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Happy new year, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Happy new year

A travel blog entry by eric.kolly


First class Just after recovered from new year's eve's excesses, I was there, on my way the Zurich's airport and then heading to Myanmar. I always looking forward to go on trip, but there is always those 14 h flight between me and my trips, and that's ...

Arrival at Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Arrival at Zurich Airport

A travel blog entry by 76onabike

Glad to stretch my legs. The next step is to drag my 56 kg of luggage to the railway station adjacent to the Airport. Managed to get on the 8 am train to ...

At the airport, ready for take-off, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

At the airport, ready for take-off

A travel blog entry by saliakooh


At Zurich airport, my adventure has finally begun. Everything went smoothly, I even got some unexpected company...after one last Swiss beer with Antonio, I took off to Dubai at 22:15 pm. Not yet knowing that I am going to have my life's worst airport ...

Schul, Zurich, Trams, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Schul, Zurich, Trams

A travel blog entry by swizzcheez


    Today Tyler and I met with our Dean for the Swiss International School in Zurich.   It is a very modern and beautiful school.   We start Monday with observing the different classrooms and grades (There is one German ...

the longest train ride EVER, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

the longest train ride EVER

A travel blog entry by swizzcheez

... ; I made it back home and got my bag all packed up for my train ride out to Amsterdam.   This was my first trip out of Switzerland, and I was Really excited!   I had a bed/seat in a cabin on the night train, and as soon as I arrived, I ...

Abflug, Kloten, Schweiz travel blog


A travel blog entry by astrixli


Jetzt gehts los! Der Flugi hat zwar etwas Verspätung, aber wir haben genug Zeit in London zum ...

"Psssst, nicht so laut".

A travel blog entry by mandrela


Der Flug war soweit angenehm. Nur müssen wir wieder aufpassen was wir sagen. Die verstehen uns ja hier. So auch eine asiatisch aussehende Familie, die breites Bernerdeutsch spricht. Zuvor hab ich mich noch bei der Tochter auf Englisch entschuldigt. ...

good news from the lung specialist, Embrach, Switzerland travel blog

good news from the lung specialist

A travel blog entry by spinas

Yesterday we wrote a mail to the lung specialist regarding Sandy's asthma. This great doctor took the time to do some research on internet and answered this morning. the rise towards the base camp everest at 5500 meters is not more dangerous with ...

The End, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

The End

A travel blog entry by pema80

Die letzten zwei Tage in Las Vegas haben wir noch ganz entspannt verbracht. U.a. haben wir uns noch KÁ von Cirque du Soleil im MGM angesehen. Eine der besten Shows die wir je gesehen haben.    KÀ erzählt die Geschichte von Zwillingen, die ...

Leaving CH to head to a colder and darker place!, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Leaving CH to head to a colder and darker place!

A travel blog entry by helenclare


After a great (and really unexpected response) to my last travel blog. Here comes the next chapter of my travels! I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it :) So after much pre-trip planning, packing of lots of warm clothes, plus not ...

Abflug Zürich, Kloten, Schweiz travel blog

Abflug Zürich

A travel blog entry by anditenz


BA 0713 Zürich 13:10 - London Heathrow ...

Measuring the meters..., Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Measuring the meters...

A travel blog entry by swizzcheez

Today was my first day teaching the second graders with Amy.   I had planned to do a meter measure lesson with them, complete with a scavenger hunt!   There were two teachers sick today (Really sick), so unfortunately my lessons were ...

Es geht los..., Kloten, Schweiz travel blog

Es geht los...

A travel blog entry by holger1980


Nach der Nachtschicht hiesst es schnell nach Hause zu fahren um noch mal 2 Stunden zu schlafen, die letzten Dinge ein zu packen um dann mittags mit der Bahn wieder zum Flughafen zu fahren. Der der Swiss Flug ab ZRH voll gebucht ist, habe ich mir als ...

Der Kreis schliesst sich!, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Der Kreis schliesst sich!

A travel blog entry by rahelundpeter


... Darmgeschichte vor einigen Tagen in Thailand) nie richtig! Strecke: Siam - Phaya Thai Station (per Taxi) / Phaya Thai - Suvarnabhumi Airport (per Hochbahn) / Bangkok - Helsinki mit Finnair Flug AY090 / Helsinki - Zürich-Kloten mit Finnair Flug AY863 ...

Airport Zürich and flight to LA, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Airport Zürich and flight to LA

A travel blog entry by familybk


Direct flight from Zürich to L.A. Unfortunately even though it's the most expensive option , the food and the comfort of the seats are really very bad still on Swiss and in Business class the seats don't recline flat like other airlines. Also (very ...

Robert's great culture adventure, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Robert's great culture adventure

A travel blog entry by robistride

October 8, 2012 I will begin on a journey of a life time. A journey that will lead me to new cultures and countries and to fall into the Spanish language and learn to love it for its ...

Ready for take off?, Kloten, Schweiz travel blog

Ready for take off?

A travel blog entry by eusireis


Ready for take off..? Naja, nach einem Tag voller Autofahrten, Ärger mit gewissen Behörden, Last-Minute Einkäufen und merfachem ein-, aus- und umpacken haben wir es geschafft zumindest halbwegs bereit zu sein. Da blieb wenigstens keine ...

Das Abenteuer geht los, Kloten, Schweiz travel blog

Das Abenteuer geht los

A travel blog entry by bmasta


Vor Kurzem war es noch nur ein Plan, doch jetzt geht es tatsächlich schon los. Ich sitze am Flughafen in Zürich und warte auf meinen ersten Flug von Zürich nach Bangkok mit Zwischenstopp in Doha. In den nächsten 5 Monaten werdet ihr an dieser Stelle, ...

Yodel la e hoo, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Yodel la e hoo

A travel blog entry by sblady


We arrived safely in Switzerland after a long night. We didn't see any fireworks from the air but they did have a downward camera that showed the terrain we we flying over. We fly to Rome in a couple of ...

Landed, Kloten, Schweiz travel blog


A travel blog entry by sfegilli


Nach problemlosen 4h Flug setzen wir um 19:13, zwar rel. hart aber sicher auf Schweizer Boden auf. Ich bedanke mich bei allen Blog-Lesern. Den Rest der Reise gibts auf der ...

All Together Now, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

All Together Now

A travel blog entry by mr_mozam


... fooled me because I thought it was beef) and jam tart. It was accompanied by wine and coffee and was quite nice. Tomorrow we start our train tour of Switzerland. It will be an early start (I have the alarm set for 05:45) and onto the train at ...

Abschiedsfest ZEIT AG, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Abschiedsfest ZEIT AG

A travel blog entry by pema80


Juhui, endlich ist er gekommen, der letzte Arbeitstag den wir würdig gefeiert haben. Wir danken den Kollegen für das schöne Abschiedsgeschenk und die super Überraschung mit dem Hotelzimmer, um das wir morgens um 04:00 Uhr sehr froh waren.  GANZ ...

Pre-flight excitement at Zürich airport, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Pre-flight excitement at Zürich airport

A travel blog entry by helenclare


So after all the planing and organizing, the day of departure has finally arrived :-) Hoping that I will sleep well on the flight amidst all the holiday excitement!! But as all my NIP colleagues know (due to my ever earlier and earlier email sending) I ...

Abflug, Zürich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by wombad

Um 14.40 Uhr heben wir mit der Air Emirate Richtug Dubai ab. Am 19.03.2010, 17.10 Uhr werden wir in Perth landen. See you ...

Left Behind, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Left Behind

A travel blog entry by mr_mozam


This story deserves an entry of its own. I have tried unsuccessfully to leave my iPad on buses, trains and airplanes (note: not automobiles). Yesterday I succeeded in a big way. I left it on the airplane that brought us from Paris to Zurich! It was ...

At Last! Switzerland!, Zürich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland travel blog

At Last! Switzerland!

A travel blog entry by kinkajou25


Getting off that plane felt really good. I was glad I didn't have to go on a plane for another month! We rode down a big escalator into a big central area, and hopped onto a metro train.      The metro train was really cool! At one ...

Flying In, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Flying In

A travel blog entry by mr_mozam


Yesterday I went to the tourist office to see what adventures I could do before we returned to Zurich and our subsequent trip to Budapest. The options that I had were Parachuting or Paragliding. I tried to book the Parachuting but the tourist office ...

Sherpa shop, Embrach / Embrach (Dorfkern), Switzerland travel blog

Sherpa shop

A travel blog entry by spinas

Last saturday we went to the sherpa outdoor shop in Zurich. A nice employee came to us and asked if he could help. We said yes and explained we needed to buy trekking equipment for our Base Camp Everest trek. He looked at us strangely and then asked ...

Swiss International Airlines, Zürich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss International Airlines

A travel blog entry by tomcito

Beginn unserer Reise ...

Lessons and teacups, Kloten, Switzerland travel blog

Lessons and teacups

A travel blog entry by swizzcheez


    Today I taught my first lesson at the SIS school!   It was a doubling/ halving lesson with the thrid grade class.   I was a bit nervous, but the lesson went over quite well, thanks to my meticulous planning and ...

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