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Sep 20, 2015, Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Sep 20, 2015

A travel blog entry by nommation


Coen's Play, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Coen's Play

A travel blog entry by tpuckett


Coen has been working on a drama performance after school for the past two months which is a series of One Act Plays. His is titled "How to survive High School without really trying". We have been hearing great things from his teacher and Directors, but ...

Halfway there, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Halfway there

A travel blog entry by amyl313

So after leaving Perth at 11pm yesterday, Karen and I finally reached Doha, Qatar. This is the halfway point on our way to London. It is so hot and humid which is the complete opposite to what it was back home. It's only a short layover thankfully as ...

Spet, potovanja :), Doha, Qatar travel blog

Spet, potovanja :)

A travel blog entry by janezsenveter

No, pa smo spet na poti. Mogoče lahko rečem da je kar malo hitro, običajno že skoraj pozabim kako je bilo na prejšnjem potovanju, no, zdaj pa sem že na drugem koncu sveta.  Skratka, na srečo (ali žalost) sem ...

Hej då Afrika!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Hej då Afrika!

A travel blog entry by rosagorillor


... 229; Facebook och köpte en gorillamask. Sen kramade vi alla våra nya, mysiga vänner hej då :( Vi mellanlandade i Doha, Qatar innan vi efter en lååång resa kom till Ho chi minh, Vietnam. På planet så åt vi ...

The Four Seasons Spa, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Four Seasons Spa

A travel blog entry by luarzepol

After work today Dino and I meet with one of Matthew's friends from the Yacht club in Key Biscayne.  He picked us up and the Apartment and took us to the Four Seasons Spa.  This is a members only spa at the Four Seasons Resort in the West Bay ...

Guys and Dolls, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Guys and Dolls

A travel blog entry by tpuckett

More to Come ...

World export forum, Doha, Qatar travel blog

World export forum

A travel blog entry by stuart.snyder

We came to Dubai for the World export forum which brings people from all over the world to discuss trade and growing SME'S.  There were many people from NGO's and the UN and a number of businesses.  We tried talking to some of the locals, but ...

Finding a taxi in 35 degree heat, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Finding a taxi in 35 degree heat

A travel blog entry by stuart.snyder

... . Next day talked to another person, it seems like you need an invite from the Australian government to get traction with some Qatar organisatons.  We then went to the university to meet a lecturer.  He lectures to female only students who are ...

Let the dust settle, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Let the dust settle

A travel blog entry by stuart.snyder

... a museum of an Ottoman Sultan Sulieman who lived over 500 years ago.  So far we have seen little about the history of Qatar.  As I understand 50 years ago it would have been ruled by tribal leaders, pearl farmers, and spice traders who were very ...

Catching up with old friends, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Catching up with old friends

A travel blog entry by stuart.snyder


Kinda caught up with her former employee who now lives in Dubai.  We went for lunch at the Lebanese restaurant at the Landmark shopping mall.  We sort of ran out of new things to see in Doha and shopping seems to be the favorite past time. We ...

Arrival in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Arrival in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by joancauldwell

Well here we are in a huge departure lounge in Doha, and here we will sit for about 3 hours.   I don't think G & T's are on the cards here, but Angela has a bottle of Scotch in her bag. We are becoming used to soft drinks. We have also ...

Doha tylko przelotem, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha tylko przelotem

A travel blog entry by nuuska


Jeszcze nie dało się poznać. Na krótkim transferze udaje nam się tylko ogarnąć organizacyjnie; teraz wiemy przynajmniej gdzie jest quiet zone i inne strategiczne miejsca. Humory dopisują - chyba wreszcie do ...

Perth - Buenos Aires: flights, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Perth - Buenos Aires: flights

A travel blog entry by kipcameron

... Swan, No Country For Old Men and The Internship which was the funniest comedy I have seen in years. Fascinating to fly over Qatar at night which reminded me of the 1983 sci-fi dystopic movie of Blade Runner. Sao Paulo was a monstropolis of unorganised ...

First stop, Doha, Qatar travel blog

First stop

A travel blog entry by rebeccagoes


I can promise that things will get more interesting than a six and a half hour wait in Doha, Qatar. The first leg of the journey has been a barrel of laughs and it is only up from here right?! Having been treated as first class passengers as we got onto ...

Mellemlanding i Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Mellemlanding i Qatar

A travel blog entry by moa3450


Planmæssigt ankomst til Doha omkring kl. 18 - i 44 graders varme! Lufthavnsbygningen var dog rigeligt kølet, så de lange bukser var OK. Et par timers venten, indkøb af chokolade og lidt is og så videre mod ...

Sand and more sand., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Sand and more sand.

A travel blog entry by mablim

Our arrival into Athens was to an absolutely freezing early morning and we were taken by bus on a city tour, mainly because at this early hour our hotel rooms would not be available. we cruised around and had three main stops, the first to see a huge ...

Die blinkende Armada, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Die blinkende Armada

A travel blog entry by aining

... dafür blecht, bietet Doha diesen Service ganz kostenlos an. Allerdings auch ob man nun will oder nicht, denn beim Drehkreuz von Qatar handelt es sich um einen Flughafen ohne richtige Gates. Nachdem man also sich endlich über einen kleinen Spaziergang in ...

Stopover, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by preachersix

Rushing through the airport. We jumped off one flight and literally ran through the airport to get on the other. Doha looks truly horrible from the air. No trees, no parks, no ...

Na letaliscu v Dohi, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Na letaliscu v Dohi

A travel blog entry by manchmellow

Vrag! Koncno skreiram tole zadevo, se mi ze mudi na javijon za Bangkok! Zgleda, da se mi bo ceu tale dopust sam mudil, ker sem ze odsla v totalni furiji iz Ljubljane. Se javim spet iz ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by pabloyvero

Parada de descanso antes del vuelo final a Madrid. ...

Flying BAH-DOH, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Flying BAH-DOH

A travel blog entry by lewnwdc


... to wait for my connecting flight to Doha in the gate area. They did have free WiFi in the airport, which was nice. I boarded Qatar Airways Flight 161, expecting to be stepping aboard an Airbus 321 for the first time in my life. Instead, I was confused ...

Tap my hand for that lighter, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Tap my hand for that lighter

A travel blog entry by matt_l

So having a cigarette in those hazy rooms at the airport a friendly guy and his friend had a cigarette, he asked for my lighter. Before he took took it, he tapped my hand. Is it wrong to assume this was a sign for his friend to rob me? Also he said he ...

We are halfway there!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

We are halfway there!

A travel blog entry by glennandcheryl


We arrived at DOHA this morning (afternoon whatever!) We flew Qatar Airlines, and I can only say they were great. fantastic service. The flight was a bit rough out of Perth, and after watching all those Air Crash Investigation programs, all I can say is ...

Touching Down in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Touching Down in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by fox_tracks


We have just arrived in Doha International Airport in Doha, Qatar! It is 8 pm local time here and 10am Alberta time. Our 14.5 hour flight from Houston, over the Atlantic was surprisingly alright, and actually seemed to "fly" by, pun intended and yes ...

See a see from corniche Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

See a see from corniche Doha

A travel blog entry by diva_vid

Nothing.. ...

I had no idea this country existed, Doha, Qatar travel blog

I had no idea this country existed

A travel blog entry by mjprince9

I'm sitting in the Doha airport in a country called Qatar awaiting my connecting flight to Istanbul. I've left Nepal with two good luck travel prayer shawls around my neck and wonderful memories of good friends and a beautiful country. I hope to return ...

finish perjalanan umroh, Doha, Qatar travel blog

finish perjalanan umroh

A travel blog entry by kinanthi

alhamdulillah sampe di ...

Flying Day, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Flying Day

A travel blog entry by roscoac

Arrived in Doha at 12:15 am (their time - 7:15am Melbourne time). Ground staff were waiting with signs to show us which gate to go to. Boarded the Aust bound plane in time (even our luggage made it!), then spent 13 1/2 hours watching movies, eating / ...

Anfliegen, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by hasch


... Josef Bier, das großzügig verspritzt wird. A Sauerei! Aber wenn der Zug so oarg in die Kurve fahrt... Fliegen mit Qatar: Enttäuschung weil Flieger getauscht wurde: statt mit einem Airbus 350 fliegen wir nur mit einem alten 330. Dafür ist viel Platz: ...

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