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And... it's another day relaxing!, Saly, Senegal travel blog

And... it's another day relaxing!

A travel blog entry by paedrus


Hi! It's still very early, and we are already up and ready to have breakfast. At the breakfast area, everything is ready for guests to enjoy their meals and appreciate the senegalese morning sun. Our breakfast was great, again with french croissants, ...

Flying for 2 Days - Los Angeles to Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Flying for 2 Days - Los Angeles to Dakar

A travel blog entry by wrldtrvlrr

Flights were uneventful. I avoided a 12-hour layover in New York by postponing my flight from Los Angeles. That was good. I would have have 3 seats but a lady took the opposite aisle and kept getting up and down. I so wanted to sleep. I could really feel ...

De eerste keer ooit wonen in een grote stad: Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

De eerste keer ooit wonen in een grote stad: Dakar

A travel blog entry by astridvangerven


... een geweldige ervaring. Ik ben namelijk maar één keer aangesproken en effectief gevolgd. De eerste keer in Dakar, weliswaar op dag 2 in Senegal, dus nog niet zo goed ingeburgerd :p, was dat wel anders! Ik heb op mijn gemak een wandeling kunnen kiezen om ...

Lac Rose und Desert de Lompoul, Lompoul, Senegal travel blog

Lac Rose und Desert de Lompoul

A travel blog entry by casanova_f

Wieder einmal bin ich nach einer längeren Reise zurück in St. Louis. Wieder einmal bin ich mäßig begeistert, aber was solls. Die letzten Tage waren cool und es werde noch coole Tage kommen. Gerade sitze ich jedenfalls mit Papa und Manfred im Sunu ...

Less Miserable... Dakar d'accord, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Less Miserable... Dakar d'accord

A travel blog entry by hardiek

... .  We're really in!  I need a line!  Quick, Trinity, give me a number!  The Skype rate to Thailand from Senegal is the same as from the US!  The phone is ringing!  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy ...

chez patrice et baro, Niafourang, Senegal travel blog

chez patrice et baro

A travel blog entry by debdeb80

Belle expérience de vie... tolérance... hospitalité... spontanéité... Patrice, un homme exceptionnel, quelle chance de croiser son chemin! Il a beaucoup de sagesse (et un gros grin de folie) à transmettre!! Energie de vie ...

Scary near-death experience near Dakar, Somewhere outside Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Scary near-death experience near Dakar

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


... body on the way out of there, but we were not looking to closely anyway. Who knows what happened to that dude... It took about 20 minutes more to get to our downtown hotel, a great sight to finally see. And that was our Saturday night in Senegal. Brutal. ...

A Busy Day in Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

A Busy Day in Dakar

A travel blog entry by roadscholarorg


We started our day with an informative lecture about Senegal past and present and ended it at the Monument to African Unity. ...

Animal Spotting, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Animal Spotting

A travel blog entry by roadscholarorg


We've gone as far upriver as the Pegasus can take us, so this morning we boarded a smaller boat in order to visit the Baboon Islands, which are, confusingly, home to a chimpanzee preservation project. While we were joined by two park rangers, who helped ...

Tabaski...another macaroni eating holiday, Keur Ndongo, Senegal travel blog

Tabaski...another macaroni eating holiday

A travel blog entry by ksterba


Another Senegalese holiday, another bowl of macaroni, potatoes, and bread with a sheep on top.  Tabaski is a large Muslim holiday celebrating the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son for God wherein he ends up being able to sacrifice a sheep ...

A short (well kind of long actually) update, Joal Fadiouth, Senegal travel blog

A short (well kind of long actually) update

A travel blog entry by helpingsenegal


... followed by a translation of the poem ‘Joal, Je me rappelle’ written by Leopold Sedar Senghor (first president of Senegal). After the FOSCOs comes the ‘sorties’ i.e. school trips. When you think of school trips in the UK, you ...

Meet us in St Louis, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Meet us in St Louis

A travel blog entry by mrandmrsrontour

... amazing transition that happened within a matter of 5kms.  The people are also different - Mauritania has a substantial Arab population - Senegal really is 'black-Africa'.  After some tiring haggling (mainly by our French co-traveller, David, who ...

GOREE ISLAND, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by debbie-ba

Talk about ...

3e semaine, Pikine -- Thiaroye, Senegal travel blog

3e semaine

A travel blog entry by claudinelabine


... trois fois plus la fin de semaine ahahah... Ahh il faut que je vous fasse part dune de mes tranches de vie du senegal... vous savez ici ya des moutons et des chevres partout en liberte dans les rues.. cest super sympathique moi je deviens folle comme ...

arrival at uni, St. Louis, Senegal travel blog

arrival at uni

A travel blog entry by churisuta


Hi everybody, im a bit overwheled with all the different impressions i got so far that im finding it difficult to find words, but i finally want to write a bit about my experience to let you know about it and also to keep some memory for myself I guess. ...

de eerste dagen Senegal, Tambacounda, Senegal travel blog

de eerste dagen Senegal

A travel blog entry by nikenkatrien


... het land willen verlaten moeten terugkeren naar Dakar voor een stempel. We vertellen hem dat dit praktisch onmogelijk is, aangezien we Senegal rustig willen doorkruisen in de richting van Mali. Zijn antwoord: "doe maar, maar wanneer je bij Mali bent, ...

tours of the motherland, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

tours of the motherland

A travel blog entry by abdoulahad

the destination is west africa senegal to visit the motherland and and it is especially for people who is really need to hear for a good history and having a new experience about the life. by the way  the first day we will visit dakar the ...

Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by serkan.okter

Big entry Pt 2- life and leisure activities, St Louis, Senegal travel blog

Big entry Pt 2- life and leisure activities

A travel blog entry by nrubin

... or a kibbutz.  For you Lost fans, it could have been the others' village if the show had taken place in Senegal.  Its a place where they give vocational training and other services to the poorer residents of the area though there is also a community of ...

It's Brilliant on the Braemar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

It's Brilliant on the Braemar

A travel blog entry by bollinger_babe

Monday, 27th January 2014 We could enjoy a lie-in this morning as the Braemar is now on her way back up to the Canary Islands.  When we went out onto our balcony, we could feel that it was quite windy and the sky was cloudy.  So we ...

Tabaski, Pambal, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by gabrielle.dumas


Mercredi le 16 octobre, c'est la Tabaski. C’est a dire que l’on tu un mouton pour le manger afin de commémorer le sacrifice d’Abraham. En fait, Dieu avait dit a Abraham de tuer son fils et sur la route pour effectuer cette tâche ...

A Wedding Tale, Vélingara, Senegal travel blog

A Wedding Tale

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


I attended my very first Senegalese wedding this week and I must say it was one of the more interesting events that I have attended thus far. Amadou, my work partner, was very passionate that I come to his house and spend the entire day with his family ...

Settling In, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog

Settling In

A travel blog entry by francesh


... so I am now trying really hard to think of fun questions. Tomorrow I am going to one of the bird reserves here in Senegal, organised by the office.  It is meant to be spectacular so I am really looking forward to it. Apart from that, nothing ...

Canary's to Gambia, Gambia, Senegal travel blog

Canary's to Gambia

A travel blog entry by cedarbarb

Arrive in the dark - accident on the highway into town. Gambia Airways - has no aircraft Landing strip - a metallized bare land  - DC-6 10th Anniversary of Independence from Britain Valentine's Beer with flies; assitant to buy 3 days worth of ...

Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

Saint Louis

A travel blog entry by isidor

Past ...

des nouvelles, Pambal, Senegal travel blog

des nouvelles

A travel blog entry by gabrielle.dumas


Les journées Mer et Monde À la première journée, nous avions visité la piscine de la résidence Lat Dior. Nous sommes allés pour la seconde journée mer et monde à la plage de Dakar. Résultat des beaux coups de soleil, mais pour se baigner sur ...

LA dernière semaine à Bapate, Pambal, Senegal travel blog

LA dernière semaine à Bapate

A travel blog entry by gabrielle.dumas


La dernière semaine à Bapate Maintenant le séjour tire à sa fin. Nous terminerons le stage mardi, mercredi nous visitons l'île de Gorée, jeudi se seront les adieux à la famille et vendredi c’est le départ pour Thies. De là, nous irons dans ...

Day 2, Darkar Senegal , Senegal travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by jordan00


We visited Goree island day t2 to see the history of the African slave trade. On Goree island we saw the House of Slaves where lots of people left and never came back. It was sad to see all the things that happened there in the video they showed. The ...

Hello, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by marylove77

My Dear How is your life over there?, I hope all is well with you? i contacted you because i saw your contact at and i pick interest in you and to know if you will match mine, i hope that color,distance or age will not be a barrier to ...

This Awkward Chapter In A Story Called Life, Vélingara, Senegal travel blog

This Awkward Chapter In A Story Called Life

A travel blog entry by kellyrose

There are things that everyone who lives abroad experiences; those awkward moments that occur because of a lack of complete comprehension of our cultural differences. The simplest form of this would be language. Sure you can study a language in school or ...

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