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Mountain Biking in Cappadocia, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Mountain Biking in Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by cotafamily4


... us find perfect bikes that fit us all... and giving us 4 professional shipping boxes so we could safely bring our treasures home to Turkey with us... He was not only helpful, but honest and kind... He runs an awesome bike shop... and if anyone out there ...

Walked a lot today...., Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Walked a lot today....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


... Onyx "workshop", we got a quick demo of how they machine rock into pretty things then herded into the shop....I was with a bunch of students so no sales there..... Last stop was for a nice panoramic view over Goreme and the surrounding area. ...

Like moving to another planet, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Like moving to another planet

A travel blog entry by carey99


After 12 sleepless hours on a bus I arrived in a very tired state to the town of Goreme. I thought that I had changed planets or something as this place was like nothing that ive ever seen before. The whole town was made up of these fairy chimneys which ...

Finishing the race, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Finishing the race

A travel blog entry by kieser_family


We said goodbye to our new friends at Mustafapasa and they gave us a wine bottle as a going away present and made reservations at Pamukkale the city we will arrive in tomorrow after a 10 hr bus ride tonight.(Andys idea)  We travelled back through ...

A Visit to Tatoin, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

A Visit to Tatoin

A travel blog entry by sethandholly


After getting cooked out of southwestern Turkey along the "turquoise coast", we hopped on a night bus to the Cappadocia region in the central part of the country. Upon arriving in Goreme at 6:30am after very little sleep, we felt like we were still in ...

Cappadocia -- Another World, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia -- Another World

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels

We spent four days in this area and there was so much to see. At the outdoor museum at Goreme, we toured through cave after cave of ancient homes that had been carved out. Also, there were many churches, carved with impressive symmetry in their inclusion ...

Up, up and away........ in Cappadocia!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Up, up and away........ in Cappadocia!

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


... mixed with a suitable dose of apprehension to be picked up by Royal Balloons.  There are now over twenty balloon companies in Goreme, a village of just 2500 people, which is nothing when you think it has just under 200 hotels and hostels!  In ...

I need a break from the bike...., Goreme, Turkey travel blog

I need a break from the bike....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


I'm beginning to feel a little burnt out from the constant riding/ moving home thing so I've decided to plot up for 4 days in Goreme, it' right in the middle of the Cappadocian region so there's stuff to do. I've found a hostel that offers a double ...

Cappadocia Continued, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia Continued

A travel blog entry by d-nomad

Day 22 of Trip: 1. Bad ...

5th November, Goreme Turkey, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

5th November, Goreme Turkey

A travel blog entry by edwardsoverland


5th November, Goreme – Cappadocia Turkey Distance Travelled KM 10915 We enjoyed our time in Istanbul and managed to secure the Iranian visa ok, on leaving it took us a good 2 hours to cross the Bospherous and leave Istanbul city limits. Finally we ...

Day 7 Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Day 7 Goreme

A travel blog entry by shuturkey2013


... . Inside carved out chapels we saw paintings on the sides of the caves of Saints and other religious representations. In later years Goreme became a famous pilgrimage site. As we explored this open air museum we were in awe of the efforts of the monks who ...

Old Ben Kenobi, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Old Ben Kenobi

A travel blog entry by cycling_azza


"Your powers are weak old man" he said in his deep and sinister voice. "Strike me down and I will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine" I replied. Of course this is the typical type of banter cyclists have when they are attacking big ...

Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...


The "Open-Air Museum" - Goreme

A travel blog entry by bumihills


Our day began with a visit to the renowned Goreme "open-air museum," a group of ancient churches carved from the region's soft tufa rock (the result of volcanic ash spewed some 30 milliion years ago).  Most of the fascinating churches include ...

Cappadocia day 2, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia day 2

A travel blog entry by aarondewitt


today was my second day here in the Cappadocia region.  today i went on a tour.  we saw rock formations and churches.  did you know st. george is from this region? the formations here are from volcanic activity and erosion.  many ...

Flintstones!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


We have made our way to the center of the count via another LONG bus ride...Thank goodness for Metro bus company and their free water, tea and fruitcakeesque snacks... It was quite an unreal landscape though... We got off the bus and it literally does ...

Labyrinth Unfolded, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

Labyrinth Unfolded

A travel blog entry by ssfahring


Finally Cappadocia!  We have been wanting to do the trip since we first saw pictures while researching Turkey.  Earlier this year we were talking to a friend of ours that said Cappadocia was beautiful in the winter.  It was cold, but it ...

We have landed on the Moon, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

We have landed on the Moon

A travel blog entry by hugoanddenis


Arrived in Goreme... well, actually, arrived in Kayseri-  an old,  converted military airport about an hour's flight from Istanbul.  At the arrivals hall, there was this massive crush of people from the previous plane who had still not received their ...

The Love Valley, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

The Love Valley

A travel blog entry by bunnyluv1969


... and yesterday I hired him to show me around the area.  He brought me for a hike in a place called Love Valley near Goreme.  Many huge rock formations in the shape of male genitalia stood erect throughout the valley and it was very hard to keep ...

Kapadocja - slowin' down..., Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Kapadocja - slowin' down...

A travel blog entry by camer


Poznym wieczorem dotarlismy do Kapadocji, rozbilismy sie na kempingu za 10 lira od lebka i poszlismy spac. Nastepne dni spedzilismy na zwiedzaniu tej krainy dziwnych ksztaltow skalnych, ale jako ze bylismy troche zmeczeni naszymi ostatnimi wizytami u ...

more raki? hayat...more kebap? evet!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

more raki? hayat...more kebap? evet!

A travel blog entry by mkosmack


Soooooooo Our last couple of days in olympos were bliss...we spent one day at the beach then the next day we went to a hammam in the next valley over...i got the traditional exfoliation then a bubble massage-so 2 feet of bubbles surrounding ...

Final turkey tour, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Final turkey tour

A travel blog entry by peteballard


... ($35-40) and have 10 dancers, 5 men and 5 women, do a range of different traditional dancers from all around the regions of turkey, including the whirling dervish dancers (look it up) how they remain in their feet stumps me. It was really cool to see and ...

Turkey part II, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Turkey part II

A travel blog entry by jimmymacfad

... token out of Istanbul.  The comfortable bus zoomed 650 kilometres through the Turkish night  to Cappodocia in south central Turkey. I passed the night amazed at the speed of the bus, drinking the tea which was served and trying to figure out ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by crismanila77


The bus that I was on attempted to drop us off at Nevsehir, which was about 30 minutes away from Goreme. The other tourists and I complained about this so the bus decided to take us straight to the center of Goreme town. I arrived at around 5am. I had a ...

Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...

Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by clairebrenton


... ıne and talk to the hosts 19 year old daughter who was learnıng englısh about growıng up and lıfe ın Turkey. Our second day was jammed packed. We got up a 415am so we could go on a hot air ballon ride. The hot air ballon ride ...

Guardian angels, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Guardian angels

A travel blog entry by ragowski

... it. Turns out my guardian was an Iranian Yoga instructor with some interesting travelling ideas. The following day I got a bus to Goreme and everything was sweet, although there are a few too any tourist here.  Cheers for the hospitality mate. See ...

Capaadoccia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by clare_pinki

Fairy ...

Flying High in Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Flying High in Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


From Kas we headed to Olympos, staying in a deluxe version of the B&Q shed. This is another stunning beach area, but surrounded by ancient ruins and the most mystical Chimaera. For thousands of years, pilgrims have flocked to the natural gases ...

Turkey, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by das1601


... , our guıde for the day marched us along lıke Japanese prisoners of war, so ıt was hard to appreciate the surroundings. Goreme itself ıs an amazıng place though, and well worth the two day slog to get there. It ıs a ...

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