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Jasmine Valley, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Jasmine Valley

A travel blog entry by carmelobeirne


Climbing up to the treehouse at Jasmine Valley required concentration as the boards were loose and the gap between each one rather wide . Worth every nervous step though as once up there the aspect was amazing and the feeling of being suspended amongst ...

Deserted Tropical Island, Phu Quoc, Vietnam travel blog

Deserted Tropical Island

A travel blog entry by joandjim


The boat to Phu Quoc looks better than it is. A modern looking catamaran, nice seats, only four hours, things looked good to start with. We had seats on the lower deck (big mistake, upstairs was much more civilized we found out on the way back. For a ...

Exercise and Explosions!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Exercise and Explosions!

A travel blog entry by nath_and_erica


... a base to bring some of the people they saw as a threat to interrogate, torture and murder. When the Vietnamese took over Cambodia to overthrow the Khmer Rouge, the place got pretty beaten up and it was left like that for a long period of time until ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by josephinelong88

... most surreal thing i have ever seen but was also the most welcoming any immigation officer has ever been. anyway we carried on into cambodia where suddenly the roads turn to dirt track, luckily the driver had my big bag and i just had my small rucksack ...

Far East Cruise (Kampot, Cambodia), Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Far East Cruise (Kampot, Cambodia)

A travel blog entry by gollygee


Jan 25, Saturday, Kampot Town, Cambodia: Ship docked in Sihanoukville Shore excursion is a 2 hour drive to Kampot, a French colonial town:             o   en route we visited a ...

It's the rainy season, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

It's the rainy season

A travel blog entry by tgreenspan

We arrived in Kampot on the southern coast of Cambodia on Friday afternoon.  It was raining, and the first 3 guest houses we looked into were booked, but we found a nice room across the street.  We went to the popular guest house for a beer, ...

Bokor National Disappointment, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Bokor National Disappointment

A travel blog entry by calumhill


... as the Khmer Rouge wanted to show outwardly to the world a commitment to protecting the history and culture of Cambodia.  This means the lavish ornamentation and interiors are still in exquisite condition.  The finest structure is the ...

Sunset Cruise, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Sunset Cruise

A travel blog entry by martin_d


... it was a local drug called Yaba he was on, the Cambodian version of crystal meth, and it wasn't pretty. So our stay in Cambodia is all but finished, we've enjoyed it and can recommend Kampot. Off to Bangkok for a night tomorrow before flying ...

Temple hopping...., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Temple hopping....

A travel blog entry by mariachara13


... that lay ahead were to be filled by visits to the ancient and exquisite temples, in particular- Angkor Wat. This is the reason Cambodia has been put on the map. millions of people enter the country every year to see these amazing wats. The thing that is ...

Kampot, Kampot Province, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 12smith

... after the hot and dusty ride. We then stopped at the Crab market for a lunch of crab and king prawns cooked in amazing Kampot pepper. As we ate we watched the women working in the market and checking their crab pots. We then rode the scooter back to ...

Fishy fish isle, 5 star guilt, double dose, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Fishy fish isle, 5 star guilt, double dose

A travel blog entry by roger_ramjet


... now (and my name doesn’t help!) and have my eye out for a worthy cause, but I think the primary problem in Cambodia is massively corrupt and greedy governance. Giving a few pencils to a needy school isn’t going to transform this country. ...

Kampot Province, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot Province

A travel blog entry by spoontrick


... to the attention of an ex-pat run diner called the Rusty Key Hole. The Spicy Chicken Khmer Style Salad was incredible - garnished with some fine local Kampot pepper; locals argue that it's Cambodia's greatest export preceding Khmer Rouge ...

The Motorcycle Diaries, Kmpt, Cambodia travel blog

The Motorcycle Diaries

A travel blog entry by srb013


... we did something that my (Sheena's) parents wouldn't approve of... We rented a motorcycle. In order to rent a motorcycle in Cambodia, customers must undergo a rigorous interview process: Us: Hi, we'd like to rent a motorcycle. Them: Ok. Do you want ...

Phu Quoc, Kampot Province, Cambodia travel blog

Phu Quoc

A travel blog entry by 12smith

Phu Quoc is billed as a Thai-style beach island, before everything got developed. On arrival it's clear that Phu Quoc is in the midst of a huge change to its infrastructure and there is (like almost everywhere we've been so far) large amounts of ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pd_sr


We are now in the small river side town of Kampot. It has a very French colonial feel with it's colorful row buildings and the small details, like the street post. It has a very nice promenade along the river, a nice place to take in the sunset. We ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by claireandnick

Kampot is a smallish town on the way back to Phnom Penh. It has the air of being quite worn down - glory days definitely passed, but quite nice at the same time. The day we arrived was absolutely boiling and after strolling round the market and eating ...

Bokor, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bobner


I hopped a bus to Kampot in the very south of Cambodia. The bus ride was short (4 hours) but pretty rough. I have been able finagle the very back center seat for my long legs. I am good at this finagling because it is exactly what I have to do with ...

2nd Part of the Bolaven Trip, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

2nd Part of the Bolaven Trip

A travel blog entry by fabioontheway


Am nächsten Morgen ging's dann mit den zwei Deutsche Mädels weiter zurück zu Pakse. Auf dem Weg dahin erwarteten uns noch weitere Wasserfälle und mit dabei einer der schönste in der Gegend. Die erste war dei Tad Yuang Wasserfall. ...

moto ride + boker national park, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

moto ride + boker national park

A travel blog entry by peter.wilson

hello everyone i am now in aplace called kampot its a nice place but feals slightly like and old wild west town the roads are quit wide but not much traffic and the bildings are old frenceh style on the first day i just chilled in the town and sat down by ...

Pepper and pints, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Pepper and pints

A travel blog entry by andreoz


... . My final adventure of the day was a bar called the Rusty Keyhole which is run by British expats and apparently the only place in Cambodia where they serve Angkor beer in pint glasses. Needless to say that I couldn't resist to this touch of UK. Before I ...

Phomn Penn, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Phomn Penn

A travel blog entry by bella__t


The boat upriver from the Floating Hotel was long. We did get to see our Mosque though, and we watched fish being fed pellets of dog food by our guide who opened up a floorboard of a villager's floating house to show us the fish farm below. We saw a ...

Kampot Brew: Cambodian Magic is just Beginning, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot Brew: Cambodian Magic is just Beginning

A travel blog entry by sklitgord


... by the river - one set of butter fingers INSTRUCTIONS: A little bit about The Kingdom of Cambodia (Kampuchea): As we walk through the streets of Kampot we notice how expectantly cosmopolitan this small city feels. The food available here is a great ...

Kampot and Kep, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot and Kep

A travel blog entry by amincambodia


... .  This past weekend I took advantage of another bank holiday and headed south (towards Vietnam) to see Kampot / Kep.  Rumuor had it that everyone else in Cambodia had the same idea (more on this later). Last week was busy as I got to play ...

How many Cambodians fit in a Toyota Camry?, Bokor National Park, Cambodia travel blog

How many Cambodians fit in a Toyota Camry?

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


... a lot of rubbish, which let an Italian woman to scream and shout abuses in Italian. Both pretty pointless, as noone speaks Italian in Cambodia, plus screaming and shouting famously leeds you nowhere here. But we were not detered, at least not by her, and ...

Postcard from Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Postcard from Kampot

A travel blog entry by jonandfinola

to be ...

The hardest trek ever!!!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

The hardest trek ever!!!

A travel blog entry by kyleannie


... we decided that we should get off our arses and see something other than sand and sea. We booked ourselves onto a minibus to Kampot. Unfortunately the driver had a massive basket of Durian fruit on the bus and we'd had a few too many beers the night ...

day 321: healed and whisky, Kmpt, Cambodia travel blog

day 321: healed and whisky

A travel blog entry by ursburs

... Till 2am we chat and drink. An interesting old man. He's been travelling all his life, recently got his life insurance paid out and invested in a pension fond, which he lives off now. For visa purposes alternating one month in Cambodia and one in Vietnam. ...

Khmer style tattoo removal, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Khmer style tattoo removal

A travel blog entry by darrenstravels


... the market and buses.  Turns out I like fruit drinks that are literally in clear plastic bags with a straw in it.  Cambodia, once being under French rule, does some seriously good baking, so I scoff down sweet breads galore.  Bus is the ...

Ahh sleepy Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Ahh sleepy Kampot

A travel blog entry by jackgooding


Leaving paradise behind we headed to Kampot, a small sleepy town east along the coast - on the first day we hired bikes and got aquainted with our surroundings! Then we caught a tuk tuk to visit nearby Kep - on the way we stopped at a cave...we had to ...

Mountains and Caves, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Mountains and Caves

A travel blog entry by ballsabroad


... still didnt feel right the next day but I really wanted to get sightseeing as there were some amazing things to see around Kampot. Didnt particularly like the town much but rented a motorbike and headed to Bokor National park and Bokor Mountain. The ride ...

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