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Senegal på egen hand, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Senegal på egen hand

A travel blog entry by surrburken


... vårt beslut är detta citat från Wilnas blogg ”Mauritania sucks”. Efter fyra sköna dagar i Dakar var det dock dags att lämna Senegal via en låååååååååång längre längst busstur.......... Fortsättning följer i nästa nummer. ...

Its a long way to Africa, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Its a long way to Africa

A travel blog entry by unchainedmelody


... love her, keeps telling me we have 10 hours to go till we lie flat.   We are currently on the ground in Dakar for refueling and new passengers.   We are eyeing a 5 across empty row in the vicinity….hopefully the good people of ...

The Fembaade, Sarre Kemo, Senegal travel blog

The Fembaade

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

No, 'Fembaade' has nothing to do with the Pulaar feminist movement.. Hello! Lots of news to share this time around, i'll try to get it all down as short-windedly as possible. the most recent adventure: I have been friends with Fatou and Moussa ...

Day of the Big A** Pelican, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Day of the Big A** Pelican

A travel blog entry by mimiworld


... way... everyone shows up for a reason, who knows. Okay so after a little turbulence ( I hate turbulence) on the flight to Dakar I was finally here! It's amazing how "Hollywood" can put stories in your head without you even realizing it. I had a moment ...

worst last few days, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

worst last few days

A travel blog entry by raicorosenberg


DAY 1 Crossing the border back into Senegal was a unhindered task for some reason. I was expecting the usual demands for money in return for all the unnecessary paperwork. This didnt end here though. Very soon all the hustlers swooped down and gathered ...

The day the ratio was reversed!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

The day the ratio was reversed!

A travel blog entry by claudiv

I had a quiz today in Islam.  It was only six questions and we had to use a scantron to bubble in our answers.  What a waste of paper but I don't blame him for not wanting to grade them when he could be outside sunbathing instead with the time ...

Senegalese travel, Djiam Niajo, Senegal travel blog

Senegalese travel

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Yesterday was a long day. It started at the beach, in the pouring rain. The plan was to leave around 8 or 9 AM for Djiam Niajo to catch a car to Tambacounda. The total travel distance was not more than 500 km. No would think. The rain ...



A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Back at the Cafe Viavia.  Fly out tomorrow to Johannesburg and then the next day to Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Toured the Ile de Goree(Goree Island), and viewed one of the many West African ports that shipped thousands of Africans as branded ...

Lost at Sea, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Lost at Sea

A travel blog entry by claudiv

Today I learned how to use a sextant in my physics for mariner's class.  If I am ever lost at sea and have my sextant and a watch, I can figure out my latitude and longitude.  A lot of my buddies on board said they were definitely going to get ...

Teranga, philosphie et aventures, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Teranga, philosphie et aventures

A travel blog entry by emma-kevin-paul


... , ils débouchent sur des actions concrètes (ex : ne plus retourner dans certains « restaurants » le midi). Ce passage à Dakar est aussi l’occasion de faire des rencontres :  Ophélie : coach des apprentis nomades, intuitive et ...

Friday the 13th, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Friday the 13th

A travel blog entry by claudiv

The sea was rocky today.  I think it knew that it was Friday the 13th.  After global studies I had my physics for mariner's midterm.  It wasn't too tough but I got all the true/ false questions to be false so I guess I will see if that was ...

Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by beattie99


... past. I imagine quite spiritual if you can get a moment without a hawker in your face every two feet. Very keen to get going again now, probably one more night in Dakar. Having dinner with Cheikh and his family tonight, more good people just helping ...

Trek for Cheese, City of Cheese, Senegal travel blog

Trek for Cheese

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


Happy Holidays! I'll admit the 90 degree weather makes it difficult to feel the Christmas spirit, however ive found myself a substitute: the spirit of adventure. This brings me to the title of todays entry. As you may or may not know, cheese is not ...

Starting West African camping, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Starting West African camping

A travel blog entry by thechans


Miles traveled: 15978 Bonjour from West Africa! We are in Dakar, Senegal, on the very westernmost tip of the African continent. This is Nathan's 5th time and Anna's 3rd time to sub-Saharan Africa, with its many cultures, peoples, scenery, and of ...

Chez Dimbo, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

Chez Dimbo

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... and his lifestyle. The Rules of Chez Dimbo (and why I hate them): 1. One must speak English. I didn't come to Senegal to speak English, but I don't mind speaking English with Senegalese people when they want to practice. In this situation, I HATE ...

Toubabs to the Rescue, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Toubabs to the Rescue

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... way home, I made an ACTUAL rescue when Rachel and I decided to pick up the cutest white (toubab) kitten ever to be spotted in Senegal. We decided that it's a boy although it's a little hard to tell since he can't be more than two weeks old. We fed him ...

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Don't Worry, Be Happy

A travel blog entry by lilli466

... cement walls, and imagined what my life would be like if I were to live in this place, in this wonderfully vibrant country of Senegal. I see myself waking up before the sun rises and while the moon is still high in the sky to go for a morning jog as ...

Sour milk sunday!, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Sour milk sunday!

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

... drips constantly off your body because the humidity is so high, and temperatures are in the mid 90s. im in the far south of senegal, so my seasons are not the same as in the north. their rainy season starts later and ends sooner, by almost two months. ...

I've already replaced my family..., Dakar, Senegal travel blog

I've already replaced my family...

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... brothers, cousins, good friends, children, cats, etc. -- it shouldn't be hard to recognize someone outside of the house. Dakar is indescribable. Completely vibrant and alive. Welcoming and friendly. I feel at home already, but don't worry.. I still ...

Little Coast, Big Adventure, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Little Coast, Big Adventure

A travel blog entry by lilli466

... house, my university, even my friends and family will have changed and will seem as foreign to me as this country of Senegal once did. Rooming with my friends Biz and Libby, we stayed up late every night talking amongst ourselves or with other students ...

Still visa's, Dakar Senegal, Senegal travel blog

Still visa's

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


... Thursday. We then walked back with a small stroll around the local shops, boy does it smell! It is not quite as bad as central Dakar, but the traffic fumes still are bad enough to make the whole smoggy. Although the camp is not up to much it is by the ...

Insomniac Reflections, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Insomniac Reflections

A travel blog entry by lilli466


... 3am as I laid in bed, waiting for the electricity to come back on so that I could stop sweating I can't sleep. I'm in Senegal and I can't sleep. I traveled back to the capital city of Dakar from the northern city of Saint Louis today - six hours on a ...

Africa on the port side..., Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Africa on the port side...

A travel blog entry by aniseh


... around Africa.   The ship was traveling about 30 knots when I got a knock on the door from Les who said, "We can see Senegal on the port side".   I ran out with my camera and got a couple shots, before we pulled into the harbor. We were there all day ...

Address Information, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Address Information

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

... be great to avoid further such confrontations, SO, if you send anything along, the correct address is: pcv Jennifer Neves B.P. 278 Kolda Senegal, West Africa thanks so much, and sorry for the mix up. im sure it will all get worked out so that i ...

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey

A travel blog entry by lilli466

... to Thanksgiving were very hard to get through. I'm doing a research project that I'm not too confident about, my friends in Senegal are all spread out over the country doing their own research projects, and all of my family and friends were spending time ...

Waiting around, Dakar Senegal, Senegal travel blog

Waiting around

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


... days to wait we have decided to go wild camping because the place we are staying is awful and expensive in all respects. In fact Senegal is the most most expensive country for everything. It is £16 a night just to park with no showers or toilets that it ...

Calm seas, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Calm seas

A travel blog entry by claudiv

... nbsp; I participated in the usual routine of class, lunch, then a little homework while lying out on the deck.  We docked in Senegal today to get fuel with more success then our last attempt at Gibraltar. We were in port at Dakar for five hours but ...

Slave Island, Dakar Senegal, Senegal travel blog

Slave Island

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


This morning we took the moped into town to get the ferry to the Ilse de Goree, on the way we passed the very colourful fish market. There are about 100 small boats that go out everyday and return with the fish. This also makes it very smelly. We also ...

Korite, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by lilli466


... before we left for Kedougou and our second village stay. Trying to find an Internet café open on one of the biggest holidays in Senegal is not the easiest thing to do. Note to self: learn not to procrastinate on everything you ever do (at least while ...

"Its a miricale"....Neptune Day!

A travel blog entry by claudiv


Today is Neptune Day (even though we are technically crossing the equator tomorrow) and it has been a great day!   This morning everyone was awoken to crew members bringing in the day.  They had drums, cymbals, and any noisemakers they ...

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