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End of one beginning of another,, Krabi, Surathani, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

End of one beginning of another,

A travel blog entry by ryandavidtan

... ! HI DIXON! AND HI JOANNE!!!!! we met them on our second day here? And we had dinner at a Jap restaurant "'-_-. Eating jap in thailand. Great. Yeah so after that we went over to their hotel cos their friends wanted to get a massage before we hit the pubs. ...

To Phi Phi weGo, Phi Phi Don, Thailand travel blog

To Phi Phi weGo

A travel blog entry by hillsgra


Next morning we woke early and stepped out onto the balcony to see a view of the beach and sea to one side with the pool in front of us. We headed down to breakfast which was poolside. Delicious fresh fruit, toast and jam and bacon and eggs if you're up ...

Goodbye Koh Tao, Chumporn, Thailand travel blog

Goodbye Koh Tao

A travel blog entry by blindfaith101


... We hung out while waiting for the bus and shared traveling stories.  Annie had just spend 8 months in Australia and 1 month in Thailand.  Ruth had been in Thailand for a month and is returning to Seattle next week.  Ruth and Annie were both ...

Ko Samui, Thailand, Koh Samui, Thailand travel blog

Ko Samui, Thailand

A travel blog entry by vastutraveller

hello ...

Chiangmai pirate, Chiangmai, Thailand travel blog

Chiangmai pirate

A travel blog entry by danielandeileen

... we were informed"In Bangkok" that there was a festival in name of  King Rama one of the old kings of Thailand. We were told by a tourist agent that we should book for the whole weekend as the guest houses in ChiangMai would ...

Island life, Phi Phi, Krabi-Tonsai Beach, Thailand travel blog

Island life

A travel blog entry by tom_za


So I headed off to the islands, where everything is 3 times the price. The reason I have only managed to update my pictures now. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Most of the pictures will not need too much commenting on... they kind of explain themselves ...

New friends ..., Ko phi phi, Thailand travel blog

New friends ...

A travel blog entry by mkliszewski

Full moon party lasted til dawn on ko phi phi. definatly not the style of kopangyang - mellower and a tenth of the size, but i actually saw the sun RISE for the first time in my life. and what a beautiful rise it was -- a bright ...

Here I am again, Chiang Mae, Thailand travel blog

Here I am again

A travel blog entry by vickypert


So, here I am again in Thailand. I promised that I would come back. This year I came in January. I have joined new volunteers, but I'm not doing much teaching. Instead I have been incredibly busy organizing an English games weekend for 90 students and now ...

Khao Sok, Khao Sok, Thailand travel blog

Khao Sok

A travel blog entry by lisa_and_paul

... cafe to sit and have an iced coffee.  Of course we couldn't find one, so we bemoaned the lack of a cafe culture in Thailand until we found a convenience store with a bench outside where we could buy iced coffee and sit to drink it. We now ...

Remembrance Day - Kanchanaburi, Sai Yok, Thailand travel blog

Remembrance Day - Kanchanaburi

A travel blog entry by deathrailway


Brekkie in the Felix as we gathered around and formed up in the Lobby heading to the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (KWC) for Remembrance Day Ceremonies. On the way we listened to two BBC Orchestra themes: Bridge Over the River Kwai; and The Great ...

Happy adventures and what is love?, Ko Samet, Thailand travel blog

Happy adventures and what is love?

A travel blog entry by zotterk

... to folks as I can.  I figure I might as well get to blogging and let you all know what is up here in beautiful Thailand.  I go to a farm near Chiang Mai this coming week and am excited to see what it is like! One thing I have been thinking ...

Thailand 2007, Bangkok, Phi Phi Don, Thailand travel blog

Thailand 2007

A travel blog entry by emifaulk

We spent 4 nights in Bangkok seeing the sights and doing some shopping.  We travelled north near Burma and visited the tiger temple, Hellfire pass and the elephants.  Got to feed wild monkeys of the side of the road!  Great time!! Then we ...

the rest of the afterthought!, Kho phangan, Thailand travel blog

the rest of the afterthought!

A travel blog entry by buddha_belly

... ) finsihing it up so theres no left out bits before i forget anymore of it!We deffinately enjoyed the second half of our trip in thailand, as much fun as thr trip with intrepid was, its always more enjoyable to do it on your own! So when we got back to ...

koh phi phi, Koh phi phi, Thailand travel blog

koh phi phi

A travel blog entry by mustexplore

Nov 25- After coming from Ton Sai in the morning, I stayed one more night >>in Krabi and then took a 2 hour ferry trip to the island of Ko Phi Phi. I >>had been told that everything is very expensive on the island so I only >>planned to ...

Good Luck, Bad Luck?, Chiangmai, Thailand travel blog

Good Luck, Bad Luck?

A travel blog entry by danielandeileen


  Good Luck or Bad Luck?.... A statement often following a powerful experience worth reflecting upon. A great philosophical degree of perspective..... After all, what is one person's downfall may be another's success. And what is one person's ...

Adventure in Thailand Part 1, Thailand, Thailand travel blog

Adventure in Thailand Part 1

A travel blog entry by r_cameron_c

... , for a short time anyway, to return to the sea completely - for as long as the air in the tank lasts.   Thailand, with its countless beaches, coral reefs and modern dive schools is a popular spot to learn to scuba dive. Thousands of proud new ...

Arrival in Bangkok, Asheville/Atlanta/Tokyo/Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Arrival in Bangkok

A travel blog entry by lindad1217

... hotel, a walk in the neighborhood, a visit to the Wat Po, the temple that houses the reclining budha, a massaage at the Thailand School of Massage, boat ride down the Chao Praya river, dinner at the Oriental Mandarin Hotel -- whew!  I am ...

Thailand Round 2, Chaing Rai, Thailand travel blog

Thailand Round 2

A travel blog entry by mariamzawjaahme

... go across the bridge for 10 USD.. i didnt go across but im told its dirt cheap to go shopp there, even more cheaper than thailand markets...i guess that will be my next stop on round 3 inshAllah. The thai foot massage are grt up in chaing rai... real ...

End Of Week 3, Sin Buri, Thailand travel blog

End Of Week 3

A travel blog entry by thom_ayers


This week had been the best so one ive had so far in Thailand. Ive spent the week teaching at the local school and the children were amazing! The headteacher told me that allot of the children come from broken families (parents marrying young and them ...

Similan Island, National Park, Phang-Nga, Thailand travel blog

Similan Island, National Park

A travel blog entry by lunthom


Last year in December I went to Similan Island National Park with my one closed friend. During our short period 3 days 2 nights we had the nice trip and new friends whom we met here and went together across the mountain to the other side of the ...

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by dyne

Tour in ...

Ao Nang, Ao Nang, Thailand travel blog

Ao Nang

A travel blog entry by la_cooper

We got the bus here from Krabi town for 50 Baht each.  We stayed here for three nights.  Met a girl on the bus and we stayed in a room above a restaurant for 500 Baht per night (between us!).  It was basic, but we did have a small balcony, ...

Dog misery, Krabie, Thailand travel blog

Dog misery

A travel blog entry by so-ra


I can see him watching me with those large dark eyes. Looking at my stuff, coming closer. He starts creeping me out. Stay away from me! You're not getting anything. But he doesn't know I got nothing he wants. He's probably just hungry and being ...

River Kwai Floatel - Bamboo Rafting, Sai Yok, Thailand travel blog

River Kwai Floatel - Bamboo Rafting

A travel blog entry by deathrailway


Up early so I can take advantage of the internet – quite good early going because everyone still asleep – making the most of it – copy and paste news articles into Word to read later – upload blog pics.   2 hours later ...

Drugs and guns....., Thailand, Thailand travel blog

Drugs and guns.....

A travel blog entry by fabulousfour

Highlights: Heathrow: Lauren won the prize for the heaviest bag, making reference in front of the miserable airport-burka wearing lady: "Mine is the heaviest, because I have all the DRUGS" (i.e. immodium, paracetmol etc) Bangkok airport: Whilst walking ...

Over night stay only in Bangkok.......(?), Bangkok (Siam Square vicinity), Thailand travel blog

Over night stay only in Bangkok.......(?)

A travel blog entry by garyncc

Will be going to Bangkok from 6/5/2011 until 13/5/2011. Will be posting some photos after the trip. ...

Hellfire Pass - to Hintok Station, Sai Yok, Thailand travel blog

Hellfire Pass - to Hintok Station

A travel blog entry by deathrailway


Headed out along Highway 323 for Hellfire Pass – we stopped at Sai Yok and visited a Chemist to get some bandages for Leesa's rolled ankle – our resident tour Nurse (Kath) did a great job of strapping the foot and arranging cold compress to ...

Abschied von Ko Chang, Lonely Beach - Ko Chang, Thailand travel blog

Abschied von Ko Chang

A travel blog entry by flohfish

Unser letzter Tag auf Ko Chang. Urspruenglich hatten wir vorgehabt, entweder eine Bootstour zu machen und schnorcheln zu gehen oder mit einem Mofa über die Insel zu cruisen. Letztendlich verbrachten wir den Tag dann aber doch an unserem Strand. Im ...

Banged Up, Koh Samui, Thailand travel blog

Banged Up

A travel blog entry by jshaffer


Life is sometimes a bumpy road If India broke me emotionally Thailand is breaking me physically. Today I am in Ko Samui, an islands in the south (probably the most touristed island in Thailand) I never planed on visiting. I am taking it ...

Life in Kantiang Bay, Koh Lanta, Thailand travel blog

Life in Kantiang Bay

A travel blog entry by franie


Well I spoke too soon! The rain came down one afternoon with the biggest drops I've ever seen. Each one a pond of it's own! We secured a spot in the middle of the Why Not Bar to eat our dinner. Others weren't so lucky as if you sat on the sides of the ...

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