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Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteandelaine

... and Pete. Visited Christ the Redeemer yesterday before leaving Rio - very impressive. Left Rio mid- afternoon yesterday and travelled to Paraty by minibus, should have taken about 4 hours but this was extended due to a problem with the minibus and we had ...

Cobbled streets of Paraty!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Cobbled streets of Paraty!

A travel blog entry by travel_goddess


... around the islands, jumping into the sea, swimming with the friendly fish & finishing day enjoying a fresh cup of Brazilian coffee............. Priceless! Paraty is by far a beautiful hidden town in brazil & should be kept as a top hidden secret! :-) ...

The day I swam with the fishes, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

The day I swam with the fishes

A travel blog entry by joosborne


Woke to a beautiful sunny day in Paraty.  So hot, definitely not in London anymore Toto! We walked into the old town to have a look around - is a lovely town, white-washed buildings with lots of colourful decorations.  Then hopped on our ...

Paraty... Carnival time..., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty... Carnival time...

A travel blog entry by loopy34

Its raining preventing the start of our tanning.... boo. Paraty is a colonial town with a load of old skool looking buildings with little boutiques and cafes... we hid in them mostly. Spent the last night of carnival in Paraty and joined the ...

Insect hell, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Insect hell

A travel blog entry by kenziertw


Thursday 10th A short drive then our first two nights in Paraty, in a campsite near a beach - hot, humid & bitten to Hell by the insects. Friday 11th I walked into the village for some sightseeing and a bit of ...

How I hurt my feets in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

How I hurt my feets in Paraty

A travel blog entry by tijera


Paraty is an old colonial city between Rio and SP. I was canoeing with 2 other friends (at 3a.m.)... Unfortunately my canoe was leaking so i sank serveral times. The stones scratched my feeds... The day after, we were on a boat trip, i forgot to cream ...

Cooking Up A Storm, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Cooking Up A Storm

A travel blog entry by purelyperu


... charade is up!  I am actually back in Calgary.  I arrived here this morning but I thought I would finish up the Brazil adventure anyways for completeness sake! After a crazy 5 days in Rio during Carnival, Whitney and I headed back to Paraty for ...

Go away rain, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Go away rain

A travel blog entry by simonandkirsty


... Booked 3 nights here.  It's a beautiful little old town 4 hours from Rio.  Because it was a bank holiday weekend in Brazil all we could find was a dorm room, no privates anywhere.  The hostel is pretty cool with a nice party ...

Ubatuba til Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Ubatuba til Paraty

A travel blog entry by sandsadventures


... Yakiz og Andrea i Ubatuba var det nu tid til at komme videre. Vi havde købt busbilletter til den gamle Portugiske kolonibyen Paraty fra år 1500. Busturen i sig selv var vanvittig flot da vejen strækker sig langs kysten og alle de små ...

Paraty - My Favorite in Brazil, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty - My Favorite in Brazil

A travel blog entry by rona.puntawe


... to Ilha Grande to Rio. Ilha Grande had been highly recommended by both travellers and locals.  Everything went smoothly until I reached Paraty. I know I only had the street but not the house number for my AirBnB host, but I wasn't worried because I ...

Surfing in the jungle , Parati, Brazil travel blog

Surfing in the jungle

A travel blog entry by jonsharland


The hostel I am staying in has no English speaking people which is good and bad i guess. today i looked around paraty its a very old Portuguese town - very nice then took a local bus 30 Min's away to a tiny little village called Trindade. which is ...

Paraty or how the paradise must be., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty or how the paradise must be.

A travel blog entry by mariaclement


Nos habian hablado de Paraty por ser un pequeno pueblo colonial con un paisaje espectacular, pero no nos esperabamos un lugar tan encantador. Creo que podemos decir que es el pueblo mas bonito que hemos visto en nuestro viaje. Solo nos quedamos 3 ...

Paraty; Sounds like party, but isn't, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty; Sounds like party, but isn't

A travel blog entry by beardandblonde


... , streets lined with cobbles to rival Corrie's, stunning beaches, an Atlantic rainforest backdrop and a rich history. We arrived at Paraty in the pouring rain. Our clothes and spirits dampened by the drenching we'd had on the journey from the idyllic ...

Rutsjebanesprell og strandhopping, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Rutsjebanesprell og strandhopping

A travel blog entry by henrikz


... aa komme meg tidlig opp for aa taste inn mine oppdateringer da dagen igaar endte forholdsvis tidlig med sosialisering og TV-titting paa hostellet. Paraty har vaert trivelig med stor T, men jeg velger nok en gang aa bevege kropp og sjel. Jeg har en buss ...

Day  27 - Paraty Brazil, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Day 27 - Paraty Brazil

A travel blog entry by shusanassy


Weather: 34 degrees Highlight: Horse back riding in Paraty - first time riding a horse There was two options for today's activities to either go on the Caipirinha boat party or horse riding. The old Shu would have said party boat but after the other ...

Brazil - Paraty Day 3, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Brazil - Paraty Day 3

A travel blog entry by wicki


Chilled out day. Went to a beach called Trindade about an hour from Paraty, didn't really like it so came back and walked around ...

Kick starting the tour (first 1-6 days), Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande and Paraty , Brazil travel blog

Kick starting the tour (first 1-6 days)

A travel blog entry by livs


Party in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Party in Paraty

A travel blog entry by amylbarbara

... ever had! (before Argentina).  Best Hostel best atmosphere and a great night! Before we know it, it’s our last day in Paraty before a 6 hour bus to Sao Paulo that afternoon, we wandered the town and came across a parade – it was Brazilian ...

A week´s holiday..., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

A week´s holiday...

A travel blog entry by victoriaplum


... hostel we stayed in was 10 minutes walk from town and ideally situated right in front of the beach, literally 15 metres away! Paraty is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for hosting an annual literary festival. The old part of town, forming the ...

Days 17 - 18: Paraty, Brazil, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Days 17 - 18: Paraty, Brazil

A travel blog entry by tksa


... full of friendly people (except the asian fella selling coxhinias outside the bus station).  Sadly, as we found out tonight Paraty isn't full of amazing restaurants. Hungry and desperate for somewhere reasonable to eat we chose an all you can eat ...

hostel etiquette, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

hostel etiquette

A travel blog entry by sophieandhannah

... waking up to another beautiful, hot day in Rio, we decided to head down to Copacabana beach for the morning, as our bus to Paraty wasn’t until midday. The beach was packed, and we really got a feel of what Copacabana is like when the sun is out - a ...

Moi, j'appellerais çà Paradis..., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Moi, j'appellerais çà Paradis...

A travel blog entry by carolleturcotte


... Verde" ; en fait, Paraty est la principale attraction de ce coin de pays, et avec raison!  Habitée depuis 1650, Paraty n'a apparemment pas beaucoup changé, le port de Paraty étant à  l'époque un relais important de transport de l'or ...

Sunburn Calling, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Sunburn Calling

A travel blog entry by sburne


... am glad to be well away from it - I think more than 600 people have died in mudslides which is pretty terrible... I arrived at Paraty and loved it immediately. The stalking of Richard and Lindsay re-commenced as they had also moved down the coast, so the ...

great hostel! great people, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

great hostel! great people

A travel blog entry by naors


and they speak English!!! ...

Rio - Ihle Grande, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Rio - Ihle Grande

A travel blog entry by natjamesuk


... there. Around 5 we got a boat back (Thank god) and spent the evening with the group having a BBQ. Saturday we arrived in Paraty which is a very pretty little village. Today the rest of the group have headed off on a boat trip but James and I decide ...

Booze cruise, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Booze cruise

A travel blog entry by dimparcio


... a very pleasant town, another place with Colonial architecture … I steal shamelessly from the rough guide again which describes Paraty as "… 263km from Rio, along the BR-1-1, is the Costa Verde’s main attraction and rightly so. ...

Colonial heaven!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Colonial heaven!

A travel blog entry by natandpaulo


An overnight bus to Sao Paulo, then another 6hr journey to finally arrive in the picturesque fishing village of Paraty. Known as the 'gem' of the Rio de Janerio State and also as one of Brazils most cinematic destinations. Nestled within lucisious green ...

Let's Go to The Beach!, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Let's Go to The Beach!

A travel blog entry by burkley


... a supermarket so cook group could do their final shop, whilst we made chicken and salad rolls for lunch. Driving into Paraty was a gorgeous sight with blue waters and small islands dotted in the distance. Our accommodation was a campsite conveniently ...

Dogs can be racist too, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Dogs can be racist too

A travel blog entry by hippyhippyshake

... reading in a hammock looking at the beach. I mean not a bad day by any stretch but not what I had in mind. As Brazil is ridiculously expensive I just have a pack of noodles for tea and then get ridiculous food envy when the foods really good that night ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by alicew01


Hello, just going to out photos of paraty up while i can, as it is free here! I will try and write something later, but it is a really pretty colonial town and also visited the beach/ town of trindade and the parque nationale with waterfalls and a ...

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