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Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Ruteng ...

Hymns and a storm at sea, Manggarai Barat, Indonesia travel blog

Hymns and a storm at sea

A travel blog entry by teenza

This morning we woke to the sound of the Nuns singing their hymns which is quite a nice way to wake up, a tad better than the alarm on my iPhone! We hit the road after yummy brekky heading for the lookout over the spiderweb shaped rice fields. It is the ...

What a couple of days!, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

What a couple of days!

A travel blog entry by jasonandgaryn


We thought we were so smart. Since our flight was midday Friday morning out of Bali, we decided to stay in Denpasar yesterday evening instead of the tourist magnet cities of Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. All we needed to do was pick up a few things from ...

Moni (Kalimutu), Watogana, Indonesia travel blog

Moni (Kalimutu)

A travel blog entry by garcarlos

Alquilamos una moto y subimos a las 7:30 hacia el Kalimutu. Casi todo el mundo ha vuelto ya que han ido a ver el anochecer. En 30 minutos llegamos, la carretera es buena y muy bonita. Al llegar tenemos muy buena visibilidad al final comienzan a ...

Back in LB, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Back in LB

A travel blog entry by burles


So I'm back from Komodo now. Basically my goals for the day are laundry (hasn't been done since I left Canada - again, I truly feel like a dirty backpacker), and trying to find internet. Like I said, this town isn't very set up for tourism. I've had a ...

Highfiving scuba divers, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Highfiving scuba divers

A travel blog entry by beansnotfries

After 4 days out at sea, swimming every day, exploring and enjoying life it was nice to be back on dry land on the island of Flores. Showering off 4 days of salt, sweat, dirt and sunscreen felt fantastic. We just arrived in yesterday afternoon I was ...

En route to Komodo Island, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

En route to Komodo Island

A travel blog entry by beverlyndavid


Komodo island doesn't seem to be on my 'pinned' map hence Semarang which will be our larger port of call after Komodo. Another quiet and relaxing day enjoying the lovely weather, quite deceiving when the wind is blowing on the top deck to forget just how ...

Labuan Bajo Village, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Labuan Bajo Village

A travel blog entry by kennethq


After checking into my hotel, I went for a gander down into the village to do the usual touristy shite- grab some food and check out what tours are on offer. The village is pretty cool, seems like just one long street with a few bars, restaurants, shops ...

Haggling for tours, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Haggling for tours

A travel blog entry by kennethq


After a quick nap and a bite to eat ( fried butter prawns!) to get the brain recharged for some haggling action, it was time to take on the local travel agents! Two hours it took before I eventually booked three tours with some German old fella who ...

Diving in Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Diving in Komodo

A travel blog entry by michu


Flights are boring and sometimes with long waiting hours between connecting flights, therefore, we opted for the bus and ferry from Lombok to Flores via Sumbawa. Unfortunately a ferry broke down and the trip which lasted for 41 hours instead of 24! ...

Lao banjo, dive heaven, Lao banjo, Indonesia travel blog

Lao banjo, dive heaven

A travel blog entry by droomtoom

Na een helse busrit van 12uur kwam ik eindelijk aan in LB. LB ligt helemaal in het westen van Flores met naaste eilanden Komodo en Rinca waar de komodovaranen op leven. Heb hier een guesthouse genomen van 2 nederlandse vrouwen op een berg met uitzicht ...

Road to Tanjung (about 200km from Banjarmansin), Tanjung (South Kalimantan), Indonesia travel blog

Road to Tanjung (about 200km from Banjarmansin)

A travel blog entry by toegiono


(Indonesian) Jam 7 pagi waktu Banjarmasin, 3 buah mobil 4WD berikut supirnya sudah menunggu saya. Saya harus membawa 3 mobil ini menuju kota Tanjung, sekitar 200km ke arah utara dari Banjarmasin. Karena saat itu bahan bakar solar begitu ...

Małpki małe i duże, Batu Putih, Indonesia travel blog

Małpki małe i duże

A travel blog entry by bzmot


Po dwóch dniach rano przypłynął po nas nasz kapitan. Ponieważ zamierzałem zwiedzić też drugi słynny cel podwodnych wycieczek w okolicy – cieśninę Lembeh – początkowo miałem zamiar ...

Moni - Maumere, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Moni - Maumere

A travel blog entry by dpcw


Tobias' brother was our driver to Maumere & it wasn't a car it was a Bemo but at least it was only us and not 35 others or however many they can cram in. Dropped us at airport but no flights to Bali until tomorrow & £140 each so we decided ...

Boat Trip to Flores - Day 2, Bima, Indonesia travel blog

Boat Trip to Flores - Day 2

A travel blog entry by mattey


After about an hours worth of sleep and nightmares about the boat capsizing and being eaten by sharks, the engine finally got turned off at 6am, by this point I was well awake and could just see the crystal clear water out of the tiny window on the top ...

Indonesia: Bali, Sumatra, Java, and Nusa Tenggara, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia: Bali, Sumatra, Java, and Nusa Tenggara

A travel blog entry by rangjill


... cause of at least four people to puke during our time in public transport. One major frustration for us travelling through Indonesia--often highlighted by public transport--was the prevalence of smoking. In every van, bus, or taxi, passengers were forced ...

Komodo National Park, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by fwice


Naar de kelimutu, Maumere,  Indonesia travel blog

Naar de kelimutu

A travel blog entry by lien_huysmans


Bye bye maumere op naar de andere kustlijn van flores, dus onderweg met de bus. In een lokaal 'tentje gegeten' aan -voor de verandering- weeral een heel mooie kust. OnderWeg de eerste rijstvelden gezien en ook traditioneel huis meegepikt. Met redelijk ...

Surely the Ende is in sight??!, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Surely the Ende is in sight??!

A travel blog entry by baggywiggles


... you a quick quote from the Lonely Planet about the road we would be spending the next 12 hours on: "The serpentine, potholed east-west Trans-Flores Highway is long and slow but never boring. It skirts waterfalls, conquers mountains leads to the incredible ...

(46) Traditional Villages & Hot Springs, Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

(46) Traditional Villages & Hot Springs, Bajawa

A travel blog entry by alcatrav

... song!". Both Ally and the Dutch girls laughed as they knew that it was a joke since this particular song is always played in Indonesia and we are all a little sick of Reggae. Alfredo, however, was very excited saying "Really?!" and turning it up! Cat ...

Komodo dragons and goodbye Bali, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo dragons and goodbye Bali

A travel blog entry by matt_nien


Sorry we've been so quiet, new job and all you know:) We obviously can't mention too many details for privacy reasons but basically this is what we've been up to... Our two weeks day work unexpectedly turned into a permanent position, so we packed up ...

Mount Bromo, Sukapura, Indonesia travel blog

Mount Bromo

A travel blog entry by georgg


... literally thousands of people cramped on every last ledge on the terrace and along the hill side up here. It's a three day weekend in Indonesia as well, so there are a lot of local people in addition to the tourists here. Henry finds us a place underneath ...

Komodo park, average, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo park, average

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


At Gili Laba we hiked up a mountain to a lookout and got some amazing views of the bays and surrounding islands. We cruised to the red beach or pink beach for snorkeling and to exfoliate. We saw two bambi on the island. It was really nice and the coral ...

Senaru, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jbaptravel


After a couple of nights we were ready to leave Kuta, Lombok. It was too quiet and eerie for us. We found out that the place is pretty run down because for years Dubai had planned a $600 million development, but the government didn't approve it. So for ...

Pool Hopping, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Pool Hopping

A travel blog entry by


... at the reviews which complained that the property was three stars at best, it seemed to us that they were forgetting we were in Indonesia not the Western World. To us this is one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in in Asia and by those standards is ...

Indonesia - Flores, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia - Flores

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream


After weighing up my options, factoring in both price and time, i decided the best way to to travel from Bali to Flores was via an internal flight. It was a small bi-propellered plane. These cruise at a much lower altitude than the jet engined models. As ...

The Gili Islands, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

The Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by itenerant78

... Coast of Lombok.  It is absolutly beautilful here.  I spent 4 nights on Gili Trawangan, 1 night on Gili Air, and one night on Gili Meno.  I did my open water course on Gili Talumban with Dive ...

Galery Sebelas Bahasa, Banjarnegara, Indonesia travel blog

Galery Sebelas Bahasa

A travel blog entry by ndunks

Sebelas Bahasa ...

Keruni, Ibu Kota lama Sumba Barat, Karuni, Indonesia travel blog

Keruni, Ibu Kota lama Sumba Barat

A travel blog entry by nudujohn


Keruni, Ibu Kota Sumba Barat di tahun 1800 an. Tempat Kubur Batu (Sarkofagus) bertebaran, tempat nenek moyang ditempatkan dalam kedudukan tinggi, tetap hidup dalam keseharian. Berjarak 45 menit dari Waitabula, Terletak di Sumba Barat daya. Hasil ...

Todella kaukana, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Todella kaukana

A travel blog entry by jais


Aluperin ei ollut koskaan aikomus tulla tänne maailman äärelle mutta kuulin yhdeltä reissaajalta että tämä paikka on olemassa. Labuanbajo on pieni ja rähjäinen pikkukaupunki jossa ei ole paljoa nähtävää. Paikka on sinänsä mukava rentoon ...

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