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Our first night/day in Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Our first night/day in Rwanda

A travel blog entry by jill_and_amir

... hijacked and robbed. No thank you.  So we then were going to take the ferry from Mwanza, Tanzania to Bukoba, Rwanda and  bus from Bukoba to Kigali.  However, we didn't have enough time because we had to arrive in time to see the gorillas ...

Wud Up Africa!!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Wud Up Africa!!

A travel blog entry by isag23


... an hour of reaching the house, we changed into basketball clothes, pumped up two basketballs and were on our way down the roads of Kigali with TiTi. Everyone was staring at us as we walked down the block, but Rwandans kids are really nice and they said hi ...

More Interviews, Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog

More Interviews

A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Christine is away today so I spent the morning with Savio interviewing more dog owners for the rabies research project.It takes about an hour or more to reach the district where we are conducting today's interviews. Most of the interviews take ...

The 2nd Annual Shooting Touch December Classic, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

The 2nd Annual Shooting Touch December Classic

A travel blog entry by kevinkettl

Priscilla and I organized a tournament at Cercle Sportif in Kigali right before the holiday break to have a competition between all of the players Shooting Touch has been working with in the area, as well as other local teams. We were glad to follow up ...

Eh, eh?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Eh, eh?

A travel blog entry by lisarturner


... to think that their use of eh is unequalled in the world, and I counted myself among those smug people, that was, until I visited Rwanda. Rwandans also have an "eh" but the Rwandan "eh" encompasses all of  the meanings of the Canadian "eh" and then ...

First Day in Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

First Day in Kigali

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... savory pastries that are like empanadas, or maybe more like samosas.  Juliet was not able to convince anyone to go to Hotel Rwanda for dinner which was a shame because I hadn't seen the movie and would have loved to see the hotel.  We ate our ...

Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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Africa bite kigali Rwanda Lunch, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Africa bite kigali Rwanda Lunch

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

Great food great price Lunch buffet 3000 rwanda francs ( usd6 ) Sent via BlackBerry by ...

How I tried to Kill Savio:), Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog

How I tried to Kill Savio:)

A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Funny enough today was also a holiday in Rwanda.... a day off of work because of elections. Since our interviews for today were cancelled, Savio and I had a last minute day off. I decided to visit the PREFER school where I volunteered 2 years ago. I ...

Week 9!!!, Nyamata, Rwanda travel blog

Week 9!!!

A travel blog entry by margaretfielder


... ) So, now I’m “Aunty Margaret” – which is pretty awesome.  Even on the minibus home from Kigali though, a mother sitting next to me was nursing her baby at her breast and cooing “muzungu, muzungu, muzungu.”  ...

Almost out of here, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Almost out of here

A travel blog entry by aaronandjanelle

Once again, I'm sitting on the floor of the lobby at the Gorillas Hotel here in Kigali, only this time, we're waiting to check out rather than trying to check in.  We spent the last two days on Lake Kivu and training at a church in Kibuye, but I'm ...

Rwnada country of 1000 hills, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Rwnada country of 1000 hills

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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Visit to the Cultural Village, Ruengeri, Rwanda travel blog

Visit to the Cultural Village

A travel blog entry by kathycalgary


Today my friend Valerie took me to the Iby' Iwacu cultural village in Kinigi. As always in Africa, the adventure begins with the wait at the bus stop. While waiting for the bus,we saw a lady walking her goats and a young boy came over and ...

Long journey to africa!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Long journey to africa!

A travel blog entry by travellingrt


So we finally made it to Rwanda after what seems like two really long flights!! No major incidents, my unlucky streak of flight crazies must be broken!! One thing... KLM... Who seriously shows the movie "contagion" as their flight entertainment??? ...

Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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Gorillas in the Mist, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Gorillas in the Mist

A travel blog entry by boothy58


... the generators on.   A most beautiful, picturesque place and so relaxing. 29th October 2010   Rwanda – Lake Kivu – Kigali We had a beautiful breaky overlooking the lake in beautiful sunshine, then organised a boat trip on ...

Genocide memorial week, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Genocide memorial week

A travel blog entry by richardwilks


The main reason for travelling to Rwanda was to wet my appetite for history and experience the horrors of what happened in the 100 days in 1994. As a result I wasn't planning on spending a lot of time there. The main attraction for me was the world ...

Arrived Safely, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Arrived Safely

A travel blog entry by simonm34

We have arrived safely in Rwanda. Our flights were painful but well worth the scenery and people here in Rwanda. Our gorilla trek is tomorrow and we are very excited. We do not have access to internet beyond Simon's blackberry so we will not be posting ...

First impression of Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

First impression of Kigali

A travel blog entry by nawsh

First impression of Kigali: beautiful,  impeccably clean, an unexpected land locked oasis. Surprisingly international as per my first read of "The New Times". Great ...

catching up, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

catching up

A travel blog entry by annsadventures


... more durable and easy to recharge. The Rwanda government is partnering with OLPC and has set up a regional office in Kigali for Rwanda and Africa with a goal of providing 2.5 million children in primary school with their own computers. 210,000 laptops ...

Lazy Saturday, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Lazy Saturday

A travel blog entry by kmez


Muraho! We just needed to be lazy today. Time to wind down and relax, sort photos and chit chat with each other.  Rich headed back to Oregon last night leaving us 3 women alone.  Our group of 5 sometimes 7 has dwindled.  Bob left after ...

Friday Walking, Walking and more walking, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Friday Walking, Walking and more walking

A travel blog entry by kmez


... each.  This is why AfricanRoad is raising money to build them a home. Also they are going to lose this home as Rwanda expands the airport and build another landing strip.  So all around Steven's home they are knocking them down. Steven thinks ...

Visits to genocide memorials, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Visits to genocide memorials

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... moved out to safety, and who became a hero by hiding and saving over 1200 Tutsis. That story is told in the film Hotel Rwanda. I vaguely remember walking through the empty looted hulk of this hotel in 1996 on my first trip to Rwanda. Now it’s been ...

Arrived!, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by deano-webby


... nothing really exciting to report besides we have landed safely and have cracked open the first beer of the trip over looking Kigali in Rwanda. Flights number 1 & 2 of the trip were straight forward. So far, we have spent 9 hours flying, 3 hours ...

Bedding down, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Bedding down

A travel blog entry by cazinkigali


I'm now living in my new home, which is nice but the whole thing is going to take some getting used to. We have an awesome garden with a hammock, a banana tree and an avocado tree. So far I have tried tomato fruit, African lunch (basically a plate of ...

Work Work Work, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Work Work Work

A travel blog entry by aportay

... and because of this it looks like I'm not going to be able to actually open K'uppa  before going back to the States. So, I will be absent when my ideas and work are actually showcased to Rwanda. And while this is fine, it is still quite ...

Arrival, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by carlton

Our flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Kilgali, Rwanda was delayed but no one told us.  We arrived at the airport at 7A for a 9A flight and finally (after being driven from the airport to downtown to a Kenya Airlines office) that our flight was ...

RWANDA- PAPER OR PLASTIC?, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


Pictures from Hypertravel: 100 Countries in 2 Years (Backpackers' Guide to the World and the Soul) by Hardie Karges ...

Sunrise in kigali july 22nd, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Sunrise in kigali july 22nd

A travel blog entry by rajmaha

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Typical Frustrations, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Typical Frustrations

A travel blog entry by aportay

    The past two weeks have been Genocide Memorial which means that very few shops are open and a lot of people don’t work at all, or only work for half the day. This makes it almost impossible to stay consistently productive which has ...

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