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Day One, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day One

A travel blog entry by suz18c


First day in Sofia, Bulgaria. I visited The Snail House. Did a double take outside a church with the most amazingly preserved frescos from the 11th century to see a Sequoia tree. Ended the day with a free food tour: edgy, hipster soup place, trendy vegan ...

To Bulgaria, with love (again)., Botevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

To Bulgaria, with love (again).

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... of Skravena and hook up with the translators who will be joining us for the camp. This year the team are: Laura Ferguson (Bulgaria intern) Grace Henney (two time SC vet) Fraser Henney (Grace's husband and SC newby) Emma Milsom Jenny Riley Marie Hancock ...

Jul 15, 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Jul 15, 2011

A travel blog entry by sdavidova


The art and craft of shooting hoops., Botevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

The art and craft of shooting hoops.

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


After the debacle that was Rich forgetting to set his alarm clock to Bulgarian time we eventually got going after a teensy lie in. Today was all about getting our materials for the arts and craft sessions up together and getting to know our translators ...

Mammuth on the 5th floor, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Mammuth on the 5th floor

A travel blog entry by cariverga

Есть очень тонкая грань между ...

Painful trip to...but warm welcome in...Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Painful trip to...but warm welcome in...Sofia

A travel blog entry by ltalsky


... in the morning 2-spend the day in Istanbul 3-take the overnight 4h-bus 6h-train ride combo across the Turkey border into Bulgaria to arrive in Sofia at noon the next day In theory, it could have worked, especially because Lance and I sleep so well on ...

Review - Hotel Villa Boyana, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Review - Hotel Villa Boyana

A travel blog entry by sofia123


... , and it really shows in the attention to detail. There are several nice restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel and downtown Sofia is a 10-minute taxi ride. Forget the so-called "luxury" hotels, in the city centre; stay here. The value for ...

The Evening After, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

The Evening After

A travel blog entry by vmang


This morning, Gary brought me a bowl of fruit from the hotel. Good thing, because breakfast didn't arrive until 9:30. They eat strange things for breakfast here, like olives & cheese so oatmeal isn't one of the choices. The doctor came in this ...

Sightseeing in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sightseeing in Sofia

A travel blog entry by ericjon97


... around the corner from my new hostel so I met up with them, dropped off my bags and we headed out.  I wouldn't say that Sofia is a very beautiful city overall, but there are a couple of gems.  We saw all the sights that the city has to offer ...

Day 3 - post procedure- touring day, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 3 - post procedure- touring day

A travel blog entry by vmang


... 800 hits on the blog! and lots of comments. It sure feels good to know we have such support. We're going to a famous (in Bulgaria anyway) restaurant shortly that was recommended by the concierge (one of Gary's new friends!) Cheers......Gary & Verna ...

"In Bulgaria, anything is possible."

A travel blog entry by ethanstone

So when we last left our travelling duo, they were lost in Beograd, making their way to the train to Sofia, Bulgaria...after using the well-trusted point to ticket and train cabin technique to find our train, we settled in on what we found out were ...

Reeled In, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

Reeled In

A travel blog entry by caitlin_rose


A tiny little town sitting beside a clear running river, with a grand total of 3 hotels and really that seemed to be over kill, I can safely say I felt I feel off the ‘Tourist Map’ here. We managed to walk around the three or four streets ...

after video, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

after video

A travel blog entry by markdoch


Hello all. We have struggled a bit with the uploading but there is an after video of me leaving the hospital.  It is 36 hurs after the procedure and 48 hours after walking in.  It's somewhere in the photos but you can find it.  I'm walking ...

Bulgarian pitstop, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgarian pitstop

A travel blog entry by jamboree


Location: Sofia Arrived from: Belgrade By: Train Start date: 19/08/13 End date: 22/08/13 What was great: The hostel, getting our Iranian visas, the post walking tour drinks What was not great: Annoying people at the train station, too much time spent ...

Sofie, betonova dzungle, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofie, betonova dzungle

A travel blog entry by kecapmanis2011


Do Sofie prijizdime vecer, nas hostitel nas ubytuje u svoji sestry a jejiho manzela. Dame sprchu a vyrazime s Borisem a jeho pritelem Adrianem na narozeninovou oslavu jejich kamaradky. Oslava probihala ve velkem stylu v nevelkem byte na klasickem ...

Whose blog is this, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Whose blog is this

A travel blog entry by vmang


... Friday or Saturday.  I don't know if we can- ie do we need a visa?  I read today a little of the history of Bulgaria  and the pamphlet started at 6000 BC.  Go figure. I also did not know that these folks fought on the side of the ...

[Arrival day] Background - Bulgar Empires; Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

[Arrival day] Background - Bulgar Empires; Sofia

A travel blog entry by pfln


... , the Bulgars became semi-sedentary during the 7th century in the Pontic-Caspian steppe, establishing the polity of Old Great Bulgaria c. 635, which was absorbed by the Khazar Empire in 668 AD.  In c. 679 Khan Asparukh conquered Scythia Minor, ...

Sofia - Innenstadt, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia - Innenstadt

A travel blog entry by benedictperera

Im Stadtzentrum von Sofia konnte ich die bedeutendsten Plaetze mit Hilfe von Betty, eine Freundin von Lyuba besichtigen. Dazu gehoert die Kathedrale, die Regierungsgebaeuden, der Stadtpark, thermische Quellen, der Blick auf das Gebirge, welches sich ...

Flight from gatwick, Sofia (Bulgaria), Bulgaria travel blog

Flight from gatwick

A travel blog entry by tom_9918

er ...

Hello - Goodbye Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Hello - Goodbye Sofia

A travel blog entry by travelmenu


We left Istanbul by bus heading to Sofia, Bulgaria with the intentions of staying the night there.  We heard mixed reviews about Sophia -  you'll be a target as you are so blonde, poverty is great, a lot of drug addicts, alcholics, prostitution ...

The Rila Monastery: Europe's hidden gem, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

The Rila Monastery: Europe's hidden gem

A travel blog entry by jcrane


The Rila monastery was our reason to travel to Bulgaria. A UNESCO site, it is certainly one of Europe’s greatest treasures.  The road from Sofia is rather treacherous, filled with potholes and drivers who think that three lanes can be made out ...

Honden, Samokov, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by ludtjes


De schrik van elke fietser is een bijtende hond. Wij ontmoeten honden van verschillende aard. Er zijn er die keffend en blaffend op ons toerennen, maar zich dan toch bedenken en op veilige afstand blijven staan en trots zijn dat ze ons van hun ...

Op weg naar Bulgarije, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Op weg naar Bulgarije

A travel blog entry by grusgroep


... Vandaag op weg naar Bulgarije. wij vertrekken om 7:00 uit Winkel en komen om 8:00 op Schiphol aan. Via Belgrado vliegen wij naar Sofia waar wij naar een voorspoedige reis om 15:30 aankomen. Daarna gaat alles mis. De koffers van Klaas en Betty staan nog ...

An Epic Couchsurfing Meeting in Bulgaria's Capital, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

An Epic Couchsurfing Meeting in Bulgaria's Capital

A travel blog entry by jeffwright


... VT. The next morning, Rada and I shared coffee, biscuits, and some nice conversation before heading out for a walking tour of Sofia. Bulgaria’s capital is relatively small, but has a lot of color and eclectic architecture. We went to the city ...

TWO BULGARIAN GEMS, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... was much further away than I thought. The chap will also take me to the airport tomorrow at noon. Boyana Church was Bulgaria's first World Heritage Site. There are original frescoes from the 11th c but the repainted frescoes of 1259 are the church's ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by frawldog


After the long 14 hour train ride from Bucharest to Sofia, I finally arrived.  It was not what i expected at all.  The city is not very big.  It doesn't have skyscrapers.  It is not really run down, but also not nice.  Usually ...

Simply Sensational Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Simply Sensational Sofia

A travel blog entry by tonitsmith

After a a very long train trip we finally arrived in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.  After getting our bearings in the train station we headed to our hotel in the heart of the business district - a great choice.  On arriving the porter came to ...

.:balkans:., Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by imohag

didn't have much time to visit sofia, as we discovered that the bus which was supposed to take us to skopje was completely full and we had to catch the train which was leaving much earlier than the ...

Time to break the spell, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Time to break the spell

A travel blog entry by keit3


... biting your pen cap or jumping around with tongue out, humming your ABCs. Not that I've tried the latter.   Sofia: Here I am, I have arrived again in Bulgaria. Count them, four times I have landed in this city. What?? Four? Yes. And it’s sweet ...

Bus Ride to Koprivshtitsa, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bus Ride to Koprivshtitsa

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... It wasn't until I was back in the bus seeing Koprivshtitsa from a higher vantage point that I noticed that it could be Bulgaria's Kyoto.  There was a stream running through the middle of the village with numerous stone  bridges across it - just ...

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