are included in ...

ewww, Jamaica, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by bandc821

so driving to zip line we see naked people roaming the streets but zip lining was a lot of fun ...

the end, Jamaica, Jamaica travel blog

the end

A travel blog entry by bandc821

our trip was amazing the beach was awesome definitely a fun place to visit! ...

one country a year....and still going...., montego bay, Jamaica travel blog

one country a year....and still going....

A travel blog entry by sheri.laakso

went to jamiaca, tried many excursions, great trip......left the family at home this time, it makes for a more affordable ...

Another early start, St Ann's Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Another early start

A travel blog entry by madhippy


It's 5am and I'm watching the sun come up again. Air con has packed up so the kids are not very comfortable. Ben now has 1 bed, Emileigh has the other! Nickii has the sofa and I'm outside on the balcony chair! It's not too hot yet but it will be soon :-( ...

Country living, Robins River, Jamaica travel blog

Country living

A travel blog entry by


... of land surrounded by lush hills and forest. Groups of relatives with their kids in tow drove here to see us from all over Jamaica each day, making the house very lively. We did make an excursion to the beach nearby and enjoyed swimming in the warm ...

Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by lucy.snowball

... American granny befriended me- she's travelled solo worldwide and started a project shipping school supplies to Jamaican schools. She's been to Jamaica many times so showed me the best places to eat! Had food up on the cliffs one evening- amazing sunset ...

At the JFK Airport, JAMAICA, United States travel blog

At the JFK Airport

A travel blog entry by adarshg

Waiting for the flight at the airport!...flight appears to be on ...

I Am Bless, Mandeville, Jamaica travel blog

I Am Bless

A travel blog entry by lindsay.papsin


My first trip to Jamaica, I was charmed by the Jamaican's insistence on using proper titles to describe people and their positions in careers: Miss, Teacher, Doctor, Sister, Auntie, Uncle. I even found it a bit funny- me, a lowly college student, being ...

Tomorrow... its only one day away..., MoBay, Jamaica travel blog

Tomorrow... its only one day away...

A travel blog entry by bobbie7781


So I woke up this morning and my first thought (after a few other thoughts that no one else really needs to know about) was 'Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!'. I'm so excited!!! I've decided to take the day off of work and clean my apartment. Sounds totally ...

Crazy Taxi, Milk River, Jamaica travel blog

Crazy Taxi

A travel blog entry by bobbie7781


Last weekend Me, Joe, and Jess went down to the south coast for a triple birthday party. We decided to wait for Joe and leave MoBay together, so we ended up leaving town around 5pm. This was probably the first mistake that we made, considering it's a ...

Romance in the Islands, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Romance in the Islands

A travel blog entry by dragon762


... Skippy performed as Whitney Huston and we did not know it was him until he pulled of his wig at the end of his act. Tamica sang, and she was by far the best singer. The audience called her back for an encore. Another beautiful day in ...

Aug 07, 2012, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Aug 07, 2012

A travel blog entry by madhippy


New York, New York, New York, United States travel blog

New York, New York

A travel blog entry by plantlegend


Good Morning New York City….we wake up early take the subway into Manhattan with the morning commuters. Sorry we are slow and do not work the system as fast as most of you, at one point I just moved over and let them by. They have somewhere to be, ...

Day 2 February 15, 2013, Rio Bueno, Jamaica travel blog

Day 2 February 15, 2013

A travel blog entry by roamed


We got up late. Yesterday we were up 20 hours. Last night there was a bird that sounded just like a fire dedector when the battery runs out. So annoying. Thank God I brought the sound machine.We got to breakfast after 10:30 so breakfast was over but a ...

Underneath the Mango Tree, Montego Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Underneath the Mango Tree

A travel blog entry by njbeaglemom


Since our lazy days aren't conducive to blog writing and I didn’t want to just post "today we sat on a lounge chair all day and read," I thought I would give you a little history of the things in the environs of Montego Bay that we saw, even if it ...

A Day of Eating, At Sea, Jamaica travel blog

A Day of Eating

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


I think reality had kicked in by this time. The previous day was our final island visit and we were on our way back to Florida. With just two more days left, we had nothing else to do except ... EAT!  We started the day at the lovely brunch, the ...

Our Final Day at Sea, At Sea, Jamaica travel blog

Our Final Day at Sea

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


No sadder day have the Globetrotters seen than this -- the last day of our 14-day Caribbean cruise. We had such a fantastic time. The food was fantastic, the staff was superb, the ports were ... hmmm, I need a “P” word ... oh, perfect, the ...

day three, Kingston, Jamaica travel blog

day three

A travel blog entry by lady_d


Woke up early early once again to be bused to Jerusalem and to finish our warehouse project and chill with the kids again. I realize at this point I have not spent nearly enough time describing 'the bus', our raggity but somehow reliable mode of ...

Where nothing much happens, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Where nothing much happens

A travel blog entry by danp


... to amble around them, but all we can see and hear are croaking sounds and the yelling of undetermined bird species.   Jamaica is home to 324 birds, of which 28 are native. When saying Jamaica, birds are probably not the first thing that comes ...

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