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Cup final!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Cup final!

A travel blog entry by haroldinho

Birkirkara - Sliema Wanderers ...

My first place, Valletta, Malta travel blog

My first place

A travel blog entry by mashmouse

This is where I was born. So from here I moved on as I got ...

Travel buddies in Argentina, St Julians, Malta travel blog

Travel buddies in Argentina

A travel blog entry by joepace


The trip kicks off in Buenos Aires on Saturday if Alitalia decide to call off their strike scheduled for Friday. Anyway - My travelling companeros for 2 weeks in Argentina. Dede, Banana, Max and Jazz.  Dede  EL CONQUISTADOR de Argentina ...

"View of the Grand Harbour"

A travel blog entry by krodvelt

... many pictures there also. There were many wonderful paintings there and was able to find the Turner painting I was looking for of Malta's Grand Harbor. I was really glad I took the time to see the painting in person as it gave me a different perspective ...

Nothing is ever simple, Saint Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Nothing is ever simple

A travel blog entry by katgoaway


... simple, turns out to be oh, so complicated. One of the things I really wanted to do on this trip was to go to the Malta Falconry Centre. By all accounts, it’s a little known spot in the middle of nowhere. But “have bus pass, will ...

Flying out, Zabbar, Malta travel blog

Flying out

A travel blog entry by david.seisun


... cut it half way through to get good seats on the flight. We are all buckled up are ready for our 2hr 30 min flight from Malta to Birmingham Airport. After a long days work yesterday I now am in need of some sleep so from my end I will be ...

Gozo, Xewkija, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by phileus_fogg


After another relaxing day in Malta I headed out for a day trip to see the 4 big sites on the island of Gozo, the second inhabited island in the Maltese archipelago. In total here are seven islands that make up Malta, three of which are inhabited (Comino, ...

Easter in Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog

Easter in Malta

A travel blog entry by manda2010


25 March 2016 - Good Friday For Good Friday festivities Osbert and I went to the local churches in Hamrun to see the Eucharist displays.  Until 11am the church opens its doors and the Eucharist is presented in elaborate displays.  In the ...

Off again, going North, Valletta Malta, Malta travel blog

Off again, going North

A travel blog entry by isabellasail


... of red ( surely not!) and were treated to a laser show from Fort St Angelo, a short distance from the boat. It is Malta Fashion Week and we have witnessed scores of people, dressed to kill, ladies tottering in their very high heels, walking through the ...

The last day, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The last day

A travel blog entry by lamyers56


... the Turks. The history here is just amazing. You really realize just how young a country America is when you come to someplace like Malta and Italy. I knew it's time to go home when we went to the state rooms and we just breezed through. It was a ...

Arriving in Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Arriving in Malta

A travel blog entry by leanneroles

Our first impression of Malta...Wow! There's so much to see here. Our first impression of the Hotel Castille...Wow! What a dump! Old, rickety, rundown and in serious need of repair. Never mind, it's a roof over our heads. Let's see what tomorrow ...

Day 8: Comino, Comino, Malta travel blog

Day 8: Comino

A travel blog entry by emily.waggoner1

... the ride back was even colder and wetter than the first, but I wouldn't know because I stayed inside.  After returning to Malta, wearmed back up for a few hours at the hotel before Ashley, Marcus, and I went out to get some dinner that ...

Between temples and caves, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog

Between temples and caves

A travel blog entry by chinaski


... two places, so we have to cross the island to La Valletta and from there go down again to Marsaxlokk (transportation system in Malta is not very practical). We arrive at Marsaxlokk at 4 p.m. The town is very lovely, the typical picturesque town, with ...

This shit be old!!, Saint Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

This shit be old!!

A travel blog entry by katgoaway


If I were to write a travel ad for Malta, it would go something like this… There are no 2 ways around it…this place is OLD. Everywhere you look there’s something crumbling. If that’s your thing, then this is the place for ...

Last Day in Malta, Off to Spain, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Last Day in Malta, Off to Spain

A travel blog entry by leanneroles

It was our last morning in Malta and we finally got a chance to watch the Malta Experience, a film about Malta's history. It was very interesting. Just about every country invaded or conquered it at some time in it's history. Rushed back to the Upper ...

Moving Day, Gzira, Malta travel blog

Moving Day

A travel blog entry by tazan007

... even try to rip-off the tourists sometimes by charging more then the price of the ticket. Not something typical of EU. I would consider Malta the Puerto Rico of EU but slightly better. I went out to dinner with the two guys we were rooming with (a ...

MDA Press Conference, beach, Valletta, Malta travel blog

MDA Press Conference, beach

A travel blog entry by iskanderdia


... night at Kim's 21th Birthday. I think I'm too excited about everything so I up at 6 am. At 9 a.m. we went to A MDA- Malta Developers Assocation Press Conference. It took place at a nice 5stars hotel in Malta. I took my big camera for the first time for ...

Magic Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog

Magic Malta

A travel blog entry by jimtrap


... 98% are now Roman Catholics, apparently the demographic mix is now 60:40 Arabic:European and the language has significant Arabic features. Malta as a nation was awarded the George Cross by King George V for their gallantry in WWII and this, along with the ...

Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by mctubbs

... main street straight down the town. The Maltese language is Semitic (like Hebrew or Arabic) but written with Roman letters. Malta was given to the Knights Hospitaller by Charles V of Spain in 1530. ...

1st Holiday with Annmarie, Malta, Malta travel blog

1st Holiday with Annmarie

A travel blog entry by donhendo

We stayed in ...

All about Gozo, Gozo, Malta travel blog

All about Gozo

A travel blog entry by mariahaag

... and then wandered around the town at night. With the soft lighting hitting the weathered limestone walls, Valetta was like a 3D painting. Walking around in it was probably my second favorite experience in Malta. Sorry, Valetta, Mdina comes first.  ...

I am in love...again, Valletta, Malta travel blog

I am in love...again

A travel blog entry by dgk


Malta is the most fascinating place I have every visited.  I am already checking out the INternational Schools and trying to get Gary to move here! Don't worry Kate...not much luck so far. I'll update more later as it's time for a beer in the ...

1788. The Church and the Mosque, Paola, Malta travel blog

1788. The Church and the Mosque

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... along a busy road. Islam in Malta On through the next town, something catches my eye: a tall minaret. Yep, this is Malta's only mosque. I do some research on this later and find that, officially there are about 6,000 muslims here--although I would ...

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck, St. Paul's Bay, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

Tuesday February 10th was a national holiday in Malta celebrating Paul's shipwreck on the island and the subsequent conversion to Christianity.  We started the day at St. Paul's Bay in the northern part of the island and saw the Church of St. Paul's ...

To Malta, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

To Malta

A travel blog entry by omkar

... This was also our 6th wedding anniversary and the news of the bacchu meant that we had to make it a special one. I had chosen Malta for a number of reasons. Firstly, it happens to be one of oldest known civilisations on Earth dating back to 4000 BC so ...

IANTD Recreational Trimix Course, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

IANTD Recreational Trimix Course

A travel blog entry by 6th


What's just happened? Oh, yes, I just finished another tech diving course (still gotta do the exam, though)! How come it happened so fast? Hm... I’m losing track of time here. And where is’here’, anyway? Underwater? On the surface? I ...

Frankfurt Day and Thank You, Malta, Malta travel blog

Frankfurt Day and Thank You

A travel blog entry by jmills25


We landed in Germany in the afternoon and then went to the hotel and got a bus to take us to the airport, to then catch a train to take us to Frankfurt.  We asked a local to tell us where the best authentic German restaurant might be.  He ...

Gozo, Gozo, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by brianlegg


Gozo... Great ...

Malta Sightseeing hop-on / hop-off bus trip, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Malta Sightseeing hop-on / hop-off bus trip

A travel blog entry by michaelbuckland


Best laid plans..., Xwejni, Malta travel blog

Best laid plans...

A travel blog entry by seahermit


After a late night running around Marsalforn with Olle trying to find an extra din insert for someone who'd managed to lose theirs, we were hoping to do a sunrise dive off Reqqa point. We got up nice and early - to find mahoosive weather had decided to ...

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