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A ride over the High Tatras, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

A ride over the High Tatras

A travel blog entry by dave.coleman


... inside whichever tourist attraction you are visiting.     Yet the countries are slowly upgrading to more western standards. Slovakia is the farthest along that road now. Romania and Hungary a little farther behind.  The most obvious sign ...

Poprad, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marcelturk

... ) has two great properties: it tastes great and it is ridiculously cheap. If you are planning to have a nonalcoholic holiday, Slovakia is not a good choice. Beer is so cheap and tasty that the temptation becomes too large quickly. July 30 After a ...

We're  enjoying this camping lark, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

We're enjoying this camping lark

A travel blog entry by big.adventure


... a few sherberts last night! (Steve got polaxed in Poland!) And the fact we only had 98 miles to go to get to Poprad, Slovakia. So we made bacon butties & coffee & chilled! We did cycle into Krakow yesterday afternoon, which was well worth a ...

The High Tantric Mountains, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

The High Tantric Mountains

A travel blog entry by sranmal


... Mountains are a sort of mini-Alps, snow-capped jagged mountains, beautiful ultramarine mountain lakes and crashing waterfalls traversing Slovakia and Poland. However, in 2004, a massive windstorm uprooted trees and turned a once-dense pine forest into ...

Relaxing in Slovakia, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Relaxing in Slovakia

A travel blog entry by laurieandsophie


... effortless natural beauty of lake Hévķz but they were a welcome relief as the mercury continued to rise.   In the morning we left Slovakia through the High Tatras Mountains and their quaint alpine villages and out the other side into ...

KHL game, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

KHL game

A travel blog entry by tapajna

26 league in the ...

Going down, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Going down

A travel blog entry by marcelturk

... had increased my speed. Now I am too negative. There was a mountain like, underneath the Gerlachovsky stit (highest mountain of Slovakia). The water was perfectly clear and the slopes behind it were overwhelming. At that moment I thought: wow! In ...

Going to Crimea, Ujgorod, Ukraine travel blog

Going to Crimea

A travel blog entry by gheorghe

Well, I will  try to bring my memories back to the moment when I decided to go to crimea. At firts this idea seemed so crazy and astonishing, but learnign that in the same direction some great guys and even greater girls are going, I decided ...

Update, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by stoo

This is a top pick!

Blog to be found here: ...

Doddering about Slovensky Raj, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Doddering about Slovensky Raj

A travel blog entry by cutiebanana


After our revels the night before, I was not too excited about hiking in Slovensky Raj National Park.  Nonetheless, we set off at a good enough time and got one bus to Spisske Nova Ves and then another to Cingov.  From Cingov we began ...

Reveling in Spiš Hrad, Spisske Podhradie, Slovakia travel blog

Reveling in Spiš Hrad

A travel blog entry by cutiebanana


We left Levoca around ten and got a bus to Spišské Podhradie.  Again we were pleased at the efficiency of public transport.  The size of Spiš Castle enables one to see it from far away.  The walk from the town up to the castle ...

Refreshing Slovakia, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Refreshing Slovakia

A travel blog entry by cutiebanana


From Bratislava we got a train to Poprad (14.60 euros), in north-eastern Slovakia [High Tatras region] and then a bus from Poprad to Levoca.  After the transport difficulty in Romania, we loved the efficiency of Slovakia. In Levoca we ...

Day 104 : The Turn Around, Levoča, Slovakia travel blog

Day 104 : The Turn Around

A travel blog entry by kev_ann


... be seen and made the Polish leg of our EE Trip worthwhile... Feeling a little down on proceedings to date however, Slovakia provided an immediate turn around in our faith and spirits that we would actually enjoy ourselves for the next few months as ...

Plum brandy? YES, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

Plum brandy? YES

A travel blog entry by cassie_bodkin


... that night we played card games and drank Slovakian beer while people played the guitar. It was a pretty successful last night in Slovakia. The mountains and fresh air were too perfect. The next morning we were up around 12 to leave. Next stop: ...

By train to the Tatras, Popradské Pleso, Slovakia travel blog

By train to the Tatras

A travel blog entry by skicabin


Last night our room was full, but luckily nobody was snoring, so we slept well. At 8 am we got up to start our travel day. We didn't have to rush because our train didn't leave until 10:10 am. So after packing our bags we went down to the kitchen to have ...

Tatras Mountains, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia travel blog

Tatras Mountains

A travel blog entry by peter.wong

Before any smart comment, we are not here to play tetras!  We cross the boarder Slovakia today to the Tatras Mountains.  It's a popular destination for skiing (in winter) and hiking (in summer).  It's autumn now so I suppose you can do ...

Sleepy Slovakia pt. 1, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Sleepy Slovakia pt. 1

A travel blog entry by markandrews


... be somewhere off the tourist trail, somewhere other people just don't go. I picked this little town called Levoca in north eastern Slovakia. I had to catch a really early train, then a bus, The scenery from the bus was awesome....crazy little villages and ...

The Cage of Shame, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

The Cage of Shame

A travel blog entry by jambo


We took our first significant road trip today, a 400 km round trip to Levoca, in the north of Slovakia. It is considered to be one of the nicer parts of the country, in terms of historical buildings and that sort of thing, which I am into to a much ...

Hrebienok, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mimiama


tatry ...

A MORNING WALKABOUT, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... but around the high Tatra Mountains. Trees in the area reach toward heaven, like church spires. The Dunajec River runs between Poland and Slovakia. We crossed it at 1711, an event washing away some of the tedium of the bus ride. Dumb Amy [forgot to bring ...

Hungary to see the Tatra mountains!, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

Hungary to see the Tatra mountains!

A travel blog entry by marmite_boy


... the set of a horror film i survived the night and managed to pay in the morning. I set off across the mountains towards Slovakia. I didn't bother buying any food as once i got over the mountains there was a couple of small villages so i decided i would ...

Driving through Slovakia, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Driving through Slovakia

A travel blog entry by sandyhart


We spent the next day driving through Slovakia. For the first few hours went through the Tatars,  part of the huge Carpathian range that separates Hungary from Poland and the Czech Republic.  We saw tall, sharply-peaked mountains, pretty ...

Levoca, Slovakia, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Levoca, Slovakia

A travel blog entry by mustexplore


Where the hell is Len?, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Where the hell is Len?

A travel blog entry by mergatroid


... .  Here he went for a bit of a walk by a small lake before deciding on a place for lunch.  I had read that Slovakia would be cheapest of all our stops and lunch seemed to indicate that might be the case, my penne pasta with chicken and a hot ...

How’s the serenity?, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

How’s the serenity?

A travel blog entry by mergatroid


... pick up some snacks etc, from a supermarket and grab a pizza from a diner for dinner to take back to the hotel.  Again Slovakia provided the goods in terms of value for money, I bought two half litre beers, a bottle of coke, a bottle of water and a ...

Žetta veršur bara betra og betra!, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia travel blog

Žetta veršur bara betra og betra!

A travel blog entry by jonashelgason


Ég veit hreinlega ekki hvar ég į aš byrja. Kannski best aš detta ķ kennaragķrinn og skamma alla, hvort sem žeir eiga žaš skiliš eša ekki. Žiš sem ekki hafiš feršast um löndin ķ gömlu Austur-Evrópu veršiš aš fara aš taka ykkur į - ...

Slovakia 2006, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia 2006

A travel blog entry by iceman_estonia

Poprad, the third largest town of the eastern Slovakia (and the tenth Slovak largest town) is approximately situated on the 49° north latitude and the 20° east longitude. The Poprad Town is located in the broad steady, highly situated valley on both ...

Bardejov, Spisske castle ruin, Levoca, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Bardejov, Spisske castle ruin, Levoca

A travel blog entry by kennethj


Bardejov, Spisske castle ruin, ...

Slovakia, Ad, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by landoverafrica

Slovakia ...

Bardejov, Bardejov, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by blueoey

We went to this beautiful Medieval town for three reasons, one it was meant to be beautiful, two there was no camp site nearby and Chris thought it was a potential business opportunity! And three a lot of fighting had taken place, nearby, in WW2 and ...

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