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Malta Winery, Village and Departure Show, Malta, Malta travel blog

Malta Winery, Village and Departure Show

A travel blog entry by maryellenandbob


Our ship arrived in the beautiful harbor of Valletta, Malta at 7am. Valletta is the capital of Malta and a World Heritage site. we had breakfast delivered to the room as we watched the ship dance its way to the dock. Really, it had to spin 180 degrees ...

A Relaxing Rest day, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

A Relaxing Rest day

A travel blog entry by awithey


This was our final full day in Malta. We started the stay with a slow getting up and breakfast followed by sitting in the room enjoying puzzles and quizzes together. Following lunch, we headed to the beach where Esther sat on the side and did more puzzles ...

Welcome to Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Welcome to Malta

A travel blog entry by matt_nien


 After what feels like a long time at sea we are finally in Valletta, Malta. The trip was a bit of a challenge for all the reasons we knew it would be and more but we are here and won't have to think about that many days at sea again till October ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by kavking1


... , he was the maniac driver from hell, seemed upset with us for some reason and after a drive through a particularly ugly part of Malta dropped us off. I was pretty pissed off as I wasn't sure of the purpose of all this (I should have been more involved ...

...Popeye Village..., Il-Mellieħa, Malta travel blog

...Popeye Village...

A travel blog entry by gregorcerar

5 mojo sreco sem se brez tezav vstal iz postelje...:) zajtrk je bil dober,nakar smo se odpravili na avtobus st. 221 in proti mestecu Melliah in videli pesceno plazo v Melliah Bay...od tam z busom st. 237 proti Popeye's Village...filmska kulisa iz ...

...Golden Bay...Mdina...Rabat...., Rabat, Malta travel blog

...Golden Bay...Mdina...Rabat....

A travel blog entry by gregorcerar


...tretji dan je bil zanimiv, zjutraj po zajtrku smo imeli malo nesreco z avtobusi,en je izpadel in smo plan malo zamenjali...prvo smo se spravili z busom stevilka 223 na pesceno plazo v Golden Bay...krasna plaza,Eva je uzivala,mivka,toplo in cisto ...

Malta - where they know how to spell 'Farrugia', Qawra, Malta travel blog

Malta - where they know how to spell 'Farrugia'

A travel blog entry by farrugia2europe


... parts! :) on the walk home we smashed some ricotta pastizzis from a hole in the wall shop.. The best I've had Just a quiet one tonight before we move hotels down to st Julian's. We'll be exploring the lower parts of malta next and am looking forward to ...

Amici, isole, addii, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Amici, isole, addii

A travel blog entry by geoffinitalia


... in a nice little local restaurant overlooking one of the many bays. My rabbit journey continues apace ... We left John and Sue in Malta as they were staying another four days, and returned to our Stazzo home for another two nights. As I write we are in ...

Malta and the Jellyfish, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Malta and the Jellyfish

A travel blog entry by maltalove


... perfect. The reason was that they spotted Jellyfish in the sea so no one wanted to go swimming. Apparently it is a problem here in Malta that they have every summer. Depending on the current and on the wind, jellyfish can be around or not. Even if they ...

1790. Super-rich Russians, Birgu, Malta travel blog

1790. Super-rich Russians

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


Day 297 3 hrs, 2 kms Today I'm going to pick up where I left off and explore the reamaining 2 penninsula towns across the harbour from Valetta. Birga is another walled town with a harbour that juts out hosting a couple of multimillion dollar yachts. As ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by tazan007

Today we got up at 5AM to get to the airport to catch our flight to Malta with a connection in Frankfurt. It was on Lufthansa and we got really good in flight service. They gave us sandwiches and drinks for our 50 min flight to FRA. The Frankfurt ...

Hypogeum and Tarxien, Paola, Malta travel blog

Hypogeum and Tarxien

A travel blog entry by tazan007

... to resonate the voice of the speaker so it could be hear throughout the Hypogeum. It was pretty amazing. If you ever go to Malta, you should definitely visit the Hypogeum. Make sure to book the tickets at least 10 days in advance as they only allow 70 ...

Wet start to the holiday :(, Malta, Malta travel blog

Wet start to the holiday :(

A travel blog entry by loza92

We decided to book the hop on/off bus so that we could see as much of Malta as possible. We stopped first in Velatta the capital and walked around.  The shopping looked tempting so guttard that I don't really want to have to carry anymore luggage ...

Malta - Camino Island, Blue Lagoon, St. Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Malta - Camino Island, Blue Lagoon

A travel blog entry by nicolapollard

... to have a drink which turned into 2 drinks, then turned into a few Scottish oldies joining us and having a great laugh. They were in Malta for work. One was young and the other 2 were literally old enough to be our dads but they were hilarious. One of ...

Malta, Malta, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by loretta.smith


... people at gas stations (okay, I spend lots of time in gas stations. A new one every 160 kms or about). Stayed at Malta tonight. Nice campsite, with a train about 100 yards away. I think a train went on every hour. But after spending some time in the pool ...

Not my finest hour, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

Not my finest hour

A travel blog entry by sk4r4m4ng4

... 40 minute drive away. Anna isn't sure of the route so follows Simon who makes her look like Miss Daisy along the back lanes in Malta. We arrive at Ghar Lapsi for a shore dive and things don't look good. As the majority of the group are only Open Water ...

1786. The Gates to Valletta, Floriana, Malta travel blog

1786. The Gates to Valletta

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... Zealand troops that fought here in World War II catches my attention. So much of the history here seems to be focused on war and conflict. Of course, most of these weren't Malta's wars... Malta is just in that strategic spot where civilizations ...

Cup final!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Cup final!

A travel blog entry by haroldinho

Birkirkara - Sliema Wanderers ...

My first place, Valletta, Malta travel blog

My first place

A travel blog entry by mashmouse

This is where I was born. So from here I moved on as I got ...

The Malta Experience, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The Malta Experience

A travel blog entry by dabby1


... Two. Being a country in the middle of the Mediterranean has its positives and negatives - the latter significantly highlighted when Malta was bombed more than any other European country in the war because of its British allegiance.    ...

Travel buddies in Argentina, St Julians, Malta travel blog

Travel buddies in Argentina

A travel blog entry by joepace


The trip kicks off in Buenos Aires on Saturday if Alitalia decide to call off their strike scheduled for Friday. Anyway - My travelling companeros for 2 weeks in Argentina. Dede, Banana, Max and Jazz.  Dede  EL CONQUISTADOR de Argentina ...

"View of the Grand Harbour"

A travel blog entry by krodvelt

... many pictures there also. There were many wonderful paintings there and was able to find the Turner painting I was looking for of Malta's Grand Harbor. I was really glad I took the time to see the painting in person as it gave me a different perspective ...

Nothing is ever simple, Saint Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Nothing is ever simple

A travel blog entry by katgoaway


... simple, turns out to be oh, so complicated. One of the things I really wanted to do on this trip was to go to the Malta Falconry Centre. By all accounts, it’s a little known spot in the middle of nowhere. But “have bus pass, will ...

Flying out, Zabbar, Malta travel blog

Flying out

A travel blog entry by david.seisun


... cut it half way through to get good seats on the flight. We are all buckled up are ready for our 2hr 30 min flight from Malta to Birmingham Airport. After a long days work yesterday I now am in need of some sleep so from my end I will be ...

Gozo, Xewkija, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by phileus_fogg


After another relaxing day in Malta I headed out for a day trip to see the 4 big sites on the island of Gozo, the second inhabited island in the Maltese archipelago. In total here are seven islands that make up Malta, three of which are inhabited (Comino, ...

Easter in Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog

Easter in Malta

A travel blog entry by manda2010


25 March 2016 - Good Friday For Good Friday festivities Osbert and I went to the local churches in Hamrun to see the Eucharist displays.  Until 11am the church opens its doors and the Eucharist is presented in elaborate displays.  In the ...

Off again, going North, Valletta Malta, Malta travel blog

Off again, going North

A travel blog entry by isabellasail


... of red ( surely not!) and were treated to a laser show from Fort St Angelo, a short distance from the boat. It is Malta Fashion Week and we have witnessed scores of people, dressed to kill, ladies tottering in their very high heels, walking through the ...

The last day, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The last day

A travel blog entry by lamyers56


... the Turks. The history here is just amazing. You really realize just how young a country America is when you come to someplace like Malta and Italy. I knew it's time to go home when we went to the state rooms and we just breezed through. It was a ...

Arriving in Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Arriving in Malta

A travel blog entry by leanneroles

Our first impression of Malta...Wow! There's so much to see here. Our first impression of the Hotel Castille...Wow! What a dump! Old, rickety, rundown and in serious need of repair. Never mind, it's a roof over our heads. Let's see what tomorrow ...

Day 8: Comino, Comino, Malta travel blog

Day 8: Comino

A travel blog entry by emily.waggoner1

... the ride back was even colder and wetter than the first, but I wouldn't know because I stayed inside.  After returning to Malta, wearmed back up for a few hours at the hotel before Ashley, Marcus, and I went out to get some dinner that ...

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