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Qatar..., Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by petitbeurreke


... een 'executive' room gegeven. Ik vind dat niet erg, maar ik ben dan ook niet moeilijk natuurlijk.   Mijn collega die Qatar in zijn territory heeft, had gevraagd mee naar deze klant te gaan en hij heeft me dan uitgenodigd voor 't eten 's avonds ...

Čakanje na letališču, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Čakanje na letališču

A travel blog entry by mi3ha


Okoli mene nindže in strici, ki lahko kupijo Zlatka, Srečkota, Šmarno in Pohorje. Šenkan WiFi in ograjeni čistilci edina zadeva, ki me zabava.In ja, zakaj so za ograjo?Nevarni mi ne izgledajo, tla pa drgnejo, kot bi  ...

Waiting for my love, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Waiting for my love

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

    My husband has been working rotational in Nigeria for over a year now.  That means he travels to Nigeria (on our time), works 28 days straight (sunday through Sunday), about 10 to 12 hours a day.  Then he travels to ...

Twiddling thumbs for 13 hours, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Twiddling thumbs for 13 hours

A travel blog entry by bfc1980

Airside at Doha Airport is probably one the smallest I've ever seen. It's even smaller than Liverpool airport and I wouldn't be surprised if it was smaller than Blackpool. Surprising when you think how many people have to change planes here. We landed ...

Just a transfer.. but the heat!!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Just a transfer.. but the heat!!

A travel blog entry by wanderinghogg

I stepped off the plane and thought I was in a sauna... 33 degrees at midnight! Very sticky! ...

Half way across the world!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Half way across the world!

A travel blog entry by joshuauster


Our accommodations were first rate in Doha. We did not stay downtown, but rather near the man made island called the Pearl. This is an upscale shopping, dining and living area. Beautiful condos dot the horizon. Our hotel was a short drive down the road ...

It begins, Doha, Qatar travel blog

It begins

A travel blog entry by charinchina


I'm spending a few days in Qatar with my dad, aunty, uncle and cousin before I head off to China. The last bit of relaxation and pampering before D-Day arrives. On the flight on the way over I had a couple of seats to myself by the window so the sevenish ...

Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by mulyo

Qatar for 10 ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by jhunz23

Doha ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by a3dennert


... . This is a must see if you ever have the chance to visit Doha. Right next to the museum we visited the Dhow Harbour. The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club ( was another stop. Those of you that know me know that I am not a big fan of ...

Doha is not in India!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha is not in India!

A travel blog entry by gemdeb

So it's 3am here (not in India where Debs thought we were!) and we are tiiirrrredddd! Doha airport is massive but there is nothing to do espesh at this time in the morning when you're tired and being approached by crazy ladies! Looking forward to getting ...

Day 3: Crossing Over Zones, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 3: Crossing Over Zones

A travel blog entry by superhotjesh

... hours done with my 9-hour transit time. The time zones confuse me so much! Good thing I have my ipod with me. Flying via Qatar Airways is one of the best airplane trips I had. I love how their entertainment system offered a LARGE variety of movies and tv ...

Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by smash

... , and the already-drenched floor? Do you even want to touch the sprayer? How do you get these questions answered? 17-Dec-05 Qatar - Dune bashing We spent the morning catching up with things, so the first major event was, of course, lunch. We'd heard ...

Final blog, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Final blog

A travel blog entry by ivanandchris


OK so we decided to check out early and get to airport for check in. All initially good until announcement that flight is delayed due to thunderstorms in the east. We decide that there is still plenty of time to check in at JFK however we arrive with 2 ...

Ventetid i Doha Airport, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Ventetid i Doha Airport

A travel blog entry by winniogjan


Så er vi nået frem til det arabiske land Qatar. Efter en hyggelig afsked i Vodskov med de kære naboer, Kaj og Inger, var der afsked med venner og familie i Aalborg lufthavn. Desværre var flyet til København så meget forsinket, at vi ikke nåede ...

Hedeslag i Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Hedeslag i Doha

A travel blog entry by bonnie-n-clyde


Istedet for at vente i Doha's meget kedelige lufthavn, valgte vi at tage en tur ud for at se byen, da vi havde 8 timers ventetid. Vores meget søde stewardesse (der også havde plejet vores tømmermænd med gode drikke) boede i Doha og sagde vi skulle ...

1 WEEK DOWN, AS SALIYAH, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by usafmmanuel

1 Week down... Well my first week has come and gone... not to bad... I am working in the headquarters commandant... and the 1st sergeant office... its a pretty good work environment... I have a pc and phone at my desk... and I am in walking distance ...

I've maybe wasted 1 year, Doha, Qatar travel blog

I've maybe wasted 1 year

A travel blog entry by fennec

Almost one year in this country where there is no real relationship with citizens for non-Arabic speaking people. Qatar has all the comfort: electricity, water, A/C, good roads, good cars, luxury... But there is a important thing missing: LIFE. One year ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by almostmrscarter

Transit ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by bgtraveluk


Ok so Doha is hot. Doha is dusty. Di I mention Doha is also very hot? We landed in Doha at 6:30am local time and it was about 35ºc. After a 7 hour flight this was the last thing we needed. For those of you that have played the Afghanistan style levels ...

Applebees in Qatar (The SINFUL MANAGEMENT), Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Applebees in Qatar (The SINFUL MANAGEMENT)

A travel blog entry by justicevsapeng


This photos shows the real management of Applebees Restaurant in Qatar. The company is managed by the Egyptian General Manager named Ahmed Eldin Salah. This company is under the Al Jassim Group. Once you've noticed their "SINFUL and IMMORAL MANAGEMENT". ...

Schlaflos in Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Schlaflos in Qatar

A travel blog entry by tales-of-mekong


... vor uns am Security Check-In - was wünscht man sich mehr? Vielleicht 10 1/2 schlaflose Std. Aufenthalt im Flughafen von Qatar oder dass sich der eigene Körper entscheidet, Lufthansa-Verpflegung abzulehnen.. Alles halb so wild, aber für den nächsten ...

Dhaka to Doha  - Lost bag and hotel transfer, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dhaka to Doha - Lost bag and hotel transfer

A travel blog entry by naseem

... my childhood I allways imagined the country especially the cities he mentioned "Doha", "Umm-Said" and his workplace "Qasco- The Qatar Steel Company Limited", his colleagues here. One particular story always thrilled me- One night, he was awake and ...

May 21, 2012, Doha, Qatar travel blog

May 21, 2012

A travel blog entry by philip.hamblin


Leaving Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Leaving Doha

A travel blog entry by mysojourn

... a little bit difficult, visa, bank clearance, letter of recommendation from the company I work and finally exit permit to get me out of Qatar. Too much hassle! But finally I manage to get my self in the airport and here I am receiving the last e mail from ...

Brief Stop, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Brief Stop

A travel blog entry by tiffanyjo22

... the entertainment system allowed for you to create a playlist of a wide selection of movies, tv shows, radio podcasts and games :) Qatar Airways were again kind enough to provide two meals, a delicious breakfast once in the air and a small lunch before ...

Day 2, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by gina.denbow


This morning I caught an early bus to the conference centre, about a 30 minute bus ride from the hotel, and had time to wander around.  Renee and Lesa, my fellow NBers, and I enjoyed coffee before today's sessions began by watching the Qatari men ...

The weekend escape to Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The weekend escape to Qatar

A travel blog entry by edip.okur


... holidays is a bit of a difficulty to say the least I think in this area, so I ended up going overseas to Doha in Qatar.  This place was stunning.  Its a fairly small city with fairly good infrastructure, mass amounts of wealth, and a never ...

Dune bashing part deux!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dune bashing part deux!

A travel blog entry by victoriajayne


It's half term!!!!  That means tests are over and time for a little break. I am also now a resident of Qatar!  However it is also a sad time because Flip is going home :( to the UK. It also sucks because Amanda (my flat mate) is really sick and ...

Dia 25. Bangkok - Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dia 25. Bangkok - Doha

A travel blog entry by maprudencio

... International  Airport de Bangkok destino Madrid, via Doha/Qatar. Datos del Vuelo: Qatar Airways - QR 613 Bangkok (Salida a las 09:15) - Escala Doha/QatarQatar (Llegada a las 12:15)  - Duración del vuelo 7:00 ...

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