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I am in love...again, Valletta, Malta travel blog

I am in love...again

A travel blog entry by dgk


Malta is the most fascinating place I have every visited.  I am already checking out the INternational Schools and trying to get Gary to move here! Don't worry Kate...not much luck so far. I'll update more later as it's time for a beer in the ...

1788. The Church and the Mosque, Paola, Malta travel blog

1788. The Church and the Mosque

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... along a busy road. Islam in Malta On through the next town, something catches my eye: a tall minaret. Yep, this is Malta's only mosque. I do some research on this later and find that, officially there are about 6,000 muslims here--although I would ...

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck, St. Paul's Bay, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

Tuesday February 10th was a national holiday in Malta celebrating Paul's shipwreck on the island and the subsequent conversion to Christianity.  We started the day at St. Paul's Bay in the northern part of the island and saw the Church of St. Paul's ...

To Malta, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

To Malta

A travel blog entry by omkar

... This was also our 6th wedding anniversary and the news of the bacchu meant that we had to make it a special one. I had chosen Malta for a number of reasons. Firstly, it happens to be one of oldest known civilisations on Earth dating back to 4000 BC so ...

IANTD Recreational Trimix Course, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

IANTD Recreational Trimix Course

A travel blog entry by 6th


What's just happened? Oh, yes, I just finished another tech diving course (still gotta do the exam, though)! How come it happened so fast? Hm... I’m losing track of time here. And where is’here’, anyway? Underwater? On the surface? I ...

Frankfurt Day and Thank You, Malta, Malta travel blog

Frankfurt Day and Thank You

A travel blog entry by jmills25


We landed in Germany in the afternoon and then went to the hotel and got a bus to take us to the airport, to then catch a train to take us to Frankfurt.  We asked a local to tell us where the best authentic German restaurant might be.  He ...

Gozo, Gozo, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by brianlegg


Gozo... Great ...

Malta Sightseeing hop-on / hop-off bus trip, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Malta Sightseeing hop-on / hop-off bus trip

A travel blog entry by michaelbuckland


Best laid plans..., Xwejni, Malta travel blog

Best laid plans...

A travel blog entry by seahermit


After a late night running around Marsalforn with Olle trying to find an extra din insert for someone who'd managed to lose theirs, we were hoping to do a sunrise dive off Reqqa point. We got up nice and early - to find mahoosive weather had decided to ...

Three Cities., Birgu, Malta travel blog

Three Cities.

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Da vi købte vores billetter til turen rundt på Gozo var der en rundtur til de The Three Cities, som vi tog til i dag. Damen i Tour selskabets information havde oplyst, at vi skulle hoppe på en bus der afgik kl 10, og at den eneste tur ...

Firsts, finds…and a fact, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Firsts, finds…and a fact

A travel blog entry by ernstandretha


... red wine and prunes and a version braised in garlic and thyme. Yum. Recipes will follow on a separate blog dedicated to Malta’s culinary delights. d) Raising the bar on domestic duties. Neither of us is shy when it comes to cleaning. Washing the ...

The Final Lazy Day, Birgu, Malta travel blog

The Final Lazy Day

A travel blog entry by kyte54


The weather was perfect for our final day. A morning by the sea topping up the redness/tan. At about 3 ish we decided to get a bus over to Birgu harbour as it looked really nice as we passed through it during our open top bus ride. A number 2 bus got us ...

Beach babes, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

Beach babes

A travel blog entry by dabby1


... time we arrive and being a walled city, there's very little breeze. Mdina is a medieval city that was once the capital of Malta. No cars except the inhabitants are allowed within the walls so we wander the tiny streets enjoying the shade as we find it. ...

Majina prva dogodivscina, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Majina prva dogodivscina

A travel blog entry by ursaklemen


... nekje fensišmensi in oh in sploh. Sej je tud golobe preganjat iz klopce in ugibat, kateri turisti so Slovenci fajn. Malta (Valletta) je polna zgodovine na vsakem koraku. Obzidje, da se vprašaš, kje so dobili toliko kamenja, ostanki vitezov ...

Malta International Fireworks Competition, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Malta International Fireworks Competition

A travel blog entry by jackies-world


... Hotel on the other side of the peninsula, we moved back to the Grand Harbor Hotel for the three nights of the Malta International Fireworks Competition. While we ate dinner and watched the fireworks from the balcony of the British Hotel next door, this ...

Jazzing it up, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Jazzing it up

A travel blog entry by ernstandretha


... island is 80 km/h (and only on very limited stretches of road). Seeing that I have launched into a dissertation about transport in Malta, I have to mention the local busses. In their bright yellow and orange livery, they are one of the hallmarks of ...

Summer evenings spent exploring, Birgu (Vittoriosa), Malta travel blog

Summer evenings spent exploring

A travel blog entry by matt_nien


... case of cabin fever and to at least get off the boat at least once in a day, we spend our evenings walking and exploring Malta. Wednesday evening we walked for about 2 hours and saw as much as possibly while we still had some day light. We saw the most ...

Autumn and Winter deployment 1975, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Autumn and Winter deployment 1975

A travel blog entry by chrisbeek

... zone. Sailing into Grand Harbour Valletta was again just magic, original fortress walls going back to the crusades and like Gibraltar, Malta was another very important Naval port. Malta was also billed as the No2 best 'run ashore' in the world, being ...

Limestone, Sliema, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by dee.klausman.73


The weather cooperated today with sunshine and beautifully clear skies and just a little marine layer. More touring & a gondola ride to see the "three cities". It all blends because all buildings are made of golden yellow ...

Day two in Malta!!, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Day two in Malta!!

A travel blog entry by cari.howarter

It was a gorgeous day in Malta! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and we were headed to the three cities. We walked through the street and looked at buildings and special houses. So much individuality in similar buildings. We stopped by the ...

Maltese Adventure, Malta, Malta travel blog

Maltese Adventure

A travel blog entry by tom_and_emma


... Easter. This would be Emma's first experience of a Mediterranean island! In that respect, it wasn’t quite what I was imagining. Malta is a rocky outcrop of an island that whilst very warm also gets a lot of sea breeze so never felt overwhelmingly ...

Maria dag i Mosta., Mosta, Malta travel blog

Maria dag i Mosta.

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Dagen den 15. august er en festdag i de fleste af middelhavs landene hvor man fejrer Jomfru Maria. Vi tog bussen til Mosta så vi var der ved middagstid for st se nærmere på festligheden. Fordi byen var afspærret blev vi sat af et ...

Valetta fra søsiden., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Valetta fra søsiden.

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Med vores billetter for rundturene var der også inkluderet en havnerundfart på 1,5 time det var dagens mål. Vi fangede bussen og efter ca 1 time kom vi til Sliema, hvorfra havne rundfarten gik. Efter at have ventet i båden en halv ...

caca, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by mazsha


July 4 - Valletta, Malta As we sailed into port it looked like another Legoland castle. Since the crew food on board is so bad, lunch seems to be first on the list. My how my priorities have changed. The difference is friends. Like water that takes the ...

Mdina, Grand Prix 2014, Mdina, Málta travel blog

Mdina, Grand Prix 2014

A travel blog entry by kriszat


Egy kicsit lassan indult a reggel, mivel pár óra alvás után elkezték feltúrni a környéket ütvefuróval :( egy kicsit olyan érzésem volt, mintha otthon lettem volna ... Reggeli után még ...

New Country - New learning!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

New Country - New learning!

A travel blog entry by doulint


... , and eating places, many dating over 500 years. With Phoenician, Italian, French, and English occupations, it is wonderfully eclectic. Malta became independent in 1964 and is a member of the EC. The most meaningful visit was to a church, somewhat off ...

Sep 21, 2009, Xlendi, Malta travel blog

Sep 21, 2009

A travel blog entry by seahermit


malta-89, Luga, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pedrobalobo


my good school friends mum owns a house on malta he was fresh out of a'levels and i was just out of horticultural ...

Día de partida, Malta, Malta travel blog

Día de partida

A travel blog entry by shinethenight


El 19 de octubre salimos de Malta hacia Nueva Delhi haciendo escala en Múnich :) Llegaremos a Delhi a eso de las 7 de la mañana del día 20. Hemos reservado el hotel Corus, en pleno centro de Nueva Delhi por 3 días. En ese tiempo nos aclimataremos y ...

Arriving in Bugibba, St Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Arriving in Bugibba

A travel blog entry by stumblebum


... Etna followed by the Maltese islands of Gozo, Comino with its stunning Blue Lagoon and then a descent along the south coast of Malta itself. The aeroplane passed the island and made a turn back to land at a small but well founded airport. Our transfer ...

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