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good salary man, come, Doha, Qatar travel blog

good salary man, come

A travel blog entry by fennec

Call Nepal for 100 security men Salary : 550 QAR (110 EUR) per month Visa & accomodation: company all food: employee 1 round trip flight ticket after completion of 2 years Who want the job? Carefull, just 100 PCS. Amazing no? And there are ...

We've finally set off!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

We've finally set off!

A travel blog entry by bracken.tighe


Today we left home! It feels like we have been waiting forever and the day has finally come. Mum and dad took us to the airport and dad witnessed me trying to check in by myself for the first time. I don't think that gave him much hope haha. We said our ...

Sand Dunes, Singing Dunes, Qatar travel blog

Sand Dunes

A travel blog entry by globe.trotter


The entire country of Qatar is about 100 miles across. So today we decided to drive around part of it and just find things. We headed south of Doha. We found a few beaches. The water is very shallow for a long distance could walk two-three ...

Doha to Barcelona, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha to Barcelona

A travel blog entry by tomodea

We only had a bit over two hours in the new Qatar lounge at Doha. It is huge!!  There are many seating options over two levels.  As well I think there was a prayer room, smoking room, family room and business room plus other rooms I missed. ...

5 daily calls to prayer, Doha, Qatar travel blog

5 daily calls to prayer

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

    I know the 5 pilars of Islam and I know that 5 times to pray daily is one of the pilars.  I heard the first call to prayer this morning, sometime between 4 and 5 a.m.  I am in my hotel now, working on my computer with ...

Quirks of Qatar, Al Khawr, Qatar travel blog

Quirks of Qatar

A travel blog entry by globe.trotter


I did manage to go to Doha and visit the City Center. This is a huge mall, and I mean huge. It is five stories high and has three wings. The middle of the mall even has an ice rink! Parking is insane, but after Thailand all drivers seem calm anywhere ...

Conexão, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by felipeeamanda


Rapidinho!!! ...

The Itineraries, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Itineraries

A travel blog entry by mysojourn


All the paper works and travel documents preparation are there, ticket, visa, exit permit, international driving license, and everything... I could not wait any longer... and it is still two days away before my departure, the daily routine is still ...

Quick stop, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Quick stop

A travel blog entry by jcgdeswardt


The stop in Doha was a quick one. We stretched our legs for a bit by walking though the shops. Beautiful airport. But before we could start enjoying al the beautiful things we had to go to the gate to board for our flight to ...

And away we go., Doha, Qatar travel blog

And away we go.

A travel blog entry by fistycuffs

... It's already been a long day as I actually was working only hours ago on an offshore drilling rig (Off the coast of Qatar).  Today was crew change so I my day has so far consisted of working several hours, showering, packing and ...

Day 38-9 - Transit Day - Via Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 38-9 - Transit Day - Via Doha

A travel blog entry by masonsineurope

... to the airport from the Marriot Park Rome.  No dramas on the way where we joined the line of passengers heading to Doha Qatar. Through all the Customs lines which were quite long and we used all the time to get through those long queues. I made ...

LONG TRIP TO QATAR, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by john.mccalla.33


After a 14 hour flight from Miami, we landed in Qatar around 4:40 PM local / 8:40 AM EST. We have a 2 hour layover before heading on for a 5 hour flight to Yangon, Myanmar. We are scheduled to arrive there at 5:00 AM local on ...

$$$, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by chapdeluc


Arrêt à l'aéroport... ...

A weekend in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

A weekend in Doha

A travel blog entry by cathirving


... . It was immaculate, and the cocktails were phenomenal! We spent the night at their jazz bar- an experience I definitely wasn't expecting in Qatar. It was all expensive, but the only place you can get a drink in the city! After Sam having to rush off to ...

Back Home, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Back Home

A travel blog entry by jihas

House in a mess. Troubled back. Delayed flight. SMS to my manager that I'll be a few hours late to office and sleep. Back to office and overall feedback was my tanned face and lost weight. ...

"Where your mind ends, your world ends" DO AHAAA..

A travel blog entry by louisa-and-rose


Loved our last night in leeds as students in the skybar and as we had to leave Leeds, where better to go than Africa. Although we did almost miss every train we tried to get on.... embarrassing run ning flipflops and massive bags. Landed in Doha at 11.30 ...

Zwischenstop in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Zwischenstop in Doha

A travel blog entry by _mort_

Abermals ein Zwischenstop in Doha, wobei uns die Zeit auf dem Flughafen deutlich angenehmer erschien als noch auf der Hinreise. Dennoch müssen wir einige Zeit absitzen und beginnen bereits unser Jetlag-Zombie-Dasein in vollen Zügen aufzunehmen. ...

Are we here yet?, As Sayliyah, Qatar travel blog

Are we here yet?

A travel blog entry by javawarlord

Finally got out of the airport, drove to the camp, went through four levels of security (this place is a fortress), got to the dorms, got my linens, and dropped my carry-ons in my temporary home. I had been traveling for 46 ...

Doha layover, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha layover

A travel blog entry by chakim

A 7 hour and 30 minute flight to Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar followed by a 2 hour and 30 minute ...

Oct 06, 2010, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Oct 06, 2010

A travel blog entry by aplusbi


Shisha auf dem Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Shisha auf dem Souq Waqif

A travel blog entry by tales-of-mekong


Statt wie auf dem Hinflug unsere Transitzeit in Doha am Flughafen zu verbringen, haben wir uns ein Touristenvisum geholt und sind vom Flughafen in die Stadt gelaufen. Wir haben uns auf der Dachterasse eines kleinen Restaurants im Souq Waqif, dem alten ...

The Flight from Hell!!!!!!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Flight from Hell!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by steph.t

The flight made up a bit of ground overnight so we landed about 30 or 40 minutes early in Doha. It was around 5:45 local time (4:45 Eu time). After clearing more bag x-rays and metal detectors my flight wasn't until 8:50am so it was too early to be on ...

9 and a half hours to go!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

9 and a half hours to go!

A travel blog entry by rebeccagoes


... of ladies wearing pink hats. I think we are both still sane... We are nearly at the end of our even longer wait in Qatar ready for the eighth flight of the trip. I'm too tired to construct any more comprehensible sentences! See you at the other side ...

Birthday Dhow boats, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Birthday Dhow boats

A travel blog entry by victoriajayne


So another week has flown by and we're all looking forward to half term, just got to get exam week out of the way first, and then to mark them. So I've not really said much about the school on my blog, part of it is professionalism and part is the fact I ...

How the trip happened/Journey to India, Doha, Qatar travel blog

How the trip happened/Journey to India

A travel blog entry by mgrewal


... and from India because they had system wide upgrades they could use. I didn’t want to fly United because I wanted to try Qatar Airways, which was cheaper than United. So Ishar and I flew Qatar Airways. On the day of departure, Amartaaj and Bhabi ...

QATAR  04JAN  6 DOHA/GUARULHOS       07:45 / 17:30, Doha, Qatar travel blog

QATAR 04JAN 6 DOHA/GUARULHOS 07:45 / 17:30

A travel blog entry by oreydc

... nbsp;           04:35 / 06:25        QATAR  04JAN  6 DOHA/GUARULHOS       07:45 / ...

Doha:- Mystery of the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha:- Mystery of the Middle East

A travel blog entry by jjkrizzy


The Qatar flight from Perth to Doha was a night time adventure. Dinner on boarding and breakfast just before disembarking. It was a night of broken sleep, arriving in Doha at 4.45am but feeling rested. Not a very busy time at the airport for travelers ...

Made It!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Made It!

A travel blog entry by holyrockthrower


I made it to Doha. I'm currently sitting in the conference center eating a chicken fajita and waiting for something of interest to come up. I got in Monday night without incident. Everything's good. I'm couchsurfing, sharing a place with a Bangladeshi, a ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by johncyrus


Saw a guy with the 'University of Mississippi' Cap coming to Doha to work . Airport is expanding, the increase if US travelers since my last ...

Metz, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by sammy_and_macca


Today we went from Frankfurt to Metz. We went through Luxembourg and had lunch at a fondue restaurant. When we got to Metz we went looking around and found a massive cathedral built in the 5th century it had beautiful stain glass windows and had many ...

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