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An early morning rush, but well worth it!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

An early morning rush, but well worth it!

A travel blog entry by leone_and_mike

... paintings. Our path continues to the summit of Bozdag mountain where a panoramic view of the region awaits, including Uchisar, Goreme, Cavusin, Avanos, Ortahisar and Zelve open air museum. With the spectacular views of Mount Erciyes, we follow a smooth ...

Marathon behind us so on to more travels!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Marathon behind us so on to more travels!

A travel blog entry by mchase


... just shy of a pb. Me, I don't recommend the training plan I followed. Now with aching legs we have flown to Cappadocia region of Turkey for the next three days. We are staying in a cave hotel which you will understand when you see the pics. Sorry but the ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ebr916

Cappadocia ...

Goreme, Turkey, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Goreme, Turkey

A travel blog entry by david_lloyd

Hi all! In Goreme in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. Went up in hot air balloon early this morning, really was beautiful. has these really wierd rock formations with underground cities & caves.   Finally got to see some rugby last night, ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by shelleydarcy


... minimal sleep and very broken. Still, it was exciting to see the landscape slowly change and the rock formations begin. In Goreme itself there a number of 'fairy chimneys', 'castles', phalluses?? - a number of different names. They are amazing!! Many are ...

Vuelo en Globo y Red Tour., Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Vuelo en Globo y Red Tour.

A travel blog entry by thom_rm


Hoy nos pasan a buscar 4.55 pero me puse el despertador tipo 4.30am pero no se porque me dormi tipo 00.30 y me esperté a las 3am. Será el cansancio que traigo a cuestas. Me habia dormido luego de un dia de nevada y mal tiempo, con lo cual no se ...

Head west, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Head west

A travel blog entry by jimmyrh


... them without incident. There were more at the next intersection...and the next...and about every intersection between the airport and Goreme. It was more than a little disconcerting. Had it not been for all the police and military, the drive would have ...

Cave of Wonders, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cave of Wonders

A travel blog entry by mleff


Did you live through two earthquakes today? Because I did! For the second one, Jill and I were very much awake. I was sitting on the bed and Jill was in the loo.  I can cross that off of my bucket list, because I was the only person in NYC to not ...

The most fantastic place!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

The most fantastic place!

A travel blog entry by jathomaz


... at $125.  I'll have to pass on that, although I guess it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, unless you return to Goreme, which I certainly would do should an opportuity present itself. We jumped on a bus to Konya for a stopover there, before heading to ...

Up, Up & Away, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Up, Up & Away

A travel blog entry by trockie


... and had one of the better meals so far in the trip. That's not saying lots as so far the food has just been OK to good in Turkey but nothing to write about, which has been sup rising to us. They need to "kick it up" with some spices in this part of the ...'s like going to the moon, Goreme, Turkey travel blog's like going to the moon

A travel blog entry by paparam

... us off at our hotel at 5.00 each of the 3 days. Fatih, as it turns out, grew up in Denmark and moved back to Turkey when he was in High School. In addittion to Danish and English he also speaks Japanese. His father was the first guide in Cappadocia, ...



A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... set of windfarms in the country. At 0930 began a series of 4 bridges of about 1.8k followed by 3 tunnels of approximately 4.6k: Turkey 1, Mother Nature 0. Robert moved up a seat so Madame could rest. On a very long descent, crops galore. The E.90 was the ...

De um hotel design para um hotel de caverna, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

De um hotel design para um hotel de caverna

A travel blog entry by dulcewallace


          Muitas horas dentro de um transporte, seja ele qual for, é um saco mesmo... Göreme fica muito distante de Antalya, entăo passamos praticamente todo o dia dentro do carro. O único comentário a ...

Keen on Kapadokya, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Keen on Kapadokya

A travel blog entry by excope


... and choked on her own black smoke.  Soon we were blazing the cobbled streets en route to Goreme (about a twenty-minute drive) where my reservations had been made nearly four months earlier.  The car continued along ...

I lived like a caveman, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

I lived like a caveman

A travel blog entry by rileyanderson

As we land in Goreme,Turkey we drive to shoestring cave hotel, a hotel built into the side of a hill so each room is a cave. We take a hotel tour around Goreme which showed us pigeon valley, a big valley where many pigeons nest, we then went on a 4 kilo ...

Caves, Churches and Pidgeon Eggs., Goreme - Cappadocia, Turkey travel blog

Caves, Churches and Pidgeon Eggs.

A travel blog entry by sonyagoltz


What can I say? Cappodocia is a wonderful place full of history and lots of places for the inquisitive to find what is in "the hole" of different rock formations!  The history goes back to 4 - 7th Century and there are little churches carved into ...

Hot Air ballooning, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Hot Air ballooning

A travel blog entry by belinda-ben


Our alarm was set for 5am (3am UK time) for arguably one of the most spectacular experiences in Turkey - Hot Air ballooning.  We were picked up by our company to watch the sun rise over Cappadocia with 100 other balloons. We were all very excited ...

HOT AIR BALLOONING CAPPADOCIA, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by shelltravelos


Cappadocia. "the most visually striking region" of all of Turkey. It is actually incredible, the landscape is stunning, like nothing Ive seen before. Its likened to a lunar landscape...the best part of the trip was by far the hot air balloon ride. Such ...

Fairy Chimneys, Ballooning, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Fairy Chimneys, Ballooning

A travel blog entry by h2oz


... in the dark and scuffed my knees badly, which meant I wasn't up to doing the walk down the Ilhara Valley. We arrived in Goreme early afternoon to a lovely campsite. We have the option of bedding down in caves or camping. I have put up my tent and will ...

Chapter Eleven - A Day in Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Chapter Eleven - A Day in Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by mmbcross


In spite of a lovely quiet night in our cozy cave, we are up bright and early. Imagine my surprise as a huge blue and white balloon advertizing our favourite beverage drifts past my eyes. I ascend to the breakfast room on a terrace above our hotel and ...

Fairy Chimneys n' Motorbikes, Goreme, Urgup, Ulchisar, Turkey travel blog

Fairy Chimneys n' Motorbikes

A travel blog entry by mikeraboy


Coming ...

Exploring Goreme, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Exploring Goreme

A travel blog entry by leone_and_mike

... through to international arrivals, and there they were. Then we headed out and found our driver for our shuttle to our hotel in Goreme. Took about an hour and there were some concerns as the driver seemed to fall asleep and wandered too close to the ...

Living in a Cave, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Living in a Cave

A travel blog entry by betsybond


... stop – the man behind the counter wanted a photo with her… a nice smile for a long day of driving. As we approached Goreme in Cappadocia the scenery began to show the waves of eroded ash rock… at camp we setup tents then saw Jeff run by ...


In "The Land of Beautiful Horses"

A travel blog entry by worldjourney


... . Next stop Ihlara Valley. Ihlara Gorge is 10 miles long, 3rd. longest in the world, and is the most famous valley in Turkey for hiking. Frank calls it the "civilized" way to go hiking. There are wooden stairs and bridges where needed making it a very ...

Balloons all over the place, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Balloons all over the place

A travel blog entry by travelinbitch


So, we arrive, go to the wrong waiting area, finally find out why (we're white, so assumed to be international, not domestic) and take a crazy video game-like ride through very dark streets and towns and end up at Traveler's Cave. I'd like to say I was ...

On to Asia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

On to Asia

A travel blog entry by kmnoble


After the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, we boarded another overnight bus to head to the center of Turkey to a town called Goreme, in an area of Turkey called Cappadocia. Turkey is one of the few countries that spans two continents, so getting to Asia ...

“He Who Knows Himself is Deified”, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

“He Who Knows Himself is Deified”

A travel blog entry by verdarluz


“He Who Knows Himself is Deified” - The Temple of Harran  When you travel     every moment's belly balloons pregnancyevery mouth about to burst with the divine messageAround every corner, a synchronicity ...

Horse riding, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Horse riding

A travel blog entry by marniv


crazy lunar landsape of Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

crazy lunar landsape of Goreme

A travel blog entry by vanessab


I've arrived in Goreme now, and am exploring the crazy almost lunar landscape here. I'm staying at an old Ottoman house turned pension that has a great view of the city from the balcony and very affordable single rates. As I often travel alone, I really ...

Central Turkey, Nevşehir Merkez, Turkey travel blog

Central Turkey

A travel blog entry by wendywood


Have spent the last week visiting some beautiful places in Central Turkey and along the Black Sea coast line. While I fell in love with Istanbul and will be back I was excited to see more of the country. Durning my time here I was able to see families ...

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