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visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by slawago4

efe ...

Week 29, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Week 29

A travel blog entry by soohyung


... to the island of Gotland where my friends Eric and Navin where waiting for me. The capital of Gotland is a town called Visby. Originally a Viking settlement, it later became a member of the Hanseatic League and to this day retains much of its historic ...

Snow Snow Snow, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Snow Snow Snow

A travel blog entry by theevans


So tuesday was Australia day hey? Well I was going to cook lamingtons but was sick on monday, so we had to make do with visting the beach.  We thought sunbaking was pushing it a bit but we went for a wander anyway, keeping well away from the ...

Viking Hoards and Buried Treasure!!!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Viking Hoards and Buried Treasure!!!

A travel blog entry by theevans


... to only proceed if we weren't too squeemish because around the corner was a cabinet of things dug up from mass graves outside of Visby.  In the 1300's Denmark invaded and all sorts of people had to fight to protect the city.  The graves were ...

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