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Turkey by Tenere: Day 1 (Antalya to Konya), Konya, Turkey travel blog

Turkey by Tenere: Day 1 (Antalya to Konya)

A travel blog entry by gisnoborders


... I can only hope one of its predators found it and enjoyed the easy meal.  All in all a great first day's riding in Turkey. I think you could have a very enjoyable few days in this area - much the same impression as I had after riding the Izu Skyline ...

Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon, Cappadocia and Konya, Turkey travel blog

Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon

A travel blog entry by cjbishop


... spent a lot of his time and travels. We are learning that a considerable amount of early Christian activity occurred in Turkey.  Note from Yvonne......still afraid of heights....I skipped the balloon adventure.   I was interviewed by a student ...

Stayed by the gas station in the park, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Stayed by the gas station in the park

A travel blog entry by denis.sokolov


Great guys work all over Turkey on gas stations. They invite us to sit down and offer tea (chaj). Now we call them chaj stations ;)) This station by Konya offered us a lot of food and drinks and a great roof to stay over night. They even told about us to ...

A Moment In Turkey, Konya, Turkey travel blog

A Moment In Turkey

A travel blog entry by nomadix

... on many things will change and I cannot wait!   Well, I am going to leave it at that. From my reflective point and Konya I bused it to Kapadokya. Here, lies a land of some pretty strange little things and a history- I am sure- that could keep many ...

Bus Trip to Konya, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Bus Trip to Konya

A travel blog entry by lindell


... in interesting colour combinations of pinks, yellows, and greens. There is lots of new development going on, unlike Greece.  Konya is a large city with some beautiful mosques. Unfortunately, we are only stopping the night. We had a nice dinner of ...

Day 77: Home of the Whirling Dervishes, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Day 77: Home of the Whirling Dervishes

A travel blog entry by dbadgery


A day in Konya (Turkey's 4th city) visiting the Mevlana (Whirling Dervish Museum) and a walk round the ...

Konya, Konya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by sigridmichael


Kurzer Zwischenstopp in Konya, dem Zentrum des Sufismus, da wo die tanzenden Derwische herkommen. Pilgerten zum Grab des Gründers, wo es heißt: Those who enter here incomplete will come out perfect! Sind inzwischen wieder draußen, können aber ...

Reservoirs and Caves, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Reservoirs and Caves

A travel blog entry by anua

Leaving Olympos we are once more travelling inland, this time towards Goreme. We have a bush camp on the way and we stop in a reservoir nestled within some stunning landscape. Once the tent is up Eoghan and I hike up the first of the three nearest hills, ...

From bikinis to hijabs, Konya, Turkey travel blog

From bikinis to hijabs

A travel blog entry by bebabui


... Dr. Builittle. Today, we’re leaving the beautiful city of Antalya and sadly, the seaside with it, to head towards Konya in the heart of Turkey’s very own "Bible Belt".  On the way, we stopped in Aspendos to view a beautiful Roman theatre ...

Visited the Mevlana Museum, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Visited the Mevlana Museum

A travel blog entry by c.i.222


... took us through the Taurus Mountains, with our arrival in the holy city of Konya at noon.  Konya is one of Turkey's oldest continually inhabited cities, and the home to the Whirling Dervishes. This Muslim order performs ...

Traveling the Silk Road, Budak Village, Turkey travel blog

Traveling the Silk Road

A travel blog entry by bob_and_lana


... day with the objective of reaching the small farming village of Budak, on the banks of Lake Beysehir, the largest freshwater lake in Turkey, where we spent the night with a village family. Along the way we made stops at a caravanseria, an ancient safe ...

A Whirl of a Time!, Konya, Turkey travel blog

A Whirl of a Time!

A travel blog entry by adamandmandana


... in the region, and wanted to practice his English....unfortunately after briefly filling us in on the economic situation in Turkey (with 20% unemployment) his conversation dried up...with a bit of prompting we discovered that his son has many girlfriends ...

Road to Groeme, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Road to Groeme

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


... We travelled through Konya the home of the Whirling Deverhishes. This is a religious centre and place of pilgrimage for the Turks. After Konya there was a huge featureless plain that seemed to go forever, especially as I was sat over the back wheels - it ...

Sep 12, 2010, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Sep 12, 2010

A travel blog entry by seanaq


Dirty!, Hayıroğlu, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by digsbysuky


Sorry its taken me so long to post an update! And unfortunately, this will be a short one as its already 9:30 at night and I have to be up at 6 for the sixth day in a row.  It's been a long week… Last weekend was Bayram, the Muslim ...

Bits and pieces, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Bits and pieces

A travel blog entry by cruisinpenny

... she talks up her child for marriage, no bad words will be spoken. #2- one sugar beet makes only two sugar cubes. In Konya we walked across the street to the Mevlana Museum, the training center for Sufi Whirling Dervishes. We were part of a large ...

Naar Beysehir, Beysehir, Turkey travel blog

Naar Beysehir

A travel blog entry by wehman


In de Trotter staat een mooie route beschreven als zijnde moeilijk begaanbaar en op de kaart ook niet geheel duidelijk. Het navigatiesysteem gaf een onverharde weg aan. We besluiten om het toch te proberen. We rijden door een schitterend natuurgebied en ...

Konya, Konya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ruserj

The city of Konya is the heart of Turkish Islam, a city where the Persian poet and mystic Rumi lived.  Following Rumi's death, the Mevlevi order of Sufism was ...

Middle, Konya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by rubekolo

. ...

Konya - a historical town, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Konya - a historical town

A travel blog entry by santoshat60


... we all carried few necessaries in Airbag & left our cases in Modern Palace Hotel. After about four hours hectic journey we reached Konya at 2.00 & keeping baggage in sat in Hotel, assembled for lunch at 3.00. Since all were tired after bus journey, no ...

Obruk hani, Obruk, Turkey travel blog

Obruk hani

A travel blog entry by ludtjes


We left Konya this morning after a splendid breakfast with pancakes. We were well taken care of by Housieyn, who baked an extra pile and packed it for us to take on the road. We discovered that we can ride a good 80 km on the food. The landscape is flat, ...

Konya Hear Me?, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Konya Hear Me?

A travel blog entry by eastcoastrod


A long drive from Cappadocia to Pammukale needs a nature break for big big relief and it was in the city of Konya where relief was found. Konya is where the Sufi sect (i.e. whirling dervish followers) was born, and the founder is buried in its museum, ...

Into the heartland, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Into the heartland

A travel blog entry by nwaugh


Another day another stroll around the neighbourhood at 6:30. This time we wake up the neighbourhood by walking down an alleyway and setting off a dog who growled and barked, lunging out at us from the end of his chain. Hope no one wanted a sleep in. ...

Unexpected Grace, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Unexpected Grace

A travel blog entry by jerrywierwille


... for at least 10 days. I was like “What is going on here?” Is car renting like a super popular thing in Turkey that these businesses would have no returns for multiple days? Well, I found out that there was some special Turkish holiday going ...

A LOOK AT A CARAVANSERAI, Konya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... up the back as Madame needed another sweater. Left at 1545, first having a piece of pistachio chocolate from Di. Sometimes I think Turkey is one big farm. Still on D-300 and quite tired. Reached the city limits of Konya at 1647 but circumvented most of ...

selime, ihlara, Konya, Turkey travel blog

selime, ihlara

A travel blog entry by asci

Selime war genial...wieder mal etwas was im Guidebook nur nebenbei erwaehnt wurde...also...Selime is ein kleines Dorf....links und rechts von der Piri Pansion sind 2 hohe Felsen... links ist eine Kathedrale und ein Kloster in den Berg gehauen, rechts ...

Cappadocia to Sultanhani to Konya, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia to Sultanhani to Konya

A travel blog entry by lizmcconnell


... city in Turkey and rarely is a woman seen without her head covered and men tend to wear baggy trousers. Konya is the most conservative city in Turkey. Rarely is a woman seen without her head covered and men wear baggy trousers. Konya has always been a ...

Konya to Capadoccia, Meram, Turkey travel blog

Konya to Capadoccia

A travel blog entry by jam.kilp


... Museum (a 2 min walk from our hotel) the original dervish lodge which houses the tomb of Rumi and other memorabilia. Two hours out of Konya and we are still on the flat plain. We stop at a service centre for coffee and snack and we are the only ones ...

How me and Jonathan almost dıed, Konya, Turkey travel blog

How me and Jonathan almost dıed

A travel blog entry by gonzotue


... air, it then turned dark so we had to spend a night in a tent next to a mosque ın the blistering night cold of Eastern Turkey. We woke up early the next day, seeing that the call to prayer starts already at 05.00 in the morning and again a ...

Mevlani museum and a decapitated spire, Konya, Turkey travel blog

Mevlani museum and a decapitated spire

A travel blog entry by essejtravels


... flowers. We slowly made our way back to our hotel while looking for a restaurant. We eventually found one that did a special Konya cuisine called "Ekmeck" which was a bread with meat and vegetables scattered over it. After dinner we went back to the ...

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