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Weh weh!!!, West End, Honduras travel blog

Weh weh!!!

A travel blog entry by allieadventures

Some of you might be wondering why this blog is coming from Honduras well, that's because I am still on Roatan. I was suppose to be home teaching today however I had some flight difficulties and I'm not leaving here till Thursday afternoon. I am upset ...

Copan to Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Copan to Roatan

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... way again when I return to Canada. I've always wondered why they are so plentiful and cheap: fly over the Banana Republic of Honduras and you will know. The other miles and miles of fields (my seatmate informs me) are pineapples.  Less then 40 ...

Enjoying the beach, West End, Honduras travel blog

Enjoying the beach

A travel blog entry by nkmason


We ventured to West Bay yesterday, which is a 45 minute walk down the beach.  Beautiful picturesque beach, nice snorkeling, but it was overrun with tourists and venders trying to sell us bracelets, dresses, coconut oil (which will apparently fix ...

Canadian Girl Finds Island Paradise, Utila Island, Honduras travel blog

Canadian Girl Finds Island Paradise

A travel blog entry by hildine


Wow!!! What a day possibly the best one of my life yet...waking up on an Island paradise what more could one ask for...i can´t even describe just how beautiful the island´s like time stands still here, everyone is so laid back and it seems so ...

The Nearly Impossible Journey/Mission, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Nearly Impossible Journey/Mission

A travel blog entry by blondesontour

... cockroach in my bag as a goodbye at 5am! Thanks nature! I have decided to do the nearly impossible journey from Livingston to Roatan which involves me taking 2 boats, 2 taxis and 3 buses but should be $30 cheaper than the tourist shuttle. Left Finca nice ...

Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by donnyandmarie


The ship docked right at the town and we explored the nice shops and gorgeous beach. Don went in for a swim while i took photos. The next time we visit we will go into the interior and explore the country ...

On the Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

On the Island

A travel blog entry by jackie

Hey all!!! we got on a ferry from La Ceiba and headed towards the island of Roatan. The ferry was not much like a ferry, more like a huge ship carry hundreds of passengers and cargo. anyways, this island is far out there! it took two hours by a huge fast ...

1ère journée de plongée..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

1ère journée de plongée...

A travel blog entry by clode_dsuro


... ...  ! Nous étions plusieurs plongeurs et était-ce parce que nos attentes étaient trop élevées ?!?!?! Heureusement, vous allez voir dans les prochaines plongées que nous nous sommes réconciliés avec Roatan - lol ...

Dive 52 - Deep Aquarium, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Dive 52 - Deep Aquarium

A travel blog entry by lous_dive_log


The surface interval we spent the time swimming in the sea as it was so warm and we were in a quite shallow area near a coral reef. We thought the last dive was good but this one was amazing. The visibility was about 30m if not further, we could see ...

Roatan, Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan, Honduras

A travel blog entry by bigjohn


... diving for the first time down to 40ft and my ears still feel funny, and drinking it up at the sundowner bar at Roatan, Hondurus. It's a funky little island which pristine beaches that reminded me of Bocas Del Toro, Panama at first, but you seen realise ...

I've been lazy - there is only one entry!!!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

I've been lazy - there is only one entry!!!

A travel blog entry by joe_menardi


Hhhhhaaaaaaa...   Roatan Honduras....   a place where you can soak up the sun... and get a serious 2nd degree burn if you don't wear 30+ SPF lotion... yes.... even when you have olive skin, brown eyes and brown hair.. OUCH!!!! My chest and ...

Island Life, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Island Life

A travel blog entry by rachnits


... ATM before her passport was back in her possession. Eeek. We then struck out on our own – with a mission to get to Honduras and the Bay Islands. This turned into a two day Amazing Race effort – we arrived 5 minutes before the final ferry ...

Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by brickyardfarm

Still no sign of the Title doc, so took a flight out to the Bay Islands - should have done this earlier, the diving/snorkelling was fantastic. Meantime Colin returned to the US overnight to get a certified copy of the Title, as it was clear that ...

Roatan, Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan, Honduras

A travel blog entry by mollyandken

Wahoo. ...

SCUBA in Roatan, West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

SCUBA in Roatan

A travel blog entry by doubled

... there were a lot of canyons that you could swim through and look up at the walls of coral. The great thing about diving in Roatan is that all the sites are just offshore and about a 10 minute boat ride away. I guess if you were doing a week´s worth ...

Ro-Ro- Roatan!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Ro-Ro- Roatan!

A travel blog entry by mjanesmith


Last night we sailed around Punta Oeste, the south-western most tip of the Isla de Roatan. Here we are in Roatan, Honduras, a place that has always sounded so exotic to me.   Because Jeff and I have never been here before we signed up with Princess ...

Jan 13, 2007, honduras, Honduras travel blog

Jan 13, 2007

A travel blog entry by voyagemavie


Relaxing in Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Relaxing in Roatan

A travel blog entry by twinkfran


... ;ve hardly noticed the military coup.  Its very quiet though in terms of tourists and many businesses are struggling.  Roatan isn’t without its problems, the worst being sandflies and the electricity which goes off at least once a week, ...

Snorkels , scooters n shoes, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Snorkels , scooters n shoes

A travel blog entry by nancybain


... it's been) run into West End, followed by a latte on the dock and a water taxi ride back to my dock. This morning the outline of mainland Honduras was very clear and Santos told us the mountains were a national park. Ta for now..   ...

Few days of fun wrapped into this one, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Few days of fun wrapped into this one

A travel blog entry by batleytravels


Our stay in Roatan has been really nice so far.  After days of diving, we are taking a break from the water and heading out to explore the rest of the island by car. It appears that we sucked up our weeks allotment of Internet availability at our ...

Island life minus diving......, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Island life minus diving......

A travel blog entry by mybackpackandme


Whilst Hil, Kelly, Rachel and I were in Thailand last year we had a very unforgettable boat journey to Koh Tao, it is now an on going joke about how rough that journey was. Within about five minutes of leaving Le Ceiba the boat started rocking and all ...

Finally moved the pin on the map, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Finally moved the pin on the map

A travel blog entry by kellyday


In the past week or so, we've had a lot of back and forth on whether we should stay in La Ceiba.  Jason and I finally settled on going to Utila last week to mull it over.  Utila is about an hour away from La Ceiba, by ferry, yet it is an ...

eurk!, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccaillou

... épices, l'autre des yoyos, des preachers qui parlent dans un micro et qui reçoivent de l'argent... Nous visitons un musé du Honduras, en regardant les images et les objets, car tous les textes sont en espagnol! Une chance, l'entrée ne coûte ...

A Very Small World..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A Very Small World...

A travel blog entry by jaimie.beebe


I'm on a very small island, so small that I feel like I’m living at Lily’s coffee shop back home… except the coffee isn’t as good. The characters are all very similar… There’s the cheating narcissist, the best ...

Hot Hot Hot, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Hot Hot Hot

A travel blog entry by mikeandelana


... arrived on the island to find most people speaking English, and most things at ridiculously inflated prices for what they actually were.  Roatan is much like other Caribbean islands - a tourist trap.  We found our way to our hotel in West End ...

Snorkling i kristallklart vatten, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Snorkling i kristallklart vatten

A travel blog entry by uffep


Hejsan hoppsan från vår Bungalow! Vår dag började redan klockan sex i morse då klockan ringde. Vi hade blivit informerade om att vi måste ha vår AC avstängd mellan klockan sex och åtta på morgonen på ...

Snorkelling, kayaking and ruins, Roatan and Costa Maya, mexico, Honduras travel blog

Snorkelling, kayaking and ruins

A travel blog entry by footloose_llr


Thursday 16th…. Roatan, Honduras….. My favourite port. Another tender port however much closer and much more organised today… once again we thought we were off the ship really early but were the last in the group to arrive at the ...

Safe in Roatan - Crime and Danger, San Pedro Sula, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Safe in Roatan - Crime and Danger, San Pedro Sula

A travel blog entry by chiliadventures

Our ride across the main land of Honduras to Roatan via the Galaxy Wave was a turning point in our adventure.  We are back to what would be considered the "typical traditional vacation." Beaches, swimming, restaurants, shops - many other tourists and ...

Still here, West End, Honduras travel blog

Still here

A travel blog entry by nkmason


... to see everyone be herded by people in yellow T-shirts, and stand in a line literally hundreds of people long, scrambling to buy their Honduras Roatan T-shirts before getting back on the boat. We have all agreed that we're much happier with the way we are ...

Diving in Deep Blue waters, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Diving in Deep Blue waters

A travel blog entry by trishsteph


 So here we are in the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras. It has been Amazing since the moment that we arrived and we are staying at this cute little place that has a small kitchenette, hot running water and within walking distance of the dive shop ...

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