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Maltese Adventure, Malta, Malta travel blog

Maltese Adventure

A travel blog entry by tom_and_emma


... Easter. This would be Emma's first experience of a Mediterranean island! In that respect, it wasn’t quite what I was imagining. Malta is a rocky outcrop of an island that whilst very warm also gets a lot of sea breeze so never felt overwhelmingly ...

Maria dag i Mosta., Mosta, Malta travel blog

Maria dag i Mosta.

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Dagen den 15. august er en festdag i de fleste af middelhavs landene hvor man fejrer Jomfru Maria. Vi tog bussen til Mosta så vi var der ved middagstid for st se nærmere på festligheden. Fordi byen var afspærret blev vi sat af et ...

Valetta fra søsiden., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Valetta fra søsiden.

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Med vores billetter for rundturene var der også inkluderet en havnerundfart på 1,5 time det var dagens mål. Vi fangede bussen og efter ca 1 time kom vi til Sliema, hvorfra havne rundfarten gik. Efter at have ventet i båden en halv ...

caca, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by mazsha


July 4 - Valletta, Malta As we sailed into port it looked like another Legoland castle. Since the crew food on board is so bad, lunch seems to be first on the list. My how my priorities have changed. The difference is friends. Like water that takes the ...

Mdina, Grand Prix 2014, Mdina, Málta travel blog

Mdina, Grand Prix 2014

A travel blog entry by kriszat


Egy kicsit lassan indult a reggel, mivel pár óra alvás után elkezték feltúrni a környéket ütvefuróval :( egy kicsit olyan érzésem volt, mintha otthon lettem volna ... Reggeli után még ...

New Country - New learning!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

New Country - New learning!

A travel blog entry by doulint


... , and eating places, many dating over 500 years. With Phoenician, Italian, French, and English occupations, it is wonderfully eclectic. Malta became independent in 1964 and is a member of the EC. The most meaningful visit was to a church, somewhat off ...

Sep 21, 2009, Xlendi, Malta travel blog

Sep 21, 2009

A travel blog entry by seahermit


malta-89, Luga, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pedrobalobo


my good school friends mum owns a house on malta he was fresh out of a'levels and i was just out of horticultural ...

Día de partida, Malta, Malta travel blog

Día de partida

A travel blog entry by shinethenight


El 19 de octubre salimos de Malta hacia Nueva Delhi haciendo escala en Múnich :) Llegaremos a Delhi a eso de las 7 de la mañana del día 20. Hemos reservado el hotel Corus, en pleno centro de Nueva Delhi por 3 días. En ese tiempo nos aclimataremos y ...

Arriving in Bugibba, St Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Arriving in Bugibba

A travel blog entry by stumblebum


... Etna followed by the Maltese islands of Gozo, Comino with its stunning Blue Lagoon and then a descent along the south coast of Malta itself. The aeroplane passed the island and made a turn back to land at a small but well founded airport. Our transfer ...

Friday- Malta, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Friday- Malta

A travel blog entry by mccritec


8 hour tour today! 80 degrees touring the sea coast, & walking tour of the three cities. Way too much to write, but hoping my pictures are good. I'm feeling very ignorant about history! Sitting in a water front cafe to secure ...

Arriving in the oasis, Mellieħa, Malta travel blog

Arriving in the oasis

A travel blog entry by weixiao


... bearable. I can't say he enjoyed it (especially take off) but he wasn't traumatised by it either! On arriving in Malta, we were picked up straight away by our private transfer arranged through resorthoppa. Our taxi driver was our first glimpse of the ...

My travel, Valetta, Malta travel blog

My travel

A travel blog entry by malcarch

Ok ...

fishing village, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog

fishing village

A travel blog entry by karenbrian


Sea still very rough so we skipped the ride to Gozo and bused to a small fishing village on the south/east of the island. A lovely sunny day I actually came home with dry feet. We came half way back and changed buses to Vittriosa. 3 small cities within 3 ...

On the move again, Sliema, Malta travel blog

On the move again

A travel blog entry by joanna.rath


I can't believe I agreed to an 8.00am flight out of Sicily to Malta. However, the connection in Rome meant that I didn't have long to wait. The hotel is on the waterfront (hence the name) with a great esplanade to walk along that stretches for miles. I ...

Death in Paradise, Victoria, Malta travel blog

Death in Paradise

A travel blog entry by danielpinno


... any precipitation to seep through slowly as it makes its way down the slopes. There are a number of vineyards as well, but Malta seems to have transitioned into a tourism economy. Most of the buildings are made up of limestone blocks, carved out of huge ...

Days away..., Floriana, Malta travel blog

Days away...

A travel blog entry by timvb761


Just downloaded this new app to keep track of my journey... Is I what I've been looking for? It looks promising... Target is cocktails at SKYBAR on the first ...

The night before.., Floriana, Malta travel blog

The night before..

A travel blog entry by timvb761

All packed up and ready to go. I must admit that as much as I am looking forward to this I am also scared of what's to come.. Wonder if I will get much sleep tonight. I normally don't the night before a big trip, not that they come often. This is so ...

Malta 2007, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Malta 2007

A travel blog entry by big_papi


... ? lol!), historical ruins, and beautiful natural sights. I wanted to go some place that wouldn't involve long hauls to check places out. Malta at it's widest point is like 13km....'nuff said!    Anyway, I was there for 6 days, most of the ...

The hill of Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog

The hill of Malta

A travel blog entry by cc-


... beer ...clean and crisp ..great on a hot day).  Went to a playground that was a bit out dated...but interesting.  Malta has been effected by many wars thoughout history.  It was a British Colony so during WW II it was bombed quite heavily ...

Sliema, La Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by karlamato


Nel pomeriggio consigliati da un dipendente dell' albergo, andiamo al Duck’s Village  a Manoel  Island, un’ estensione di Sliema, attrezzatissimo marina per barche. Ed è qui che ci imbattiamo nel Duck’s Village, un luogo a ...

CUTTLE, VALETTA, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by trolibus



Day 9: Free Day, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Day 9: Free Day

A travel blog entry by emily.waggoner1


... boarded a bus to take us out to Rabat to see the Domus Romana, the ruins of an ancient Roman villa from their time here in Malta.      The bus ride itself was quite the experience.  In order to get to Rabat, we had to take a bus ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by kalaiy


Malta, an island state in Mediterranean sea. It has plenty of historical and archeological sites. I travelled Valletta (capital city), Sliema(tourist resort), Mdina (old Arab city), Marsaxlokk(fishers town), Mellieha(Paradise bay film studio set) ...

HMS Stubborn and Other Dives, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

HMS Stubborn and Other Dives

A travel blog entry by 6th


My tech instructor has been gone for the past four days and has only returned today, which means I haven't been having much techy fun. However, I have done some pleasant recreational dives and a couple of technical ones worth mentioning. From the ...

Maltese poodles DO come from Malta...right?, Malta, Malta travel blog

Maltese poodles DO come from Malta...right?

A travel blog entry by tashathebasha


Wrong. According to Wikipedia "the breed name and origins are generally understood to derive from the Mediterranean island of Malta; however, the name is sometimes described with reference to the Adriatic island of Mijet or a defunct Sicilian town called ...

Dulles Airport. .., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Dulles Airport. ..

A travel blog entry by misslemons


Our plane needs a patch, or plane has a whole whatever shall we do? ! Surely this isn't happening. ... we wait and wait and watch our movies we wait some more and talk. "Hello this is Captain Todd they have gotten a new plane inline for us and we will ...

Aankomst vliegveld Luqa, Malta, Malta travel blog

Aankomst vliegveld Luqa

A travel blog entry by thb


Vanochtend om 07:50 landde het vliegtuig op Luqa Airport. Bij het verlaten van het vliegtuig kwam de zon ons al direct tegemoet. Het was al 19 graden en erg benauwd. Nadat we de bagage bij elkaar hadden verzameld, zijn we met een taxi-busje naar ons ...

The Maltese Falcon, Mdina, Malta travel blog

The Maltese Falcon

A travel blog entry by burczymucha


... Before I send you back to the city (circle the airport from either side, depending on the final destination), let me point out that Malta is not just about those highlights I've listed above. It's much more than that. Somehow the sea is bluer and the ...

A few days in Malta!, Malta, Malta travel blog

A few days in Malta!

A travel blog entry by sally123


... me had booked my small bag in as hold baggage instead of carrying it on as hand baggage, and once we arrived in Malta (late unfortunately) there was a huge delay before the bags finally came through.  So poor Pete and Jen were waiting for simply ...

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