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Jun 09, 2012, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Jun 09, 2012

A travel blog entry by traveller23


C'mon India Visa!, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

C'mon India Visa!

A travel blog entry by michellendave


...     Hey, Doesn't Anyone Want to See our Hotel Registrations?   At the airport we waited some time for the Uzbekistan Airline's check-in desk to open. That process was a bit unclear and most people had to get out of line to get Immigration ...

(Almost) FINALLY Half-way: Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

(Almost) FINALLY Half-way: Samarkand

A travel blog entry by melissasoong


07.02.1251 Although it took less than a month to get here, it felt certainly like an eternity. I am exhausted and we are only about half-way through our journey. Brandon kept on complaining about my llama but I don’t know why because she is ...

Iran Catchup, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Iran Catchup

A travel blog entry by sambarker


... so much I could never put it all down on paper (or ether or whatever this is). Wow that took longser than I planned! Ok Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will have to wait until morning (or another day). Despite the loss of camera I have Darek's to empty onto ...

Through the Kyzylkum to Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Through the Kyzylkum to Khiva

A travel blog entry by rootsandroutes


... to Samarkand, perhaps to Shakhrisabz, the birthplace of Amir Timur, or even to Termiz, which sits overlooking the Afghan border in Uzbekistan's far south. But the allure of Khiva was strong, and its legend as the best-preserved of the ancient Silk Road ...

Over reconstructed, Urgench, Uzbekistan travel blog

Over reconstructed

A travel blog entry by laurencegarner


Konye Urgench - Still in Turkmenistan but on the border   Don't you love it when you have had no sleep and everyone is up rattling pots and pans at 6:30? I was not a happy boy but bit my lip, smiled and packed up the tent and my bag. The old city of ...

Welcome to Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Welcome to Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by segacs


... and in one piece, landing in Tashkent around half past seven. Since there's an hour time difference between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, we actually landed only fifteen minutes after we took off. In contrast to what I'd been warned about, passport control ...

Reunited :), Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Reunited :)

A travel blog entry by chrisloeffler


Wie schnell die Zeit doch vergeht.... Das dachte ich nicht nur nach dem Trip in Neuseeland und Australien, sondern auch jetzt, nachdem es nunmehr auch für mich wieder heißt: auf geht's in die zweite Runde Reisen! Endlich kann ich mein Schatzi wieder ...

oozing with the uzis, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

oozing with the uzis

A travel blog entry by queenietord


Well we eventually got through the border from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan but it took for ever. they have so few international vehicles through that they didn't know what to do with Raz's passport ( basically stamp it and sign it) but it took about 5 hours ...

A sair de Samarkand..., Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

A sair de Samarkand...

A travel blog entry by bleite


... zum de besouro, um imã. A saída de Samarkand vale um post rápido de relato, que cubra os estranhos costumes uzbeques relativos a aeroportos e tributação. Escolados pelos imprevistos ocorridos em Riga, fomos bastante cedo para o aeroporto de ...

Tashkent: history, chaos and the birth of a nation, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Tashkent: history, chaos and the birth of a nation

A travel blog entry by rootsandroutes


... rose from the tall pillars; a symbol of birth and renewal built in 2011, the twentieth anniversary of an independent Uzbekistan. Nearby, a smaller bronze monument depicting a mother and child was said to represent the care and nurture given to Uzbekistan ...

Samrcanda: quae saera, tamen..., Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Samrcanda: quae saera, tamen...

A travel blog entry by tripinasia


Wow!, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tripinasia


Jun 10, 2012, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Jun 10, 2012

A travel blog entry by traveller23


In transit: Tashkent to Osh, via Andijan, Andijan, Uzbekistan travel blog

In transit: Tashkent to Osh, via Andijan

A travel blog entry by rootsandroutes


... we reached a police checkpoint, identifiable by the driver hurriedly fastening his seatbelt as he approached the barrier. In Uzbekistan, the police pervade public space and everyday activities in an incredibly overbearing way, but the area that we were ...

Fergana - last stop Uzbekistan, Fergana, Uzbekistan travel blog

Fergana - last stop Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by lukeandloumann


... process has changed and last year the border day was a long one for only 3 days in the country, therefore we went straight from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan. Not a bad idea. Our taxi driver spoke no English, but that didn't matter as he was one of the only ...

Tonges, Ballet, and Sking, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Tonges, Ballet, and Sking

A travel blog entry by jessteichuz


hi guys! This is going to be short because the internet is SLOW and these pics took forever to download...please email me for a description, I do not want to post that info on this site for security reasons... Anyway, yesterday at the Chirchik ...

Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by queenietord

Sancho's home town and very small, just like ...

The lost train of thought, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

The lost train of thought

A travel blog entry by gearoids

So. We had jumped on to a train which we thought was heading to our destination.  It was utter chaos at first. The mob had descended on the train trying to sell their wares. Tearing up and down the carriage shouting and waking everyone up. This also ...

Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveller23


Khiva is first of a few Silk Road towns we'll visit over the next few weeks. Our local guide Ura gave the group a city tour but I opted out (he likes the sound of his own voice too much) and based on the comments from my truck mates made the right move. ...

Tashkent Express…, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Tashkent Express…

A travel blog entry by ware_daniel


... very early rather- it was about 2:30AM when I finally made it to the hotel- I can officially say that I’m in Uzbekistan.  Who’d have thought?  I remember several months ago telling someone what I was going to Uzbekistan and they ...

The Stans, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Stans

A travel blog entry by champa


Hi All -  Have arrived in U/stan - good journey so far.  Roads in Russia in poor condition but got to Kazak border 2 days early our visa was fine but the guys one started 2/5 & we didn't really want to seperate, better for both - ...

Oct 07, 2010, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Oct 07, 2010

A travel blog entry by gcmozafer


Living History, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Living History

A travel blog entry by jksz


So far, little has been said about the amazing "sights" we've seen along the way. With two days each in Samarkand and Bukhara now, we've rumbled through some of the world's most historically, architecturally and archeologically significant places.  The ...

Samarkand, Samarkand, Samarkand!, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Samarkand, Samarkand, Samarkand!

A travel blog entry by danialw


...    Walking around Samarkand, I met this British guy who is of Kenyan/Pakistani origin and we decided to travel around Uzbekistan for a while before I leave for Turkey. One thing I love about traveling is the random people I meet in random places ...

Dramatic Nature, Petty Corruption & Friendly Folk, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Dramatic Nature, Petty Corruption & Friendly Folk

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... even simpler lifestyles. Moonscapes with dry and dramatic high mountains are now etched in our memories.      Uzbekistan is something else altogether. It has many beautiful Muslim monuments and old cities which ooze remnants of its past ...

Nurata - Yurt camping, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Nurata - Yurt camping

A travel blog entry by laurencegarner


 Nurata   I was looking forward to this as we were staying in a yurt in the Kyzylkhum desert. On the way we stopped off in town to see Alexander the Greats ancient fortress though there was pretty much nothing to see. Just a big mound, not even ...

Uzbek Proverbs, Urgench, Uzbekistan travel blog

Uzbek Proverbs

A travel blog entry by jessteichuz

... 1, 2005 **Correction from last Entry The river which is being used to irrigate cotton and other crops in Khorezm and southern Uzbekistan, drying up the Aral Sea, is the Amu Darya (Oxus). The Syr Darya (Jaxartes) runs north from Kyrgyzstan to ...

More Visas!, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

More Visas!

A travel blog entry by jessteichuz


Salom! Well the good news is that more visas were issued today so I will hopefully be on my way by the end of this week! Here are some pictures of swear in and my hike/picnic last Saturday! Talk soon, ...

Solution to rising oceans, Moynaq, Uzbekistan travel blog

Solution to rising oceans

A travel blog entry by schwate


Salam, von Nukus aus habe ich auch noch einen Ausflug nach Moynaq gemacht. Dies ist ein Fischereihafen am Aralsee, jedenfalls war er es in den 60er Jahren. Dann haben die Sowjets ja die Zufluesse des Aralsees trockengelegt und den See damit ...

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