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Costa Verde, Trindade, Brazil travel blog

Costa Verde

A travel blog entry by arjunrebecca ...

Paraguay and transport to Paraty all day long, Parati, Brasilien travel blog

Paraguay and transport to Paraty all day long

A travel blog entry by tjarnen


... ourselves from one place to the other. Four of us went to Paraguay this morning. I mostly wanted to go to see the difference from Brazil and Argentina, because we are so close. And it's also another country on the list. They said it would be very cheap to ...

Our summer holidays, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Our summer holidays

A travel blog entry by rowan_sarah


... both have nice tans and no sunburn!  Strolled round town in the evening and discovered the best ice cream in Brazil, very dangerous, replacing alcohol with ice cream!!  Took a private jeep tour with Carlos from our hostel who speaks no ...

Rio Carnaval and Paraty, Rio de Janeiro / Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Rio Carnaval and Paraty

A travel blog entry by skalaora


... many days! Everyone should experience this!!! Anyways, after 2 weeks in Rio, I met up with my new group and travelled to Paraty - a really small town 4 hours away from Rio. We took a beautiful boat trip yesterday, stopped at different beaches. I was ...

Inburgering in Brazilie, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Inburgering in Brazilie

A travel blog entry by dattatreya


Robi is maandag ochtend om 5:30 opgehaald voor zijn missie in Campinas: het inklaren van de auto. Hoop dat het allemaal vlotjes verloopt. Ik heb een relaxter programma. De was laten doen, buskaart naar ilhabela regelen voor dinsdag en een bus/boot trip ...

Easter in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Easter in Paraty

A travel blog entry by ninaandjack


... that now lap up the sun in their infamous itsy bitsy bikinis on Rio's beaches! We arrived here on Friday, as did half of Brazil seemingly. They have a national holiday Friday - Sunday for Easter, and everyone from Rio and Sao Paulo decamps to the coast. ...

More Carnival and  beaches in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

More Carnival and beaches in Paraty

A travel blog entry by kaivit81

... haven't done as much sightseeing as I would have liked.  Im also a little sad to just as Carnival fever is building. Paraty a little seaside town about 4.5 hours south of Rio.  The trip had some pretty amazing views of the coast.  The town ...

A Bit of Calm Paradise after The Hectic Rio, Ilha Grande - Paraty - Trintade, Brazil travel blog

A Bit of Calm Paradise after The Hectic Rio

A travel blog entry by ebzh


... one ambulance and 2 police buggys. A bit of change but this is exactly what I was looking for after a week in Rio. I knew Brazil was an equatorial country but the first thing that really stands out is the colour of the trees/plant. Here everything is so ...

The Cobbles are the Size of Watermelons, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

The Cobbles are the Size of Watermelons

A travel blog entry by benandnat


After the idyllic setting of Ilha Grande we transferred to the seaside town of Paraty for a little more relaxing, travelling is a tiring activity! A small town full of whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets, it amazed us how anything other than a 4x4 ...

Colonial town, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Colonial town

A travel blog entry by brett_and_fi


... walking but regardless it made the town quite unique.    We spent our only full day on the hostel boat. With the Paraty Beach Hostel being located on the town´s main beach, Praia do Pontal, it made getting to the boat very convenient. The boat ...

Parati, Brazil, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Parati, Brazil

A travel blog entry by rileydog99


Small port in Brazil.  All around us in the water are beautiful small islands covered with lots of greenery. Parati only has a population os 33,000. It is a designated UNESCO heritage site as a preserved Portuguese colonial town. It sits on the coast ...

Party Boat Day, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Party Boat Day

A travel blog entry by dmarek


We got off to a late start on our all-day boat excursion because the food and drinks truck broke down but finally it came and we were off!   We cruised in a long bay with islands in it and we stopped near the shore a few times for people to jump ...

Paraty - World Heritage Site, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty - World Heritage Site

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... Guide website on ParatyParaty: An enchanting colonial town, situated approximately 400km (250 miles) south of Rio, Paraty has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town's churches, squares and townhouses with flourishing courtyards are ...

Poussada, Poussada? Ohhh. POUSSADA!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Poussada, Poussada? Ohhh. POUSSADA!

A travel blog entry by sgeneres


... enough to tell us why.  All we got was "no tago" (I don't have.)  We were quite frustrated (I definitely had my "I hate Brazil" moment).  We were worried that it would be just as bad in the next city we went to, but we got on the next ...

Ilha Grande to Paraty (4th-7th August), Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Ilha Grande to Paraty (4th-7th August)

A travel blog entry by si_shaz


... having to worry about privacy! Its a much bigger hostel, so not as personal, but it´s still pretty good. Tuesday 7th August - Paraty Today we had a pretty chilled out day, booked our bus ticket to Sao Paulo for Wednesday night, and then walked around the ...

A short rest in at the beach, Trindade, Brazil travel blog

A short rest in at the beach

A travel blog entry by nairolf.bork

... to wait for the other bus to “Trindade”. There at the station I met two german guys who did some food shopping in “Paraty” because “Trindade” is too small and there are no ATM's and stuff. So I met them and they told me ...

Paraty- Island Hopping, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty- Island Hopping

A travel blog entry by travellerlp


... in any country, though.  That night we were back on the colonial streets searching for more Havaianas sandals and had dinner in a nice place called Paraty 33 where the live band played classic Bossa Nova as we sipped on our caipirinhas.  ...

Welcome, friend, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Welcome, friend

A travel blog entry by jancorbeels


... they told me it would though which raised the stress level again. Finally saw some signs indicating we were getting closer to Paraty though and finally got dropped at a quaint little falling-apart town in the middle of nowhere. I started wandering if ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by aly5ia

... german wife arrived and welcomed us. They were all very hippy in nature and pulled out the greens. They explained that in brazil smoking is a very social thing. So i figured join the culture ;). Eventually Tavo returned and after hanging out for a little ...

Islands off Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Islands off Paraty

A travel blog entry by jamesnicky


... down to the dock to catch the boat for an island cruise (not sure if it was a ketch or a sloop).  Out from Paraty there are about 65 islands and 200 beaches.  The boat trip simply consisted of visiting a number of islands and beaches to relax ...

Últimas Playas.., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Últimas Playas..

A travel blog entry by lunaperrymundo


ESPAÑOL Dos días más tarde nos fuimos a Paraty, nuestro último destino en Brasil. El pueblito es como un cuento de hadas, los adoquines son tan dispares en el suelo que hasta hace daño caminar. Estuvimos en fin de semana y el ambiente era brutal. El ...

colonial town Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

colonial town Paraty

A travel blog entry by susanneontour


... of Cachaca ("Brazilian rum") that is used for Caipirinha ;-) For the german readers also a link to an interesting article about Paraty. On May 14th we did a boat trip to ...

The most cobbley cobbled streets in existence, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

The most cobbley cobbled streets in existence

A travel blog entry by sifi87

... pub. I don`t think there was a single Brazilian not getting involved. You think English people like football? Nothing compared to Brazil. The atmosphere was incredible and then when they won they were partying all night in the street....and this is in a ...

Trinidade ve Teatro Espaço, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Trinidade ve Teatro Espaço

A travel blog entry by emrahgursel

... 'ırabiliyor. Her güzelin bir kusuru vardır değil mi? Akşam 21.00. Teatro Espaço isimli Paraty merkezli bir tiyatro kumpanyasının eğlenceli kukla tiyatrosundayım. Kuklalar sanki can buluyor. Bu grup dünyaca ...

Cobbles? More like boulders!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Cobbles? More like boulders!

A travel blog entry by wreckedagain2


... in the general direction of the sea, checking out some of the shops along the way.  Eventually, the modern part of Paraty disappears and we enter the old, historic part of the town where cobblestones the size of boulders have to be navigated.  ...

Christmas in Trindade, Trindade, Brazil travel blog

Christmas in Trindade

A travel blog entry by rom.freiman

24.12.11 אחרי שלושה ימים די משעמים בפרצ'י הגענו ...

Trindade, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by sasi_lassies

After breakfast we chatted with our host about different tours and decided to catch the local bus to Trindade about 20ks from Paraty. The weather is clear in the morning, clouds over could rain and is about 22 degress. When we left the bus we headed ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulanddiane


... so we took very few photos. We stayed in a pousada where the owner gave us a geogrpahy lesson in Brazil which was very interesting!  While in Paraty we made plans to visit Marcio and Larissa and their new daughter Yasmin. Marcio and Lari used to ...

Para cheeeeee, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Para cheeeeee

A travel blog entry by tobyg83


Shit beaches, shit night club, best burger I’ve ever eaten, lots of stray dogs. ·      Nearly killed myself. I jumped up onto a wall that surrounded someones house, the other guys were coming behind me so I ...

Staying in Heaven, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Staying in Heaven

A travel blog entry by zoeandluke


... on the bus to Paraty and Philip a family member we haven’t seen for years met us at the Paraty bus terminal. Philip has lived in Brazil for 20yrs and is married to a lovely Brazilian lady called Regina. We were staying with Philip and ...

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