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Sep 19, 2010, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Sep 19, 2010

A travel blog entry by adela-nicholas


Kuching and Damai Beach, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching and Damai Beach

A travel blog entry by kristyharris

For more pictures click here How about a beach retreat? A short flight to Kuching Malaysia from Singapore (about 45 minutes) a 35 minute drive and you find yourself on Damai beach in Sarawak Malaysia. Damai beach itself is quite sleepy, there ...

MONSOONS AWAY in Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pdwhite


... the rain and our desire to get away from it. Longhouse Homestays National Parks and forests too numerous to mention SHOPPING Kuching has some of the most amazing antique shopping that I have seen.  Lots of indigenous antiques as well as ...

Bidayuh homestay, Kampung Mongkos Serian, Malaysia travel blog

Bidayuh homestay

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


Unfortunately I didn't get to stay in a longhouse, and I didn't learn a lot about the Bidayuh culture, but the kids were super friendly and there were no other tourists around, so I enjoyed my time there.  The food was seriously amazing ...

Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Sarawak Cultural Village

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


Had a easy breakfast at the local market downstairs from our accomodation. We had ordered toast but they all came with a fried egg in between. We walked to the Majestic Hotel to catch the 9.15am bus out to the Cultural Village. 75RM each for the ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kerrihaysom


... , something all of us have been missing since being at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. So during our stay in Kuching we visited The Orangutan Sanctuary and Bako National Park.  The original plan was for us to visit the morning feeding time of ...

Bako National Park, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Bako National Park

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


Another early start this morning to catch the 8am public bus out to the Bako National Park. Had breakfast first at McDonald's! The public bus was RM3.50 each for the 45minute journey out to the Bako Village where you have to catch a boat RM94 return for ...

Finally in East-Malaysia, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Finally in East-Malaysia

A travel blog entry by tobirgits


After 2 nights in Singapur we flew to Kuching to enjoy the scenerie and wildlife of East Malaysia. Kuching is very relaxing and a nice city with the river in the middle of the city.  Saturday and Sunday we explored the city and visited quite a few ...

Semporna- Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Semporna- Sipadan

A travel blog entry by susranita


A las 8am estábamos ya en el Uncle Chan dispuestos para otro inolvidable día de buceo. Esta vez las inmersiones fueron perfectas ¡una auténtica maravilla! Aunque la visibilidad no fuera perfecta la luz del sol que se filtraba, sacó todos los colores ...

Belaga- Bintulu- Similajau, Kapit-Similajau, Malaysia travel blog

Belaga- Bintulu- Similajau

A travel blog entry by susranita


A las 6.30am ya estábamos en pie. Dejamos las mochilas en la habitación y nos fuimos a desayunar. Los australianos se nos unieron después. Luego nos reunimos junto al todoterreno que nos llevaría a Bintulu por pistas en la selva. Además venía una ...

Kuching Wetlands Park - Bye Bye Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching Wetlands Park - Bye Bye Borneo

A travel blog entry by yamahuh


... to the Sarawak Boat club, from where we would cruise along the lazy Sungai Santubong and Salak rivers into the heart of Kuching Wetlands National Park. The park contains dense mangrove forest and is located about 15 km from Kuching; it covers an area of ...

And when the rain begins to fall..., Santubong, Malaysia travel blog

And when the rain begins to fall...

A travel blog entry by patresen


... ethnic groups, Malays, Chinese and Indians living together in harmony for more than a century. Being the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak spans over a vast area of 124,000 sq-km of land covering along the northwest coast of Borneo Island, ...

Going wild in Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Going wild in Borneo

A travel blog entry by thevargiestour

... more sustainable approach to farming has been adopted by many of the local people. From Sandakan we flew to Kuching, a short pit-stop before Singapore, where we spent a relaxing few days enjoying fantastic food (including Nasi Gorang) ...

Koty i kociska, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Koty i kociska

A travel blog entry by tom_kurtz


    No i jestem w koncu tam gdzie najwieksze atrakcje nas czekaja - w Kuching czyli Kocie. Jak na miasto o takiej nazwie przystalo jest tu muzeum kotow, sporo ich figur (czasami kilkumetrowych) oraz, oczywiscie, tych zywych (tych ostatnich ...

(53) Meeting the Cousins, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

(53) Meeting the Cousins

A travel blog entry by alcatrav

... plan for the day. During our research into where we would see Orang Utans we also came across Bako National Park near Kuching however this was a significantly more expensive day trip and would tip us over our budget although it is expected that we would ...

Holy crap it's hot!!!!!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Holy crap it's hot!!!!!

A travel blog entry by marbecks


... pool and checking out the local sights. Even lying in the shade makes you sweat (a hard life for us). Today we went into Kuching, which we learnt means cat - the locals are very proud of this and there are cats everywhere, including statues in the middle ...

Day 2: Kuching Water Front, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Day 2: Kuching Water Front

A travel blog entry by basil406


... the apartment hotel next to the restaurant and the other a 15- min walk away and collect maps and travel information on Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu, out 3 destinations. There is much activity on the river, little boats carting people across the river for ...

Erster Arbeitstag, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Erster Arbeitstag

A travel blog entry by quoka

Die erste Nacht haben wir hinter uns. War äusserst amüsant, wenn John was sagt, tönt es, wie wenn er bei uns ihm Zimmer steht. Diane und ich haben vergeblich gesucht, aber es war niemand in unserem Zimmer. Privacy ist anscheinend auf Borneo nicht so ...

Fly to Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Fly to Kuching

A travel blog entry by sjtoh

test ...

The Jungle Tribes of Borneo!  (Malaysia), Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The Jungle Tribes of Borneo! (Malaysia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... for an hour or two out of Kuching to the ocean, just at the edge of the hills. This Cultural Village, outside of Kuching, is a very popular attraction. It's located on 17 hilly, wooded acres and populated with members of the various ethnic tribes. On my ...

Jungel Jentene!!, Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia travel blog

Jungel Jentene!!

A travel blog entry by kinemichelle

... , men alle var ganske slitne, saa ble ingen stor fest. Naa er vi paa Borneo, skal vaere her i en uke ca. Borneo tilhorer Malaysia, men er fremdeles uavhengige stater; Sabah og Sarawak. Naa er vi i Sabah, og flyr til Sarawak paa Fredag. der tenker jeg ...

An amazing experience.., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

An amazing experience..

A travel blog entry by akhilrawal

... spent the remaining few hours of the day and we left the following day in the morning. It was a typical beach resort.  In Kuching we collected our washing, packed our bags and got ready for the jungle, which we left for the following day. We left ...

Born(eo) To Be Wild, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Born(eo) To Be Wild

A travel blog entry by benneesham


... actually we did but more on that at a later date folks!) One of my travel dreams was always to visit Borneo. We stayed in East Malaysia part of Borneo as the areas are easier to navigate and more accessible in the short time we had here; to go inland to ...

het resort in de jungle, Santubong, Malaysia travel blog

het resort in de jungle

A travel blog entry by julianf


DAG 1 toen we van kutching met de taxi naar het resort waren gegaan, gingen we ons eigenlijk meteen omkleden om naar het strand te gaan. het water was heerlijk,op de top was het warm en hoe dieper je ging,hoe koeler het werd. ook was het water was ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by zer0433

We only had two full days in Kuching before our Exodus tour (organised trip) started, and so we had to really squeeze everything in, starting with a trip to the tour operator, who had technically closed at 5:10pm but was more than happy to take our ...

Erholungswochenende, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by quoka


... dass ich dann keine Zeit mehr hab für Spa. Am Sonntag wird erst einmal ausgeschlafen. Dann verbringen wir einen gemütlichen Tag in Kuching mit Shopping und Kaffeeklatsch..Am Abend ist dann Schluss mit Luxus und es geht wieder zurück in den Dschungel. ...

Bako attacks, Tough trails, Monkey tales., Bako NP, Malaysia travel blog

Bako attacks, Tough trails, Monkey tales.

A travel blog entry by roger_ramjet


... from clambering down the river bank to the beach and back around, Bornean adventurer style. We had seen a few tourists back in Kuching strapped and bandaged from Bako trips (as we’d overheard), we’re not surprised. It seems a Bako injury is ...

The Worlds Biggest Flower, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The Worlds Biggest Flower

A travel blog entry by ballsabroad


After Phi Phi i got a boat to Phuket where i stayed 1 night before flying to Kuching in Malaysian Borneo. My bag never came out at baggage reclaim and i found out it never made the connection in KL so had to wait for the next flight. Luckily only 1 hour ...

three months on the road, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

three months on the road

A travel blog entry by vinkor


 50 days in the Philippines 20 in Thailand 20 in Malaysia, where I am now spent about 4500 euros done 13 flights and stay in 28 different places 5 more flights and about 8 more places in the last 50 days known dozens of people ...

Kuching II, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching II

A travel blog entry by henryghevans

Gentle reader, what a day I had yesterday! We got on a minibus with two Swedish girls (who despite telling us they lived near Malmö and frequently speaking in Swedish Rebecca thought were Swiss at the end of the trip) to a national park where there ...

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