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Sliema, La Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by karlamato


Nel pomeriggio consigliati da un dipendente dell' albergo, andiamo al Duck’s Village  a Manoel  Island, un’ estensione di Sliema, attrezzatissimo marina per barche. Ed qui che ci imbattiamo nel Duck’s Village, un luogo a ...

CUTTLE, VALETTA, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by trolibus



Day 9: Free Day, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Day 9: Free Day

A travel blog entry by emily.waggoner1


... boarded a bus to take us out to Rabat to see the Domus Romana, the ruins of an ancient Roman villa from their time here in Malta.      The bus ride itself was quite the experience.  In order to get to Rabat, we had to take a bus ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by kalaiy


Malta, an island state in Mediterranean sea. It has plenty of historical and archeological sites. I travelled Valletta (capital city), Sliema(tourist resort), Mdina (old Arab city), Marsaxlokk(fishers town), Mellieha(Paradise bay film studio set) ...

HMS Stubborn and Other Dives, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

HMS Stubborn and Other Dives

A travel blog entry by 6th


My tech instructor has been gone for the past four days and has only returned today, which means I haven't been having much techy fun. However, I have done some pleasant recreational dives and a couple of technical ones worth mentioning. From the ...

Maltese poodles DO come from Malta...right?, Malta, Malta travel blog

Maltese poodles DO come from Malta...right?

A travel blog entry by tashathebasha


Wrong. According to Wikipedia "the breed name and origins are generally understood to derive from the Mediterranean island of Malta; however, the name is sometimes described with reference to the Adriatic island of Mijet or a defunct Sicilian town called ...

Dulles Airport. .., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Dulles Airport. ..

A travel blog entry by misslemons


Our plane needs a patch, or plane has a whole whatever shall we do? ! Surely this isn't happening. ... we wait and wait and watch our movies we wait some more and talk. "Hello this is Captain Todd they have gotten a new plane inline for us and we will ...

Aankomst vliegveld Luqa, Malta, Malta travel blog

Aankomst vliegveld Luqa

A travel blog entry by thb


Vanochtend om 07:50 landde het vliegtuig op Luqa Airport. Bij het verlaten van het vliegtuig kwam de zon ons al direct tegemoet. Het was al 19 graden en erg benauwd. Nadat we de bagage bij elkaar hadden verzameld, zijn we met een taxi-busje naar ons ...

The Maltese Falcon, Mdina, Malta travel blog

The Maltese Falcon

A travel blog entry by burczymucha


... Before I send you back to the city (circle the airport from either side, depending on the final destination), let me point out that Malta is not just about those highlights I've listed above. It's much more than that. Somehow the sea is bluer and the ...

A few days in Malta!, Malta, Malta travel blog

A few days in Malta!

A travel blog entry by sally123


... me had booked my small bag in as hold baggage instead of carrying it on as hand baggage, and once we arrived in Malta (late unfortunately) there was a huge delay before the bags finally came through.  So poor Pete and Jen were waiting for simply ...

More on Malta, Lija, Malta travel blog

More on Malta

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

Things there are a lot of in Malta: Cars Cats Lizards Snails Lingerie stores Bathroom stores Fruit and vegetable stands Kebab/pizza stalls Rocks and shrubs Sun Wind Pastizzerias Desserts Bags of pasta Buses Advertisements for Cisk (the ...

1781. Learning a Language in 5 minutes, Luqa, Malta travel blog

1781. Learning a Language in 5 minutes

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... Pop quiz. What European country has a dialect of Arabic as its national language? I sure wouldn't have guessed. Yes, I knew that Malta had Arab influences, but I assumed that it was a bit like Southern Spain, you know, with maybe a couple of cities ...

Malta, Sliema, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by amberooni78


... . I remember thinking that all the limestone gave it an Arabic look. Not exactly what I expected. Got to the Bayview Apartments, Malta only to discover that the apartments were at a different location. We were taken up the road by Malcolm who took us to ...

Freeport, Birzebbuga, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by ricki958


Woke about 7am this morning (about 3pm at home), sun beating on the back of the strategically-closed curtains, the room already warming up. Breakfast downstairs in the very quiet hotel restaurant – the matriarch of the family that runs the hotel ...

Free Day, Malta, Malta travel blog

Free Day

A travel blog entry by jmills25

... down the street from our hotel for our last meal.  After we had dinner we decided to go to the bars and clubs.  It was a great last evening in Malta.  I am sad to leave, but am excited to spend the day in Germany on our way home! ...

The farewell..., Luqa, Malta travel blog

The farewell...

A travel blog entry by jess85

The farewell this time was not nearly as heart-wrenching when I was fourteen. I think when you are that young, you do not realise that it is possible to see these people, on the other side of the world, again. Only a few tears and hugs but it was great ...

Il Isla, Senglea, Malta travel blog

Il Isla

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


Across the harbour from Valletta. ...

Malta with the girls, Bugibba, Malta travel blog

Malta with the girls

A travel blog entry by jessicaharvey


... we down together and at the bottom our float flipped over and we almost drowned!!..with everyone in the queue watching! lol Malta this time around as different but totally amazing...we did so much more but these have to be ...

Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by tennille

Malta ...

Feb 03, 2015, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

Feb 03, 2015

A travel blog entry by phil.edwards.99


Malta Experience and Valletta National Museums, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Malta Experience and Valletta National Museums

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... into the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age.[5] When I returned from the Malta Experience, I felt a few sprinkles so I decidee to retrieve my bags and schlep over to the British Hotel sooner rather ...

Malta, day six, Malta, Malta travel blog

Malta, day six

A travel blog entry by mavis.meyer


... ride our last organized tour of the trip.  I took a Fernandez 2, a wooden schooner.  It took me along the coasts of Malta, Gozo and Comino.  It docked at nice little bay on Comino where we could all swim, snorkel and hike.  I chose to ...

From island to island, Valletta, Malta travel blog

From island to island

A travel blog entry by bggisland

It is funny travelling between Mediterranean islands: from Mallorca to Malta, I had to stop in ...

Pacceville, Sliema, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by naissou

Empire ...

Day five in Malta!!!!!, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Day five in Malta!!!!!

A travel blog entry by cari.howarter


Long long long day bee went to Gozo, the sister island of Malta. We went to another temple, drove up to calypso's cave, unfortunately it was closed down due to danger, then to the Azure window. It was so beautiful. The water was just breath takingly blue. ...

St Paul's,  War Museum, and War Rooms, Oh, My!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

St Paul's, War Museum, and War Rooms, Oh, My!

A travel blog entry by marci.copeland


... War Museum which houses the St George's Cross given to Malta for its help in Allied victory. lt also explained the strategic position Malta played during WWII.  After a brief stop above the harbor, we again walked up into the triqs (reminds me of the ...

Thank You Grand Master Vallette, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Thank You Grand Master Vallette

A travel blog entry by marci.copeland


... After a walk back through the triqs, we ended our tour in the Barrakka Gardens overlooking the deepwater port for which makes Malta a strategic location.  Each day at 12:00 one of the canons along the fortress walls is fired to commemorate the ...

Day 4, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by ashleyrussell

It was a nice day to be able to start off with a photo op at the Blue Lagoon... what a sight! Would have been nice to go on a boat ride through it! Next were the temple ruins of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra... these ruins were really cool to walk through, and ...

Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by ayazskhan

Short ...

Gozo, Island of Gozo, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by julie.v


Today we toured the beautiful island of Gozo. It was a bit of a bus ride, but we were able to go past the site where they filmed "Popeye the Sailor Man" before getting on our boat. So that was pretty cool to see.   The landscape on the way to Gozo ...

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