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Belle journée pour jouer dans l'eau!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Belle journée pour jouer dans l'eau!

A travel blog entry by ccaillou


Caillou se lève à 7:00 pour aller déjeuner. Il a une plongée à 8:30. Ce matin, le ciel est couvert et il y a quelque averses. Toutefois, un bel arc-en-ciel complet se dessine juste au dessus de la mer! Durant sa plongée, Caillou descend sur un ...

Day 4 - Roatan Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day 4 - Roatan Honduras

A travel blog entry by mcreech

Roatan ...

The Good, the Bad and the Sad, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Good, the Bad and the Sad

A travel blog entry by fancythat


Bad--Getting to Roatán was an all-day adventure--picture being on your favorite roller coaster for seven hours and then picture being on your favorite flume ride two hours and you pretty much know the whole trip!!! Good--waking up in paradise pretty ...

Coxen Hole Safety Check!, Coxen Hole, Honduras travel blog

Coxen Hole Safety Check!

A travel blog entry by jaimie.beebe


... and some things that I probably need to work on.   I don’t speak Spanish.  While almost everyone on Roatan speaks English (with better grammar than some of my friends Stateside) it is essential that I at least learn basic Spanish ...

Day #13, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day #13

A travel blog entry by cprybyl


Today was a crazy day of diving! We had our first Underwater Identification test in the morning, but the currents were unbelievable. We had to struggle against the powerful current to get to the reef and to find the species to identify. Fortunately, I ...

Roatan, Bay Islands, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Roatan, Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by mpoelzl


Haven't updated for a while as we have been on this Island for a week and the internet in our hotel is limited so not really great for uploading photos. The island is beautiful with white sand palm tree lined beaches in the small bays and crystal clear ...

So, Did you get robbed yet?, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

So, Did you get robbed yet?

A travel blog entry by elizacass


... to really keeps your guard up and trust your instinct.  We also were told by some people living here that the mainland of Honduras has the largest murder rate in the world! That is got so dangerous that even the peace corp pulled out recently. I ...

Livingston to Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Livingston to Utila

A travel blog entry by 22travel


March 14, Day 34 The alarm went off at 5am and I would have killed it but Troy wouldn't let me. We were on the dock ready for our 6am boat at 5:50, knowing that since we were ready the boat wouldn’t be here for at least another 30 minutes. If ...

Sun, sand and sickness, West End, Honduras travel blog

Sun, sand and sickness

A travel blog entry by gregandjane

After a long bus ride to La Ceiba on the coast of Honduras, we took a ferry to Roatan in the Bay Islands, where we were to spend the next week. Highlights - The town of West End, where we stayed. It has a beautiful little bay with crystal clear ...

A great day of snorkeling, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A great day of snorkeling

A travel blog entry by sparcat


We went on a private snorkel tour that took us to a spa resort, Upachaya. We boarded a pontoon boat and snorkeled in 2 places for almost 2 hours. After a delicious vegan lunch, went back to the ship. This was some of the best snorkeling we have ever ...

1er jour - une pause avant de faire nos plongées, Roatan , Honduras travel blog

1er jour - une pause avant de faire nos plongées

A travel blog entry by clode_dsuro


La première journée a été consacrée à découvrir le site, ce qui nous a pris au moins... heuu.... 10 minutes !  Le reste de la journée, nous avons profité de la plage sous un soleil de plomb avec aucun arbre ou endroit pour se mettre à ...

Moskitos und die Rache des Montezuma, West End, Honduras travel blog

Moskitos und die Rache des Montezuma

A travel blog entry by haeschendoktor


Nach einem schnellen Frühstück, heute nur mit Toast und Marmelade, ging es gleich um neun Uhr raus zum Tauchen bzw. Schnorcheln am Divespot ‚Blue Channel‘. Um mit den Worten unseres Tauchlehrers Eddy zu sprechen: eine Kanal im Riff, der ...

Tauchen tauchen tauchen, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Tauchen tauchen tauchen

A travel blog entry by jann_und_franzi


Heute gibts nur ein paar Bilder da wir volles Programm haben. Franzi macht ihren Anfaengerkurs und ich meinen Fortgeschrittenenkursus mit lustigen Sachen wie Wracktauchen, Nachttauchen, Navigation Tiefseetauchen ... Bei unserem ersten Dive hatten ...

Fische Fische Fische, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Fische Fische Fische

A travel blog entry by jann_und_franzi


Heute hatten wir 2 Tauchgaenge. Fuer meinen Fortgeschrittenenkurs hatte ich die Topics Navigation und Peak Performance Buoyancy (verbesseren der Tauchfaehigkeit/-kontrolle) Nachdem ich die Uebungen absolviert haben haben wir noch einen normalen fun dive ...

Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by thalbig

Endlich auf Roatan angekommen. Ein traumhafte Insel, von der ich nicht mehr so schnell weggehen moechte. Jeden Tag zweit Tauschgaenge stehen auf den Program. Heute wollte wir Hammerhaie sehen, leider hat sich keiner blicken lassen. Hier auf Westpoint ...

Anthonys Key Resort ,Glass Bottom Boat,Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Anthonys Key Resort ,Glass Bottom Boat,Roatan

A travel blog entry by lagalag1


... and a scorpion fish. Did some shopping.Bought a Lenca  ceramic vase. Lenca  pottery is a well known souvenir of Honduras,Lenca ts a  Mayan ethnic group. For dinner ate baleada from a small take out store.There is where the natives eat. It ...

You want me to dive how deep?, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

You want me to dive how deep?

A travel blog entry by abkgkk


I was eager to scuba since it was my first real "open water" dive.  So we redeemed one of our ten dives with the dive shop and Marcos (dive master) got us set up to head out.  We arrived after a quick 5 min boat ride and hooked up the moor line ...

Wij zijn op Roatan, Roatán, Honduras travel blog

Wij zijn op Roatan

A travel blog entry by gezinbart


... gaven totaal geen problemen en waren dus zo rond haf twee met alles klaar. Dus tijd voor een heerlijke cappuccino en koffie. Honduras mag dan wel bekend staan om zijn goede kwaliteit koffie maar echt lekker zetten kunnen ze niet. Voor we het wisten ...

nice conversation with a murderer, roatan, Honduras travel blog

nice conversation with a murderer

A travel blog entry by andrewp

... time they are guarding ice cream shops, better be damn good icecream.  THE NEXT MORNING it was off to the ferry to roatan, little did we know this is holey week and everbody is off and headed someplace other then were they are, everybody kept saying ...

honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by rick.guillaume

honduras ...

Jun 28, 2011, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Jun 28, 2011

A travel blog entry by 1staidnaccident


No watches required in paradise, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

No watches required in paradise

A travel blog entry by elizacass


...  a great vibe.  It's actually  mostly divers and backpackers who stay here. A lot of divers come to Roatan to get certified, since its one of the cheapest places to take the diving course and to dive off the beautiful waters ...

Roatan Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan Island

A travel blog entry by mkuncio


A ferry ride from the mainland was the only thing that divided us from Roatan Island and the mainland of Honduras. I was looking forward to getting out and doing an island stay as I really enjoyed my time on Caye Caulker. After two hours on the ferry we ...

Weh weh!!!, West End, Honduras travel blog

Weh weh!!!

A travel blog entry by allieadventures

Some of you might be wondering why this blog is coming from Honduras well, that's because I am still on Roatan. I was suppose to be home teaching today however I had some flight difficulties and I'm not leaving here till Thursday afternoon. I am upset ...

Copan to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Copan to Roatan

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... way again when I return to Canada. I've always wondered why they are so plentiful and cheap: fly over the Banana Republic of Honduras and you will know. The other miles and miles of fields (my seatmate informs me) are pineapples.  Less then 40 ...

epiphany, Jose Santos Guardiola, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by goeran


Day 46: I didn't wake up to my running alarm this morning. crap! we did rent a car and went to roatan's east end. the rental experience was an experience in itself as the 14-year old was out of his depth with the format. I kinda told him what to put in. ...

puertongggg, West End, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by goeran


... all the languages spoken here in spanish they pronounce the n like ng. puerton becomes puertong, roatan into roatang and so on. in hindsight I could have stayed longer moving around a bit. the island is very nice and probably the best part of ...

Enjoying the beach, West End, Honduras travel blog

Enjoying the beach

A travel blog entry by nkmason


We ventured to West Bay yesterday, which is a 45 minute walk down the beach.  Beautiful picturesque beach, nice snorkeling, but it was overrun with tourists and venders trying to sell us bracelets, dresses, coconut oil (which will apparently fix ...

Canadian Girl Finds Island Paradise, Utila Island, Honduras travel blog

Canadian Girl Finds Island Paradise

A travel blog entry by hildine


Wow!!! What a day possibly the best one of my life yet...waking up on an Island paradise what more could one ask for...i can´t even describe just how beautiful the island´s like time stands still here, everyone is so laid back and it seems so ...

The Nearly Impossible Journey/Mission, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Nearly Impossible Journey/Mission

A travel blog entry by blondesontour

... cockroach in my bag as a goodbye at 5am! Thanks nature! I have decided to do the nearly impossible journey from Livingston to Roatan which involves me taking 2 boats, 2 taxis and 3 buses but should be $30 cheaper than the tourist shuttle. Left Finca nice ...

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