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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by tilman


What a great trip!!! We lived in Carcaveilos (public transfer from there to Lisbon is perfect) in a great hotel. Lisbon is soooo nice, but not cheap, prices are similar like in Germany. In the night you should definitely go to Bairro Alto, a part ...

Lisbon 101: the Internet Cafe, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon 101: the Internet Cafe

A travel blog entry by randiandersen


Bom Dia from Lisbon! It´s the same day as the last entry but this time I´m writing in real time from an internet cafe. It´s 2€ per hour so I figure once I´ve finished all the photos and emails (facebook isn´t working from here; I think it´s ...

And off i go!!!!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

And off i go!!!!

A travel blog entry by pandatautau

Tudo a postos, aqui vou eu! Até já, e vou tentando manter isto actualizado com fotos e alguns comentários tontos!! ...

Lisbon - my favourite city worldwide, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon - my favourite city worldwide

A travel blog entry by tilman


Until October 2009 I thought that Sydney and Cape Town were my favourite cities - after visiting Lisbon the second time I changed my mind..... The city is amazing - we had such a great weather (27 degrees), the sea, Tejo river, great food, I will go there ...

Day 15. Something amazing happened today., Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Day 15. Something amazing happened today.

A travel blog entry by randiandersen


Today was a free day without any academic programs. I had a dolphin adventure excursion booked through the ship and was up bright and early for that. Yet another guide met us at the ship in a bus (even though there were only 8 of us) and because she ...

Lisbon in the Rain, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon in the Rain

A travel blog entry by lorneandhilary


... checked in! Plate du jour: Octopus Beverage du jour: Lovely bottle of Portuguese red with dinner Factoid du jour: Portugal’s principle industries are fishing, tourism, cork and port. Metropolitan Lisbon’s population is about 3 million. Ciao ...

A day of rest, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

A day of rest

A travel blog entry by markturner


... on a bus and take many pictures and enjoy a day of lovely sight seeing. But seeing as 2 days ago we sightsaw the shit out of Lisbon we felt that we weren’t really missing too much and a day at home would be quite nice. The day started of very lazy, ...

Even cheaper wine..., Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Even cheaper wine...

A travel blog entry by mezcnz


Another bus... Found wine in a litre tetra carton for 0.87c, and the cheapest can of beer for 0.07c! And with water for 0.03 it was an amazingly cheap shop. Went our separate ways the next day, Danielle to Sintra, a fairytale royal residence, and me to ...

North and Central Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

North and Central Portugal

A travel blog entry by jrdow2


... the next day enjoying the sun and surf in Baleal, a beach just below Pineche before heading down to the biggest city of Portugal - Lisbon. We plan to spend a night here with Claye, then further explore the central coast before heading back to Belem ...

Galleries and getting around, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Galleries and getting around

A travel blog entry by barry.mcdonald.


Earlyish we slipped up to the local bakery with the amazing interiors that I posted two days ago. The streets of the Barrio are clearer in our minds now and we take all the alternative routes, getting there anyway. Last night was noisy, construction ...

Finding our land legs after 9 days at sea, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Finding our land legs after 9 days at sea

A travel blog entry by ferres


... us off in the district of Belem. There we saw the 'Discoveries Monument' where we climbed to the top for a magical view of Lisbon, then visited the Jerinomos Monastry and then walked back to our ship along the shoreline where we saw the famous '25 de ...

Culture Shock, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Culture Shock

A travel blog entry by shawclark

... much to Sandy`s relief). The next morning we bid her farewell with a suitcase full of wooden carvings from Malawi and set off to Lisbon Portugal. When we loaded on the bus from the Lisbon airport to our hotel, we began to feel the impact of this change ...

Shorts&Singlets, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by gaplyf


... along the sunny, sunny seaside in which Tom was representing Australia in his stylish, shorts and t-shirt combination , showing Portugal how tanned us Aussies are! We eventuallly came across our planned distenation of Mercardo da Riberia fresh food ...

Eine Nacht in Lissabon und 2 im Nachtzug, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Eine Nacht in Lissabon und 2 im Nachtzug

A travel blog entry by anikaundjulian


Wir sind von Madrid mit dem Nachtzug nach Lissabon gefahren. Natuerlich hatten wir das Glueck, dass unser Abteil relativ gammlig war. Wir hatten auch keinen Liegewagen, sondern nur Sitze. Aber selbst auf diesen konnten wir hervorragend schlafen und kamen ...

Living on The Edge, Lisbonne, Portugal travel blog

Living on The Edge

A travel blog entry by christinec2013


... Braga at 8:45am, and I arrived at 9:45am. I met my host, José, a 40 year old Brazilian born, living in Portugal, with a passion for ancient history and cultures. He showed me all around the city all day. Some really interesting and beautiful places. ...

Lisbon, Portugal!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon, Portugal!

A travel blog entry by colerumbough


          On my first day in Lisbon, Portugal, I went on a Semester at Sea sponsored field program called "Lisbon Panoramic." This was basically a general tour of the city, wine tasting, and included lunch. First, we stopped ...

the start of a new life, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

the start of a new life

A travel blog entry by la_maria


Portugal deel 1... Ok dus hier gaan we,... update,... ( uiteraard gecensureerd) Het begin... er was eens een meisje...  vol verwachtingen dat vliegtuig op,.. een fotoboek in de hand ( en NEE, ik was nog steeds niet in staat het te lezen ), kijkend uit ...

Lisbon, Lisbon,  Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by elijahjatovsky


... set back, the rest of the day was well-spent getting lost in the small alleyways and old, almost-verticle streets that make up Lisbon. Another highlight was climbing to the top of St. Jorge Castle, which had some of the greatest views I have ever seen. ...

Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Independente Hostel

A travel blog entry by kdemps


For those of you who don't know, I spent a lot of time in hostels 6 years ago when i walked the Camino Santiago across northern Spain. So, I was a bit hesitant to try what the NYT calls a "haute hostel." I've only been here a few hours, but I must ...

Lisbon old and new, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon old and new

A travel blog entry by barry.mcdonald.


... wine for dinner on the way back up the hill. We'd seen a lot and were ready for our rooms in the Barrio. Portugal has a declining population with a radically low birth rate. There are few children in the street and late this afternoon in the Barrio when ...

Music, music, everywhere..., Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Music, music, everywhere...

A travel blog entry by steph_444


... I will have to carry them around with me until November. Old buildings, tram cars, laundry hanging from the windows. Only in Portugal is someone's laundry so picture-worthy. Honestly! The whole area was so slow paced and a world apart from the bustle of ...

The Ridge Walk, Sao Jorge Island, Azores, Portugal travel blog

The Ridge Walk

A travel blog entry by catmoj


Every time that I've planned to do The Ridge Walk here on Sao Jorge, it's been covered in fog. The ridge is impossible to attempt if it's foggy or windy and being Sao Jorge island, it gets its fair share of fog. But today it was clear so the 3 keen ...

Less but more, Lisboa, Portugal travel blog

Less but more

A travel blog entry by jbaxter


... guess we didn't stay long enough in Lisbon to really check the place out properly, but I figure it can't have much more cultural stuff than we've already seen and I think we prefer smaller towns in Portugal than large sprawls of infrastructure like ...

Lingering in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lingering in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


We dicided to stay a little longer in Lisbon.  As our booking at the apartment was up, we had to make a move and thought a hotel stay might be a good idea. The Holiday Inn was quite a change from our quiet apartment.  The kids went on a recon ...

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by patry


... a pastry shop!   We also saw the site where Expo 98 was held and enjoyed a gondola ride above Lisbon's coast.  Albert and Maria sat out the Gondola ride.  After spending some time with our little bundles of gas they ...

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by oneluckygirl


We took an overnight train from Spain to Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal. An exciting thing about going to Lisbon is that I got to see my stepsister Maddie! She has been there for about 8 months so I hadn't seen her in awhile. We spent four days in Lisbon. We ...

Lisbon through a Lens, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon through a Lens

A travel blog entry by caitlin_hines


... Portuguese because neither did he...he was french! He was here from Australia but told us he's going back because there's no money in Portugal. Minimum wage is 3.90€ - eek. Don't worry folks, Emile and I joke that we're on a stimulus tour so ...

We've Arrived, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

We've Arrived

A travel blog entry by caitlin_hines


Well we made it in one piece, late but in one piece. Lisbon was experiencing some extremely strong winds yesterday which prevented us from landing. Instead we were rerouted to Porto and put on a bus for 3 hours back to Lisbon. Luckily we had no ...

Lisbon.. Yeah!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon.. Yeah!

A travel blog entry by benanna


... hadn’t prepared us for all these hills! The castle was old (who would’ve thought?)and gave a really beautiful views over Lisbon. After taking in the scenery and doing a bit of souvenir shopping we found a little cafe up on the hill and settled ...

Disfrutando mucho Portuga!, Lisboa, Portugal travel blog

Disfrutando mucho Portuga!

A travel blog entry by somanyroads


I could easily see myself being able to live in Portugal. With over 700 kilometers of coast, an almost island-like isolation from the rest of Western Europe (yet with obvious geographic proximity), and a people who are still sincerely hospitable to ...

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