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Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by theevans


... two houses with a lane down the middle but has been joined into one big one.  Back in the early days of the Army in sweden the room that is now the church was the nightclub of the town where people would come and drink their wages away.  The ...

Outlaw Biker Gang, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Outlaw Biker Gang

A travel blog entry by jmsges


... ; Once upon a time it was an independent nation.  Then Denmark controlled the island.  It is now run by SwedenVisby was once a very defensible port city.  The entire city is surrounded by a large stone wall that took 200 years to ...

A day on the ship, Visby, Sweden travel blog

A day on the ship

A travel blog entry by rell01


Nothing on today so it was a late start. Checked out a couple of shows & watched a movie. Rell was feeling a bit under the weather but the alcohol seem to bring her around. Off to the formal dinning & drinking champaign. After that a comedy & ...

En dag till avresa, Visby, Sweden travel blog

En dag till avresa

A travel blog entry by thinky

Nu börjar det närma sig i morgon åker vi till Stockholm och övernattar där sedan bär det av på lördag ...

Gotland, Sweden, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Gotland, Sweden

A travel blog entry by backpackdaz

Trip with Ida to ...

Snow Vandals Unite!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Snow Vandals Unite!

A travel blog entry by theevans


Before I begin I would like to apologise if this is a really dull entry - I'm sick and sleepy so you'll have to forgive me. Last weekend we spent a good few hours walking along the coast with Emelie.  The coast is eerie with the dark sky, the snow ...

på vägen, Visby, Sweden travel blog

på vägen

A travel blog entry by asien80dagar


Nu är vi på äntligen på väg! över en öl och en grov panini planerar vi resan nogrant! Vår plan so far: 1. Hitta karta, 2. Hitta hotellet, 3. Hitta en bar där vi kan vänta o dricka den lokala brygden i sex timmar innan vi kan checka in, 4. ...

My Friend's Wedding, Visby, Sweden travel blog

My Friend's Wedding

A travel blog entry by jaunie_rockbabe


It was a very nice ceremony at the church. I was really nervous while waiting for my turn to sing, and fortunately it went pretty good, I know so as the other guests came to me and praised me about it at the wedding ...

Byebye Gotland, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Byebye Gotland

A travel blog entry by jaunie_rockbabe


It's been a lot of fun! and I despised having to say goodbye specially to such a beautiful island ...

Hogklint en Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Hogklint en Visby

A travel blog entry by johnzw


... wel even die rots op de voorgrond meenemen! Pff, ik had gewoon trillende knietjes. foto's zijn geweldig! 's Middags hebben we Visby verkend. Echt prachtig. Heel veel oude kerk ruïnes, een grote muur om heel de stad heen met heel veel torens. ...

Walking around, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Walking around

A travel blog entry by jessica.darnall

We walked around the island with Darren and Meshea. ...

Costa Rica närmar sig, Visby, Sverige travel blog

Costa Rica närmar sig

A travel blog entry by dybeck

Nu börjar det närma sig �� På fredag om 2 veckor idag åker vi till Åkersberga och sedan vidare mot Costa Rica på måndag morgonen. Det är lite och fixa med innan man ska iväg. Har köpt ...

visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by slawago4

efe ...

Week 29, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Week 29

A travel blog entry by soohyung


... to the island of Gotland where my friends Eric and Navin where waiting for me. The capital of Gotland is a town called Visby. Originally a Viking settlement, it later became a member of the Hanseatic League and to this day retains much of its historic ...

Snow Snow Snow, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Snow Snow Snow

A travel blog entry by theevans


So tuesday was Australia day hey? Well I was going to cook lamingtons but was sick on monday, so we had to make do with visting the beach.  We thought sunbaking was pushing it a bit but we went for a wander anyway, keeping well away from the ...

Cruise Day 10, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Cruise Day 10

A travel blog entry by jas20j


8:00am - 5:00pm Visby on the Gotland Island in the middle of the Baltic sea is part of the territory of Sweden. Visby is the characteristic image of a Hanseatic town, complete with a defensive wall, many church ruins and small scale buildings from the ...

Viking Hoards and Buried Treasure!!!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Viking Hoards and Buried Treasure!!!

A travel blog entry by theevans


... to only proceed if we weren't too squeemish because around the corner was a cabinet of things dug up from mass graves outside of Visby.  In the 1300's Denmark invaded and all sorts of people had to fight to protect the city.  The graves were ...

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