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one week down, 11 to go., Roatán, Honduras travel blog

one week down, 11 to go.

A travel blog entry by keshiak


Well, first week is coming to a close here on Roatan and I think all three of us are looking forward to moving on ! Roatan has been great, but spending a little less of our funds on Utila will be a welcome change.  As for the last two days, we've ...

Wed Mar 3rd –5th Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Wed Mar 3rd –5th Roatan

A travel blog entry by dimparcio


... the last couple of days Its just over an hour's crossing to Roatan, the largest of the Bay islands on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. The weather closes in as we board the ferry and others quickly vacate the open air seats as it starts to rain lightly, ...

Diving and other optional island adventures, West Bay, Honduras travel blog

Diving and other optional island adventures

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... feel of how this swift vessel moves through the water. He says he can make it to Miami in just four days from Roatan, including a stop in Cuba! It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the final day of the tour. We’re looking forward ...

Ooooon the beach..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Ooooon the beach...

A travel blog entry by katonakemenes


Aznap kellemes bodultsaggal ebredtunk az elozo esti megerkezes oromere legurotott nehany kupica hatasara. Mikor lementunk a medencehez lattuk, hogy a szalloda kertjenek hatso ajtaja a tengerpartra nyilik, ami pont jo helyszinnek bizonyult a ...

In which Jess finishes her work and starts playing, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

In which Jess finishes her work and starts playing

A travel blog entry by jaribu

Well, in truth, I've been playing the whole time. . I mean, the work has been amazingly intersting and fun (dare I say). But I guess that's a good thing, since I am about to dedicate quite a large portion of my life to this sort of thing. Anyways, ...

dernière journée! Snif!!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

dernière journée! Snif!!

A travel blog entry by ccaillou

Caillou se lève tôt et va déjeuner, car il a sa dernière plongée à 8:30. Roseline fait la frace matinée pendant ce temps... Je fais la plus belle plongée de toutes! J'ai la chance de voir un grosse anguille verte se promener et manger des ...

First day on Utila, Utila Island, Honduras travel blog

First day on Utila

A travel blog entry by annahd


Had dinner at Le Piquant, a lovely place well set back from the street right over the water; the restaurant itself is on the first floor at the back, right over the sea. I had rather nice veggie fajitas and a lovely mango smoothie onto which the friendly ...

The Bay Islands, Utila, Honduras travel blog

The Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by phileus_fogg

    My next stop in Honduras were the Bay Islands in the Caribbean, more specifically the island of Utila, which is an hour catamaran ride from the coastal town of La Ceiba. Utila is a popular backpacker hangout and is known as the cheapest ...

May 08, 2012, Cayos Cochinos, Honduras travel blog

May 08, 2012

A travel blog entry by clare_and_will


1st Caribbean Dive Trip, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

1st Caribbean Dive Trip

A travel blog entry by cabub


... with a local to fish the south side of the island -  we cuaght and released.  It was a blast.  The diving on Roatan was great and the wreck right off the dive dock was cool.  My favorite dives was the shark dive where we dropped down ...

A storms a brewin, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A storms a brewin

A travel blog entry by sazmars_travels


Hi all Just another update from our tropical island base where today it's been more wind than sun as a storm approaches the island. No diving today but we're still recovering from our all day boat trip. I should have learnt from the fishing trip i did ...

ROATAN, HODURAS, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by ghing_manila

... organizations have helped to reduce the adverse environmental impacts. Still, the long-term success of these efforts is uncertain. Enforceable regulation has ruled an embargo on the importation of plastic containers into the Bay Islands of ...

2nd Stop, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

2nd Stop

A travel blog entry by jazz1180

3rd ...

sharks and other marine life, roatan, Honduras travel blog

sharks and other marine life

A travel blog entry by andrewp

Roatan is a nice place to dive because it is relitively cheap and most of the diving is done not that far from shore so no long boat rides to get to where you are diving.  The first couple of dives were about 100m off shore and we were in and out of ...

Canada Day the Island way!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Canada Day the Island way!

A travel blog entry by nick-heather5


... and COLD AC, a smooth ride all the way to La Ceiba. It wasn't until we got there and got on the Galaxy Wave boat to Roatan that our seemingly easy travel day took a serious down turn (well, at least for me and 90% of the other passengers). After a two ...

More Diving, Roatan Island, Honduras travel blog

More Diving

A travel blog entry by jessandross


... was pretty cool. Overall it was reasonably shallow at about 12m for the most part. We saw three turtles - one really closely. We departed Roatan at lunchtime which is all in the next blog. Main point of this blog is just to add extra diving photos of the ...

Oct 28, 2012, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Oct 28, 2012

A travel blog entry by truetraveler19


The wilds of Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The wilds of Honduras

A travel blog entry by odysseynights


One of exotic places I've been is in Roatan,Honduras while in the Norwegain Dream. This is where i got tanned because every day off, me and the girls would bask in the ...

The Bird Sanctuary, Copan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Bird Sanctuary, Copan

A travel blog entry by gennyca


The Sanctuary was started by a gentleman from the United States. It was a beautiful stroll along paths with native plants and a winding stream running beside. The birds are all native to Central America and have either been rescued or turned in ...

East End, Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

East End, Roatan

A travel blog entry by fnasse

Diving has got expensive here lately... Story on ...

Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by michelleyeager


Roatan is the largest island of Honduras' Bay Islands and it is situated 50 miles from Honduras between Utilia and Guanaja. Our stay in Roatan lasted roughly a day, but we saw quite a bit of the island. Our first stop was at Gumbalimba Park, where I made ...

First port - Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

First port - Roatan

A travel blog entry by ronmystyk


... on day 19 of the cruise. We tried our luck in the casino, but the luck was bad on this night. Day 3 - Roatan, Honduras In Roatan we took a Victor Bodden Best of Roatan tour that was very enjoyable. I'll let the pictures tell the story. ...

We Two Kings of Reef-Riding Baaa!..., West End, Honduras travel blog

We Two Kings of Reef-Riding Baaa!...

A travel blog entry by alberto66

... . We ended up scoffing down a meat taco from a guy on the side of the road. Mmmm.  Apparently parties start late on Roatan, so we headed to the floating bar of wonder once again, in search of inspiration, and a smiley happy face to rejoice with. ...

Day 68: Final Rescue Test, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Day 68: Final Rescue Test

A travel blog entry by holliem


I was up early again this morning. I had to be at UDC at 10am to do my exam. I was quite anxious and nervous. Not because I thought I didn't know my stuff but because I always feel nervous when getting tested on anything. So I made it to the dive shop ...

The Carribean, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The Carribean

A travel blog entry by davethyom

Roatan is a Caribbean Island of Honduras which is a very popular island for tourists. Whilst we were there we were there in low season so it wasn't very busy which meant we mainly had the beach to ourselves. We stayed in a place called Westend which was a ...

Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by chrislewis7


... speak English a big change from the mainland. I book up 2 days diving, 3 dives a day out on the reef. We're told Roatan is the largest of eight islands that are collectively known as Las Islas de la Bahia (Bay Islands). To me it's brilliant clear blue ...

Making friends, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Making friends

A travel blog entry by d-n


... understand the point of visiting such an amazing island and then secluding yourself to a corner while missing out on all the wonders Roatan has to offer.   One of the resorts we came upon, Parrot Bay, we acted as if we were staying there ...

Roatan Sucks, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan Sucks

A travel blog entry by gregellis72


... want to do the shark dive in May.  Utila is much cheaper, but I'm sure I'll discover it's shortcomings soon.  I leave Roatan tomorrow, and won't miss it. On a positive note, I finally got narc'd at deep depths while diving a wreck ...

Day #11, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Day #11

A travel blog entry by cprybyl


... It doesn't seem like it's possible, but half of my class is over now. I still have ten more days to enjoy here in Roatan! Today, another storm front came in. However, this still hasn't stopped us from diving. We did two dives today and practiced doing ...

My first day off..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

My first day off...

A travel blog entry by mdaniel3


I woke up early feeling the effects of lasts night beers, and decided rather than role over a catch a few more sweaty hours of sleep i would go for a little bit of exploring.  No one else was up in the house yet so I just grabbed some water and ...

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