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Bokor mountains and Kampot river, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Bokor mountains and Kampot river

A travel blog entry by mikeandabike


... plans for housing and park development. Maybe another Bear mtn type thing?? A developing country I guess. Next the group went on a boat down the Kampot river. It was pretty with the different trees along the way. Soon ill be heading back to Phnom ...

Workshops, movies and eating crickets...., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Workshops, movies and eating crickets....

A travel blog entry by carmelobeirne


... break officially started ! Excited to be a free agent now for a bit and looking forward to exploring this southern tip of Cambodia......especially as it is Chinese New Year this week ! Having said that the teaching has really clicked in this week and it ...

Steamed Cow Cock With Ginger, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Steamed Cow Cock With Ginger

A travel blog entry by thejaverys

... was calm and peaceful. We spent 2 nights there toasting Cambodia with ice cold fruit shakes.  Our last stop in Cambodia was Kampot. We had heard that Kep was well worth seeing and as they were so close we headed there first but quickly regretted it. ...

Coast, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pahm


... bde bade fler ganger og ndde ogs bli sollbrent. I morgen er planen dra tilbake til Kep spise krabbe med Kampot pepper. Det skal vistnok vre en fabelaktig nytelse. Kampot pepper er vistnok verdens beste.. jeg dro til Kep, s ...

Oct 16, 2009, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Oct 16, 2009

A travel blog entry by sunnycambodia


Suhanookville, Suhanookville, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rhinosride

Coast ...

A Kampot of Bother, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

A Kampot of Bother

A travel blog entry by jilly82


Another little bus trip to our last stop in Cambodia, to a sleepy riverside town named Kampot. Beautiful, quiet, picturesque Kampot would be just what we needed to take our chillaxation levels up a gear before heading to 'nam.   We spent a few days ...

Soreya, So Khmer, so shabby-chic., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Soreya, So Khmer, so shabby-chic.

A travel blog entry by roger_ramjet


... voices. We come back to the bar for our dinner, J-she is increasingly incensed with the continuing colonial ways of Cambodia - a bunch of Gallics (and English and Aussies and Russians) re-patronising the country and taking all the opportunity and profits ...

Sihanuxville, Sihanuxville, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jonathaninasia


Sihanuxville ...

Motorbike to Kep, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Motorbike to Kep

A travel blog entry by padraicop


Chilling in Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Chilling in Kampot

A travel blog entry by jacquiboyce


... fireflies here. We stayed on the boat and continued into town for dinner and went to The Rusty Keyhole which boasted the best ribs in Cambodia. I was willing to test this and so tried the half cow ribs there was so much meat on them that it was more like ...

Kampot--picnic in the park, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot--picnic in the park

A travel blog entry by aarondewitt


On the drive back to Phnom Penh, we stopped for a picnic in a national park outside of the town of Kampot. We had picked up fresh soft-shell crab, squid and shrimp on the way, and we feasted in the shelter of a tree by the river. Picnicing, I was told, ...

Kampot on bikes, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Kampot on bikes

A travel blog entry by alexkennewell1

Rented mopeds out and drove up to the Bokor national park. Awesome drive ascending around the bends of the cliff on great surface. Reached the casino and hotel complex at the top and tried to blag a swim to no prevail. Grabbed lunch by the river and ...

Orchid Guest House, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Orchid Guest House

A travel blog entry by padraicop

Got the 7am bus to Kampot. Booked into Orchid Guesthouse for 15 dollars a night. ...

Olly Olly Olly - Oi Oi Oi, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Olly Olly Olly - Oi Oi Oi

A travel blog entry by simonandkirsty


Arrived in Kampot at 11am.  Headed straight for the bungalows we found online 'Olly's Place'.  Really nice people staying there and Olly seems a great guy.  Basic accommodation but for 7 dollars a night, we can't complain.  It's set ...

Cycling from Tako to Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Cycling from Tako to Kampot

A travel blog entry by bethlo


Hallo Just quickley some photos maybe more ...

Kickin back in Kampot, Kmpt, Cambodia travel blog

Kickin back in Kampot

A travel blog entry by jware


... like 50 miles....average 20 mph.  Awesome. Can't wait.  I told my new friend about the reason I came to Kampot--Bokor Hill Station---a old French outpost built in the 1920's on the mountain top near here that has been abandoned.  That's ...

Another week in the pot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Another week in the pot

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... up and basically chilling.  Bodhi Villa was an option, but I think we were just over it! It was a nice way to "farewell" Kampot... but new adventures were awaiting as I boarded the early bus to Phnom Penh hungover  ...

Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by laws


... We both concluded that Kampot gave us the best day travelling since we started! Theres nothing much to Kampot, but we hired a motorbike and cruised the Cambodia countryside going miles and miles into nowhere!  We would now love to motorbike the whole ...

Time to relax..., Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Time to relax...

A travel blog entry by jimbobandrayray


... added another 10km in the blazing sun. The leisurely cycle was an amazing way to see the shimmering rural countryside of Cambodia. Children emerged from roadside huts chanting ‘hellos’ and beaming smiles. All manner of items passed us strapped ...

Cambodian's south, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Cambodian's south

A travel blog entry by lounic


... a very relaxed and peaceful time.  Pictures follow later.. Nach ere 13-stuendige Busfahrt simmer im Suede vo Kambodscha aacho. Kampot isch ganz en huebschi, ruhigi Stadt amne Fluss met sehr haerzliche Luet. Mit Velo, Bus und Tuktuk haemmer die ...

Easy Rider, Granada, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

Easy Rider

A travel blog entry by grajeras


... , casino and housing complex, with future project being a golf course. You pay a 50c entrance fee and it is the best road in Cambodia. It winds up and up through the forest, we really had no idea how high we are climbing. Unfortunately it is a bit misty ...

Hey you, beer me, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Hey you, beer me

A travel blog entry by andreoz


Cambodia, here we are, Kampot, Kambodscha travel blog

Cambodia, here we are

A travel blog entry by lamalima


Wow, was für ein Wechsel von Vietnam. Viel relaxter geht fast gar nicht. Sehr angenehm. Heute haben wir die Grenze nach Cambodia überquert - und so Grenzübergänge sind immer speziell: 1. ein medizinischer Pseudoübertrittstest mit ...

Chinese destruction, Kampot Province, Cambodia travel blog

Chinese destruction

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


... to Bokor.  A sad cultural disaster. Buddha said we should observe without judging.  This is difficult here in Cambodia.  They seem to want to catch up with the economic success and development of neighbors Thailand and Viet Nam overnight, ...

The Real Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

The Real Cambodia

A travel blog entry by martin_d


... we got the top room with a rooftop terrace all to ourselves. All this for the princely sum of $35, including breakfast. Kampot is really nice, a very laid back riverside town, in the shadows of the Bokor mountains, which makes for excellent sunsets while ...

Day 32, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Day 32

A travel blog entry by donna_r


... the national park and start driving up the mountain it is a very good drive - this is probably the best road in the whole of Cambodia. Our first stop is at the ruins of the Black Palace.  This was the King's summer residence and given its name as the ...

Last days in the classroom, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Last days in the classroom

A travel blog entry by carmelobeirne


This is our final week of teaching ...for now, at Chumkriel Language School in Kampot. After a week off resting and exploring different parts of Cambodia, we re grouped and headed back to school on Monday. We were greeted by smiling faces and enthusiastic ...

Abre la muralla!, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Abre la muralla!

A travel blog entry by iba-jee


... pero ms salvaje. El viaje en moto ha sido todava ms impresionante. Con mucha ms naturaleza y menos ciudades o pueblos.En Kampot no tenemos alojamiento as que les pedimos a nuestros motoristas que nos lleven a uno que nos ha gustado en la gua. ...

Phnom Chhnock, Kampot, Cambodia travel blog

Phnom Chhnock

A travel blog entry by conrad.bear


After safely finding my way to Kampot yesterday, today is sightseeing.  The trip from Sihanoukville to Kampot was fun.  Instead of organising a mini bus I decided to get my visa, then go to the bus station, big mistake.  No buses go to ...

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