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Doh(a), Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by ferridaym


As Holmer would say Doh(a). Arrived at 0115hrs, missing the next connection by 5 mins, bused to Horizon Manor Hotel, it's now 240, sleep until 5 before transfers pick us up. I must say, the heat here is something that I have never come across. Cerys's ...

Flight to Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Flight to Doha

A travel blog entry by govanteam


... there were plenty of tanker ships and oil rigs as the plane approached Qatar. The service was good and the food was excellent on Qatar Airways. There were plenty of empty seats so I was able to stretch out a couple of times. TV screen on the back of the ...

Day 1-3 Doha -  Stopover, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 1-3 Doha - Stopover

A travel blog entry by raroboy


DOHA  Waited here another 5 hours. A cup of coffee cost us  6 dollars. But we had fun to watch the people... different country - different culture ...

Off we go..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Off we go...

A travel blog entry by manie_harris

Its raining cats and dogs, glad the flight was only delayed an ...

Black Hole Wednesday, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Black Hole Wednesday

A travel blog entry by mersonjames

... is delayed an hour so hopefully the luggage will have had plenty of time to keep up with us. The business class service on Qatar is again great. I am driving when we arrive in Melbourne so I have to lay off the champagne and wine after the first meal but ...

Journey to Thailand, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Journey to Thailand

A travel blog entry by celsey

... to write anything so maybe will finish this on the plane! Qatar Airport Departures Lounge 9.30pm We arrived in Doha, capital of Middle Eastern country Qatar about an hour ago.  Reasonably impressed with the quality of the airport.  It seems its ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by mancinibrazil


Landing in Doha was only halfway through our trip. Rio was still a long way away especially when you could only see sand and more sand out the window." ~ FRANK After a 14 hour flight from Melbourne I was already tired. We had a 3 hour stop and all I could ...

På vej hjem, Doha, Qatar travel blog

På vej hjem

A travel blog entry by cnygaard

... 08:25 (06:25 i Danmark) forventer vi at lette mod hjemlige himmelstrøg. Vi glæder os til et varmt bad, rent sengetøj, et stykke rugbrød med leverpostej og at gense både dyr og mennesker hjemme i Danmark. Doha, Qatar signing ...

Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by ludo.mart

Vivement février! Impatient d'y ...

New Year's Eve in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

New Year's Eve in Doha

A travel blog entry by lewnwdc


Happy New Year from Qatar! I'm more than two hours into 2011 here in Doha, where I had a lovely little New Year’s Eve outing after arriving from Washington in the evening. After dropping my luggage in my hotel room at 8:31 p.m., I headed out in ...

Escale à Doha - 19h-1h, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Escale à Doha - 19h-1h

A travel blog entry by ben-est-a-seoul


Doha transfer, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha transfer

A travel blog entry by lech


We have landed in Doha. The flight was good and Julia is very happy because she got a special Qatar branded kids lunch box :) Temperature in Doha is about 17 degrees celsius so no temperature shock so far. We have one hour for a quick refreshment and we ...

Counting the ticks, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Counting the ticks

A travel blog entry by meymaryam

Can't wait. I have yet to travel anywhere almost a year. Soon, very soon I hope to do ...

FWP, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by hansonj


... . It seems that "they" couldn't believe I hadn't any checked luggage as I had to confirm again at the gate: just carry on. Qatar airways was amazing. Pj's to sleep in. Ferragamo hand cream and cologne and yet another movie I had missed. Slept a lot more. ...

The way they do it, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The way they do it

A travel blog entry by aplusbi


Qatar airways, amazing, first class and no more to say ! the thing is that they re 100% professional and the funny point is that none of the workers is from Qatar, all crew members from foreign countries, Which make a unique ambiance. ...

Onderweg, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by erikruisch


... weken. Het blijft natuurlijk altijd vermoeiend zo'n reis maar de twee vluchten van 7 en 8 uur gaan voorspoedig. Een tussenstop in Doha, Qatar gaat ook goed, geen problemen met de bagage, geen turbulentie, goede verzorging, we komen op tijd aan in Kuala ...

Doha - wow!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha - wow!

A travel blog entry by geoffnkaye


What a fantastic airport. So new, clean and spacious. Qatar airlines were great to fly with. The business class was a real treat. The staff were wonderful,  so attentive, anticipating our every need. Spent a relaxing two and a half hours in the ...

Oljesheikernas magiska matta, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Oljesheikernas magiska matta

A travel blog entry by ahote


... den billigaste biljetten vi hittade på nätet till Peking så var det ett nytt ansikte som dominerade lågkostnaderna, Qatar Airways. Qatar? Doha? Hmm.. är inte det land man hör mest om direkt. Men detta lilla snedvridna skatteparadis visar sig vara ...

Deborah in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Deborah in Doha

A travel blog entry by debw


... from the gate we got on this very large shuttle bus that took us to the plane. My 12 hour overnight flight was pretty good. Qatar has a wide selection of movies and the food was fairly decent for airplane food. But most of all I'm impressed with Hamad ...

Doha in the Desert!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha in the Desert!

A travel blog entry by jodianddavid10


... also loved my daily swims in the resort like surroundings. I could easily get used to the expat lifestyle!! Just like me, Doha and Qatar are undergoing rapid growth and change every day. It was thus fascinating to experience this new world that has been ...

stop in qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

stop in qatar

A travel blog entry by dtseric

Hier hebben we even een korte tussenstop tijdens onze reis naar de ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregdollone


Overnight stop in Doha airport hotel on our way to Khaolak, ...

Farewell, Kathmandu..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Farewell, Kathmandu...

A travel blog entry by maestrojfk

... or Paris, he would have put me on it. The only other flight I could find, though, was a 4:30 leaving Kathmandu on Qatar Airways and going through Doha to Philly to Pittsburgh. No worries, at least it got me home. Besides, I have a friend in Philly I could ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by lea_uros

Doha ...

Home we go..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Home we go...

A travel blog entry by leonajim


... 7.30 flight. The Turkish Airlines desk had a bit of a problem with us because they had no record of our connecting flight with Qatar (not sure why they should though). Finally she had us checked in right through to Perth - bags too.  We found it ...

Mændenes land - tilmed med ny kalender, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Mændenes land - tilmed med ny kalender

A travel blog entry by kineogemilie


... 'ndene og varmen det meste af eftermiddagen, og først efter en snak med nogle lokale på hotellet, som fortalte at der er høje straffe i Doha, der gør gaderne meget sikre, turde vi bevæge os ud! Vi kom ud på et stort marked, hvor få kvinder nu også ...

os aviões maravilha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

os aviões maravilha

A travel blog entry by simoes


Os aviões da Qatar Airways são uma maravilha. Vi três filmes em sete horas: "Os Piratas", "Hércules" e "Lorax" (que ainda vou acabar de ver no próximo voo). A comida tinha uma caixa do Sponge Bob e lá dentro almôndegas com massa. O espaço era ...

Doha = Desert, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha = Desert

A travel blog entry by nguyensv


I fly backwards 2 time zones and it's 6am in Qatar. I'm here for 19 hours and all I can say is thank goodness for my priority select card. My flight doesn't leave till 1am the next day!! I'm in the Oryx lounge, and it's well worth every penny of the $450 ...

Hello...Goodbye, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by pedropt79


E pronto, descobrimos afinal o que e essa treta do jetlag e que as 6h da manha em Doha estao 35 graus! ...

Train trip back from Qatar to UK, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Train trip back from Qatar to UK

A travel blog entry by timheading


... on Sunday 10 November at 21:03. The train tickets cost £493.50 of which £50 was courier of tickets to Doha. I sleep on the train for 3 nights and have booked hotels for the other 7 in Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Budapest,Vienna and ...

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