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kampot the sweet little town, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

kampot the sweet little town

A travel blog entry by sammie22

... to bokor mountain. it was really fun getting up the mountain was a mission as they are building a resort like there are everywhere in cambodia ( so soon the country will be just resorts lol) and the road as a consequence is pure mud. our car got really ...

Losing the race to see Bokor, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Losing the race to see Bokor

A travel blog entry by darrenstravels


... everything you need, regardless of what sort of trip you are looking for.  The afternoon strolls down the river; the delicious local meals; the madness of the central market; the sun setting behind Kampot - all combining to make a fantastic place. ...

Slow times in Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Slow times in Cambodia

A travel blog entry by andylara

Yet again, we bypassed Phnom Penh and travelled straight from Siem Reap to Kampot to meet up with Neil, an old school friend of ...

Journée rouge, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Journée rouge

A travel blog entry by gil_ave


... pour pouvoir visiter les environs. Nous sommes partis en direction de Kep une petite ville a 30 kilomètres au sud est de Kampot , mais nous avons bifurqué pour aller visiter deux petits temples dans des grottes. La route pour y accéder, et ...

Päivä 105., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Päivä 105.

A travel blog entry by pinksi


Aamulla kaikki sujui kuin rasvattu. Aamupalat huiviin, laskun maksu ja samalla hetkellä taksi karauttaa pihaan. Matka sujui rattoisasti ja suht nopsaan ja perille päästiin hyvissä ajoin. Majapaikkaa ei tietenkään heti löytynyt, mutta pienen ...

Here there not be bunnies, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Here there not be bunnies

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


Up way way too early. Seems i am awake earlier here than i am when i work. I hurried to shower and double ensure my gear was prepared and i set out to the pick up area. We waited in the tuk tuk for a third person to join us and once ready we headed to ...

Driving in Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Driving in Cambodia

A travel blog entry by stretke

... your dog, conversing with someone behind you, or carrying 20 sticks of bamboo and the family pig. 7. A single motorcycle helmet in Cambodia will magically protect up to 6 riders on each moto. 8. The most important and frequently enforced rule of the road ...

Chilling at the Riverside, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Chilling at the Riverside

A travel blog entry by setheler


... . Kep selbst hatte weiße Strände und wie der Zufall es wollte, fuhren wir dem Sonnenuntergang entgegen. Von Kep nach Kampot, meinem heutigen Ziel, waren die Straßenverhältnisse chaotisch. Trotzdem überholten sich Busse, Trucks und Mottoräder von und ...

Kep and the countryside, Kampot Province, Cambodia travel blog

Kep and the countryside

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


When the French lost their colony Cambodia 80+ years ago. the aristocrats abandoned their seaside palaces in Kep to flee for their imperialist lives. Here are a few ...

Bokor National Park, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Bokor National Park

A travel blog entry by lostinasia


... but luckily lunch was vegetarian). After lunch we went to see the waterfall, which was dry as it is currently dry season in Cambodia. The tour guide assured us we should go and look at it anyway which we thought was pretty strange. Anyway we went ...

Der hvor pebberet gror og Phonm Penh (igen), Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Der hvor pebberet gror og Phonm Penh (igen)

A travel blog entry by timogmaria


... rigtigt imponerende grotter at se og desuden en gammel fransk station hvor de de rige franskmaend tog paa ferie (og casino) da Cambodia var en fransk koloni. Desuden er regionen kendt for deres peber som var at finde i et hvert fransk koekken mens de ...

Kampot, Krong Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kate_matt


We arrived in Kampot at about 4pm and got a tuk tuk to take us to our hostel. There isn't really much in the town but it surrounds a river and we were recommended our hostel by Kate's friend as it was right on the river, so close that you could jump in ...

on our way out, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

on our way out

A travel blog entry by dlimbo


... all expats are men running away from something ?? Lee Brian's new best mate from London but lived every where but for years, Derick lived Cambodia with is wife nice man from OZ. Plus the fellow travelers we met in the bar and on the bus's Left kampot now ...

House on Haunted Hill, Bokor National Park, Cambodia travel blog

House on Haunted Hill

A travel blog entry by bekkeringpacker


... de wolken die overdrijven op onze hoogte over de vlakte, lijkt het eerder alsof we in de Schotse bergen zijn dan in Cambodia.   We gaan naar het hotel waar we een simpele rijstlunch aangeboden krijgen. Daarna tijd om door het verlaten hotel te ...

Kep national park, cesta do Kampotu, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kep national park, cesta do Kampotu

A travel blog entry by lukibali

... i čeká než si zabalíme a zaplatíme. Sbaleni a připraveni usedáme do TukTuku a vyrážíme směr Kampot. Cesta docela utíká a hlavně je mnohem příjemnější než na motorce. Do Kampotu dorážíme ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mustexplore

Dec 21- I squeezed into a mini-van with 19 locals for the 3 hour trip to >> Kampot. Kampot is a quiet little town located on the Kampong river and >> has some nice french colonial architecture. I ran into the 2 german girls >> that I had met in Bangkok ...

Court sejour, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Court sejour

A travel blog entry by dragon2010

J ai fait le trajet d une quarantaine de kms entre Kep et Kampot en tuktuk et c etait absolument magnifique. Une petite route paisible au bord de l eau pour commencer et dans la campagne cambodgienne par la suite. Lorsque le chauffeur me laisse a la ...

Bokor hill en bezoek aan Reun, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Bokor hill en bezoek aan Reun

A travel blog entry by jeroenlievens


Dag 8 - donderdag 23 oktober: Treinreis op het dak van de trein Sihanoukville-Kampot. Namiddag stadswandeling Kampot. Overnachting in Mealy Chenda Guesthouse. Dag 9 - vrijdag 24 oktober: Achterop de 250 cc moto bezoek aan Bokor hill Station. Dag 10 - ...

Kampot and onwards......, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot and onwards......

A travel blog entry by marianner


... her wares. They are excellent quality and a good price AND she offers a discount straight away so we don't haggle. This is Cambodia before the tourists started to spoil it... Back at the hotel, we are greeted by a very smiling gaggle of receptionists who ...

Ahhhh new years and 5 days off, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Ahhhh new years and 5 days off

A travel blog entry by jessb7


... in the entries! So now we move to Khmer New Year, a wonderful 5 day weekend, this is a time of great celebration in Cambodia. It's meant to be the happiest public holiday in the year, lots of dancing and games. Also a great respect for their elders, ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by darrenstravels


In which our chubby tourist rides around and around and true rural Cambodia. Another beautiful sunny day greets me as I awake for my first full day in Kampot. I grab some food whilst the bike is fixed, then spend the morning going on ...

Inselleben, Sihanoukville Cambodia/Kampot/Rabbit Island, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by monineub


5 Tage auf der Insel, ich könnte noch einige Tage mehr bleiben! Leider wird mir in spätestens 2 Tagen das Bargeld ausgehen! Aber ich will auch noch unbedingt nach Laos und am Ende meiner Reise kann ich ja nochmals für ca 10 Tage nach Thailand auf eine ...

Good sleep, happy make, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Good sleep, happy make

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


... Wat is proving to be one of the most fascinating reads to try to understand the madness behind this character and Cambodia's autogenocide. - Chuck Norris's autobiography: still not started but we are sure we will enjoy it, although its tripled spaced ...

PEPPERRRRRRRS!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by toddfarrtravel


... but soon realized he's just crackers!   That night Graham (who claimed he wouldn't drink) and Dani polished off a whole bottle of gin and Gra ended up doing the famous kampot pepper shot. I think his mouth was still burning come the morning! ...

Kampot Pepper and Kep Crab, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot Pepper and Kep Crab

A travel blog entry by carleenandchris


... on crabs so what better to have than crabs in a Kampot pepper sauce! it was delicious! Finally we went on a sunset cruise (in a long tail boat, nothing fancy) along the river running through Kampot. So our two nicest meals in Cambodia were on this trip! ...

Travel to Saigon, Krong Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Travel to Saigon

A travel blog entry by esjaydev


Today has been the most horrific day! Woke up early and went to the Tourist Information place to retrieve my passport, which I had left with them to sort my visa! Waited around for about an hour till eventually a man on a bike showed up with it. I ...

Pottering around Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Pottering around Kampot

A travel blog entry by kimandduncan


Another day on the scooter which i was hoping was not going to be as fun filled as the last. We set off in the blazing sun to see the salt flat (very bumpy road) and very sparse as every school child we saw on route shouted 'hello!'  at us it soon ...

Island hopping in cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Island hopping in cambodia

A travel blog entry by lucyhelliwell


... We were right to be cautious of snakes, there was a sign at the other end warning about at least 8 different poisonous snakes in Cambodia and scary facts like 1 in 5 people die every year, so many are disabled and how far away the nearest hospital is from ...

The best ribs I ever ate., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

The best ribs I ever ate.

A travel blog entry by neveress


... and Murphy wasn't gonna say no so we thought we'd check it out and it really was - The best rack of ribs in Cambodia! Spent a lot of time in cafes, chillaxing and recovering after Sihanoukville. Freshly baked cookies at Epic Arts Cafe - staffed by deaf ...

What a lovely place, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

What a lovely place

A travel blog entry by bemma

This is described in our Rough Guide as "öne of Cambodia's finest provincial towns". Hmmmm. Did the person writing this actually visit this place? It was overpriced, ugly beyond words, derelict, and we were waiting for the tumbleweed to roll down ...

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