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Postcard from Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Postcard from Kampot

A travel blog entry by jonandfinola

to be ...

Salt, Pepper, Crab, and the Creepiest Casino Ever, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Salt, Pepper, Crab, and the Creepiest Casino Ever

A travel blog entry by forksontheroad

... ; And aside from an abundance of staff it is completely empty of people.  The road up was the best we’d seen in Cambodia, built by the Chinese for very little traffic, an hour drive out of town.  The casino was made creepier by the fact ...

The hardest trek ever!!!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

The hardest trek ever!!!

A travel blog entry by kyleannie


... we decided that we should get off our arses and see something other than sand and sea. We booked ourselves onto a minibus to Kampot. Unfortunately the driver had a massive basket of Durian fruit on the bus and we'd had a few too many beers the night ...

day 321: healed and whisky, Kmpt, Cambodia travel blog

day 321: healed and whisky

A travel blog entry by ursburs

... Till 2am we chat and drink. An interesting old man. He's been travelling all his life, recently got his life insurance paid out and invested in a pension fond, which he lives off now. For visa purposes alternating one month in Cambodia and one in Vietnam. ...

Khmer style tattoo removal, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Khmer style tattoo removal

A travel blog entry by darrenstravels


... the market and buses.  Turns out I like fruit drinks that are literally in clear plastic bags with a straw in it.  Cambodia, once being under French rule, does some seriously good baking, so I scoff down sweet breads galore.  Bus is the ...

Ahh sleepy Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Ahh sleepy Kampot

A travel blog entry by jackgooding


Leaving paradise behind we headed to Kampot, a small sleepy town east along the coast - on the first day we hired bikes and got aquainted with our surroundings! Then we caught a tuk tuk to visit nearby Kep - on the way we stopped at a cave...we had to ...

Mountains and Caves, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Mountains and Caves

A travel blog entry by ballsabroad


... still didnt feel right the next day but I really wanted to get sightseeing as there were some amazing things to see around Kampot. Didnt particularly like the town much but rented a motorbike and headed to Bokor National park and Bokor Mountain. The ride ...

Monday 2 July 2012 – Tuesday 3 July 2012, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Monday 2 July 2012 – Tuesday 3 July 2012

A travel blog entry by paulandhelen


... bit of consultation with the ticket sellers we decided the price the moto guys were charging of $14 each across the border to Kampot in Cambodia wasn’t too bad so we hopped on the back of a motorcycle with our bags wedged between the driver and his ...

Kampot...The HOME of Kampot Pepper!, Krong Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot...The HOME of Kampot Pepper!

A travel blog entry by tehmistott


... what Kampot pepper was but apparently it's really expensive in Europe but is served on ALL dishes in Kampot and pretty much throughout Cambodia. The evening was spent sipping an originally named Cambodian beer called Cambodia while my eyes watched in awe ...

Still in the middle of nowhere!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Still in the middle of nowhere!

A travel blog entry by lbc


... the Bokor National Park. The surrounding countryside is divided into squares of agricultural land. I don’t know what I expected Cambodia to look like but it wasn’t like this. The similarities with England are amazing! So we walk down ...

Feb 05, 2013, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Feb 05, 2013

A travel blog entry by beckyangell3


Don't give up the day job, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Don't give up the day job

A travel blog entry by smerbs


... off to travel in South East Asia with my Fiancee, I had no idea that I would end up as a volunteer accountant in Cambodia. I came across AfID in mid August and instantly wanted to be involved.  Just one problem though -  I had already left the ...

Birthday celebrations, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Birthday celebrations

A travel blog entry by youloveit


... of my time in South East Asia, no matter how full the buses get, the driver always has a seat to himself but clearly not in Cambodia! Kampot was a four hour drive away so I told myself I'd be sat this way for the duration - that way, if anyone does happen ...

Oct 17, 2011, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Oct 17, 2011

A travel blog entry by allishatch


kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomandhannah

So we headed to Kampot for no particular reason! There was not a huge amount to do which was perfect! Lots of sitting on the river bank reading and generally relaxing. That evening we had a nice walk along the river and a quick walk around the town which ...

So bright..., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

So bright...

A travel blog entry by tomhk


... hired bicycles and just looked about town, we went into the market which was the most authentic out of the markets I've seen in Cambodia.  You can usually tell how authentic a market is by how much the air smells of dead fish, animals and their shit ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hub_isa


Kompot We took a local bus from Phenom Pehn to the South coast of Cambodia. We wanted to get out of the city to experience a real local area with little tourism, before heading to the Angkor Temples..... and this is definitely what we got :-) - ...

Kampot+Kep leg, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot+Kep leg

A travel blog entry by vitasamb2001


... Very lovely ride. Camodian country side is different from Vietnam. People live even poorer. I guess Vietnam was like a prep before Cambodia. Dirt roads mainly red dirt. Looks very nice. Mainly stilt houses. People live very poor, that sometimes I was ...

Bokor Hill was dynamite!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Bokor Hill was dynamite!

A travel blog entry by totallyranced

... bang and nearly shit our pants, if we had been outside it would’ve been much worse considering the amount of landmines in Cambodia but it was the construction workers blowing up parts of the mountain. I wore my sun hat for the first and last time ...

The best ribs in the world!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

The best ribs in the world!

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


... tour today was to Bokor Mountain, which is a national park in the local area and the highest thing for a long way, since a lott of Cambodia is fairly flat.  It took an hour or so to drive up the new winding road, with the views getting more and more ...

Feeling Crabby?, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Feeling Crabby?

A travel blog entry by apandlc


... isn't really on the main tourist track, we have found visiting places like this really valuable as it allows us to see the real Cambodia a little better, as opposed to the tourist scene.  It's only really a day trip kind of place, and most people who ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulsmap

Kampot ...

Motorbike, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by padraicop


Hired a motorbike for 7 dollars, from the friend of the bar staff in Bokor Lodge restaurant. Went to the Tek Chou Falls and the nearby dam. Went in search of Phnom Chnoork cave, but ended up at the beach in Kep ...

Kampot, Kampot, Kambodža travel blog


A travel blog entry by aylinjakalle


... tunnin. Minibussimme oli täyteen ahdattu, meitä taisi olla 10 hengen autossa 15. Onneksi matka oli lyhyt. Kampot oli hyvin pieni ja rauhallinen kaupunki. Rakennukset olivat todella kauniita. Olimme Kampotissa pari yötä ...

Cambodia : Kampot and Kep, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Cambodia : Kampot and Kep

A travel blog entry by tenoram


Cambodia, Kampot and Kep : Back to Phnom Penh by bus, we caught a minibus to go to Kampot, and after paying the cops, more and more people got in the minibus and even on the minibus. In Kampot, we had 2 delicious dinner, the first one a tasty fish in a ...

Confusing Kampot and inexpensive Italian, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Confusing Kampot and inexpensive Italian

A travel blog entry by alexgaltry


... of time before our tour. However a very rare event occurred. The "tour guide" was early! The whole month we have been in Cambodia not once has anyone been on time let alone early. So we rushed upstairs and got our stuff together. Our "tour guide" ...

Journée a Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Journée a Kampot

A travel blog entry by gil_ave


Nous n'avons pas fait grand chose aujourd'hui, réveillés a 8h30 pour rendre le scooter, nous sommes ensuite allés déjeuner avant de visiter le marché. Il est très populaire et très grand, on y trouve de tout et nous ...

Cruisin in Kampot, Kmpt, Cambodia travel blog

Cruisin in Kampot

A travel blog entry by jware


... in all, a great day...and one which returning to an air-conditioned room is super appreciated!!  I leave for the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, tomorrow at 6:30am.  Before I left, Claude gave me his Lonely Planet for Laos, some earplugs, and ...

Sports Day, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Sports Day

A travel blog entry by carmelobeirne


A step back in time in some ways this morning at Chumkriel Language School as we participated in their sports day. Reminded me of primary school days in the 60's when we had team sports and each team wore a colour and barracked so hard for each other. ...

Kampot on bikes, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot on bikes

A travel blog entry by alexkennewell1

Rented mopeds out and drove up to the Bokor national park. Awesome drive ascending around the bends of the cliff on great surface. Reached the casino and hotel complex at the top and tried to blag a swim to no prevail. Grabbed lunch by the river and ...

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