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Jet d'eau!!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Jet d'eau!!

A travel blog entry by tgp2014


Our last stop in Switzerland was Geneva, the city of Calvin.  In Geneva there was great shopping and international cuisine.  The famous fountain is one of the tallest in the world, about 500ft in height.  Geneva is quite the posh place, ...

My Flight Got Cancelled/ How To Turn Bad Into Good, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

My Flight Got Cancelled/ How To Turn Bad Into Good

A travel blog entry by phil_in_nz


... make sure the cancelling of the first leg is okay. They came up with a first offer: Fly in to Washington today, directly from Geneva, an then take the bus to New York. That would have been pretty stupid I figured. I called Hawaiian Airlines nonetheless to ...

from german to french, Alps and geneva, Switzerland travel blog

from german to french

A travel blog entry by triptalk


... pastures with farmers making cheese.  It was great just to walk in the valley. Well, on to the best part of switzerland, not the city of geneva, but its newest resident, my dear friend brigette!  It is great to see her! She just arrived to ...

Hitch, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


... veer off the highway and slow down near a toll station - this is my stop. She bids me farewell, points in the direction of Geneva, and drives off, wrist waving in the window.   I hastily re-draw my grocery bag to read GENEVE/GENEVA and someone picks ...

through the Mountains, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

through the Mountains

A travel blog entry by bigbrowndog


... within a couple of hundred km of Paris to explore or 2 nights and an extra night in Paris depending on what we find. Switzerland, a funny place.  They do not have their own language but have their own currency which is used mixed in with the ...

I love Switzerland!!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

I love Switzerland!!

A travel blog entry by marciadanielle

Yay! Out of Italy and (finally) in Switzerland!! I love it here!!! Things are crazy expensive (I paid $4.50 for a tea at Starbucks!! Yikes!) here, but it's so nice and so beautiful, I could totally live here...well, if I spoke French and if I had a ton of ...

The U.N. et Lapin..., Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

The U.N. et Lapin...

A travel blog entry by meghan.r.butler


... I have now eaten rabbit two nights in a row- not something I expected to do in Switzerland. Anywho! Weekend Plans!  Tomorrow I have to be in Geneva early again for the remaining sessions of the international humanitarian aid conference.  Then we ...

I'm Back....., Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

I'm Back.....

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... except for the fact that it is very white with grey and orange floors, sort of odd. So, first impressions of Geneva?  EXPENSIVE.  Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc which is just about 1-1 for exchange rate to the US$, but things are so ...

A big-ole case of the Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

A big-ole case of the Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs!

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer


Don't mind my little rant ... if you don't care, skip down to the happy stuff ... Switzerland and I are not getting along. Besides the fondue and the occasional trip to the mountains, Switzerland is LAME! This may not be a fair ...

Preparing for Mont Blanc, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Preparing for Mont Blanc

A travel blog entry by john.beach


... apartment blocks running into the 'burbs, the whole city built around the entrance of the mighty Rhone River into Lake Geneva, creating canals and bridges, riverside parks and lighthouses, and it feels almost coastal, with lots of sailing boats and motor ...

Le rêve américain!, Genève, Switzerland travel blog

Le rêve américain!

A travel blog entry by mpmeyer74


Levée à 04h07 , Dora m'emmène à l'aéroport . Départ de Genève à 06h40 ( à San Francisco c'est encore le 2 août et il est 21h40 !). Après une escale à Lisbonne, une autre à Philadelphie et une dernière à Las Végas j'arrive enfin à San ...

Arrived in Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Arrived in Switzerland

A travel blog entry by annejohn


... 5am.   Anne was very impressed!!!!???? We flew from Belfast to Geneva via London and have settled into the Hotel Cornavin. Tonight we meet our fellow travellers for our 9 day Switzerland tour and tomorrow we start our tour here in ...

Genève, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachsoms


... all the way down the Rhone river( which I live on in Lyon) to the Mediterranean. We also learnt about the role Geneva played during the protestant reformation, with it being the birthplace of Calvinism and the 10,00 that fled to Geneva from France during ...

Geneve, Geneve, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

We got married!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

We got married!

A travel blog entry by patrick1973


Jayne and I got married this summer! The civil wedding was on the 11th of August in Hermance, and the church wedding in Lauenen near Gstaad on the 2nd of September. We both have happy memories of this special day. Here are a few pictures.  Now we ...

Feedback, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by marineolivia22

This is a top pick!

Hi guys, This is my last post for this blog. After being back home for a few weeks, it's time for a little feedback. The time I have spent in South Africa was amazing and I will always remember everything I've learned there and every single person I have ...

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sreichs

... so i went and walked around geneva, checking out some non-touristy places and found a cool market to look around. My last day in switzerland after almost a month. i was kind of sad but looking forward to heading back to france to make my way to the french ...

Departure day, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Departure day

A travel blog entry by ostravel


On the Swiss National ...

Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Lake Geneva

A travel blog entry by sarahs-trips


... Swiss men decided to do an extended polar bear dip with laps in the lake. Dinner that night was hard to find. I knew going to Switzerland was going to be expensive, but I had no idea how expensive. Fish and Chips for 33 francs ( about $40) and ...

Le Caire - Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Le Caire - Geneve

A travel blog entry by alan_tdm1

Nous arrivons au Caire vers 10h du matin et l'aérogare est rempli de monde. C’est le hub de l’Afrique saharienne et de la Méditerranée, dans la foule il y a aussi bien des soudanais, des érythréens, des égyptiens, des libanais, des ...

This journey is changing me, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

This journey is changing me

A travel blog entry by lindsayhallb

Hi everyone!!! Soooo...I honestly don't even know where to start. I've lost track of time and have somehow forgotten to check into the real world back home and keep my friends and family updated on here (so sorry!!!) But anyway, instead of sharing my ...

Geneva, Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Geneva, Switzerland

A travel blog entry by ackc

This is just a preliminary planning page. Check back later for more ...

I've arrived!!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

I've arrived!!

A travel blog entry by lindsayhallb


... I have no idea what anyone is saying! So.... later in the evening I tried to meet up with other au pairs in a city next to Geneva called Nyon. Transportation around here can be very tricky - to get to Nyon I needed to walk 10 min to a bus station, take ...

GENEVA:  Rain, Rain, Rain, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

GENEVA: Rain, Rain, Rain

A travel blog entry by jjndotr


... .  So we hopped on the train and headed southwest only to find rain in Lausanne.  So we just kept on trucking to Geneva.  It was a little better with showers here and there.  We spent the day there and then made our way back to Naters ...

Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuvk


Start of the ...

Bring on the chocolate, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Bring on the chocolate

A travel blog entry by chrisab14


... cool. I hung out there till sunset and go some really pretty pictures of the lake, the city, and mountainside all in one. Geneva is a nice little city, very diverse. Its funny though 75% of the buildings down by the waterfront were watch stores. So ...

Finally floating again...Lake Geneve..., geneve, switzerland, Switzerland travel blog

Finally floating again...Lake Geneve...

A travel blog entry by traciellen


... gun, we travel half way around the world and they don't carry X-Large shirts!! then off to some shopping in down town Geneva. As expected, they specialize in knives, chocalate, watches, cookoo clocks, and losts of nice dressed people have lunches at $40 ...

Preparations, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by marineolivia22

This is a top pick!

In five days, I'll be leaving Geneva for an amazing adventure. This week is going to be busy, because I still have to do a lot before the departure. I did already all my paperwork for the travelling, my vaccines are all done and my luggages are almost ...

Geneva: Beautiful but expensive, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Geneva: Beautiful but expensive

A travel blog entry by joshandtara


... a meer $26... . Defeated, we headed back to the hotel to contemplate how we could have each just spent $13 at McDonalds. Switzerland is beautiful, but not worth coming to unless they are planning to do nothing but hike, backpack, or you have enough money ...

Free Coke, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Free Coke

A travel blog entry by aspenchi


... noodle and I melted butter over it and finished off my macaroons I had picked up at the local market. The next day I was in Geneva, Switzerland. When I got off the train, Coke had a pop up store and was celebrating 100 years and handing out free coke. It ...

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